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From Hell to Light


~~ Lies scrape like demons claws, violation of soul by one of the law, a plan devised in an evil heart, and I was cast into hells halls,moments were hours, hours were days, but that is how hell plays, demons dressed in cloaks of white, such a contrast to the ever shadowed night, but truth and true justice never for this stand still, they took an angel's wings of black and freed her with white ones brilliant, freed but not done with the nightmare she endured, she now carries a mighty sword, may who you believe in protect you from her sight, the angel of romance,lass of Kimberling, Mistress of
Dreams is now freed though wounded, and ready to fight, fight to gain back the dignity of feeling like a woman again,
through Shadows, through Lightening, through thunder and rain, free she may be but her humanity was smashed, not even a dog should have born her lashes ~~

:blackrose: I guess this is my way of saying I am free of hell and I am going to fight back using the avenues I have found. But I am far from healed of wounds that keep me :blackrose:


Angel Figure - :iconcharligal-stock:

Black Angel Wings -:iconvampyriccadencestock:

Fire: :iconaideon:

White Angel Wings: :iconpokehkins:

Background: :iconcybrea-stock:

Sword: :iconlinzee777: elven sword
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Yes! This is your best side - the best writing always ...
and also another incredible image....
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I like this a lot... :wow:
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amazing work my dear friend :glomp::la: so enchanting n mystical :huggle:
Gary-thedreamingpoet's avatar
A very powerful and beautiful image :)
LaColombeDeDeuil's avatar

~~ you have a deep understanding and a heart large - thank you for your beautiful comment ~~

the white winged one :blackrose:
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You are truly welcome Katti. :heart:
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You know that you are not alone on this journey for my prayers and my spirit are also traveling the path with you. You may not see me there but my spirit is never far from your side.

From all we have talked about since that day I feel I understand and marvel at this statement "but that is how hell plays, demons dressed in cloaks of white"
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~~ oh I know sweet wizard, now freed and justice soon to come I have to learn to be a woman again - they were demons dressed in white - sadly when I close my eyes I can still see them - but though wounded and bleeding I am free and white wings shine again as black ones burn -

love always,
the white winged one :blackrose:
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