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Raichu Tail Ring by laczabetyar Raichu Tail Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 20 4 Pikachu Pendant by laczabetyar Pikachu Pendant :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 32 0 Witcher Cufflink by laczabetyar Witcher Cufflink :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 4 0 Wolven Steel Sword Mastercrafted Letter Opener by laczabetyar Wolven Steel Sword Mastercrafted Letter Opener :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 3 0 Witcher Signs Ring by laczabetyar Witcher Signs Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 2 0 Milotic Ring by laczabetyar Milotic Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 21 0 Cubone Pendant by laczabetyar Cubone Pendant :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 38 2 Aegislash Matching Rings by laczabetyar Aegislash Matching Rings :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 53 6 Xerneas Antlers Ring by laczabetyar Xerneas Antlers Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 21 0 Charizard Head Ring by laczabetyar Charizard Head Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 23 0 Serperior Wrap Ring by laczabetyar Serperior Wrap Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 38 6 Sylveon Love Ring by laczabetyar Sylveon Love Ring :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 38 0 Porygon by laczabetyar Porygon :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 18 0 Place of Power Yrden by laczabetyar Place of Power Yrden :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 6 0 Pancham by laczabetyar Pancham :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 20 3 Griffin by laczabetyar Griffin :iconlaczabetyar:laczabetyar 15 0



Ring Design
I design Pokémon, other anime, or game related rings. (But if you have any other idea, you can still let me know.)
Tell me what kind of ring you want, and I'll design it for you. Then I'll make it available for you to order it from my shop.…
(For the commission price, I design the ring, and submit a rendered picture of the ring to DA. You still have to pay for the ring, when you buy it. The price greatly depends on the volume, and the material.)
Tell me the ring size you want. For example US 6.5. (I design the rings in US 6.5 size by default.) Since it's a commission, I'll design the ring to fit for you.

How is the ring made?
First, the model is printed in wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D Printer. It is then put in a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mold. Molten silver (or other metal) is poured into this mold and set to harden. Finally, the plaster is broken away, revealing your new product.


laczabetyar's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional
I'm Laczabetyar, an industrial product designer engineer. In my job, I do a lot of 3D modeling, and I really like it.
In my free time I design jewelry, and render pictures.
Recently I've been very busy and had just a few submissions. You know, until this time I've been submitting mainly Pokémon inspired HD wallpapers.
In August, I'm going to show you something new. I'm going to submit my Pokémon inspired jewelry designs weekly.
This is something I wanted to do for a long time, but I just haven't made enough effort to really do it. Since I'm a designer, I'm interested in 3D printing. It has a lot of possibilities. With it I can make my design concepts real from various materials, even gold or silver.
Have a look at my shop!…


Pikachu Pendant
Everyone knows Pikachu, but I haven't found any good Pikachu pendants on the internet. So I've designed one.
You can buy one here:
I'm about to make other medals like this. If you have any Pokémon in mind, You can comment it here, or send me a note, and I'll make it for you.
Witcher Cufflink
This Wolf cufflink is made for elegant Witcher fans.  It's more discrete than wearing a Witcher's medallion.
Wear it on special occasions or at the office.
You may order it here:
If you're interested in more cufflinks, watch me and/or send me a note.
Wolven Steel Sword Mastercrafted Letter Opener
This is an envelope opener for Witcher fans. It's 174,5 mm long. I'm designing accessories for 3D printing. The other day I thought why not open my mails with a Witcher's blade?
You can buy it here:
I'm open for commissions.
Planning to design more letter openers.
Witcher Signs Ring
Which Sign is your favourite? Just rotete the ring to show the sign you would use at the moment. All the signs are carved in this ring.
With Antique Silver material,  you'll have the feeling if this ring has come from that age.
You may order it here:
I have other jewelry designs, watch me! I'm open for commissions.


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ItzDarkky Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Are you willing to make a render of Zekrom flying through the stormy sky?
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I have already thought of it, maybe I'll do it in the future.
ItzDarkky Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Pfft— what a coincidence. Thanks!
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