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I'm tired

Thu Dec 28, 2017, 2:36 PM

😳Single or Taken😳: Single

😘Crushing😘: I crush on too many people lol

📏Height📏: 5'6 which is like... 167.5 cm??

❤Favorite Color: I like greeeeens. And colours that just look good together

😝Girl Best Friend: Too many ;; 7 ;; I have like +6 girl best friends

💯Boy Best Friend: I guess I have 2??? One of them is like my son lol,,,

👰🏽Ever want to get married?: Nope. If I do then I would with a best friend for financial reasons and tax cuts

👨‍👩‍👧Want Kids!: I'll never have my own. But I wouldn't be against the idea of adopting

🙎🏽If so how many🙎🏽?: Ehhh maybe 2?

👻Snapchat👻: xdafuqx add me yo I'm p active

♒Zodiac Sign♒: Capricorn

☕Last Drank☕: Mtn Dew 

🐱Cat or Dog🐶: Dogs ///

😈Evil or Good👼🏼: I think I'm a true neutral lmaoo 

⚽Favorite Sport🏀: I like volleyball!

🐼Favorite Animal🐨: Birds! Also baby animals hhhh

😜Weird😜: Yes

🙅🏽Do you have haters?: My old coworker used to hate me but now she doesn't lol

😂Funny or Nahh😂: I make my friends laugh so--

📱Apple or Samsung📱: I like apple but I have a Samsung. Sighhh....

🤓Smart🤓: I'm smart about dinosaurs

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Submitted on
December 28, 2017