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IH: George Carter
By ladny   |   Watch
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Published: March 4, 2017
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I will always update his app

" Pffff- "


Name: Carter, George -『カータージョージ』
Nicknames: Crossdresser-kun, Georgraphy, Gregory
Gender: Male (he/him)
Age: 17
Birthday: May 16th
Blood Type: AB+
Height: 5'6" / 171cm 
Weight: 135lbs / 61kg
Class: 2B
Club: Drama / Student Council
Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic Pansexual
CV: Fukuhara, Kaori ( Kudou, Mirei )

Favourite Subjects: English | History
Least Favourite Subjects: Math | Physical Education
Best Subjects: English | Home Economics
Worst Subjects: Math | Japanese
Grades: Pretty average all around. Except Japanese-- those are some sad grades.

Star Sign: Taurus ♉
Writing Hand: Right
Personality Type: ENFP 

" I be snatchin' weaves."


[pos] - Energetic, Persuasive, Charismatic, Witty, Amiable;
[neu] - Competitive, Effeminate, Self-conscious, Subjective, Contradictory;
[neg] - Overdramatic, Rash, Sassy, Libidinous, Arbitrary;

" Uh- Excuse me- It's French Canadian, p'tite queue. "





"My boyfriend is such a nerd to be honest. But he has his cool moments!"


Likes & Dislikes:
✓ Thigh/Knee high socks
✓ Ice cream
✓ Constant reassurance 
✓ Mario Kart
✓ R-18

✗ Being woken up
✗ Spicy food
✗ Heat + Humidity 
✗ Lack of attention
✗ The constant guilt he feels 24/7

> Native language is Quebecois > Started learning English at age 7 > Japanese at age 14
> His favourite shows as a kid were Watatatow and Walter et Tandoori.
> Can't read kanji worth shit.
> Give him food and he'll do you a solid AKA break your enemy's leg.
> His favourite YouTuber is Jacksepticeye
> Will punch you in the dick if called a girl the second time. The first time is 99.9% of the time an accident and will let it slide with some sass.
> He is aware of his reactions being overdramatic, but at the same time he just can't help himself.
> Enjoys pretending to be tone-deaf to hurt other's ears. He can actually sing pretty well.
> He's also pretty good at shooting games thanks to his brother.
> One time he and Ruri blew the Student Council's fund to buy anime merch for the Student Council room.
> He tends to get a bit too possessive and obsessive of relationships. 


Timezone: EST -5:00
Methods: Skype > Notes > Google Docs > dA comments 
Style: Script/Lit/Headcanon is LIT!

Please be aware that I am extremely slow at replying!
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Club-DreamiverseHobbyist General Artist
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KatsuMayaHobbyist Digital Artist
THE BEAUTIFULEST OMG this is so pretty ok aa
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Thank you boo!!! <3
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Cute :3 detailed description xD
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You actually put sassy as a negative trait. :iconclapplz:

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He bullies Take with that sass so of course it's negative :iconmingplz:
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He thicc
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