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Je suis prest

This is it! Finally he is done, after almost two months or so of work!!! Okay, I only had time to paint in the evenings for about an hour all the time, because of my diploma, which I work for during the days, so probably it took me about, hum, six or seven days as a whole.

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the wonderful James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, also known as Jamie Fraser, inspired by Diana Gabaldon´s novel "Outlander". The title of the picture, "je suis prest", is also the traditional clan motto of the Frasers, meaning "I am ready".

I simply wanted Jamie as my wallpaper, and since I could not find any appropriate pictures of him in the internet, I had to make him up myself. I used loads of reference pics of course, for him himself, his clothes, weapons, the background, everything! And his tartan is of course the original Fraser plaid, which I have looked up too.

I also have sent Mrs. Gabaldon a mail, asking her if she would give me permission to display him on the internet, but she hasn´t answered yet and I was so impatient... *hops-up-and-down* And I think that it´s okay to display him anyway, since it may be her original idea of the character, but it is my personal adaptation of her thoughts.
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it is good.
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more outlander stuff! :D :D :D 
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Holy Lord... bravo
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Featured this here:


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Thanks for featuring, that´s a great compliment! :D
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Fuck yeah, I'm part of clan Fraser!
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Beautifully done
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This image is exactly the young Jamie I see! I may have to commandeer this as my own wallpaper!
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Wow! This is AMAZING!!! I was just talking with my Outlander-loving aunt yesterday about the lack of good images of Jamie. How everyone has their own image of him in their head that no one can bring it to fruition. Nothing I've seen so far (and I have looked!) has even come close, and then I saw this. I literally couldn't stop staring at it at one point. So well done. Thank you! Oh, and this is getting shown to my aunt a.s.a.p!
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Thank you so much! :blowkiss:
Yeah, I still like the picture too, I managed to capture quite well what image I had in mind for Jamie!
Hope your aunt likes it too ;-)
Best wishes!
Welldone, a great impression of Jamie. I absolutely adore the books and currently reading The Fiery Cross. I just wish we all had a Jamie Fraser in our lives, as i'm sure you would agree!! Lol. Your picture of him is very accurate, and you have done him great justice. I just Love him soooooo much! xx
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Thank you so much! :blowkiss:

Ah, he may not have quite the looks, but actually, I have to say, I just married "my" Jamie Fraser last year ;-)
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Wow....mag seine Haltung und die harmonische Farbgebung...das Signet mit dem Hirschen, ist das von dir !!!! :omg: Wirklich genial, White Lady!!!
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Danke! :blowkiss:
Ja, das ist bis jetzt mein meistbeachtetes Werk ;-) Ich mag es auch sehr, wenn ichs nochmal überarbeiten würde, würde ich das Hemd noch ein wenig im Wind mitbewegen lassen.

Ah, das Signet ist nicht von mir, das ist das offizielle Signet des schottischen Fraser-Clans - hab ich ergoogelt!
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WOW!!!! :clap: this is EXACTLY how i imagine him in the books!!!! well done! =D
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Thank you very much! Feels good to hear that!
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Thats Excatly how i pictured jamie! I am in Love with Jamie Fraser!! <3...Great pic!!
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Hey there,

thank you, I really appreciate that! :-D
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Of all the Jamie Fraser pieces I have seen, this is very likely my FAVORITE!

I think you've captured him perfectly - just like I've ALWAYS imagined.

Stunning <3
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Wow! Thank you so much!
I´m still very happy with the pic, too, even if it was a long time ago when I painted it. :D
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I realized how late my comment was, hehe. But I recently met Diana, and with the release of her new book I've been on a kick (again!) :)

But yeah, BEAUTIFUL picture ^^
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