Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari chapter 37, 38, 39, 41
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Shield Hero's Firo Queen of Philo Rials by laclongquan

Firo, Queen of Philo Rials - Aka The Big Fat Bird
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Chapter 37: Learning Magic

For some reason the accessory merchant joined our peddling.
I'm not complaining since there is payment, but I don't know what this fellow is up to.
The accessory merchant started teaching me various things after he found out about my Hero status during the bandit fiasco, which he seemed to have enjoyed.

Apparently the thieves around this area are notorious. It seems they were tipped off by associate within the merchant guild.
The accessory merchant wants to refine my talents......
While the accessory merchant on the surface is someone who is gentle, and teaches apprentices kindly, he actually holds considerable influence within the merchant guild.
The first thing he taught me was where to mine for the gemstones needed to create jewellery.
Next is processing precious metals into accessories. I am currently capable of making various designs.
Because I am somewhat of a picture otaku my creations were quite nice.

The tools needed to work are also cheap.
In this world there are magic tools that are powered by magic stones, similar to how fuel works.
Although the Shield is reacting I can't just let it absorb my work because it's expensive.
There are several points that seem similar to the burning and grinding process of metalworking in my world.
<ref>Tl note: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metalwor…
To process any hard iron I would need to go to the ironworks and work with a metal mold.
Well having crafting skills really help out with preventing any mistakes that might have been made.

Now for the main issue.
I want to start working on enchantment magic.
As expected, I need to be able to use magic.
I groan while holding the magic book in one hand and the accessory merchant is curious.

"Is Hero-sama unable to use magic?"
"Yeah, even though my slaves can already use magic"
"Ah I see...... What is this?"

The accessory merchant took out some small transparent fragment and handed it to me.

"What is that?"
"It's a piece of an extremely rare ore. Quite expensive."
"Can you read the letters?"
"Yeah..... only the simple ones though."

I've been seriously tackling the letters of this world for about a month.
I can't read any of the more difficult words, but I can understand the simple ones.

"It's enough for you to be able to feel magic first, learning how to use magic will come after."

hmm.....What you said just now is quite difficult.
I play with the fragment while thinking.
The fragment begins to shine.
How to say...... This feels like I just found another hand within myself that I had no idea about.
Until now, I had no idea of the existence of such an organ, but it doesn't feel out of place.
Seems quite similar to how even when a bird doesn't know how to fly it still know how to flap it's wings

"What a strange feeling."
"I grew up knowing the magical power was there. However, you had no idea of it's existence until recently. But you seemed to have succeeded"
"......Is that so?"

I open the part of the magic book which I have already deciphered.
I am conscious of another arm called magic power.
The letter begins to shine.This is a magic engraved by me and only usable by me.

"The power of roots is required to aid the Hero of the shield. I read and decipher the laws of nature, Defend me!"
"Fast Guard!"

A target mark appears in my view. I select myself as a test.
A light shines over me.
I check my status and it seems to have risen.

"I seemed to have learnt it somehow. Well then, teach me some magic."

The accessory merchant disregarded my excitement and begins another lecture.
Though it wasn't that draining to use such a spell.
Then I recall the enchantment magic taught by the accessory merchant.
I try and apply magical power to a processed jewel.
I had trouble at first but because my shield corrected some of my mistakes.
It gets difficult when I try mixing power from a different gem. Also I seem to be able to draw out magical power from medicine and apply it.

"Well, that's the basics. Please keep improving and apply it to your business afterwards."

The accessory merchant gets off the carriage and heads off.
Thus, I learn how to craft something besides medicine.

Because it is necessary to use ores, when we arrive at a mining town I start mining.

"Eh? Is that an introduction letter?"

The coal mine's owner asks in surprise when I show him the accessory merchant's letter of introduction.

"This is certainly a letter from him. How did you manage to get something from someone so stingy......"
"What do you mean?"

Apparently the accessory merchant is a very stingy person.
The owner of the coal mines was suspicious when I appeared with a letter of introduction from that Scrooge, but was shocked when it was the real thing.

"Since the letter is real, how much do you want to buy? Since you have the letter I'll be flexible."
"Uhm, may I mine it myself?  It would be cheaper."
"Eh? Well...... that's fine take whatever you mine......"

I'm interested in the mining skill.
I left the business to Raphtalia and Firo. I head to a cave with my pickaxe.
The sound of pickaxes striking stone echo throughout the cave. To be honest, it's quite noisy.
The air is hot and stuffy.
But, as expected of a different world. A crystal is exposed on the wall and shines.

"This cave is safe unless there are extreme circumstances, so there are no problems whereever you may want to dig; however, the risk of collapse is not zero."

As expected.
I was guided to several places within the mine by the coal mine owner.
I raise the pickaxe slowly.
On the wall a cross-hair emerges.
What? Do I strike there?


I swing the pickaxe down with momentum.
With a clang a crack emerges from the wall.
The crack spreads and the wall falls apart.


That was a very fragile wall.


The coal mine owner looks at me as if I'm crazy.

"That hard bedrock..... In one strike?"

......That was hard?
walls collapse whenever I swing due to the mining skill and ores are collected at a terrifying pace.
But there are still walls that I can't collapse no matter what, maybe it's because of my low skill level.

"Well i'll just work with this."

I fill a bag with gemstones and leave quickly.
By the way, gemstones were even able to be found near the entrance of the mine, i just had to dig near a few mulberry trees.
It is surprisingly easy to leave the neighbourhood.
Although the uncut stones close to the surface seems to be of a lower quality for magic.
According to my knowledge of my world, there seems to be a famous place where jewels are dug up simply by digging in the field.
Even though this is a different world I believe the good quality gems will be buried deep underground.

Ruby Bracelet was made!
Quality: Good -> High Quality

Even though I originally made that as a trial, It seems to have turned out well due to the great material.
I also try to imbue the bracelet with magic.

Ruby Bracelet (Fire-Resistance +)
Quality: High Quality -> Normal

Ugh...... the quality fell a lot after magic was imbued.
I dabble in making accessories as the peddling continues.
By the way, it is very hard to make accessories on a moving carriage, so I can only work on them at night.
It seems my shield is not high enough level to absorb a finished gem.
Well time to sell it.
The bracelet that was created earlier was for 80 silver pieces. It takes time to create the foundation.
The value of gems in this world seems to be lower than my world.
It might be worthwhile to make new designs in the wagon. Although it's a little inconsistent.
It seems anything will be popular. What's popular in my world might be popular here too.
Though I don't know much about expensive jewellery
However...... Production takes quite a while.
That said, there is money to be earned. It also might not be a bad idea to improve our equipment.

Requirements for Iron Ore Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Copper Ore Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Silver Ore Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Lead Ore Shield has been revealed.

Iron Ore Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 2

Copper Ore Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 1

Silver Ore Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: 2% Damage reduction from Demons

Lead Ore Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Defence Power 1

A skill which seems to be useful for the old man from the weapon shop appeared. Though it's pretty useless to me at the momment.
The Lead Ore Shield seems to have displaced another skill.
I'm not going to use that skill anyway.

Everyday of peddling is passed with such a feeling.
Having stopped at a southern town.
Through a certain reliable source......The accessory merchant. I heard of a province that wants to acquire large amounts of Herbicide.
Judging by speed alone Firo seems to be a match for a God Bird......
<ref>tl note: No idea...... なんでも速度からして間に合うのは神鳥……フィーロ位なものらしい。I am not too sure either. Another bet on obscure Japanese manga or game reference, </ref>
Apparently there's a lot of money to be made so we leave for a south-west village in haste.

Chapter 38: The Reason It Was Sealed

After hearing that there was a village that had huge demand for herbicides, we quickly rushed over...
It might be that Firo was excessively fast, but we were able to make it to the region in just a few days.

“What is it?”
“Uhmm, the plants here are pretty crazy-“

Raphtalia and I both look outside of the carriage.
And when we do, we see the road completely buried in some sort of viny, squirming vegetation.

“T, The hell?!”

It’s advancing slowly and gradually, but the vegetation is most definitely expanding its domain.

“The village is…”

I take a look around and notice there were people gathered over at somewhere that looked like a refugee camp.

“Firo, head over that way.”

We head over to the camp and start to set up shop.

“Alright, what should I price these herbicides.”

I’m sure these will be used to try to exterminate those slowly encroaching vines.
I can see what the accessory merchant meant when he said I’d be able to make a killing here.
So then, just how much profit will I be making.

“Though there might already be a specialist here dealing them out.”
“You might be right.”

I get out of the carriage to try and gather some information.
On a side note, I changed my shield into Book Shield.  I then turned the shield around to make it look like I was just any old peddler holding a book.
By setting my shield to something that doesn’t really stand out, I can hide my identity as the Shield Hero.

“I came by since I heard I can sell herbicides for a good price here.”

I ask someone at the camp who looked like they had some authority.

“Oh, a trader. It would definitely help.”

He responded quickly as if he was waiting for me.

“But what exactly is going on here?”

I inquire as I look towards the invading flora.

“What exactly… Our village was hit by a famine.”

Ah now that I think about it, I did hear of a rumor along those lines.
But didn’t Motoyasu handle that?

“However, we requested aid from the Spear Hero and he returned with a miracle seed that has been sealed since ancient times.  While it did resolve our famine it…”
“That can’t be the miracle seed can it?”

I look towards the encroaching vines.  Now that I observe carefully there are fruits and other vegetable produce stemming from the vines.
It doesn’t seem like this camp is having any issues with food, and there aren’t any food relief aids in sight. The vines also apparently have potatoes as I notice some farmers approaching the vines and digging them out.
In other words, the villagers have no trouble whatsoever with food, but because the plants are growing out of control, they’ve been driven out of their homes…

Are you retarded?

I’m thinking about it, the seed was sealed, was it not.  There has to be good reason for it to have been sealed or they would have just ignored it and let it go.
So what the hell was Motoyasu thinking?

“Also it’s not an issue outside of the growth, but when you’re inside where the village is at, some of the plants have transformed into monsters.”

Oh, so the plants can evolve.

Are you retarded?

Why must I feel this way in such a short span of time.<ref>I want to tsukkomi the whole lot... </ref>
Seriously, that guy [Motoyasu] is a genius at rustling my jimmies.

“And that’s why you guys need herbicide?”

Since they’re farmers I’m sure they know about plant and weed control…

“At first we were overjoyed with all the harvest we were getting.  But then it started growing from the fields to our homes… We tried our best to weed it out, but it just grew too fast.”
“By the way, when did this happen?”
“It wasn’t an issue two weeks after the Hero left.  But ever since two weeks ago...”
“I see.  Have you tried reporting this to the kingdom?”
“We have.  But since the Heroes are all so busy, it would takes some time before they arrive it seems.  So we’re just trying to stop it from spreading further with herbicide.”

Haaah… Before I knew it I let out a sigh.

“Have you tried just lighting it all on fire?”
“We’ve tried everything we can think of.”
“Oh, so you guys already did.”

I’m sure they’ve also called to adventurers for help.
I take a look around and see people with weapons who were clearly not villagers.


A scream comes out from the village.

“What’s going on?!”
“Some adventurers said they were going to go in to try and raise their Level.  I tried to stop them, but they didn’t listen.  That scream might have been coming from them…”

The villager says that as if he’s given up on them.

“Dammit…! Firo!”

I point towards the village and Firo, who was stuffing her face with the produce from the plants, rushes in.
She then busts out of the verdure outgrowth shouldering three adventurers who were in tatters.

“What’s it look like inside?”
“Uhhm, there were plant monsters inside creeping about.  There were some pretty interesting ones that spat out poison and acid.  These guys here sure are dumb going in there when they’re so weak--.”
“You didn’t need to mention that last bit.”

The villager was flabbergasted at Firo’s fluent speech.

“A, Are you the rumored Saint who rides a carriage drawn by the Holy Bird?”

The villager now asks me, covering my hands with his own.

“Well… I don’t know about a saint, but I am the owner of a carriage and a bird.”
“Please! If you can, please help us!  There are some people here who have been infested by the plants!”
“So some of them have parasitic capabilities huh…”

With a remedy and herbicide in one hand, I’m lead into a tent.
Inside I see some people laid down with half of their bodies blighted by plants.

“I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to cure them though.  But I don’t run a charity here, so you better make sure you pay the treatment fee.”
“We will…”

It was barely audible, but I could hear people around lamenting in a low voice, ‘If only the Spear Hero didn’t come here…’ It made me a bit giddy.
In any case, I go to the nearest patient who was a sleeping child that had troubled breathing, and had him drink some medicine.
A dim light appears, and the child’s breathing returns to normal.  I then spread the herbicide along the diseased areas.
The child looked to be in a bit of pain, but the plants that were ailing him began to wither away and scatter about.  What resulted seemed to be a full recovery.

“As expected of Saint-sama.”

Voices of admiration start flowing out.
I continue on to the other patients, feeding them the medicine and applying the herbicide.
After I finish treating everyone, the air around the camp seemed to lighten up a bit for some reason.
Well, even if it’s not that major, I guess good news would tend to brighten up the mood.

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

The people here give me their gratitude.

“Give me my treatment fee.”

I charge them a tad bit above the market price.
I gotta be careful here.  Since they’ve already requested aid from the kingdom there’s a very high risk that I’ll end up seeing one of the other Heroes.
If that happens then there’s a good chance that these guys here will instead look to me in aversion.
The villagers are now giving me their money with smiles on their faces.

“Well then, I’ll be here selling herbicides now.  After that, I’ll be off as I’ll no longer have any business here.”
“Ah… Saint-sama, if you can, could you please save our village?”
“The hell?! Why don’t you go ask one of the country’s Heroes?”

Ugh… The villagers are now gathering around and begging me as if in prayer.
I’m not the type of guy that would do anything so long as they ask.  On top of that I have no obligation to help them.

“I refuse.”
“Please.  If it’s money we can gather some.”
“…You pay me in advance.  And after, no matter what happens don’t come crying about it.  Now, tell me everything you know about the seal that the Spear Hero released.”

At my response, the villagers began to pull money out of their own pockets and amassed their funds.  In the meantime I try to gather as much information as possible.
According to what they were told, sealed inside of the nearby ruins was the seed of a certain type of plant, and protecting it was a powerful guardian.
Really, did you guys not have any doubts considering there was a fucking guardian protecting this seed?
I had an almost uncontrollable urge to scream that out but somehow I was able to restrain myself.
And that’s all could get from the Spear Hero’s… Motoyasu’s story.
From what I got from questioning the villagers, long ago this region used to be the stronghold of an alchemist, and it was said that his one masterpiece was sealed here.
And some other details saying that some time ago, this whole area was under the domination of plants or something like that…

“If you had legends like that, don’t go around undoing seals!  Did no one really stop to consider?”

Everyone averted their gazes at the same time.
I’m sure they thought it was safe since a Hero brought it to them after all.

It doesn’t seem like I can find any more useful information besides that.
And while we had these discussions, the funds have finished collecting.
… This is quite the sum of cash.
Since they paid up front, I can get away with showing my identity now.

“Understood.  I’ll see what I can do.”

I then change my shield into one meant for combat: the Chimera Viper Shield.

“T, The Shield Hero?!”

I ignore the voices of the villagers and head toward the mass of vines.  Behind me follow Raphtalia and Firo.
I tie the ample bag of money I received to my hip, and walk down the road rife with the encroaching vegetation.

Chapter 39: Plant Invasion

"Raphtalia, Firo, be careful."

Now then, the enemy is coming from a plant class.
According to my vast knowledge of medical herbs, the plant here is quite unique.
Various ripe fruits can be found from the vines, and potatoes can be seen on the root.
That's not all, apparently it also has the ability to spit poison and attatch parasites to the human body.
Is the herbicide even going to be effective?...... Physically beatting it up doesn't seem to be a good plan either.
It attacks us with vines as it advances.


Raphtalia and Firo each cut down some vines.
But, we have already been surrounded by them.
Might as well try magic......

"I am the Hero of the shield who deciphers and calls forth the power of nature for protection!"
"Fast Guard!"

I apply defensive magic on Raphtalia and Firo.
This magic improved the target's defence by a percentage. It is a support magic that shines when the target has high Defence.

"Thank you Naofumi-sama"

The pair thanks me as they continue to decimate the attacking vines.
Although we are destroying plants let and right it's still hard to advance.
It's gotta be that. To clear a path we must use some strong magic, I guess our only choice is to withdraw for now.
But at least we'll annihilate the enemies here.
There is a high chance that a strong demon is lurking within the village.
According to the stories that have been passed down, there is no sure-fire way to exterminate the plants.
Then a full frontal assault......Would be impossible, there has to be another way.
Due to the vine's lacking in attack power my progress should be unimpeded.

"Anyway, I'll investigate myself first."

I start running towards the root of the plants in the centre of the village.
It's overflowing with plant demons.
Though this level is still manageable by the three of us.
However, I'm quite uneasy about Raphtalia and Firo's defence.


The names of the demons are Bio Plant, Plantriwe, and Mandoragora.

Bio Plant is the general name for all the common plants. Plantriwe is a demon in the shape of a human made of vines. Mandoragora seems to be an immobile plant fortress.<ref>Suspect Plantriwe is another reference to old game, since I vaguely remember. Will fix when possible </ref>
According to Firo the Plantriwe scatters poison pollen the big flower on top of it's head.
The Mandoragora sprays acid from a vine to weaken and drag in it's prey.
Bio Plant is the demon that is producing these two. Occasionally a vine swells up and these demons burst from within.

I smile in satisfaction as the herbicide withers these demons.
It seems the shield does not consider scattering herbicide an attack.
Is it because these are just really aggressive plants and not actually demons?
I wonder what's the criteria.
Is it the same principal as sprinkling holy water and recovery magic on Zombie-Type Monsters?
There is also the fact that my medicine can cure the parasitic state to consider......
I don't understand.
Perhaps the parasites are pathogens and my treatment medicine is effective against sicknesses.

"So what do we do?"

Plantriwe and vines continue to attack me meaninglessly.
The attacks themselves do nothing, but it my nose is slightly stuff because of the poison.
The acid is also troublesome. it seems to be very effective in lowering the Defensive status.
Still, it's not as if they can break through. Snake's Poison Fang (Intermediate) makes those effects useless.
This is pretty common. The enemy is a plant and uses poison.

"Cough.....! What is it?"

The air seems to be bad for Raphtalia......
Raphtalia's respiratory system was damaged before, although she is cured it might still be weak.

"Here, take this herbicide just in case."
"Ah, Okay!"

I throw the some herbicide to Raphtalia. I hope it will be useful in an emergency
......The way these vines wriggle about remind me of heroines from an eroge.


Raphtalia is caught by vines and it looks like she's about to be violated.

"You're thinking of something quite rude aren't you"

However, when the vines wrap around Raphtalia she tears them apart calmly.
Unexpectedly, it seems like they have no durability.

"Naofumi-sama? Let's hurry up and go!"

When I arrived at the centre of the village earlier I saw a gigantic tree.
No wait, if I look carefully that's a giant vine.

"That seems to be the main body......"

Suddenly huge eyes appear on the trunk at stares at us.


That's creepy.
But, that is the main body.

"Master~ Firo's going in"

Firo does a running jump onto an eyeball from the main body. However, she is intercepted by a giant vine.


Firo kicks the vine mid-air using it as a foothold...... but the distance she gained is insufficient.

"I know! Air Strike Shield!"

I use Air Strike Shield where Firo was falling to let her use it as footing.
Firo jumped off the shield and straight for the eyeball again.


Bicha! with a squish, Firo kicks the eyeball.
That is pretty gross......


The earth shakes as the vines tremble in rage.
Is it still not dead even after the eyeball is destroyed?
hmm...... What happened?

"It's not falling over."
"I noticed."

With a grotesque sound the eyeball regrows.
At the same time I spot a plant seed in the middle of the eyeball.

"Raphtalia, Firo. The mainbody is within that eyeball. Pour the herbicide in it."

The cool-down time is over. I can use Air Strike Shield again. by the way, Plantriwe and Mandoragora are attacking me together.
But it does nothing so I can take it forever.

"I understand!"

Raphtalia Jumps onto Firo's back while approaching the regrowing eyeball.
The eyeball must have registered them as the highest priority threat and unleashed a rain of vines at them.

"Shield Prison!"

I use the cage formed from Shield Prison to protect both of them.
The shield will stay in the air, unless an attack is strong enough to break through.
Effective time is 15 seconds.
Meanwhile, the vines are bouncing off the Prison.
Oops...... Vines surrounded the Prison.
After 15 seconds the Prison disperses; At that moment I cast Air Strike Shield under Firo to be used as a foothold.


Raphtalia's sword flashes and the vines surrounding Firo at cut down.
The vines are cut beautifully and Firo succeeds in jumping off the shield.
She kicks the Eyeball twice.


The eyeball's movements have stopped to repair itself.
By taking advantage of this chance, Raphtalia spreads the herbicide over the eyeball's wounds.


An enormous vibration which isn't exactly a voice spreads around the Bio Plant.

"Did we do it?"
<ref>Tl note: You just had to say it didn't you.</ref>

I don't even care that I death flagged myself, these attacks aren't even enough to make me itchy.
However, the Bio Plant begins to move again.

"I apologize. it seems I didn't spread the herbicide well enough."
"No you did it properly, it seems the herbicide is not effective enough."

There must be something we can do......
Oh, that might work.
Personally applying medicine makes it more effective. I wonder what will happen if I apply the herbicide myself.

"Well, it won't hurt to try that next."
I ignore the enemies surrounding me and take out the herbicide with one hand.
Though recently I've noticed that my defense is now ranged, I can proceed through enemies even though I'm surrounded.
However, this doesn't apply to my attacks.
I stroll through the large amount of demons like it's nothing.
At last I've reached the Bio Plant.

"The effect might increase even more if i apply the herbicide while riding Firo."

I scatter the herbicide on all it's roots.


The Bio Plant convulsed violently. That seems to be its death throes.
The Bio Plant is dyed brown as its eyeball dries up.
With a poof the whole thing starts falling apart.
The whole Bio Plant crumbles and we evacuate.


All the other demons start turning brown and withering. Everything is gone except for fruits that grew on their bodies and us are left.
And......Where the Bio Plant used to be is a shiny seed.
......It would be dangerous to leave that here......

"I'll keep it for the time being. Maybe my shield can absorb it."

We were collecting seeds while Firo stuffed herself with the remaining fruits and potatoes.

Chapter 40: Selective Breeding

"Something like this?"
"Yea, we should contact the village after this"

Seed of Miracles...... We who subjugated the Bio Plant which was Motoyasu's failure are currently collecting seeds.
I let my shield absorb any seed that it reacted to.

Requirements for Bio Plant Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Plantriwe Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Mandoragora Shield has been revealed.

Bio Plant Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Plant Remodelling
Special Effect : Hook

Plantriwe Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Intermediate Compounding 2

Mandoragora Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Plant Analysis

I've unlocked the plant skill tree for my shield. Although it's been unlocked it still seems insufficient.

"Plant Remodelling?"

I switch to the Bio Plant Shield and test out what plant remodelling does.
An icon appears over the seed that I look at.
I feed some magic to the seed  of a Bio Plant that I picked up earlier.
The seed floats in the air.

Fertility 9
Productivity 9
Vitality 9
Immunity 4
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 9
Variability 9
Special Ability

What is that?
First of all, I'll lower everything.
The window makes a beeping sound as the values decrease.
All other statuses were decreased while increasing one.

Fertility 1
Productivity 1
Vitality 1
Immunity 1
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 43
Variability 1
Special Ability

Hmm...... I don't understand.
Well, all it has is growth powers, is that even good?
Oh, my MP decreases when I use this skill, it's almost empty.


The modified Bio Plant seed that I made was dropped by accident.


The ground immediately becomes lush and green


It grew in abundance for about 3 meters and then withered instantly.

"What are you doing?"
"Ah... I Experimented with Plant remodelling using that seed"
"Please don't do something so dangerous!"

I was scolded by Raphtalia.
Well, if it was someone else who did that I would be angry too.
But, this skill is really interesting.
It seems I'll be able to make huge profits if I utilize it correctly.

"Naofumi-sama your smile looks rotten"

Oops, did it show on my face?

"Anyway let's return to the village"

We were greeted by silence as we walked out of the brown plant zone.

"Thank you Hero-sama"

Humans work for profit.
After I save the village I am welcomed gratefully.
Well, it would be impossible to live in the village with all those dead plants.
That day we ended up cleaning all the withered plants.
Even if the main body is destroyed the fruit and potatoes remain, It seems there won't be a food shortage for a while.
But I'm a little worried about the soil.

"Aren't you going to return to a famine?"
"Well...... that's very likely"

In the near future this village might be deserted.
After thinking it through I push forward my plant remodelling plan.
I don't understand what special ability is yet.
By looking at a seed, the plant analysis menu pops up.
I equip the Mandoragora shield and go to bed.
The next morning i change to the Bio Plant shield and continue remodelling.

Fertility 9
Productivity 9
Vitality 9
Immunity 4
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 9
Variability 9
Special Ability
Upon death a seed is produced.
Mutation Range Expansion.

I see...... This was the original ability of the Bio Plants.
Originally It was made with the purpose of producing food, but due to it's mutation ability it becaome a demon.
It might not be a bad idea to nip the problem at it's root.
due to it's low immunity the herbicide is effective.
I check the special ability ability. Various items appeared.
There are special instructions next to each item.
It seems I can choose abilities by sacrificing stats.
This village is troubled by the second coming of the famine.
That's why I'll experiment.

Fertility 4 Simply the power to increase. We don't need too much so I'll lower it.
Productivity 15 It should be the ability that produced fruit. to combat the famine I'll increase it.  
Vitality 6 the power to grow anywhere? Let's drop it a little.
Immunity 4 The power to resist sickness. Because the herbicide is effective I'll leave it alone.
Intelligence 1 What the heck is this, does it give it a demon's intelligence? I don't know what increasing it might do.
Growth Potential 15 the speed at which it grows. Let's increase this.
Variability 1 this is probably the cause of plants becoming demons.
Special Ability I add in an ability that increases quality of crops and cancel the Mutation ability.
Upon death a higher quality seed is produced.

"It's completed"
"Is something wrong?"

Raphtalia stirs and asks me sleepily.
The villagers suggested that the saint, and holy bird stay overnight in the village.
The fruits and potatoes of the Bio Plant are quite delicious.
It's an annoying plant, but it tastes good.
If my remodelling succeeds It will become the special product of the village.

"Ah, continuing from yesterday is a bit......"
" You're still at it?"
"It's a little bad to leave things as is right?"

The famine will hit sooner or later. Therefore, I'll stop it by all means.
Even if i can go shopping from different areas it's impossible for this amount of people.
It would be difficult for these inhabitants who have lived here a long time to move.

"Now then"

I get off the carriage and drop the seed onto the withered ground slowly.
The plant grows and covers a corner of the former village site.

"Wh-What's happening!"

The people who were resting near the camp run up to get a closer look.

"Ah my bad, it's just a little experiment."
"What are you doing?"

The villagers seem to be scared of the plants.

"Experiments to change this into a safe plant......"

Due to it's low fertility the plant stops growing.
Red and young fruit similar to a tomato appears. It seems the foundation for the plant is a tomato.

"I think that's a success"
"Whether or not you want to use it is up to you. whether this was in vain or be an asset is in your hands."

It seems the mutation range expansion and the variability status doesn't only change into demons, it also has the effect of producing various fruits and other plants.
I sprinkle some herbicide to wither the plant. I hand the seed over to the feudal lord there.

"Well them, we'll be on our way, bye-bye."

Firo who was already awake and stuffing herself with tomatoes prepares to pull the carriage.

"Please wait!"
"Hm? Whats up"
"We still haven't rewarded you yet. How abo-"

"Are you fellows having difficulty with stock processing, and going to push the problem on me?"
"Uh-uhm how about....."

My carriage has now become 4 vehicles.
3 of the carts were loaded with crops that came from the Bio Plant.
It seems they were gifts along with the carts.
I reluctantly received it because they presented it with a smile.
After connecting the carts Firo pulls the carriage happily.

"It's heavy and comfortable~!"

As expected of a monster changed from a Philo Rial
The journey continues while the carriage shakes.
Additionally, after I realised the herbicide could be used as a weapon. I went to play with Treants.
...... It seems to be effective only on plants which have a parasitic ability.
I don't understand its standards.
Perhaps there is no traces of any monster in the Bio Plant, it might be just a simple plant.
Well it's fine. With Raphtalia and Firo I don't have to worry about being attacked.
Let's think of a way to use the food that cannot be eaten first.
That reminds me...... I heard a rumour about a famine up north. I should go sell there.

"Let's depart for the north."

Chapter 41: Incognito Shogun-sama......

On our way north we came across a town.

"What? There's a toll fee?"

The guard stopped us as we were about to enter the town and asked for a toll, so I showed them the note I received from the feudal lord of Forest village......

"These kind of things aren't accepted! Pay quickly!"

The guard doesn't even respond when Raphtalia tried to negotiate, only asking for gold.
Despite all that negotiating the guard held his ground.

"What a stubborn bastard!"

Even though the guard looked like he was going to rush us, he stood there and just glared at me with hostility.
Hmm...... something must have happened here.
After I started peddling in this world, I learned a few things.
No one would perform such unreasonable extortion unless they had strong backup.
It seems whoever this person works with is powerful.
It seems we have to call this guy's partner to negotiate, we'll have to discuss about human relations.
It'll only work if his partner is not hostile though.
As for why this guy's partner isn't here, there are a few reasons......

"The Feudal lord here must be an outrageous bastard."

I mutter while looking at the town. The guard's expression changes.

"Don't you dare speak ill of the lord! Or else I will punish you"

Ah I see. So it's a problem with the top dog. In this case, neither threats nor negotiations will be effective.
The road is closed so I can't pass. There will be punishment if caught.
Maybe if I make enough of a commotion for the lord to appear.
However, there is little reward for such a risk......

"I understand. You guys have it tough too......"

I hand the guard the amount asked.
The guard looks a little shocked.

"Yeah......this is good"

The guard whispers to me.

"I'm sorry......"
"It can't be helped."

Is this in the jurisdiction of that trash king? Or is this country's feudal lord also rotten.
I intended to sell the food loaded in my carts, but I stopped when they collected tax.
The inn seems to be fairly high class, at least when compared to the neighbourhood.
Everything in this town seems to be taxed: daily necessities, food, weapons, armour, crafted goods, an even the hotel fee. Everything is expensive.
Living here must be hard.
The commerce is totally in decline and the markets aren't lively at all.
The unreasonably heavy taxation must have taken it's toll.

"Collect information on the village that's short on food"
"Okay~! Master I want a souvenir~"
"You eat so much food and you still want more?"

This Firo fellow, demanding a souvenir despite the high prices......
We head to the bar with Firo in her human form.
By the way, I changed my shield to the Book Shield.

There I see a fellow who I would rather not have encountered.

"......It seems that way"

Although he has a bow there is also a sword on his waist, his equipment also seems to be of low quality.
Similar to my Book Shield as camouflage, the bow is small and plain.
If this was our first meeting and if he wore a glove I wouldn't have known him.
But, his companion was dressed in very conspicuous colours. It looks like he's trying to hide himself. Probably.

That's right, the Hero of the Bow is having a discussion in the corner of the bar.

He doesn't seem to have noticed me.
What are they talking about?..... I'll get closer and concentrate on listening.

"The lord here......"

Apparently they are gathering information about the lord's notoriety.
According to the story, he fills his own pockets with the raised tax money, accepts bribes from merchants, and sends employed bodyguards to severely punish anyone who objects.
It seems this feudal lord is also trash.

"That's overboard, I must punish him."

I almost fell over when I heard Itsuki's dangerous line.
First off, how am I supposed to respond to that......
What are you trying to do staying concealed anyway, what kind of shogun are you.
Japanese Trope Incognito Official Shogun by laclongquan

-ed note : This is a joke using that incognito high official often seen in japanese legend -
Are you going to leave right after the revolution?

Didn't I hear some rumours similar to this about the hero of the bow?
In hind sight, rumours aren't really reliable since I am known as the saint of the holy bird. But I am almost known as the nefarious Hero of the Shield.
Because no-one knows my real identity I can still get by pretending to be a saint.
As for the reason why Itsuki is hiding, I do not know.
For example......Is the country asking him to hide?
I can't really speculate due to lack of information on Itsuki.
There's little to nothing on the Hero of the Bow either.
Are you hiding intentionally......?

"Everyone,  let's go."

Itsuki finished his talk,left to bar, and disappeared into the night.
......The next morning the feudal lord was removed.
After making a mess of the feudal lord's mansion, Itsuki's subordinates reveal themselves to start preaching.
The trash king hears about it, and in the end the Lordship was transferred to another fellow.
I am reminded of drama's about olden times and a journey of revolutions.

......Are they retarded?

This is too troublesome to be involved in.
I returned to the hotel after looking for what I originally came for, information on the village that wants to buy food.
Firo's souvenir? There's no way I'll buy something like that in such an expensive town.
I just read my magic book and ignored Firo who seemed to be complaining to me about something.
I learned another spell.
What the aunty from the magic shop told me about the Hero of the shield being good at using support and healing magic seems to be true......

Next morning.
As I expected, adventurers hired by the country are secretly investigating the town, stories about how the lord lost power are everywhere.
In the middle of the town I see Itsuki engaging in small talk with a beautiful girl.

"Really, Thank you very much."
"There is no such thing. It's secret you know."

That's a secret my ass.


My suspicion has been confirmed.
Now I know why there are no rumours of Itsuki.
This guy is pretending to hide himself and creating the image of being humble.
And rejoices when people "finds out" and confront him about it, what an unpleasant hobby.

That guy's retarded.

Hiding your true identity to satisfy your "superhero unmasking for the public" desires, truly obnoxious.
Otherwise you wouldn't be chatting in such a conspicuous place.
At least I understand the reason she would be indebted to such a guy.
It seems she was almost taken away due to being unable to per the tax, and she has to take care of a bedridden old man.
This is ridiculous. We left the town at a quick pace.

After travelling for half a day we reach the village bordering a neighbouring country.
It seems that all the food that wasn't sold yesterday is in high demand. Apparently the entire region is in famine.
However, it looks like there's a lot of guys that aren't residents of this village.
Their clothes don't seem to be from this country.

"Hey. You over there......"

It seems they are from the neighbouring country where their tyrant of a king was exterminated.
Are they here to peddle?
After they looked into my carriage they came to have a talk about business.
They don't seem to have money so maybe they'll try to barter. Their medical herbs are good, and maybe some lumber for woodworking......
I get off the carriage and ask about their circumstances.

"Thanks for saving us money"

Even if I am handed string or coal, as long as I acquire enough, it will be useful.
Though I only traded because they had a nice amount of medical herbs.

"I'm sorry. For a while now, there has been little to sell......"

If I look closely he resembles a thin twig, seems like he'll die at any moment.

"......Here's a little gift. Although it's not much eat it sparingly."

Because it can't be helped I borrow a large pan from the group of villagers.
The village suffering from starvation cooperates willingly.
There's many things that are about to rot, give or take 4 days until they go bad.
That's even after I got the skill Anti-corruption which delays rotting.

"Thank you very much!"

They hungrily devour everything I made in the pan.
Meanwhile, I inquire why this is happening.
It seems that regardless of whether or not the king was a tyrant, life was fine.
Taxes weren't too high, and some people even took it easy.
But it seems that was over soon.
It seems that the known as the Resistance that took over, they increased the taxes.

"What? Didn't you guys overthrow the evil king?"
"......Money is required to properly administer a country, and taxes were raised, military power was also reduced due to cost."

Indeed, rather than the king being bad, it is folly to keep not even keep a minimum amount of military power in order to defend the country.
It is said that it is not a country without its people, but what do you say about a country that cannot protect its people?
It seems only bad rumours of the king were being spread.
I don't know what the king was thinking but, I feel a strange sense of camaraderie with the king that was labelled as a tyrant.
Something could have been done if the king negotiated with instead of being exterminated.

As for the trash king in this country, he's been evil since the beginning.

"Only the head changed and it's become impossible to live. So we bring what little wealth we have into this Merlot Mark country and try to live."
"I feel sorry for your king~! I hope everyone the best. Anyway, I'm hungry so who do I blame?"
"Shut up you bird! My spirit as the owner will be doubted!"

I scold Firo for opening another's wounds.
It seems recently she has become unable to read the atmosphere, and has become foul-mouthed.

"I wonder who she is learning from......"

Raphtalia watches and comments under her breath.

"Did you say something?"
"Nope, absolutely nothing......"

It seems Itsuki took part in the Resistance. He might have been bad behind it since the beginning.
Anyway, are these fellows entering this country illegally to buy black-market food?
It seems the prices of food has sky-rocketed in this area. and I can just rake it in.
If I'm not mistaken, Itsuki......Shogun-sama has dome some reforms around this area.
Though the after-service sucks......
Because his sense of justice was satisfied he moved on.

"Although this nation could attack our country as it is weakening, it is simply impossible during a famine......"
"Hmm I see......"

The wave may also be influencing famines.

"This is?"
"This is a remodelled plant that was causing trouble down south of this country, I modified it with a special technique so that it will grow when planted. It will probably be okay, but pay attention to managing it. If it is handled carelessly it could be dangerous."
"I'll be around this neighbourhood again in the future. You can thank me then."

Because the three carts were sold completely I gave two seeds as a bonus.
As for what will happen to the village? That's a different story.
It seems that my true identity was revealed, but because the small neighbouring country was saved from famine, the residents weren't bothered by it.
Additionally, due to the large amount of medical herbs acquired here it seems an epidemic was prevented in the east district after we decided to sell there.
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