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I just wanted everyone to know that ': BASE: Scythe' will be my very last traced base.
Yes, I still be making bases but original ones (bases created with pictures I've drawn). I'm not stopping because I recently was bitched at about traced bases, and I'm not just saying that because I'm stubborn. It's been a reoccurring thought lately and I think it's time to be a little more professional with my pixel art. No, I will not be posting my original bases here. They'll be on my main account :devsupha-lacy:. You can continue using these bases if you want, I dont care. Have a Ball.

So, with that said. DON'T BOTHER SENDING ME THE DOLLS YOU'VE MADE USING MY BASES. I wont be on this account enough to even see any of it.

~ Lacy




That is all.

=w=; Alrighty then.
It's only happened once but I feel like it's gonna happen again if I dont clarify what my Feature journal is fully about.

Now, I feature dolls that show effort, yes, but I don't show ALL of them.
My box is FULL of amazing dolls BUT some of them don't show up on my journal.
Normally, I take the VERY BEST one from my inbox (when I check my inbox) and post it up on my feature journal.
So, not only is it a 'You Really Try' feature, but also 'Which I liked best'.
If I featured EVERYONE of them, my journal would have like 2032023408 deviations on it.

Now the reason i brought this up was because I had a little chit-chat with one of my watchers who whined to me that they try and all that stuff. (Name will not be said)
Though she claimed it as bitchy, I merely said that I'm not going to feature every good deviation in my inbox.

Don't whine to me that I don't feature you.
I don't have to.

'It's unfair to those who make dolls that really try and don't get appreciated'
Pfft, then dont read the freakin journal.
Plus, why do you need some girls approval, whom which you only know via internet, of your art?
I admire plenty of artist who do these featured journals but not once have I whined to them about not being on it.

You know what's unfair?
When somone make a base, and people who obviously DONT try, RUIN THE BASE.
We've all got crap to whine about. Keep it to yourself.

Now, if the person i had a chit-chat has a problem with my journal, of well.
One internet by-slandered.

Like i said, names weren't mention but If ya make a scene, looks like my act of kindness was all for not, yes?
:bulletblack::bulletwhite:Dollers that Acutlaly Care/Try~:bulletwhite::bulletblack:
In this journal I feature artist that actually try and care when they doll using my bases. I cant use Thumb on this account casue it's not subcribed so bear with the lame set up XD

:bulletwhite::bulletblack:Featured Deviations::bulletblack::bulletwhite:

:bulletgreen:Artist: :iconashleethebrokenangel:
:bulletblue:Title: . endless forever and always .
:bulletpink:Deviation: ashleethebrokenangel.deviantar…
:bulletpurple:Base used: Bound
:bulletyellow:Comments: You usually dont see alot of effort in dolls lately but Ashlee's doll here is absolutely amazing! You can feel the love comin' off that doll ;D LOL <3 Thanks AshleeTheBrokenAngel for doing such a great job with my base!

:bulletgreen:Artist: :iconkurumij:
:bulletblue:Title: Updated
:bulletpurple:Base Used: Angels Base
:bulletyellow:Comments: Now, I'm a fan of simple shading when it comes to dolls but only if it's DONE THE RIGHT WAY. KurumiJ knows how to do it right. Not only did she use interesting colors but she also took the time and effort to put in clothing folds and creases. In most dolls today, you don't see that. So, thank you KurumiJ for doing a wicked job! :thumbsup:

:bulletgreen:Artist: :iconsoren-chan:
:bulletblue:Title: Matthew and Mathis_Reconnected
:bulletpurple:Base Used: Apology Base
:bulletyellow:Comments: Well, the things I love about this doll the most it the shading. It's unique to say the least. Stippling on Dolls, from what I've seen, never turn out to well but Soren-Chan has done it all to well. Not only that but the sad story of her twins made me go: 'AWWWW ;A;'. <3 Wonderfully done~~

:bulletgreen:Artist: :iconmissroxiegraves:
:bulletblue:Title:  Pout
:bulletpurple:Base Used: BadTouch
:bulletyellow:Comments: OMG, this is the MOST amazing doll I have seen used with my base! MissRoxie DEFINATELY made zombies cute! Her shading is amazing, the idea is amazing. Purely amazing. Not only that but the border around the dolls is very creative~ Thank you again MissRoxieGraves for using my base! You did a remarkable job! Oh, an sorry it took so long to put your feature up ^^;~

:bulletblue:Title: ::Winter AHS Uniform::
:bulletpurple:Base Used: Huh
:bulletyellow:Comments: Let me start out by saying I LOVE THE HAIR AND FOLDS. It's VERY hard to find people who can properly do folds let alone how to shade them but Bubblisaurus is obviously knows what she's doing ;D. The hair shading even looks like it took a while to do and is looks wonderful~ I expecially love the bright colors against the gray eyes of her character. Thanks for bein' AWESOME Bubblisaurus~

Current Featured Deviations: [5]

(This will be updated eveytime I feel that a doll done on my base deserves to be fully reconized~)
(If you have a comment about the art featured here, please post your comment on the proper deviation not on this journal.)


;A; I know, I really suck at making good comments!

•Main account: rancake

Rules of Useage

♦You dont have to ask to use my Bases

♦You may edit the skin / eyes / gender of my bases

♦You may use my bases to make fake money (Gaia Gold, sP, ect)

♦Credit me where credit is due for making the base

♦You cannot use my bases to make REAL money

♦I do not own the images used for my bases. If i do, I'll say so.

♦If you show me your dolls sned them to this account please

♦No frakendolling

♦If you create edits for my bases, I'd love to see them.

♦If I dont fave your doll you show me, I probably dont like it or didn't see it casue I missed it while going through my messages. Dont get angry with me if I dont fave them. Either I like them and fave or I dont and I dont fave. Either that or I can tell you it sucks. I think the nicer route it better <3

♦I have the right to remove my bases if I feel they're being misused.

♦I am not responsible for the trouble you might get into looking at the more Mature bases on my account. (If I ever post mature bases)

♦I am not responsible for your dolls made with my bases being removed by Deviatnart Admins.

♦You can credit with:
or a link to the base :3

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