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I use Photoshop and Cinema 4D
All worktime: 6-7 hours

I don"t use stock.
All resources my owned stuff.

I hope you'll like it ! !

Check My Website : [link] TUTS/ARTICLES/OTHER WORKS from me !

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© 2012 - 2021 Lacza
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Can I use this for some logos? I'll give credit.
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Hey, not possible. Because in usual I sell my arts :)
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Alright. Thanks anyway.
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AirwaveTV Music uses this! Wow, I love this! It looks gorgeous!
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Can you show me this weblink, where I can see?
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Sure! Just type in the YouTube channel AirwaveTV, go to its profile and you'll see it for yourself! Sorry for the late reply!
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I love shiny squared shapes. Thanks for releasing my dream :D
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Youre welcome, thank you :)
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hey check out mine i made about a month ago…
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Ill do, thanks :)
It resembles metro-city :D
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Really Good! 4k render?
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Thank you!
This is not :)
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I mean can you please render it in 4k so I can use it as a wallpaper (I have a 4k monitor.) Well technically it's UHD (3840x2160.) Really great render/image, almost makes me want to switch to Cinema 4D! (I use Blender.)
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I dont think is possible :)
I don't want to be rude, but at which point did this work take you 6-7 hours? Was it just figuring out, what looks best or where did all that time go?
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Experimenting with deifferent presets, textures lights.
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Im trying to recreate this in cinema 4d. Ive made it but I have so many pieces to coler. did you drag your material to each individual piece? thanks.
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I use seprated texture for every pieces.
Like this :

-Cube RED
-Cube BLU

And random efflector.
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