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CSS + HTML coding?? Will pay????

Sun Aug 20, 2017, 9:59 PM

Hello yes okay. I'm finally getting around to making Ikehara-High a super group again! But my CSS skills are rusty and pretty much as amateur as you can get. That's why I'm hoping to get some help with coding journals and front page layout. I guess it can be considered a commission??? I'm more than willing to pay for your services ;; v ;;

And like always, I have some requirements lmao.

1. Must be willing to work with me and other mods. This isn't gonna be a "you're on your own, kid" kind of project. There must be a lot of communication between both parties to make sure the outcome is A-OK. Plus we can help with coding basic stuff so... it would be more like us paying to collab with you???

2. At least has some intermediate skill in CSS. Pretty obvious requirement. Also knowledge with Flash would be neat.

3. Being an artist isn't a requirement. If you need something drawn up as part of the layout then we got you.

Those are pretty much the 3 main things. If you're interested in helping, please send me a message through DISCORD, not the comments!!!! My discord is #2920 Ladny and you will be working with earthys , Det2x , and myself!

Thanks to those who read this and are interested!! <3


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August 20, 2017


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