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Group Summary: Beautiful, sexy women giving milk is our cherished fantasy! :milk: :strip:

Latest Blog entry:… (Artistic Request)

Rules Updated again (1/25/2011):…
Group now includes "Great Boobs"… as well as lactation images.

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Thanks to all our Affiliates.
You may have noticed I'm not online as much as I used to be.  I'm sorry if that has caused frustration for those that love the group and have tried to submit art, and I wasn't quick enough on the accept button before it expired.  

So, I have brought on board another person who can accept art: BoobsTitsandAss :iconboobstitsandass:  
If you want to be on the Admin Team (to approve submissions), send me a note.

In case you need a refresher the rules for posting to the group are here:…

... and just in case some people are unwilling to do an extra click, I've pasted it below:

Updated: April 2, 2011
1) Gallery Submissions should relate to the overall theme of the group. (duh!)
1a. Milk. Exposed (or unexposed) breasts with milk coming out of them.
1b. Nursing.  An individual latching on to another's breast.  (It doesn't have to be mother/child).
1c. Face/Boob. Not "nursing" but something close (milk doesn't have to be present).
1c+. Boob Lick Breast and tongue in contact (or proximity). Self-lick, or another individual.
1d. Boob Grab! I'm thinking of the female grabbing her own breast (as in a manner to express milk), but this could also be someone else grabbing.
1e. Implication of milk.  (This is a catch-all for anything that relates but doesn't fall into any of the above categories).   I also leave room for the idea that there are other possibilities I have not yet considered.
1f. Naked Breasts If there is no milk present, it is unlikely that the image will be accepted to the group unless there are amazingly beautiful naked breasts.
1x. If you are still unclear, have a look at the group gallery (esp. PB125 Picks…)  & favorites and use them as a guide.   I would like submissions to be obviously relevant to the group theme.
1y. Uncensored & Un-watermarked ONLY If your art work is censored, or watermarked, don't bother submitting it.  We are against the defacing of art.
1z. If your submission is declined it is not a judgement statement about the artistic value of your work, just a matter of it fitting with the theme of the group.

2) Gallery Folders:   Please submit to the appropriate folder.   The following folders are set up for Member Submissions:
Milky Magnificence:  If it fits any of the criteria in rule #1, or if it is obviously MILK or Lactation related it goes in this folder (even if it's a Photo).
Photography:  If it is a photograph it goes in this folder (even if it fits in another category).   (Also, this folder is sorta a catchall since it is the only folder which NON-group members can submit to ... if you want access to all the other folder then join the group!)
NOT Milk-Great Boobs:  If there is no milk, but great boobs that could produce milk it goes in this folder.
Story: This one is for text, or images that form a sequential story.
Animal Anthro-: This is for all images where the subject is not a HUMAN female.
Best of Best-PB125 Picks and Featured are for Founder use, and I will move/copy items into these folders at my own discretion.   
-- (If you have an idea about another folder please let me know).

3) Submission frequency.  Please do not submit your whole gallery all at once.  I really don't want to put a limit, but if you submit more than 6 in one day, they better all be freakin' awesome!… (like these).  Also, please do not submit the same image more than once (if I've haven't accepted or declined it, then that means I probably just haven't gotten to it yet).

4) Co-Founders & Contributors.   BoobsTitsandAss :iconboobstitsandass: is now also a Co-Founder to approve new submissions, since I am not online with dA as much as I used to be.
From near the start jessiesheram :iconjessiesheram: became a Co-Founder, because of her extensive knowledge of Group Management, and her helpfulness to me in determining certain settings for the group.  
igfalcon :iconigfalcon: is a Contributor.
And because of his numerous Lactation / Breast Milk images I invited immortaltom :iconimmortaltom: to be a Contributor as well.
If you want to be on the Admin Team, send me a note.

5) Members permissions.  I have currently set it so that members may submit to the Gallery (subject to vote) and can add to favorites (automatically approved).   If the need arises for these settings to change, I'll update this rule, and inform everyone.   Non-Members can only submit to the folder Photography (I'm not sure what the logic here is, but if you want to submit to all folders join the group).

6) Be respectful of artists, members, and people in general.  I will not tolerate rudeness, and I reserve the right to remove members from the group at anytime.

7) Questions? Send me :iconpowerbook125: a note if you have any questions about any of the rules, or if you have suggestions about changes to the rules.  I will listen and consider them.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy the group.
Thanks for checking out the group!

As Founder of this group I appreciate all those who contribute art to the group.  I have been less-than-active recently, and many submissions have gone "Expired" before I have had a chance to review and approve them.  If this has happened to you I apologize and hope that you will consider resubmitting something that was unapproved only because I did not get to it in time.

1 Week -> Now: 1 Month!
Submissions used to expire in 1 week (I think that was just the default setting, that I never bothered to change).  But NOW, I have set it to the Maximum possible, 1 Month.  I hope that it is not the case that I will have to use that, but life (offline, real-life) lately has been taking away time that I used to devote to the group, and dA in general.

Contributors Welcome
There are 3 levels of group administrators, and those are: Founder (Me, in this case), Co-Founder, and Contributor.  If you are interested in being a "Contributor" for the group, please contact me via note and I will consider it.   Currently I am the only Admin that votes on approving submissions to the group, but I am willing to be persuaded if someone is willing to help with that.

Declined?  (or wondering if you should submit?)
Here are the Rules of the Group:…
If your submission was declined, or if you want to know if your art should be submitted to the group, check out the Rules.  If you think that there is something that should be added/edited/removed from the Rules, please send me a note.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I always appreciate all those that create lovely art depicting Breast Milk, so thanks to all that create art and share it with the group.

Keep on Milking!! :milk:
Thanks for accepting my request to join your group.I do believe that lactation is beautiful and erotic form of art.I see some very unique and beautiful submissions here and i look forward to discovering all that this group has to offer.
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It is my opinion that there should be more ART illustrating Lactation (Breast Milk). I call upon all artists willing to join this group and create art in this theme of breastfeeding, breastmilk, and lactation.
Since I'm a colorist, I have line art in mind, but I guess the group could include photography, 3D, sculpture, or whatever other medium people want to create lactation art with.
I think Lactation is Sexy. :strip: If you don't, you are invited to go elsewhere. (You don't need to comment if you think it's gross).
Founded 9 Years ago
Jan 23, 2010


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Art Creation

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