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About & Rules

Welcome to LadiesInArt!

This is a group dedicated to ladies!
If you love drawing women and want
a group for celebrating their beauty and worth
and showing all of their sides and colours,
you've come to the right place!

This group has been created to collect art
with simple and pure intentions: expressing,
showing, reinventing and so on. DeviantART
is so full of borderline mature content now
and I want this place to have none of that. So...

Join the group if you want to be a part of this!

Rules & Info

Be nice, polite and respectful to everyone!

Featured folder is closed. It will be used to show some selected artwork from other folders.

You're allowed to submit 5 deviations a day per folder.

Please make sure to submit to the correct folder.
Any deviation submitted to the wrong folder will be declined.

● Original content goes into:
 DIGITAL: Original
 DIGITAL: Fantasy and Mythology
 TRADITIONAL: Fantasy and Mythology
"Fantasy and Mythology" is for original content featuring fantasy or mythological characters, creatures and themes;
"Original" is for anything original under any aspect.

● Fanart goes into:
 DIGITAL: Celebrities and Others
 DIGITAL: Cinema and TV
 DIGITAL: Manga and Anime
 DIGITAL: Comics
 DIGITAL: Videogames
 TRADITIONAL: Celebrities and Others
 TRADITIONAL: Manga and Anime
 TRADITIONAL: Videogames

● Any other folder is self-explanatory and goes for both original content and fanart, except for "Photography", which is for original content only.

Please use fixed comments to report any problem or to make requests! You can find them on the last page of the Comments section.

Rules may be subject to changes. Make sure to Watch us so you don't miss Journal updates!

We don't accept art where the focus is not on women.

We don't accept art with non-human or non-humanoid women, e.g. anthro.

We don't accept pornographic content, including anything provocative, sexual or with exaggerated anatomy.
We do accept nude figures. References: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

We don't accept art with potential triggers: violence, gore, horror as well as depression, humiliation, torture.
If you notice a submission in the gallery is any of the above-mentioned things, message the admin!

We don't accept traced, copied or stolen art. We also don't accept copyrighted material, pictures from doll generators or just anything that isn't your own.
If you notice a submission in the gallery is any of the above-mentioned things, message the admin!

We don't accept WIPs, incomplete art and low quality pictures. YCHs count as 'incomplete'.

We don't accept auctions, adopts and any other deviation that exists solely for commercial purposes.

We encourage you to submit
your best pieces or, in other words,
quality not quantity!

Note: If you don't want to be overwhelmed with new submissions, you don't have to unwatch! Just unflag "deviations" from watching settings!


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