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Published: March 29, 2017

Stealing this from earthys's ass even tho I already did it but this one is lit and I don't wanna sleep yet so give me some babes

Send ⁇ for a drunk text

Send ø for a late night text

Send ✘ for a hateful text

Send ツ for an excited text.

Send ♡ for a lustful text.

Send ❧ for a text about your OC, that was meant to be sent to someone else.

Send ♀ for a heartbreaking text.

Send ✼ for a mean/rude text.

Send ☄ for a text that was supposed to be deleted, but was accidentally sent

Do em all

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maguroastHobbyist Digital Artist
George > Einosuke and Kaori?? //WEEP  AND HIDE 
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earthysHobbyist General Artist
George > Ruri
George > Nanami
Hikaru > Chiwa

all pls //COUGHS
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Ruri :
⁇ - "hay i'm tpyin dis wit ma dik www"
ø - "Do chickens have nipples? Σ(; ・`д・´)"
✘ - "I burned all your panties. Have fun being ugly lolol"
ツ - "I just had sex!!! And it was sugoii~~~~ .。゚+.ヽ| ゝ∀・*|ノ。+.゚"
♡ - "Cum play with this dick ♥~(‘▽^人)"
❧ - "Yeah I'm pretty sure one day we're so gonna do anal!! I'm excited!!! (/∇\*)。o○♡"
♀ - "I'm so sorry, Ruri... I've decided to move back home. Thank you for being the bestest friend ever <3"
✼ - "OKay but are your thighs really that juicy?????"
☄ - [sends dick pic]

⁇ - "okey bt rely me me big boi"
ø - "I'll touch ur tiddy for free ☆*.・(*ゝ∀・*)ノ"
✘ - [sends dick pic]
ツ - "Nanami!! Do you maybe wanna play this new H-game?! I wanna play it with you before I play it with Takeshi (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+"
♡ - "PLz sit on my face ꒒ ০ ⌵ ୧ ♡"
❧ - "I mean like-- I don't mind her calling me a girl but it hurts the pride;;;;"
♀ - "Hate to break it to ya pal, but I'm a guy"
✼ - "Your waifu is shit"
☄ - "Same"

⁇ - "chiichaANN wheRE R u??? IM isss U"
ø - "Chi-chan! Are you still awake? Do you need help?"
✘ - "Help yourself. I'm leaving you."
♡ - "Chi-chan... I feel so weird... can you help me?"
❧ - "I'm sure Chi-chan misses you! I know I do.."
♀ - "I'm sorry Chi-chan but I have to find Takumi. I can't live without his cooking...."
✼ - "I'm just gonna /walk/ away."
☄ - "Was this a good idea?"