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Other people take pics of their mates – I draw them. Here are the guys of my kyudo club and me. I just love to turn people into comic characters!

You don´t know what Kyudo is? Let me give you an idea:
It´s the eldest samurai martial art there is. It´s Japanese Archery. When practised on horseback, it´s called Yabusame. Our club practises the type you do standing or kneeling on the floor.
What´s interesting about Kyudo is, that the bows in use are about 2.30 meters / 90.6 inches long – AND they are asymmetrical, which means that the lower part is shorter than the upper part. This way a Japanese bow (yumi) can be shot while kneeling, standing, or, as I said, riding on horseback. It´s a traditional bow without any helpers like modern bows, like compound bows, have.
It´s a very interesting sport wich also involves a lot of self-discipline and self-awareness to be able to master it.

It is not, however, "zen with a bow", as some people may have heard. That´s a cliché caused by a German author, Eugen Herrigel, who was taught Kyudo in Japan by a sensei with a very unusual attitude towards Kyudo – in addition to the fact that Herrigel didn´t speak Japanese. Therefore, what he learned can only be seen as his personal view on Kyudo, but not as a generalization on Kyudo as a whole.
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the mini japanese lady is sooooooooooooooo cute! does kyudo requiere physical strenght?
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Hehe, she was equally cute in real life! ;-)

Does Kyudo require physical strength - technique-wise, no. You start with a relatively light bow, but you can train your arrows to fly true just like a kyudoka with a very strong bow does. And you build up your strength drawing a bow (which your body will not be used to anyway) by the regular training - so, starting with a lighter bow, you will need a stronger bow in time, after a year or so.

What is important to kyudoka is the regular excercise, and also, the frequent attending of competitions with others, because the pupils of martial arts think that it shapes your personality to enter such contests and to compare your own abilities with others and see for yourself how you fare in a competition.
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can i ask another thing? i am asking that, for example can the master of kyuudo do like 30 pushups and stuff? do you guys meditate, run laps and stuff, so you have barbells and ect... i am curious because it is the only martial art i am not familiar with .
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Sure, I´ll answer your questions gladly! :D
But I have to add, I don´t practise kyudo anymore. I have stopped after one year, because my life had suddenly changed and I couldn´t find time for it anymore :-(

No, you don´t do pushups or other muscle-building stuff during the exercises. That is for everybody themselves to decide, whether they want or don´t want to do this in their spare time. It can help your to build up the muscles of your back, if you have back problems, because archery can be very straining on the back if executed wrongly. But it´s likely that your kyudo teachers won´t let that happen (that you do the archery wrong, I mean). Because normally you won´t touch a bow before having practised very thoroughly for several weeks with a practising bow, a so-called "Gomu Yumi" (hard to explain, if you want to know how such a thing looks, try to google it), until your teachers are sure that you have learned the technique correctly and are ready to use a "real" bow.

The muscle-building stuff wouldn´t help you being a better archer anyway, since it´s the correct technique which makes the arrow fly true, not the strength. In kyudo, the emphasize is very much on learning the right technique - and attitude towards practising kyudo (probably the other martial arts are the same in that aspect, because I know that they find the spiritual element in the sport very important).
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Very cool way to memorialize your friends. Awesome logo in the background. How long have you done kyudou?
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Only for one year now, which is nothing, really! Since there is a lifetime to learn... learning never will be over, especially in this sport ;)
Thank you for your comment, I´m glad you like the pic and the logo!
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Haha, this makes me smile. Glad you are submitting again.
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Hey Maartje – thanks!

Yay – I finally managed to get something done!!! I´m a little proud. It was astonishing, even if the colouring style in this pic is relatively simple, it took me, like, ages... I only managed three people on one evening. But well, there´s quite a lot guys on this pic too.

Now I hope that my Dryad pic will be finished next – soon!
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Great, can't wait. I'm sad, I get so very little comments.
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die sehen ja lustig aus! X-D bist du das einzige mädel im club?
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Hehe, naja, also die Mini-Japanerin da in der Mitte ist auch noch ´n Mädel. Sieht man aber bei der Zeichnung kaum.
Und dann gibt´s da noch so ne andere Frau, die aber kaum da ist - von der hatte ich kein Foto.

Ansonsten bin ich das einzige Mädel bisher – was echt Vorteile hat, so als Henne im Korb! ;) Aufmerksamkeit en masse! Hehe!
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henne im korb, cool! X-D

kannst ja vielleicht noch ein bild mit diesem spezi-bogen im anschlag malen ;-) würde mich interessieren wie das aussieht... :-)
ladameblanche's avatar
Ist bereits in Arbeit!
Also, die Zeichnung gibts schon, ich muß sie bloß noch colorieren *Photoshop anschmeißt* :D
karchew's avatar
juhu! :-) *gespannt ist*
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