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C-H : Tama
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Published: July 22, 2018
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Wheeze I’m just gonna let y’all know I have a lot to say before we get to the actual description of her :’D So first off it's been like literal years since I've officially tried joining a group :icontowelguyplz: Like, I’m talking at least 5 years when back in the ol’ days we used the dA chatroom to rp,,, I used to know tons of plz accounts and now I’m lucky to remember 5 lolol. Anyways! I’m super excited to get back into the action and I’m gonna apologize in advance for slow/bad replies since I like headcanoning and drawing the babs together more and with work consuming my life ;; Please be gentle with me :icongyaaplz:

" EW! It’s so squishy! "


Name : Sugimoto, Tama -『杉本玉』
Nicknames : Tama-chan… tba lol
Gender : Female (She/Her)
Age : 17
Year : 2nd
Unit : Scavenger
Birthday : June 14th
Height : 4’11” / 125.3cm
Weight : 95lbs / 43.5kg
Orientation : ???

Star Sign : Gemini ♊
Blood Type : A-
Writing Hand : Ambidextrous
Personality Type : ENTP-A
CV : Arai, Satomi

" I just bruise easily."


[pos] - Energetic, Colourful, Daring;
[neu] - Outspoken, Authoritative, Peculiar;
[neg] - Uncouth, Messy, Self-Indulgent;


    Tama is a decorated girl who's outlook on life is mostly on the positive side. As of the current situation, she seems unfazed by walking corpses and almost looks down upon them as lesser beings. But maybe that's just her way of coping…


    When it comes to teamwork or friendship, she can be a bit difficult to handle at first as her mouth has no filter. But once you pass that, she’s a friend you can rely on in a time of need. Tama would rather be a leader than a follow and goes by the rule of “My way or the highway”- with her way being less pristine and on a whim instead of a well thought out plan.

" Eugh… how pathetic.. "



    Before the outbreak, it was just Tama and her mother living in a one room apartment. She wasn’t the best student and preferred spending her time and money on her constantly growing stockpile of cute accessories. To satisfy her hobby/style and to help her mother with bills, Tama would do odd jobs and errands.


    As the outbreak started, Tama didn’t pay much mind to it- continuing her daily life as if everyone turning into flesh eating monsters was normal. It wasn’t until her own mother was turned into a zombie that reality finally hit. One day after returning from her usual shopping spree, Tama came home to their apartment in ruins. Furniture overturned… papers on the floor in disarray… and none other than her own mother flopped onto her futon in blood soaked clothes. Shocked by the scene, Tama rushed to her mother’s aid, fearing the worst. As she tried coaxing her mom awake, she suddenly woke up and lunged at Tama. After fighting for her life and dodging every move her deceased mother made, Tama finally made it to the front door and escaped- locking it afterwards and never looked back.


    Now taking solace in an abandoned store, she pulled out from her bag the only thing that connected her to her mom and old life: her mom’s favourite chapstick that she ‘borrowed’ not too long ago. Not even thinking of how the disease spreaded or that her mom might have been affected during its last use, Tama applied the balm to her lips and stored it again in her bag. It didn’t take long for symptoms to start showing. At first it started as a cold sweat, followed by extreme nausea and muscle fatigue. Over the week it progressively got worse and blackouts became more common until one day she didn’t wake up per usual. Something was just… different… she wasn’t brainless like the rest of the world, but craved something that she would never consider to be tasty. She was something in-between, a wraith.


    Somewhere between running from flesh-craving zombies and scavenging for food off of dead bodies, Tama stumbled upon Shikabane High. Tired of always being on the run and in need of a new place to stay, Tama ventured inside the school, not expecting it to be so full of other students just like here… And so her new life began.

TL;DR : Tama loves decora and her mom tried to eat her.


Likes & Dislikes :
 Cute clothes / Accessories
 The Snapchat dog filter
 Sunny days
 Pointing out the obvious

 Being looked down upon… literally lol
 Animal Crackers
 Daytime television
 F A K E  N E W S

Extra :
 Has a knack for sewing
 A full decora look can take her about 5 hours
 She usually speaks in third person
 Her ringtone is Toto’s Africa lmao
 Most of her band-aids are just for style- not for healing


Timezone : EST -5:00
Style : Script or lit is fine! If lit then please expect very slow replies;; I also do headcanons :heart:
Where : Discord or dA notes is ok!

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Tama is just a large toddler :iconpapmingplz:
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Thank you !! ///
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D'awww! She's so gorgeous :)
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fake news

worse than the apocalypse
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Tama: "Tama only believes in Twitter--"
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Oooo heck a sweet gorl !!

I'd love to hc sometime?
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Thank you! I love your gorl too!!!
And I'd love to hc! I can honestly see em being like partners in crime since they're both such strong willed females :'D
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Of course <33 and thank you <33
Awesome <33 I'm 'Em and one screamy boi' in the discord chat, just dm me <33
Yeah !! They are aaa <33

She could also bother my lil' bean boy if she wanted <33
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