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Piercing Stamp

By ladieoffical
Picture : [link] Thanks! :3

Please check out the rest of my gallery ! I'm sure you'll find something you like ! :3

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I really wanna get a bridge piercing (I only have my ear lobes pierced to date and that's kinda... boring now, lol), but I'm terrified my mum won't like the idea. Plus I have to wear huge lab glasses for some of my college classes, so I'm not sure how well that'd fit...
BeyondThisUniverse's avatar
I have the same piercing but opposite side!
MomoMarie28's avatar
*sings* LUUUUUHFFF thiiis! :D Thanks!
slushpuppycool's avatar
I love piercings I've always wanted one, but im too much of a wuss when it comes to pain :(
Intrastele's avatar
some piercings aren't that bad c: I have an eyebrow and cyber bite (this type… ), the eyebrow just feels like a long pinch and the cyber bite... that was more painful xD but as long as you don't want to get piercings that go through sensitive tissue (snake, angel, cyber, or those cheek piercings) they shouldn't hurt that bad. I think the nose, ears, and eyebrows are less painful (not very sure about the nose though).
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PinkiePieHime's avatar
that looks painfull
NekoTheAnimeLover's avatar
your profile picture is perfect for that comment XD
oOChErRyThEbErRyOo's avatar
I have an eyebrow piercing and a nose piercing ^_^ 
rockstar3m5's avatar
I want to get snake bites and possibly and industrial bar or surface peircing infront of my tragus. I already have my tongue, lobes and cartilage ^_^
kaitlyn102398's avatar
I want to get my septum pierced.
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In2ufferablePriick's avatar
I wanna get snakebites, but my mom won't let me. :XD:
She says if God wanted holes in your body he would've put them there.
I'm a Christian but I still find that quote somewhat ridiculous.
JS-Church's avatar
I wan't snake bites too :lol: My mum is against it mildly, so she said I have to wait until I'm seventeen, which is only at the end of November.
DeathlyWishez's avatar
There very pretty, but it cn poison ur body :( its so odd tht such a tiny beautiful piece of jewelry can kill many ppl :(
KingDeer's avatar
Aaand who told you that exactly? It depends if you rub bacteria and salmonella all over the needle you pierce yourself with/ the piercing ehe c:
Thats why they make you clean it, the most piercings can do is generally scar you and get infected, xD~
DeathlyWishez's avatar
Thats what i meant ^^;
BisexualMarshMallow's avatar
I'm getting my first lip piercing tomorrow. <3
ghost-nl's avatar
piercing's make me go Drool o.,o!!*drools*

im soo gona fav it ^^
EquineStockImagery's avatar
Awesome stamp, thanks so much for making it. :heart:
I used it here: [link]
MrBiGp's avatar
Wow, thank you for using this picture for the stamp :)
looks really cool!
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