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Shield Hero's Firo Raphtalia and Naofumi battle zo by laclongquan

-Mountain Battle with Zombie Dragon-
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Chapter 42: Village of Plague

We were camping outside that day.

"We were somehow able to dispose of that ridiculous amount of food at a high price."

Because the South's famine was already resolved, we had to come to the North and sell.
Though there is still one cart of food left, it is for that absurdly gluttonous bird.


The bird stuffs her head into the cart and starts devouring.


I've heard the annoying phrase somewhere before.
Although this fellow's growth is over, she's still a glutton. The everyday food costs are nothing to scoff at. On the other hand we travel extremely fast.
However, the carriage goes through some abuse as various unreasonable actions are performed.
The repair costs are also quite hefty......

"What should I do"

In this case, maybe the carriage should be made of metal instead of wood. Firo is also complaining about how light it is, and considering the higher durability.
Raphtalia overcame her motion sickness, but the g-force from Firo's full speed is ridiculous.
Maybe the shock will be reduced if I add in a spring.
My money has been accumulating nicely. I'm looking forward to meeting the old man from the weapon shop.
That weapon shop in the center of the castle town sells the best weapons.
I don't know where the other heroes buy weapons and armour, but I haven't found a shop that sells better equipment than the old man's weapon shop.


Squish...... Firo hugs me and presses her feathers to my face
It's the north so it's a bit cold. Therefore, Firo's feathers that have her body temperature are nice and warm.


For some reason after I sit down Raphtalia also clings to me.

"Hehehe, everyone is nice and warm together"
"It's getting quite hot for me......"

Though I don't leave this position because it's still somewhat chilly.

"Firo get off. The temperature will be just right after that."
"No~, If anyone should get off it's Raphtalia onee-chan. Stop monopolizing Master!"
"I'm not monopolizing anything!"


"Both of you go to sleep!"
"Master~ let's sleep together~!"
"I need to prepare medicine before we arrive at the east area."

In response to the large amount of medical herbs i've acquired, I start mixing treatment medicine zealously.
Though you never know whether or not you have enough......That is the difficulties of peddling.


Firo parts from me and sulks to sleep.
At the same time Raphtalia enters the carriage. Rather than it being comfortable, it's preferable to sleeping on the ground.

"Now then."

I continue to work on the medicine while tending the fire.


I heard Raphtalia's voice from the carriage.
Then I see Raphtalia beckoning me to the carriage.

"What's wrong?"
"...... Can we sleep together?"
"You too?.....Honestly"

Though they look like adults they are still children. Being lonely is a given.

"How bout you sleep with Firo in her human form."
"I'm not lonely......it's just......"

Raphtalia looks down shyly and fidgets.
That reminds me of the time she was crying non-stop at night......a considerable amount of time has passed since then.

"Naofumi-sama.....was there anyone you liked.....? In your original world?
"Huh? No not really."

Why would she want to talk about Earth?
I don't get her intentions.

"What's up with you?"
"Um......I'm just wondering what Naofumi-sama thinks of me"

Hmm......That fucking woman appears in my mind, but there is no reason to get angry at Raphtalia.
As to the reason why that fucking woman is in my mind, I have no idea.

"At this moment Slave isn't a very fitting position for you"
"Then.....Is there anything else?"
"Anything else?"

While I tilt my neck questioningly, Raphtalia has a very delicate face.
<ref>Tl note: Delicate? にラフタリアは何とも微妙な顔をする -ed-Indescribably delicate is a mouthful. And considering Raph-chan's mental age, using similar expressions could be no good. I dont want to fix this. </ref>

"You trust me. So I trust and value you too......"

Raphtalia nods with a smile, and returns to bed in the carriage with a puzzled face. <ref> Ahahah, hero successfully pass the flag-event without raising flags or damage affection meter. His PTSD is better than before, but still a way to go. </ref>

"Now then"

I continue working for our next peddling trip.
By the way, our respective levels from the fights that happen occasionally.

Me Lv 37
Raphtalia Lv 39
Firo Lv 38

I'm even lower than Firo. Is it because I need more Exp to Level?
No, these two are attackers. Especially Firo who is more aggressive and agile compared to Raphtalia, obliterates enemies in the blink of an eye.
So she would gain experience quicker.
Raphtalia's attacks gradually speed up and is very reliable.

We arrive at the eastern area of the country.
What can I say. The nearby trees are all dead and the air is heavy.
Though it's not particularly cold around here.
I observe the soil, and it's dark enough to be comparable to black.
When I look at the sky the clouds are thick,and the big mountain range slowly grows.
What an ominous feeling.


I had to check the map again because the road was cracked.

"Firo, head towards the mountain"
"Also you two, make sure to cover your mouth with a cloth. An epidemic seems to be spreading in this neighbourhood."

Before we arrive at a farm village I also cover my mouth for a minimum amount of defense.

".....Is that person......peddling? Sorry, but in this village a plague is spreading *cough*.... please evacuate."

A villager explains to us while having a painful coughing fit.

"I know. That's why I came to sell treatment medicine."
"Is-Is that true!? We're saved."

The villager starts running and reporting that a peddler with medicine arrived.
......the situation seems to have become considerably tense.
There is some anxiety about the amount I have.
My anxiety comes true, it seems the whole village needs medicine.

"It-It's the carriage of the famous holy bird! The village is saved!"

Uwaaa......Such high expectations.
If the medicine is not effective my hard earned trust will plummet.
It can't be helped.

"Where are the fellows who need medicine?"

I should use the most effective method of giving them the medicine personally.

"Here. Saint-sama"
<ref>Tl note: Jesus shieldbro in the house.-ed- Finally someone get some deserved recognition around here.</ref>

Though I've been called a saint for a while now it feels a little unsettling. Though it's a lot better than being looked at with disgust as the Hero of the Shield.
We were guided to a building where the people with the most serious symptoms were gathered.
This is probably a quarantine house. <ref> Original TL term is an isolation facility but it sound a bit too modern. </ref>
There is a graveyard at the back, and several brand-new grave posts were seen.

......No wonder this place smells of death. I'm sure this is an unpleasant atmosphere exclusive to graveyards and hospitals.
I'm not confident that this will be solved with only treatment medicine.
I shouldn't be conceited because I deciphered a mere Intermediate class recipe.
Moreover, If the treatment medicine is not effective then we're screwed.
But.....If the treatment medicine works I'll be able to make a large sum of money.
Still...... It's unsettling. Even though the deciphering was difficult, the effects may not necessarily be that much better.
Next time I stop by the Pharmacy I'll ask for a High Class Recipe book.

"I would like to see to the Wife!"

I woke up a woman who won't stop coughing and give the medicine little by little.
Pa..... Light spreads around the woman.
Was it effective? Colour returned to the woman's face. That's great. It seems to have worked.


When I look up all the villagers are staring at me with their eyes open wide in surprise.

"What's wrong?"

The child who is laid next to the woman is pointed at.
Some time ago he was coughing just as bad as the woman.
He's dead......?
I confirm the child's breath.
What a relief. He's still alive; However, he was just having a coughing fit. Why has it stabilized?

"What happened?"
"When the saint gave my wife medicine, the breathing of the child next to them also seems to have softened."

Hm..... Is this due to the effect of Medicine Effect Range Expansion (Small)?
If the range increases it will be too useful.
It seems to be able to produce a similar effect of the medicine up to 1 meter of the surroundings.
Just how much potential is hidden within this shield.
But, with this range it will hardly be useful in combat. I'm considering clustering people up within 1 Meter, unless the effect diminishes.

"I'll explain the story later! The medicine has an effective radius of 1 Meter when drunk. Gather up!"

Because manpower is insufficient, the patients were carried into the vicinity by Firo and Raphtalia.
This will save medicine, the treatment of the quarantine house was finished quite early.
But..... It only suppresses the symptoms. I am unable to completely cure the sickness.

"Is this the limit of the treatment medicine......"
"Thank you very much!"

Even though I was thanked while being unable to fix the situation, I do not feel satisfied.
The risk of being infected becomes apparently and I can't exterminate the sickness.

"That reminds me, where did this sickness come from? Was there an epidemic or something? This is no ordinary disease."

This illness is quite formidable for the treatment medicine to only be this effective.
There is also a risk that we are infected.
We might have to flee as quickly as possible.

"Umm...... It seems the Healer found that the cause is from a demon that lives within the mountains"
"Give me the details."
"Then, he......"

A Healer is an occupation that is proficient in recovery magic and medicine, quite similar to a doctor in my world.
The Healer was compounding medicine to combat the illness, and came by the quarantine house to help out.

"You, can you make High Class treatment medicine?"
"Yes. I am working on it now. Due to your help with the saint medicine I can get back to work on it."
"Hurry it up, the treatment isn't complete yet. They will relapse sooner or later"

I stop the Healer who is about to run.

"I heard you explained the cause of this sickness is from the mountains. Explain."
"Ah yes. About a month ago Hero of the Sword-sama got rid of a huge dragon in the mountain range territory."

Speaking of which, I heard that rumour too.

"Dragons usually make a stronghold in rural areas. But this dragon was a straggler and build his nest near the village."
"What does that have to do with anything?"
"At one time, the villagers gathered to watch the feat of the Hero. So the adventurers go up the mountain and brought back the materials of the dragon that Hero-sama defeated."

It seems that excellent weapons or armour can be made with the materials of a dragon......
Quite enviable.

"Here is the main issue. All the good material was taken. and this deserted village was lively again thanks to it. However..... the corpse of the dragon began to rot and a problem appeared. The adventurers who went to see the corpse got sick."
".....understood. Is the corpse the cause of this illness?"
"Most likely......"

Although all the materials of the dragon were taken, the corpse was left.
The meat. If the dragon rots then what's affected will be the neighbourhood.
Some gourmets may want it, but adventurers have no use for decaying meat.
though I have no idea how dragon meat is treated in this world. It might be delicious but we don't know.
The entrails left behind. Especially the liver, will rot easily.
Ren that bastard seems to be after the materials, so the entrails are discarded.
There's also the heart...... It probably works very well with magic.

"Since the cause is know, you should quickly dispose of it."
"Removal is impossible for the farmers of this neighbourhood..... The mountain range is infested by evil monsters."
"Then ask some adventurers"
"By the time we noticed, the ecosystem of the mountains changed dramatically and poison was mixed into the air. Any common adventurer gets sick immediately. Moreover, adventurers were warned not to approach due to the epidemic."

Ren that guy, dispose of the corpse properly.
Ren is the youngest hero.
I didn't know things rot, until I was a high school student.
Besides, that guy is the Hero most familiar with games.
Even if it is a product of Science Fiction called VRMMO.
It can be said that it is hard to tell the difference between a game and real life, this result seems to have been inevitable.

"Saint-sama, what will you do?"
"Did you report to the country?"
"Yes. Medicine is scheduled to arrive shortly."
"......What about the heroes?"
"There is little possibility of them appearing because they are busy."

He seems to be referring to Motoyasu and Ren.
It is unbearably provoking.

"Has the request fee to the country already been paid?"
"Can you get it back if you cancel it?"

The treatment master looks at me with wide open eyes.

"Is the saint-sama going to go?"
"How long will it be until you finish the medicine anyway?"
"Uhm...... it should be in half a day."
"Alright. I'll go get rid of the dragon corpse. Give the request fee to the country to me instead."

Thus, we went to dispose off a dragon corpse in the mountain.

Chapter 43: Curse Series

"Wow.....it's full of monsters."

The influence of the mountain has turned the land into nothing but barren rock.
We advance slowly along a mountain path in the East of the country.
It's been 30 minutes since we began to climb.
While Firo is running and kicks a demon.
Right now we have treatment medicine and antidotes for the poisonous air.
By the way, we left the carriage at the village and only bring a wagon before heading out.

"No~! Many of Firo's memories are in here~!"

Firo this fellow, she absolutely wants to pull everything, I'll ditch you here.
You were born last month and you're already talking about life?
Well I can understand her attachment to the carriage because she has been pulling it for 90% of her life......
There are many demons here that are from the Poison class, such as Poison Tree and Poison Frog.
I diligently let my shield absorb it all after we defeat them.

Requirements for Poison Tree Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Poison Frog Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Poison Bee Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Poison Fly Shield has been revealed.

All the Poison Resistance bonuses have been displaced, and has become status up as equipment bonuses.
The sole exception is the Poison Bee shield.

Bee Needle Shield Ⅱ
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Attack Power 1
Special Effect: Shield of Stinger (Small) Bee Poison (Poison)

The defensive power hasn't really changed from the Bee Needle Shield, but the paralysis poison can now be changed to poison damage over time.
Well enough of that, it seems the enemies are appearing quite frequently.
Even after defeating them another one just takes it's place.
Certainly, the wind is full of poison which scatters a plague, this is definitely too severe for a normal adventurer.

"There is no point to killing them all! Firo, run through!"

Raphtalia and I ride the wagon while giving instructions to Firo.


Firo pulls the wagon and ploughs through at full power.
Some experience is occasionally gained, while running over enemies.
Along the way, Firo ran over a sludge like demon. But because there was no time i didn't get to absorb it.
And after a few minutes......

"Is this our final destination?"

I see the corpse of a dragon, leaking poisonous miasma, and releasing a foul odour in the air.
The size is around a 10 meters, and it resembles a Western-style dragon......
However, the features can't be made out any more.
The extent to which it is rotten has made it hard for even the original colour to be seen, all that's left is black miasma-like skin.
It seems the fatal injury would be a single blow to the abdomen. There is a big scar in the abdomen exposing internal organs and releasing a putrid smell.
Poison flies father around the rotten meat of the dragon, this is quite disgusting.

"I'm hungry~"
"Is your appetite so great you can still eat after looking at that......?"

Firo began eating the food in the wagon.

"Raphtalia, are you okay?"

I need to make sure Raphtalia is okay because her respiratory system is weak, and the miasma will damage it even more.

"Take a rest as if it gets hard."

I check out the other side of the corpse while swatting poison flies.
It seems to have been stripped by Ren and the adventurers. The fingernails, scales, skin, and wings are all gone. Even the tongue was taken.
It's not an exaggeration to call all that is left are bones and meat.
Excluding an extremely small portion of skin there is nothing left.
The smell is extremely nasty. This is definitely severe.
I might be faring better than Raphtalia because of my poison resistance. I have no idea about Firo.

"Raphtalia, exterminate the poison flies. Firo come dismantle the corpse with me. It's too big for my shield to absorb."

I should let my shield absorb all of it. there is a risk of the soil getting corrupted as well if I bury it.


Firo finishes her meal with a bloated belly and nods.

"I feel a little sick."
"That's cause you're over eating."

I approach the corpse to dismantle it as planned.

"......Did it just breathe?"

The dragon's corpse seems to have begun to move.
Oh my, it probably looks like it because of the poison flies flocking on the corpse.
Just my imagination.
The dragon's corpse began to move, and got on it's hands and knees in attack mode.


The dragon raises it's head and unleashes a roar with it's fang-less mouth.

"How the hell can it move!"
"Naofumi-sama please calm down!"

The corpse of the dragon......no, the zombie dragon began to move as I shouted.
What the hell. This is too much for us.
The Level is unknown , and any abilities this zombie dragon has is unknown.
What is wrong with this world!
The zombie dragon turns to face us while regenerating each organ.
A part of the wing and tail is regenerated. I don't know whether the fangs and claws will regenerate too.
It seems to be liquidizing the rotting meat and turning it into it's wings and tail.
The fatal wound on the abdomen was closing and the internal organs were regenerating.
Dealing with this is impossible for me!

"Let's escape!"
"But Firo already!"

Raphtalia points at the dragon zombie.


At that moment, Firo jumps on the zombie dragon and kicks it in the head.
There was a nice smack and the dragon zombie bends backwards.

"unexpectedly.....Can we fight it?"

Firo's offensive power is high, and there are no fangs or claws on this zombie dragon.
We may be able to win, but the opponent does not have the concept of stamina......
However, there is a risk of the zombie dragon coming for the village if we escape there.
Of course, there is also the possibility of it returning to it's territory. But it might regenerate everything next time, so it must be defeated now.

"Don't be rash!"
"Alright, we're stopping this thing here!"

The dragon roars threateningly and attacks.
I change into the Chimeric Viper Shield which has the highest defence, and I am able to block the dragon's attack.


The zombie dragon shoots purple gas from it's mouth at us.
Raphtalia and Firo run behind my back.
I set up my shield and prepare to block the attack.

"Ueh......What is this!"
"Cough, Cough"

The real nature of the breath attack is highly concentrated poisonous gas.
Even with my poison resistance I feel breathlessness and dizziness.
I had a coughing fit while Raphtalia behind me is barely able to breathe.
While the zombie dragon was shooting its breath Firo who seemingly unaffected by the gas kicked it and made it stop.

"Ra-Raphtalia, are you all right!?"

Raphtalia wanted to anwer me with tears in her eyes but she was just coughing non-stop.
......This might be really bad.
Firo and I can fight, but Raphtalia is out.

"Raphtalia, hurry up and get back, there is an antidote in the carriage. Drink it and rest."

Raphtalia desperatly points towards the zombie dragon.
I turn around and see what's happening.
In just a second the zombie dragon opens it's mouth and swallows Firo who is jumping over it.


A loud sound echoes, and from the zombie dragon's mouth crimson liquid drips down.


My mind blanks out, and I don't understand anything that Raphtalia is doing.
The bird who acts like a pampered child ever since being born a month ago, always clinging to me, hugging me.
Memories of Firo are recalled and shown like a revolving latern.

What happened?


The zombie dragon chews its mouth several times and swallows with a large gulp.


Raphtalia slaps my cheek strongly.
I have tears in my eyes.
The situation is only getting worse as I am lost in my own world.
However, all I feel is the anger from my heart after losing an important companion right before my eyes.

---Power, Do you desire it?

I thought I heard a voice from the shield.
I look at my shield almost unconsciously, and listen for the voice.

---Everything, Do you wish for it?

My heartbeat is stronger.
I remember the feeling that is produced from the darkness shield.
This..... It's the same feeling after that fight with Motoyasu......
The skill tree section of the shield appears.
The skill tree screen turns inside out, and a weird background that is neither black nor red appears another skill tree.

Curse Series
This phrase reverberates in my mind.
the shield glows brightly.

Curse Series
Shield of Fury
Mortar Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Skill "Change Shield (Attack)" "Iron Maiden"
Special Effect: Self-Burning Curse Physical Strength Improvement.
Being born from the heart, Killer Shield.

On this shield is a a particular explanation..... Am I even concious? I hold my hand over the shield as my with these feelings.
Shield of Fury
Intense feelings are released from the shield, and the shield changes with a red and black light.

There was, a crimson shield with decorations of abominations and flames.
Consciousness is swallowed in anger.
I hate everything in this world.
Everything in this world is black, all there is left are shadows sneering at me.
I am ruled by a single emotion.


A big black shadow stretches it's arm towards me.

Shield Hero Curse Series Shield Of Rage Wrath Fury by laclongquan

Chapter 44: Shield of Fury


I unleash a roar which rivals the dragons, and catch the arm of the shadow with the shield.
I don't feel pain or anything else.


The black shadow mouth distorts in astonishment and sneers at me.


I catch the black shadow and throw it.
The black shadow flew while roaring in surprise.


However, the shadow gets up immediately, and rushes to attack.
...... Can this shield attack an enemy?
Not available.
The black shadow attacks me with it's tail and arms knocking me to my knees.

"It's not working!"

The attack of the black shadow is not effective on me.

"Haha..... are you stupid?"

Though, I don't have any means to defeat it.
After that thought a black flame immediately appears around my arm, and it burns the tail and arms of the black shadow.


The shadow was surprised at that fact and fell down.

"Hm..... Is there a counter-attack offensive ability in here?"

The shadow is keeping it's distance, seemingly afraid.

"Are you begging for your life now? It's too late for forgiveness!"

I slowly recite a skill.

"Iron Maiden!"

However, the skill is not activated and a skill tree appears in my view.
Shield Prison -> Change Shield (Attack) -> Iron Maiden
Is this the activation conditions?
that's troublesome, I suppose to trigger the counter-attack I have to trick the shadow into hitting me.

"Wait for me......I'll kill you by any means possible....."

The shadow swings its arm at at me, frightened by my murderous intent and anger.
My shield is raised to intercept the arm and a black flame engulfs it.
It roasts the meat and melts the bone.
This amount of heat is insufficient......I want to erase the existence itself.


I see, the more angrier I get the more powerful the Shield of Fury gets.

That's simple.

All I have to do is remember my feelings for those bastards.
Mein = Sofia..... Or was her name Malty?
I feel angry just remembering that name.
Next is Trash king, Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki.
I remember the things they did to me one by one.
Hate......I want to kill them......
My anger begins to dissolve into the crimson shield, staining it black.

"This time I'll kill......Everyone....."

I catch the arm of the shadow, and everything is erased, exterminated by the flames of indignation.
The flame wraps around the entire shadow and consumes it all.

Somebody touches my hand.
This is...... The same gentle feeling as that time?

" I am different from the whole world which tortures and shuns Naofumi-sama......I'll say it as many times as it takes, Naofumi-sama won't do  something like that."

My visibility warped by darkness slightly shakes.
Somewhere inside of me a voice is warning me that if I give in to the anger I will lose whats most precious to me.
I want to deny it. But......

"Please believe me. I am convinced that Naofumi-sama didn't commit any crime. You are a great Hero of the Shield-sama who gave me medicine to save my life ,and taught me how to live......I am your sword, and I will follow you no matter what road you take."

A voice whispers to me.
Don't be consumed by the urge to kill.
There is something you must protect.

Did you forget your anger?
I did not forget. But, I want to repay the person who so sincerely believes in me.

Do you defy me?
Do not order me. I will decide for myself!

......I am always here waiting for an opening......

The black voice disappears, and my view becomes bright.

"Cough! Cough!"

When I noticed Raphtalia was holding my hand while trying to hold down her coughing.

"Ar-Are you okay?"

She had suffered terrible burns.
There is no enemy here that can use fire.
Just...... What......
Special effect of the Shield of Fury, Self-Burning Curse.


Raphtalia smiles and collapses.
Because of me.....Raphtalia suffered serious wounds.

"I am the Hero of the shield who deciphers and calls forth the power of nature to heal!"
"Fast Heal!"
"I am the Hero of the shield who deciphers and calls forth the power of nature to heal!"
"Fast Heal!"
"I am the Hero of the shield who deciphers and calls forth the power of nature to heal!"
"Fast Heal!"

Until my magic power runs out I do not stop healing.
Raphtalia......Raphtalia is the only person who believed in me!
There are severe burns. Using beginner class recovery magic is insufficient for treatment.
I must hurry to the wagon and use the healing ointments.


I turn around and see the zombie dragon roar. It faces us and uses it's breath while attacking with it's un-burnt arm.

"Get out of my way!"

I intercept the zombie dragon's attack by raising my arm.
The shield shines with a black light, and activates Self-Curse Burning.

"Stop it!"

The shield stops as if responding to my voice.
If the shield activates again here it will also burn Raphtalia.
I cannot do such a thing; However, the poison breath is very bad for Raphtalia's vitality.
As if in response to my intentions, the shield burns only the poison breath. But this output is not enough to  earnestly slaughter the enemy.
What should I do.
The urge to kill and anger is always supplied to me from the shield, I try to hold it down somehow as to not be swallowed by rage again.
My highest priority now is to return to the wagon quickly and treat Raphtalia.
Protecting Raphtalia is all that's left of my reasoning.


While in the midst of attacking and defending the zombie dragon begins scractching at it's chest painfully.

"Wh-what is going on......"

What on earth is happening? Is the Self-Curse Burning burning it from the inside?


Eventually the dragon stops moving and returns to it's original corpse form.
Now is not the time to observe the situation.
There seems to be no more poison flies buzzing around.
They probably escaped as a result of the zombie dragon's rampage.
I return to the wagon with Raphtalia, and rub the burn cure made from healing ointments and medical herbs on Raphtalia's burns.
And the antidote was given to Raphtalia.


Raphtalia's breathing becomes quiet and opens her eyes to smile at me.

"Are you okay!?"
"Yeah.....Thank you for the medicine Naofumi-sama......"

Still, her burns are quite severe. Though the simple burns are cured with the medicine..... because the effect was from black magic, a black trace is left. Though it's a little better, a complete recovery seems unlikely.

"I-I'm fine.....Hurry.....the dragon"
"The zombie dragon isn't moving any more"
"That's not it...... dispose of the corpse quickly."

Raphtalia's strong gaze was directed at the corpse of the dragon.

"Is it safe to leave it here?"
"To protect your body you must fight."
"I see.....okay."

I got off the wagon and walked towards to corpse of the dragon.
It is necessary to dismantle the dragon and then let my shield absorb it.
And Firo......even if it's only a corpse, I have to at least make a grave.

When approaching the corpse I noticed its internal organs were wriggling.
what on earth is going to happen.
I can barely fight in this state.
Shield of fury......
It's a dangerous shield that erodes the mind, but it provides strong physical defence and a strong counter attack.
I still haven't recovered from when I used it earlier so I change to the Chimeric Viper Shield.
But I get ready to respond to anything while taking a stance.
And I approach the corpse.
The wriggling stops in one place, it's getting eatten? The chest is broken and something appears!


A familiar bird that was dripping with rotten liquid walks out of the corpse of the dragon.

"Fu.....Finally I'm out"
"Firo? Are you safe? Are you not injured?"
"Yup. I don't think I'm hurt."
"Then......What about the blood that came out when you were eaten?
"Blood? I threw up all the food that I ate into the dragon."

Did Firo eat the red fruit that resembles tomatoes?......Is that why it looked like blood was dripping?
She certainly was eatting before the battle.

"Don't scare me like that! I thought you died!"
"An attack of that level is not even painful Firo isn't even itchy."

Is this a bird or a  monster.
No, it is in fact a demon.
Honestly......I am surprised.

"Master, were you worried about Firo?"
"I don't know."
"Master is embarrassed~"
"Do I have to kill you myself this time?"

Sigh...... She's safe, that's great.
I'm angry at the smirking Firo though. I'll remember this.

"So what did you do"
"Oh right. There was a big crystal that shined purple inside the stomach of the dragon. So I tore it up and it stopped."

What does that mean?
Was the foundation of that zombie dragon the big crystal?
The place where Firo came out......the heart?
But, such a thing.....
Because it's a dragon? Did the magic that stay in the body all gather in the heart and crystallize?
That might be possible.

"So......The crystal?

Yup. She ate it.......I want to smack this fellow......

"I left a little. A souvenir for Master"

After saying so, Firo passes me a small purple fragment.
...... What can I do with this?
First, I'll let the shield absorb half.
As I thought, the amount of skill Trees unlocked and level are insufficient.

"Because Raphtalia is hurt, Firo dispose of the corpse with me.

Honestly...... This bird really surprises me.
I watch firo and think.
At that time, if i didn't give in to the anger.
After I changed the shield to defeat an enemy for Firo, I completely lost to the anger after that.
If Raphtalia did not stop me, I might have even burned Firo.
Anger...... The shield which was cured.
Were you trying to take over the consciousness of the hero?
All that I can say is, it gave me an uncontrollable urge to kill.
......At that time, that was all I could think about.

"Hey Firo, don't eat that meat! it's Rotten!"
"Meat that's about to go bad is the most delicious, Master~!"
"This one isn't going bad, it's completely rotten!"

And without any tension the zombie dragon was disposed of.
Though I couldn't level any skill tree's with the bone and meat of the dragon.
Still, the dragon zombie's skin and dragon's bone seems to be useful so I'll put in the wagon.

Chapter 45: The results of peddling

This is a curse isn't it.

After hurrying back to the village, I got Raphtalia to see the healers about her burns that I had caused.

"Even so, this kind is quite strong.  The dragon corpse on the mountain had a curse that was this strong?"

"Eh... no... that is..."

Wondering how I was going to answer, I stammered.

"Yes. I made a mistake and was accidentally burned along with the dragon."

Raphtalia smiled while looking in my direction as if to say it was a secret.

"Can you do anything about it? If it's money, I'll pay whatever you need"

Raphtalia is a girl after all. If she has black marks like this, she would stand out which would be troublesome.

"It's not that it's impossible, but..."

During the preparation, the healer bring a bottle of transparent liquid to the room.

"It is quite powerful. It could heal her soon..."
"What is that?"
"It's holy water. To cure a curse, it's best to use holy power..."
"I see"

It seems injuries would be slow to heal due to the effect of the curse shield until fully healed.

That is very dangerous.
There is no clear distinction between friend or foe, in addition there is a counter effect on allies. <ref>Eh, I have no idea, maybe some MMO type thing? -ed- it mean even allies have trouble with healing it, I think</ref>
I can't even think about using it.

Also, after looking at the shield tree, the unsealing wasn't progressing at all.
It was only for a short time, but I cannot unseal that shield. I remember having that sort of hunch.

"Soak the holy water into the bandage..."

The healers apply the holy water soaked bandage to Raphtalia's blackened wounds.

"Sorry it's so simple for now. Please use powerful holy water made by the church in a large town if possible."

"How much will it heal?"

"To be honest... it's a fairly strong curse. Whether it can be truly cured... when it comes to the work of dragons..."

The truth is that I did it though. But to think the curse was so powerful it could be considered the work of a dragon...

"Oh right. How much more medicine will be needed?"

<ref> Bakahou note: all of above is translated by MIZUHOCHAN so all credit goes to him/her, I am merely copy/pasta and mtling the rest</ref>

"This is all I can do for now. Saint-sama, please help the people who are suffering from the illness."

I left Raphtalia in the room with the Healer, and head to the building where they gather the sick.
As expected of medicine made by a professional.
The sickness that could not be cured with my treatment medicine, was easily cured by this.
I feel relieved looking at the sick people breathing calmly in their sleep.
......I want strength, but not from relying on that kind of shield.
Saving someone from sickness is significant, but I still curse my weakness.
There may come a time where even Firo could get hurt, thankfully she was fine this time.
My head blanked in an instant when I thought she died.
I've thought this many times. This world is not a game.
Nobody will revive if they die.
I watch the graveyard behind the quarantine house deep in thought.
I was betrayed and swindled----But I want to protect the people who believed in me no matter what.
I returned to the Treatment room and spoke to Raphtalia who is wrapped in bandages.

"I'm sorry"
"It's alright"
"I was afraid. Afraid that Naofumi-sama went somewhere far away."
"That power, it's trying to drag Naofumi-sama somewhere. That's what I feel. Therefore, this is a cheap price to pay if  I was able to stop Naofumi-sama."

Raphtalia's laughing expression pierces my heart.
I must absolutely protect her. With determination I swear not to lose to that shield.

"Raphtalia is your sickness cured?"
"It should be alright..... for now."
'Next time I administer medicine, stay close to me. It will serve as prevention."

Thus, we slept in the village that day.
We worked on the extermination of the epidemic as hard as possible on the next day.
I asked the healer if I could help make the medicine, and the work was completed earlier than scheduled.
I wanted to learn, but I felt something inside me that was interfering.
<ref>Tl note: I'm a little confused with this 教わろうかと思ったが今の俺ではかえって邪魔になる気がした。</ref>
People suffering from illness disappeared, and the village becomes peaceful again.

"Where will we peddle next? Did you ask the treatment master on how to make medicine?"

Procuring holy water for Raphtalia is top-priority now, but I do want to learn how to make High Class medicine.

"Naofumi-sama? Won't the wave start soon?"

What Raphtalia says returns me from my thoughts.
That reminds me.
I hastily open the arrival prediction window.
There is only 3 and a half days left!

"This is bad! We only have a little over 3 days remaining!"

Preparations will be insufficient.

"Firo, let's hurry to the castle town!"
"Uhmm Saint-sama.....this......"

I was presented a bag full of money by the village head.

"Saint-sama this is the money you asked for. Please accept it."

Come to think of it, my real identity is still hidden.


I receive the bag of money and count how much is inside.
......I put half in another bag and return it

"It wasn't my power alone. This is for the outstanding Healer who is in this village. Hand it to him."

Yup, it would have been really dangerous this time if that Healer was not here.
Because my limit was only suppressing the illness.
That person contributed just as much.

"See ya."
"Ah, Thank you very much!"

The group of villagers saw us off together.
When these guys know my real identity, will they look at me in disgust?
It's a complicated feeling.
I stow it away in the corner of my head, because there are preparations to be made.
I can't care about the condition of the carriage at this time!
We rushed to the castle town.
There was a rumour about a carriage that was roaring down the road with frightening speed after that day.

On the way.

"Master~ something is-"

I come out of the carriage.

Wild Philo Rial A appears!
Wild Philo Rial B appears!
Wild Philo Rial C appears!


Firo looked at the Philo Rial with an astonished expression.
Philo Rial A,B, and C look at Firo with the same expression and ran away.

"What was that?"

Running away right when encountering......
That is the behaviour patter of rare monsters that have delicious experiences points and money.
Though I can't expect a lot of experience from Philo Rials in such a place.
Maybe they were just surprised to see a Philo Rial Queen and ran away.

"What an appetizing bird. Whenever we pass another person they have one."
"They are from the same family as you."

I note that Firo is licking her lips. Is there anything this fellow doesn't see as food?
It is scary that she is likely to perform cannibalism

"Master, if we chase now we can still kill them~"
"......Stop it."

It's still not too late now?
This fellow has no sense of tension at all.
That reminds me, I did not check our lvl after the fight with the zombie dragon.

Me Lvl 38
Raphtalia Lv 40 ★
Firo Lv 40 ★

★...... Star?

"Hey, do you guys know of  the star next to your lvls?"

I have a bad feeling. What could it be?

"Firo has no idea"

Hmm..... Let's see, Help.
......I don't understand it.
I can't find anything on the  ★.

At long last we arrived at the castle town.

"Let's go to the old man and get some weapons and armour to prepare for the wave"

After a long absence,The old man from the weapons shop just watches us with a hand on the middle of his forehead and seems to be lost in thought.

"Hey lad, Don't just appear so suddenly."
" Don't you know sudden events go hand in hand with business?"
"Well, that's true. So, what's your budget?"
"Let's see"

I put my month's earnings on the counter infont of the old man. It's about four large bags of money.

"This is all the silver coins."
"Count properly lad! How did you make such a killing!?"
"Hahaha, this is the result of peddling"
"Seriously......what a surprising hobby for you to have"
"It's not unfortunate."
"Well, did you count how much there is?"

The contents of the money bags were counted by Raphtalia, the old man, and me.

"So, how did the missy get injured?"

The old man points at Raphtalia while counting money.

"Uhh, earlier I received a powerful curse attack by a powerful demon."

I stop counting and look at Raphtalia.

"Ah, yea curses are troublesome. Did you get any treatment?"
"Yeah, after this we will go buy some holy water at the church."
"I see"

Why are you lying...... Is it because it's a curse that I gave?

"After buying equipment, can I request a carriage made of metal?"
"Don't order anything from me lad"
"You can't do it?"
"Well...... I'm familiar with dealing with metal"

Though it may look like a lot, but there is surprisingly little after being converted from silver coins.

"This is equivalent to 70 gold coins! Lad your earnings are tremendous"
"I am aware of my business talents"

Though I'm not sure if I actually possess such talents, I am conceited.
I feel like I have done a few things similar to merchants of death.

"Oh right, there is various equipments taken off of thieves."

I gave instructions to Firo who has been restless within the goods store,  and tell her to bring in the various armours from the carriage.

"This is for trade-ins"
"Lad, this is too much"
"How much equipment can I get with only this much?"
"Let's see...... the missy can get a new weapon, and you can get some gauntlets."

The old man is rather impressive and I start to think.

"I am thankful that you're favouring my shop, but go to another shop to trade-in."
"What do you mean?"
"Recently, the other heroes haven't been seen, so you could go check out the other excellent shops."

I haven't considered that. Because they have knowledge from games, the possibility of knowing where they can get better equipment than from the old's man shop is quite high.
Let's assume that the best shop in this city is the old man's......Are they somewhere in another country?

"Do you have any idea?"
"There might be something in the neighbouring country."
"Your shop is good enough, I'd rather not waste time on speculations."
"Even the worse weapons and armours I've seen you make are quite good. Is that a skill?"
"What are you saying! I was a disciple of a master craftsman in the east when I was young."
"Exactly. I'll be in your care because it's efficient."
"Lad. I understand. I'll live up to your expectations!"
<ref> He strangely reluctant and want to refuse business, unlike a normal shopkeeper. Someone had pressured him into not working with Naofumi?</ref>

The old man left the counter and started browsing the wares in his own shop.

"Let's see...... for the missy a High class magic sword should be adequate. Needless to say the Blood Clean coating will be applied after it's completed."

It cost 10 gold. Of course there were some trade-ins included in the 10 gold.

"Next is magic silver armour that has a magic defense within an appropriate range."
"Magic Defense?"
"The process of absorbing the magical power of the wielder to boost defense."
"I see."

I want to make Raphtalia's defence as high as it can be. because there is a possibility I could hurt Raphtalia.
The old man moves 10 pieces of gold again. It's quite expensive.

"Hey, isn't there better equipment that I can buy?"
"The metal carriage and the missy's treatment will be quite expensive. Also, it is absurd to have equipment that doesn't balance with you."
"that makes sense."
"This is also the limit for equipment around here for now."
"Ah that's it."

I'll take the old man's word for it if the equipment is good enough.

"From here on out it needs to be custom-made. Come back later."
"So for the trouble. but the wave comes in 3 days, will it be done in time?"
"I won't have enough time if I have to procure the materials."

......that's what I figured.

"I already have various materials, but it's not enough."
"Well...... Can you use the skin of a decaying dragon?"
"That's not a problem, what are you going to do lad?"
"What am I going to do?"
"I can lighten the heavy equipment because you prefer it, and I can make new equipment with any materials you bring."
"By the way, will the performance be good?"
"It can be done easily, the durability will be good too."
"Hmm..... by the way, would the performance go up if you add bone to the armour? Similar to the armour of the savage tribes."
"Ah I was going to recommend that. Chimera and Dragon materials are amazing! It would be perfect to protect the core of the armour with dragon skin too."

The core of the armour was that souvenir from Firo and a certain dragon.  it seems it will become some good armour.

"Then......can I order it?"
"Thanks for business There will be extra fees for processing costs and material charges."

After saying so the old man moves another 5 pieces of gold and takes the materials to the inner part of the counter.

"I can put the bone armour onto what you already have equipped."

I go to the changing room to change, and put the armour on the counter.

"Master's just like a villager"
"Shut up"

This bird has a foul mouth.

"Hey Hey, What about Firo?"
"You're getting a new carriage."

I made the arrangements with the old man for a metal carriage. It was quite costly.
It cost me 10 gold coins.
Well, there was some bonuses added in.

"Firo wants armour like Raphtalia onee-san  and Master~"
"I want it! I want it! I want it!"

I'm pretty frustrated by this bird's whining.

"Don't be like that lad. I'll do you a favour and lend you the equipment for that little bird missy"
"You see......"

I tell him this fellow's offensive ability already surpasses Raphtalia and that's with her bare hands.
That is already sufficient.

"Is there anything?"
"Hmm. Does the Bird missy usually fight in her Demon form?"
"Well then that's outside of my jurisdiction. It's not impossible to acquire equipment from monster shops though."
"Monster trader......"

I am reminded of that nasty smile. The gentleman in my imagination.

"Do you need me to introduce you?"
"No, I know someone."

Should we go meet him?

"Then..... come back two days later for the equipment."
'Okay. So...... Old man"
"What's up?"
"Do you know about the stars attached next to a Lvl?"
"Oh? Did you get strong enough to Class-up ?"
"Class up?"
"The lad doesn't know? The class up is a growth limit breakthrough. When levels are raised to their limit, a class up can be done, after that power can raise even further."

What was that!?
In other words, it's a rite of passage for a job change in gaming terms.
unless a Class up is performed, they can't get stronger?

"Originally, if you are a knight loyal to the country or a magician adventurer, you can get a class up. But will you be granted one as a Hero?"

When I think about it, it was no wonder thief groups were so weak. The highest Lv is 40. Using the fact that, unworthy adventurers and villages cannot class up, power is managed.
The reason is that if the country does not deem you trustworthy a class up is not granted......

"There are worries as to what direction to take during a class up...... But if you get a star, then all the possibilities are open."
"......Where can I class up?'
"It can be done in at the Hourglass of the Dragon's era."

You can do it in such a a place? No wonder the management was so strict.
......Then meeting the other heroes there, was it because of Class up?
I wonder what their Levels are.
As expected, I feel irritated.

"Then I'm going to head out"

If it's possible I should do it as quickly as I can.
We leave the weapon shop and hurry to the Hourglass of the Dragon's era.
Because our carriage has reached it's limit, we left it at the back of the weapon shop.
Firo is in human form.

"What are we going to do?"

Nowaday, I feel that there is some kind of weird atmosphere in the inn.
<ref>tl note: Not sure what this means 毎日、宿屋で見ているはずなのに、何か珍しい構図になってしまっているような気がする。-ed-So I change to that.</ref>
It seems there were many people with birds similar to this fellow.
That would be the result.

"Now that I think about it, what exactly does class up expand?"
"I want to Class up as per Naofumi-sama's request."
"......Stop that. Raphtalia, you must decide your own possibility yourself."

In the games of old, the class change would let you choose between a light route and a dark route, the person in question has to make the choice themselves.

"When the wave is over, and I return to the my own world you must live for yourself."
"Eh......Naofumi-sama will go back?"

I have no attachments to this world either. There are people that I want to repay, but I will do that by saving the world.
I do not wish to remain in such an unpleasant world.

"Can you take me with you?"

Where would you stay? If someone like Raphtalia comes to my world it would look strange.

"Firo wants to go too. Where are you going?"
"Firo is impossible......"
"Oh well. Firo what class up do you want?"
"Firo wants to be able to spit poison~!"

I was at a lost for words. All I can muster is. What is up with this bird.
Was it that? Recently we've been fighting a lot of demons that had the ability to use poison.
Like that Bio Plant and Zombie dragon.

"your already poisonous enough"

By that I mean your tongue.


Firo exhales and checks her breath.

"It's not coming out?"
"That's not what i mean. Anyways, let's go."

As for us, we head to the Hourglass of the Dragon's era full of expectations.

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