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Chapter 33: Peddling

The next day,
In the dress shop, that childish otaku greeted us with a smile.

"Yes, it's here. The clothes have been made. It took me all night."

The tired dressmaker was ready to split, her eyes giving a tension-filled, red-eyed stare. She then brought Firo's clothes from the back of the shop.
<ref>TL note: "red-eyed gaze" is placement for "gingin" which describes a tired stare with red eyes-ED NOTE- As I said, I love Japanese SFX.</ref>

The dress's color was mainly white. The color blue contrasts it in some places, and decorating the middle there's a large ribbon of the same hue. It can be seen as rustic and old-styled, but it's very beautiful all the same.

"Goshujin-sama, I'm going to wear this?" <ref> I am of two mind about changing to Master, but it lack in context. Honored Master is a mouthful. So might as well let the TL keep his term. This time. </ref>

Firo, who had worn a cloak to cover herself until now, became nude on the spot.

"Firo, no!"

With Raphtalia urging her to stop, I guided them both to the back of the shop.
I was waiting for you to come get dressed in here...

"Alright, change into your demon form."

I could hear the dressmaker's voice from the depths of the store.

"If you wear this ribbon I'll give you meat."

Don't just casually say something so terrifying. <ref>A reference to hentai media, I believe. Or possibly gore genre, I dont know. </ref>


I could hear the transformation sounds.

"Yup. As I thought you look good......"

I could hear an enchanted voice.

"Alright, let's go."

The two girls appear from the back of the store.
My eyes turn towards Firo.
..... Alright. Her figure which was already angel-like is even more stunning.
Pure white wings, matching the white one piece..... A blue ribbon on her chest. What was it?
Right, she looks like an angel heroine from the 2-D world.
Firo by laclongquan

"Well? Does it suit me?"
"Yea, it suits you."

This otaku dressmaker is able to take full advantage of Firo's specs and make suitable clothing for her, her talent is quite outstanding.


An embarrassed Firo laughs while her clothes flutter.
Seriously, what a terrible expenditure.
I let Firo pull the cart while we head back to Forest village.
When Firo changes to her demon form the clothes disperse and the ribbon turns into a collar.
That function is very convenient.

"Oh, It's Hero of the Shield-sama"

Before we leave the castle town we coincidentally meet with the aunty from the magic shop.

"Are you heading to Forest village?
"I happen to have some business there too. May I tag along?"

The aunty from the magic shop asks with a smile.
Oh well I don't really want to decline her since she has helped us out with various things.

"I don't garentee it being comfortable is that fine?"

Raphtalia looks ahead and already starts fighting against motion sickness.

"Well then let's get going."

The magic shop aunty gets on the cart.

"Good, Firo. Don't go too fast."

The pedestrians who pass by look at Firo with surprise. Talking demons are probably rare.
The cart rolls along with a Pitter-Patter <ref> thank god for English equivalence eh. </ref>
I feel that in these past few days I have been really busy.
Actually, I'm usually busy, it's just they have been especially busy.
The whole situation can be summed up with Firo......

"So, how's your study of magic going?"

The magic shop aunty attacks where it hurts.
To be frank, I made no progress at all.
Should I retort with a "you should have given me a crystal ball"? No she helped procure the threads to make Firo's clothes at a discount, I can't complain.

"Because I am from another world, I can't read these letters."
"Oh......I'm sorry."

I feel bad to seeing her apologize. I lament at my insufficient studying.
I was defeated.
I repaid a good intention with bad feelings.
Therefore I want to repay aunty for the help.
I must learn as fast as possible.
I don't have any support unlike the other fucking heroes. That's why I have to do my best to learn.
Also, I need to acquire better equipment to survive the next wave.
Let's not forget about translating the medical recipes either.
Though it would take a lot of time I decided to learn the letters first.

"Fuaa....it's light"

Firo was yawning while pulling the cart steadily.
You're calling a cart with 3 people light?
That's great. I already have a certain plan. This can't be done without Firo.

The aunty from the magic shop gives me 25 coppers when we arrive at Forest Village.

"What's this for?"
"Transportation fee"
"Oh I see."

I can use this.
Forest village is reviving nicely. A storekeeper welcomes us pleasantly.
I have already apologized for the chimera meat.
Although keeping that meat there was my idea in the first place.

"Now then, Raphtalia, let's go on some motion sickness training."

I promised to help with the reconstruction to compensate for the meat. Although it's only a little I still get a some compensation.


Raphtalia has a bitter face. Oh dear, it's not good you can't overcome something like this.

"From now on our transportation is Firo pulling the cart, so you must get used to it."
"Firo, You're pulling."

Philo Rials really like pulling carts. Firo's eye shines.

"Uhm......Are you thinking of something?"
"Yeah, I think we should start peddling."
"Peddling? Why?"
"Although we don't have a lot of goods, I want to stock up on an assortment of medicine."

Raphtalia doesn't seem to see the appeal. Oh dear, do I have too high expectations? However, to have such a precious cart it's a waste not to use it.

"Though when you get used to the motion sickness Fior can pull the cart everywhere at maximum speed."
"I understand the reason......"
"I know a method that would make it hard to get dizzy. You should get accustomed to it there."
"Is there really such a place?"

Before working today, we need to have her to that position. I tell Raphtalia to get on Firo.
<ref>Tl note: I have no fucking idea with the drunk. 俺はラフタリアを酔いにくい場所 help.-ed note- I think the term mean a location, a position, that make it hard to get motion sickness. </ref>

"I'm fine with master, but why is onee-chan on my back?"

Firo murmur's as Raphtalia gets on her back.

"It's the same for me. This is embarrassing."

It's a strange sight to see Raphtalia in a semi-crouching position on top of Firo's owl shaped body.

"Is it hard?"
"Nope. This is easy."

Firo seems to have no problems at all.

"Well then, let's go."

Firo pulls the cart with Raphtalia on her back.
Her weight shouldn't be too heavy.
I began decoding the book of Intermediate recipes while learning the letters.

It is difficult to concentrate with the sound of a wheel as background music.




I look at Firo and see her in human form piggybacking Raphtalia. Raphtalia seems troubled and tried to get my attention while the passer-bys whisper and point at us.

"A strange rumour is going to circulate!"

My reputation is going to drop again because there is going to be a rumour that I forced a slave girl to do manual labour by pulling a cart and carrying another person.

"When you pull a cart, do not turn into a humanoid."

Firo nods and seemingly dissatisfied returns to her demon form.
I'm getting bored. Raphtalia doesn't seem to have motion sickness yet.
It will probably be okay if we go faster.

"Alright, Speed up!"

Firo nods energetically and begins running.
The wheels on the cart turn noisily.


Raphtalia is surprised and clings to Firo.
At least, we will arrive at our destination today.

Chapter 34: Journey on the Carriage


“Uuu… Did we make it?”

As we’ve arrived at our destination, I take a look at Raphtalia who looks like she’s just about to collapse and I let out a bit of a woeful groan.
It didn’t look like she was having trouble earlier, but it looks like having Firo run amok may have been too much.

“We’ve made it to the hut?”

Looks like Firo didn’t have enough as even after she stopped pulling the wagon she was letting her legs loose and frolicking about.
Raphtalia looked dreadful as she staggered on her feet.

“Well, let’s load up the lumber now.”

I aided the lumberjack who came out of the hut in loading the lumber onto the wagon.
I also helped out a bit in cutting down some trees.  Thanks to my [shield] skill, the quality of the lumber was raised.
While I did that, I had Raphtalia continue her riding training.  On a side note I got a reaction from the lumber so I let [the shield] absorb it.

The requirements for the Kino Tree shield have been unlocked.
The requirements for the Les Tree shield have been unlocked.

Kino Tree Shield
Ability remains locked… Equip bonus – Woodworking Skill I

Les Tree Shield
Ability remains locked… Equip bonus – Low Level Wood Working Recipe

It’s the Wood Shield branch.  These two trees seem to be the most common types used for woodworking.  The Kino trees are like the Hinoki (Japanese cypress) from my world but with a bit of an aromatic fragrance.  The Les trees sort of resemble the Sugi (Japanese cedar), but the grain of the cut tree seems to differ depending on the location.  It’s a bit of an odd tree.
Well, not like that matters too much.

A few days later.
Pound, pound, pound.
With a wooden mallet in hand, I work vigorously in modifying our wagon into a full horse-drawn carriage.
It seems my skill has improved considerably which I suspect is due to the Woodworking Skill I I unlocked the other day.
I begin to affix a frame on top of our wagon.  After that I’ll need to cover the top with some thick cloth.
The Ryuuto village reconstruction is proceeding swimmingly, and it looks like they’ll be fine without our help now.
The villagers noticed I was working on upgrading my wagon into a carriage and even lent a hand.

“Alright, this seems to be pretty ok.”
“Looks like it’s done.”

I, along with the few villagers that helped me out, let out a bit of a cheer upon finishing the carriage.
It’s a horse-drawn carriage, but the one pulling it will be a Philo Rial… Well, whatever.

“Thanks for helping me everyone.”
“It’s no problem at all.  Hero-sama has helped us out so much, this is the least we can do.”

The villagers all helped me out with kind smiles.
[They’re treating me kindly as] I’ve saved their lives, but I can’t spoil myself by staying here.  Still,  I’m honestly grateful to the people here.

“I’m glad you feel that way.”
“You’ll be peddling goods you said?”
“I’ll mostly be a guy that does odd jobs. Traveling from village to village, town to town carrying transporting goods, selling whatever commodities I come across, escorting people.”
“I see…”

Yeah, the villagers don’t seem to really get what I mean.
Well it’s true that it’s not typical hero behavior like what Motoyasu would do.
It’s not like I’ve envisioned a clear cut path to success here, but I’ve got Firo now, and it only makes sense to make the most out of her.

“Hm? Woah… The wagon turned into a carriage-.”

Firo, who was in her human form and playing about, had a look of surprise as she notices how large the wagon has grown.

“Is Firo going to be pulling this?”

Firo asks, her eyes positively glimmering.

“Yeah, that’s right.  From now on you’ll be pulling this carriage as we travel all over the country.”

Firo cheers, brimming with happiness.
Man if it was me I’d absolutely object to doing so much manual labor…

“Are we really going to.”

Raphtalia mutters dejectedly.
It seems Raphtalia doesn’t sound very enthusiastic about our journey on the carriage as she has yet to completely get over her motion sickness.

“You’ll get over it eventually.  Just bear it until then.”

I face Firo and go over this multiple times.

“Firo, what is your job?”
“Uhmm, Firo’s job is to pull the carriage to wherever master wants to go.”
“And to kick that spear guy if I ever see him.”
“One of those is wrong! Just what are you making her do?”

Raphtalia objects to my words in bewilderment.

“What… You’re looking at me as if I said something crazy.”

If you see Motoyasu, kick him.  I see nothing wrong here.
Seriously, I’ll get nowhere if I have to micromanage each one of them so much.

“Alright then, we’re off to peddle our goods.  I’ll be hiding myself in the carriage.  Raphtalia, whenever we hit a village or a town, try to sell what we’ve got.
“Okay… I will.”

Outside of Ryuuto village, I still have a pretty bad reputation. So if I were to come out and try to negotiate, things might go awry and I won’t be able to sell a thing.
That’s why I’ve appointed Raphtalia with the task of selling and haggling our wares.
She has a fairly attractive appearance and is not particularly shy either.  She might be pretty well suited to jobs handling clients.

“Well, let’s head out.”

Our preparations complete, we load up the carriage with our baggage and have Firo draw us.

“Ah, Hero-sama”
“Hm? What is it?”

Within the mass of villagers seeing us off, a man stepped forward in front me and was dressed several notches above everyone else.

“I am the lord who is in charge of the area in which Ryuuto village resides.  Shield Hero-sama, I thank you for everything you have done.”
“Don’t worry about it.  This was just a nice place for me to set up a base.
“…Please, take this.”

The lord says that as he hands me a sheet of parchment.

“This is?”
“As you’ll be selling goods, I’m sure this will be useful. It’s a Commerce Amnesty.”
“A Commerce Amnesty?”
“Yes.  In this country, if you sell goods, at each and every village or town you visit you must pay a fixed amount to that region’s lord.”

… Is that so.  Well, if I just flaunt my authority as a hero then… Nah, since I have such a shitty reputation, that’ll probably just backfire.

“But that’s when you can present this Commerce Amnesty with my stamp on it.  If you have this then you’ll be exempt from paying the region’s lord.  I hope you will find this useful.”
“Uhmm… Is it really ok?”
“Yes.  I won’t be able to face my people if I don’t present to Hero-sama proper remuneration for the services he has done.”

Now that I think about it, this is the agricultural sector of the Merlot Mark region.  It’s a place that gets quite a bit of traffic, so the lord of the region must have the same degree of influence and dignity to match its affluence.
It must’ve been brought to his attention by the villagers that I minimized the possible damage that could’ve occurred to Ryuuto village during the wave.  With my bad reputation spread about, the king would scorn [any nobles] that would assist me.  So for his villagers he’ll force himself to bear such humiliation… But instead what faced me was a cheerful smile.

“… I give this to you out of concern that your poor reputation may detriment your future business.”

He’s giving it to me with purely good intentions. Then I can respond with honest gratitude.

“Thank you.  I’ll make use of it.”
“May you have a safe journey.”
“…Yeah, I’ll be off.”
“If there’s anything we can do you aid you Hero-sama, please allow us to help.”
“If you guys can just live long and prosper, that’ll be plenty.”
“Of course!”

And with that our journey as a jack-of-all-trades doing odd jobs began.

At first we began with selling medicine.
We didn’t have much, but we were able to sell it below the market price.
Our main items were remedies and nutritional supplements.  These specifically I was able to make in higher level quality and we were able to sell it for a fairly high price.
And whenever we stopped by a village I would buy the medicinal herbs that I knew about and synthesize them into medicine on the road.
Firo was quite fast, so most of the time we made it to the next village within a day, but on some occasions we have to camp out.
When that happens we stop the carriage, set up a campfire and have dinner.

“Master! The space next to Firo is open! Let’s sleep together!”

Pat, pat, in her Demon Form Firo signals to me to sit beside her.

“It’s way too stuffy being next to you…”

It seems Firo really wants to sleep next to me.  At an inn, I’ve ordered Firo to never change to her Demon form, so when we camp outside like this she indulges herself a bit more.
Well, if we’re camping outside there’s no one around so there won’t be any trouble.  I guess it’s fine to let her off the hook a bit every now and then…

“Firo, you really do like Naofumi-sama don’t you.”
“Yup! I won’t lose to you Raphtalia onee-chan.”
“How did you end up with that!”

Whenever Raphtalia and Firo argue, it’s in some fine line where I can’t tell whether they’re on good terms or bad terms.
Firo is still a kid, so she can throw a tantrum at just about anything.
Oh wait, Raphtalia is also actually a kid herself isn’t she.  So mentally they’re about the same age.

“Yes, yes.  Hurry up and sleep you two.  I’ll wake you up when it’s time to switch- .”
“Ahh- you’re treating Firo like a kid again-!”
“That’s right! Please stop treating me like a child!”
“Oh that’s right-! Raphtalia and Firo are both grown ups aren’t they-!”
“You don’t think so at all!”
“Yeah! Master you’re so meeean!”

And with silly conversations like that, our days of peddling continue.

Chapter 35: Rumour of our Hero

"Hm?"<ref> The term "Our Hero" denote affection from readers</ref>

About an hour before arriving at the next village, I hear a strange sound while working in the carriage.
There are wheezing sounds coming from a carriage next to ours. When I look outside I see a man with an impatient expression on his face holding onto a bag.

"What's the rush?"

The key to being proficient in business is the ability to act curious.

"Hey, you over there, What's wrong?"
"I need to return to the village on the other side of the mountain quickly."
"Why are you in such a rush to return to the village over there?"

The man wanted to buy medicine for his parents but Firo ran past him.

"Yes, every second counts."

I understand the circumstances of this man who caught up to my carriage.
Hmm......The cost of getting to the other side of the mountain should be around 50 coppers.

"Firo how fast can you get there if you go at top speed?"
"Uhmm let's see. If I were to run without pulling the carriage we would arrive quickly."

I glance at Raphtalia who read my mind and nodded.

"I'll take you there for 1 silver is that fine?"

The man has a shocked expression.

"I just bought medicine, I don't have any more money......"
"One silver is already cheap you know? You can repay me with medical herbs when we get there. That's my final offer."
"In that case......"
"Alright it's done. Firo!"

Firo leaves the carriage on the side of the road and turns around.
I pick up the man and put him in the wagon on Firo's back.


Firo carries the wagon with both hands and dashes at full speed.
Raphtalia is waving away from the carriage.

"I'm leaving!"

When Firo runs seriously she is two times faster than an average Phiro Rial.
We arrive at the man's house in the village across a mountain in no time.

"What frightening speed......"
"Don't you need to give your parents the medicine? Don't drop it."
"Oh, right!"

The man enters the house. I enter after him. I have yet to received my compensation.
It is a very normal house in a farming village.
I hear coughing sounds as I step inside.

"Mom, I brought medicine. Endure it and drink."

As I walk towards the voice I see a pale old woman who looks as if she is about to die at any time.
Whatever medicine is that, the illness seem greater than any medicine I know can cure.

"Hey. Before you let her drink it, boil it in hot water first."
"Is that ok?"
"Pass me the medicine"

I receive the medicine from the man and fed it to the old woman while rubbing her back.
The skill Medical effect Up seems to be working.

" Cough...... Cough......"

The old woman somehow manages to finish the medicine.
In my eyes I can see some light scattering.
Apparently it was pretty effective.
The old woman's condition seems to have improved by leaps and bounds. Some redness returns to her complexion and her coughing has decreased.

"You should rest for a while. Your son will bring you food immediately."

The old woman looks up at me while trembling.

"Now then."

I leave for kitchen with the man.

"Oh, did she drink it properly?"
"Yeah, her condition seems to have stabilized as well."

The man's shoulders sag in relief at my answer.

"You can pay me later."

I leave the house and head to where Firo is waiting.
Before we leave for the village the man's expression becomes tense.

"What's up?"

I answer a man while packing up peddling goods.

"Because of you mother's complexion has improved remarkably."
"It's not necessary for you to thank me."

I have a bad reputation so if people hear this they will be doubtful.

"At least tell me your name."
"I have no reason to tell you. The medicine did all the work. Now, bring a silver or some suitable herbs."

The man brings some items and some food from his house and gives it to me.

"Thanks, best regards and see you later."
"Thank you very much!"

The man seems to be a lot more cheerful.
As a side note, on my next visit the old woman seems to have become very energetic...... Maybe a little bit too energetic for an old woman.

I get back on the wagon as we return and begin compounding medicine while translate the intermediate recipe book.
The intermediate recipe book seems to be easier to translate than the magic book.
I was exhausted after being able to barely translate a treatment potion.
I've gotten pretty far.
Various things have happened in this past month, I wonder if I can meet my brother some time.
<ref>tl note: He has a brother? or is it just my shittranslations? "ここ一ヶ月色々あって忘れていたが、もしも生きて弟に会えたら何か言ってやるのも良いかもしれない" -ed note- Another obscure anime/manga/games reference I suspect. As expected of Japanese Light Novel, I should say. No, I havent thought of any either </ref>

"Naofumi-sama, I've finished selling items."

We arrived at the village sometime in between evening and afternoon.

"Can you take this baggage and letter to the next village?"

I get off the carriage and load the baggage.
This luggage must not be worth much to trust an unknown peddler with it.
Since it might be stolen it should be full of cheap things.
Well it's not my problem since i earn some pocket change.
I continue from village to village, town to town in this manner.
If I feed someone medicine directly, and it seems the effects do improve.

After two weeks I've become famous for being a peddler with a rare monster.
As my credibility increases, customers who want a ride also increase.
I've been saving up money slowly.
There's some merit in being a travelling peddler.
First is being able to sell medicine smoothly.
Then, any demons that are defeated on the way are absorbed increasing my stats.
On this trip I found out that every region has different monster.
As a result of peddling my shield seems to be getting stronger.

I also overhear various information.
I didn't know what the other heroes, Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki were doing.

Motoyasu seems to be in south-western region, I hear he solved a famine for a village by providing some legendary crop.
That knowledge seems to have come from a game.

Ren is in the south-east region where atrocious devils are residing. It seems there's a rumor about him dealing with a violent dragon.

And Itsuki...... well he seems to have brought down a tyrant in a small country to the north.
But there's no evidence of who Itsuki took down. There are also vague rumors that claim Itsuki of the Bow is the strongest hero.

Before I came to this strange world I read about the 4 holy weapons and the events that are happening resemble what I read......

The journey continues with these thoughts.
Our levels after two weeks.

Me Lv 34
Raphtalia Lv 37
Firo Lv 32

We have grown.
Firo's growth is abnormal because she is a monster......
Especially her physical abilities, before she needed both hands (Wings?) to pull the carriage, now she can do it with 1 while yawning.
<ref>Tl note: 両手(翼?)<= that's in the actual chapter.</ref>
The person in question says:

"This carriage is too light, my motivation is dropping."

Oh well. That's a good thing
It seems the Status Up bonuses from my shield are effective.
Though there are other changes.

Pickaxe  Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Mining Skill 1

Crystal Ore Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Craft Skill 1

I wonder. When we arrived at a prosperous mining town I found a broken pickaxe on the road and absorbed some crystal ore which was thrown away.
Although these two skill bonuses seem good for making money, I lack information.
If I fail in processing some ore it would become trash, I think a recipe would be necessary.
In the first place I had to solve the intermediate recipe book I got.
The deciphering was that completed in 2 weeks. There were 3 weeks before that where I couldn't understand anything and had a staring contest with the book.

Heal Ointment          
Treatment Medicine (Already able to make)
Nutritional Supplement (Already able to make)
Strong acid
Magic Power water
Spirit Healing Medicine           <ref>Tl note: What the fuck? 魂癒薬-ed note- no problem, I think</ref>

That is as what I have deciphered so far. The basics of the intermediate class is that the effects change depending on how it's mixed.
Although I can't be certain, understanding the recipe seems to provide a bonus.
I let my shield absorb the some of the intermediate recipe book.
And the results were.

Book Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Magical Power Up (Small)

Yup. I had high hopes that an intermediate recipe shield would appear. It seems to be a waste.
Besides, the defense is very low.
However, during the next morning when I finished deciphering the Intermediate Recipe book.

Treant monsters appeared, which were quickly dealt with and then absorbed.

Requirement for Treant Shield has been released.
Requirement for Blue Treant Shield has been released.
Requirement for Black Treant Shield has been released.

Treant Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Plate Appraisal 2

Blue Treant Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Intermediate Compound Recipe 1

Black Treant Shield    
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Half Compounding <ref> I keep original TLs term but I think it's pre-Synthesis minute manual adjusment BUT I AM NOT SURE. And it's a mouthful.....  半人前調合</ref>

Is this some kind of bullying?

Right after i finished deciphering that book too!

All I learned was the Heal Ointment? Perhaps, Those monsters are materials for a recipe.
I cry when recipe 2 and 3 pops up.
I don't know how to make gunpowder but, It seems these treants are materials for herbicide and the Heal ointment.
It seems that gunpowder can be substituted with some king flammable grass called Crackling grass.
I experiment with the gunpowder by collecting it into bags and creating make-shift bombs.
After setting the bags on fire i hurl them at an enemy.
After throwing it I dive to the side. Oh my, it seems the power of the bombs was terrible, it just burnt the bag and turned to ash.
It seems I'm not even allowed to attack with tools such as bombs. That's actually kind of amazing.

The strong acid that I store in a glass bottle seems to be a little less acidic than sulphuric acid.
This is not a medical herb, but it seems I can mix it with water. I don't know what I can do with this yet so I'll just let my shield absorb it. <ref> Or let Firo use them. She attack by legs, anyway. </ref>

The Magic Power water restores magical power when drunk. But, the materials are rare and hard to get.
It is an expensive medical herb. If I create this I should sell it.
The Spirit Healing Medicine  seems to restore SP. It also seems to be rare and difficult to prepare.

Insecticide was easy. I just dissolve and mix grass that repels insects until it hardens.
Of the new recipes I learnt the antidote, heal ointment, and insecticide seems to be popular.
However, the herbicide seems to only sell in small quantities since people don't need much.
I let my shield absorb the extras.

Requirement for Anti Poison Shield has been released.
Requirement for Glyphosate Shield has been released. <ref>Tl note: i.imgur.com/t82ZsY2.jpg LOL </ref>
Requirement for Medicine Shield has been released.
Requirement for Plant Fire Shield has been released.
Requirement for Killer Insect Shield α has been released.

Anti Poison Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Defence Power 5

Glyphosate Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: 5% Damage Reduction from Plants

Medicine Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Medicine Effect Range Expansion (small)

Plant Fire Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Fire Resistance (Small)

Killer Insect Shield α
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: 3% Damage Reduction from Insects

Perhaps I originally would have received the anti-poison shield, for Poison Resistance (Intermediate) but that probably changed because I acquired the Chimeric Viper Shield first.
The skills that I have acquired change due to the fact that I already have it, so instead of replacing the current skill it gets replaced by something new.
I am also confused as to what the range expansion from the Medicine shield does.
Does it make it so that medicine is effective at a range, or will be it effective to it's surroundings?

I think the latter makes it way too convenient.
I wonder if the Plant Fire Shield is also effective against magic.
What Is Glyphosate? It's the chemical name for a herbicide. As for Killer Insect Shield α...... Maybe it will turn into Killer Insect Shield β if I increase the amount of herbs mixed.
The effect of reducing damage from specific enemies seems to be convenient.

The problem is deciphering the magic book.
It seems to be considerably difficult.
Raphtalia seems to have gotten the hang of it, but she can't use any magic effectively yet.
A ball of light floats for a few seconds in front of Raphtalia.
You're making this prestigious hero look bad.
Therefore after Raphtalia goes to sleep I ask Firo to use transformation magic.
Though it's difficult to call that magic,I am grasping at straws.

"Uhmm. Imagine what you want to become and feel the power gushing from the bottom of your body."

Yup. I completely don't understand.
I'm done thinking.
It seems that even after deciphering characters to read i can't use magic.
I can't get the feeling of magic flowing since I am originally from a world without magic.
Still...... I must learn magic.
I must live up to the expectations of that magic shop aunty.

Not participating in a wave would be a problem. Since noone else is protecting the villages and towns it has become my job.
Sooner or later being able to use magic might make a difference.
Though there is also the option of buying a crystal ball, a book is much cheaper.
Therefore, recently while riding the carriage I've been groaning with a magic book  in one hand.
It seems Raphtalia's explanation on magical power is the same as Firo, it's a feeling in your body that comes from the soul.
The feeling of sensing magical power that even Firo has, what kind of sense is that?
I continuously ponder that question in my head.

Oh well, such are the results of two weeks.

Chapter 36: To Take Eerything But Your Life

“Ohh… I am so fortunate as to be able to ride on the carriage of the Holy Bird.”
“The Holy Bird?”

That day we met a merchant who was looking to head over to next town so we gave him a lift.

“Did you not know?  Uhm, you are the owner of this carriage correct?”

The merchant who was chatting with Raphtalia points to me rather than her.
He pointed me out even though I try to make it seem like Raphtalia was the owner while I pretended to simply be the guy who synthesizes our goods.

“I am…”
“You guys are getting quite famous.  Word has it that there is a carriage drawn by a Holy Bird whose proprietors wander about bringing miracles as they sell their goods.”

As the carriage rattles about as I take a look from within the carriage at Firo.
People seem to think pretty highly of you.  When in truth you’re just a glutton who wants to be spoiled.
But just what are these miracles that he’s talking about?


Firo suddenly lets out a strange call and runs rampant.


The three of us who were in the carriage (Me, Raphtalia, and the merchant) grasp at the carriage’s handrails to keep from falling.


The wheels let out a loud rattle so I couldn’t hear what was going on outside.
Every now and then Firo flips out and causes a ruckus like this. <ref> Remember this scenes for the next meeting with Motoyasu. Gahahahahahaha </ref>
This is the fourth time since we’ve started peddling.  Such a capricious creature.

“Watch it, it’s not just us two in here you know.”
“Oka-y, I mean…. Kweh!”

I whisper at her so that the merchant doesn’t hear.
It seems that a talking monster sticks out quite a bit, and I’d prefer not to invite any needless attention
… Though I have a feeling I might already be getting that attention.
The merchant giving me a look in complete surprise.

“I’ve heard that it can understand our language, but it’s really amazing.”
“Yeah, I think so too.”

Now that I think about it, just understanding human language is pretty amazing, but being able to speak our tongue too? Such a high spec monster.
I’ll consider it as the expansive possibilities that the monster race can have.  But even in that sense she might be something unbelievably rare.

“We just peddle plain old medicine and pick up any jobs that would benefit from our carriage.”

I respond going back to our original topic.

“It’s said that a saint riding the carriage bears special medicine, and the sick and ailing who drink this special medicine from his hand will be saved.”
“Is that so…”

It’s a bit expensive, but it’s medicine that most anyone can afford.
On a side note, it seems I can change which kind of herbs to use to make medicine that would best target specific symptoms.
The first medicine I made was an all-purpose one so its quality was quite low. It might’ve been pretty good at stopping a cough.
But now that I’ve gotten my hands on a wide range of herbs, I can cater the medicine towards a specific purpose.
Fevers, pulmonary problems, digestive problems, skin problems, the efficacy of the medicine towards each of these issues depends on the type of herbs I use.  I’ve just got all kinds of these targeted medicines on hand.
This type of stuff was gone in pretty fine detail in the intermediate recipe book.  Though I still use the shield skill [menus] to help me out when I mixing herbs.

“Plain old medicine you say?”

I pull out a bottle from our goods box and let him have a look at it.

“Is this the miracle drug?”

The merchant pulls out the top and takes a whiff.

“Well it certainly… Does smell like the medicine I’ve taken sometime ago.”
“… Do you know what it is?”

Is this guy also an apothecary?
As such questions go through my mind, he shakes his head.

“Nope, that’s just the feeling I get.”

So you have no idea!
-I considered interjecting, but just let it slide.

“So, what kind of merchant are you?”
“I’m a jeweler.”

When he means jewels he probably means that.  It’s probably in this world too.
He’s probably off to sell accessories and the like to some bigshot nobles.

“A jeweler huh… You’ve got money selling valuables to the nobles and yet you’re going alone?”

If there’s that much money riding on this merchant then it would make sense to bring with a comparable envoy to guard him. And yet he’s alone, which makes me quite suspicious.

“Your words hit a sore spot.”

Hahaha, the merchant responds with a short laugh.

“Jewelers come in all kinds.  If I had to be more specific then I’d say I’m an accessory merchant.”
“What’s the difference?”
“Well then would you like to take a look at my wares?”

As he says that the accessory merchant pulls out his baggage.
When I take a look inside I see things like broaches and necklaces.  Seem to be a few bracelets in there as well.
But the ores used seem to most all be iron or copper.  As for the affixed gemstone… How can I say this, actually calling it a gemstone would be somewhat of a gray area.

“This time around I mostly just have cheap goods.”
“I see… Did your business not do too well?”
“Nope, this time I’m just selling low-profit accessories to adventurers.”
“Is that right…”

According to the accessory merchant, accessories can be Enchanted which could boost the wearer’s abilities.

“By the way, how much would each of these go for?”
“How much you say… This iron bracelet that increases the users Attack Power would go for about 30 Silver.”

Ooh… That’s quite pricy.  Even my remedies don’t sell that high.

“If it was Enchanted it would go for 100 Silver.”
“Is that so.”
“It would.”

Hmm… I should definitely give this some thought.
My medicine business has more or less plateaued at the moment.  I typically get pretty close to selling out, but since I have to buy herbs as materials, there isn’t much profit.
I wouldn’t be able to keep up with sales if I had to go out and gather the herbs.
They might have been fine for use back then, but the medicine made from gathered herbs are of too low efficacy to be sold.

“You would make these with Crafting correct?”
“Hmm… Indeed, making the accessories into this form would be crafting, but then I’ll be Enchanting them. Till that point it would be Crafting I’d say.”

… I see.  So you could craft an accessory, but it wouldn’t be effective until you Enchant it.
Enchanting… this seems to be kicker.
It has an unpleasant ring to it.  Why would it be, I’ve seen the term a few times when I was making medicine.
It came up quite a few times in the Magic Water and Spirit Water mixing instructions.
This is something you can’t make unless you’re able to use magic.

“This has been quite educational.  Thank you.”
“No problem at all, the pleasure is mine.”
“Master-, looks like something is coming.”

Firo warns me in a slightly wary voice as she brings us to a stop.
From the suddenly stopping carriage, Raphtalia and I take a look at our surroundings.
And from within the forest came several figures.
All of them bore arms and approached us with a look that was anything but good.
They looked rather ragged, but they had pieces of armor here and there which resembled barbarians.  It’s most certain that they’re mountain bandits or something of the like.


The accessory merchant called out in distress.

“Hehehe… You lot, bring out your valuables and leave ‘em here.”

I was almost astonished at such a cliché line.
It’s that sort of thing isn’t it.  Is there really any point in charging into these situations?
Ah, I’m sure Firo already realized it but charged straight in anyway.
It’s written all over her face, ‘I can beat these guys, they sure are making light of me.’

“We know you’ve got a Jeweler holed up in there!”

The bandits shout at us.
I look over at the accessory merchant.

“I thought you said you didn’t have anything that was of really high value?”
“Yes… I don’t have anything of the like this time…”

Very nervously, the accessory merchant puts his hand to his shirt pocket as if he’s covering something important.

“I do have an accessory that would sell for quite a bit.”
“I see… So that’s what they’re after huh.”

Looks like I’ve let on a pretty risky passenger.

“I thought they wouldn’t target a merchant that’s carrying mostly nothing but cheap goods and going for personal matters rather than official ones, so I skimped on security.”
“Are you stupid? Geez…”

All I can do is sigh.

“I’ll be charging you an annoyance fee for this”
“… I understand.”

The accessory merchant nodded with a solemn look.
“Raphtalia.  Firo.  They’re enemies.”

On my signal, Raphtalia jumps out of the cart and arms herself.
I pull the accessory merchant with me as I follow suit.

“Do not leave my side.”
“G, Got it!”

I change from a shield that I’m working on releasing the abilities from to a shield meant for battle.

“Y,You’re the Shield…?”

The owner of the carriage of the Holy Bird was actually the notorious Shield Hero.  At that fact, the accessory merchant was dumbfounded.

“What’s that?  You guys wanna have at it?”
“Yeah.  One must protect themselves from whatever danger comes after all.”

I answer, glaring at the bandit.
The goal of this fight is to prevent the enemy from reaching their objective.
In other words, it’s to prevent them from stealing what the accessory merchant is holding.

“Raphtalia.  Firo.  Are you ready?”
“Yes, I’m ready when you are.”
“I was just about to die of boredom.”
“I see, then… GO!”

At my call the bandits also brandished their arms and charged forward.
From what I can see there are about 15 enemies give and take.  There are about that number of targets.

“Air Shield!”

I distract the enemies running towards me with the shield that suddenly appears out of thin air, then quickly activate my next skill.

“Change Shield!”

Change Shield is a skill that allows me to change the shields that appear from Air Shield or Shield Prison into another Shield that I know.
The shield that I change it to is Bee Needle Shield.
Bee Needle Shield’s Special Effect is Shield of Thorns (S) and Bee’s Poison (Paralysis)

“Wha, The shield suddenly…! Gaah---!”

One of the people charging after me runs head first into the shield that suddenly appeared.  He then tumbles to the floor gets paralyzed and starts convulsing. Nice, it looks like the Special Effect is actually kicking in.

“Shield Prison!”
“The hell is---“

The cage that comes from the shield then traps one of the other bandits.
Each of the shields have different time limits.  Change Shield’s cooldown time is 30 seconds.  It’s not something I can really use repeatedly.
But it lets me bring down their numbers so it’s quite effective.
Three bandits appear in front of me.  They must think I’m stupid as even though I’m an escort I’ve got nothing on but a shield.
I stand in front of the merchant and block the attack.
Sparks fly from the point it hits the shield, and I deflect the robber's attack, a metallic clang reverberates.  It seems his Attack Power is below my Defense Power.
The shield I’m currently equipping is the Chimeric Viper Shield.
Its Special Effects are Poisonous Snake’s Fang (M) and Hook.
The snake sculpture on the shield begins moving and bites the bandits who come to attack me.
The Poisonous Snake’s Fang retaliates with a poisonous counterattack to whoever tries to strike me.

“I, I won’t go down with just…. Ugh!”
“I, I feel sick...”

Poisonous Snake’s Fang poisons all who attack me.  It’s not too effective on things that have resistance.  It seems to be working.  I’ve never tried it on people before but it looks to considerably effective.  Also, it’s not really a detriment, but the poison is actually lethal.
I order the shield to use Hook.  The snake ornament on the shield comes out and grabs one of the bandits.  The Hook’s effect has no Attack Power, but just pulls anything from within 2 meters.  It’s pretty useful when trying to climb a cliff.
The bandit’s movements begin to dull and a few of them start to fall over.

“T, This guy is the Shield Hero!”

The bandits start to get a bit spooked.
It seems they’ve just realized that they bumped into one of the countries famous heroes.
But it’s too late for them at this point.  With that fear the bandits quickly affirmed their own disadvantageous position.


Raphtalia, with sword in hand, takes a swing at the bandit when she spots an opening.  His armor protected him from the cut, but with the sheer force from Raphtalia’s swing the bandit was thrown to the floor, hits his head and collapses.
Firo moves at a breakneck speed kicking one, and another, with her powerful legs that sends the bandits flying.  Each time, the bandit flies about 5 meters like Motoyasu did… No wait.  He just flew 20 meters.
…… I’m pretty sure you would die from that?
In no time at all, the bandits’ numbers dwindled, and those that can remain standing numbered 6.

“Shit! Retreat!”
“You think I’d let you?!”

I capture the guy who looks to be the leader of the bandits with Shield Prison. The remaining bandits who try to run are captured by Raphtalia who is riding on Firo.
I’m glad they were weaker than I thought they’d be.
Though Raphtalia and Firo sure did quite the work.

“Now then.”

I pass my judgment on the tied up bandits.

“Maybe I can turn you guys in for some kind of bounty?”
“At times like these I’m not sure there’s money to give for that…”

Raphtalia responds with a troubled face.

“Do you know?”

I ask the accessory merchant, but as expected he shakes his head.

“Even so I believe you should turn them in anyway.”
“Hmm… Is that so…”

The leader of the bandit troupe is looking at me with a flippant smile.
I can easily imagine what he’s thinking.

“ ‘We were attacked by the Shield Hero.  We’re just normal adventurers!’ is what you’re thinking?”

The leader gives an unpleasant scowl.

That’s right! The officials will probably take our word over yours, you no-good Shield Hero!
“Well, I can’t root out that possibility.”

Just why is my reputation so bad… I think about it now, and I just can’t really accept it.
Thanks to that fucking princess and king, even if I do good deeds, no one would believe I did it.

“It can’t be helped.  I’ll just kill you all.”

As they didn’t think I’d fathom that choice, the bandits all instantly turned pale.
Within the bunch one of them was frantically trying to undo the ropes, but Firo quickly came in and kicked him and he fainted in agony.

“I guess I can have my dangerous monster here learn how human flesh tastes like…”

I say that to the bandit troupe in a low voice with a hint of duress.


Firo says that as she stares at the bandit troupe, drooling.

“I wonder what I’ll do.”
“Y-You’re the Carriage of the Holy Bird aren’t you!? You’re supposed to being miracles and yet you’re about to commit murder!”
“It’s not like that’s a title I made up.  One must protect themselves from whatever danger comes right.  I’ve been taking it up the ass from everyone else up until now. But now it’s your guys’ turn, so just give it up.”
“A-At least spare our lives!”
“Then give me all your valuables and equipment, and tell me where your hideout is.  You’re fine to lie all you want.  But you know, I hate being lied to to death.  If you tell me one lie, I’ll have my Holy Bird here rip out each one of your four limbs one by one and eat them.”

I say that casually as the bandits tremble in absolute fear.
Since I’m the notorious Shield Hero, it’s very much effective.

“I, I got it! Our base is---“

I confirm the location on our map.
It’s close.

“Alright, looks like negotiations succeeded.”

As I bring my hand down, Firo lets out a kick with such force it knocks out all of the bandits.

“In any case, let’s strip off any valubles they may have.  Oh? This guy has some pretty good gear.  Raphtalia this will be yours.”
“Stripping the bandits of their goods… What we’re doing is exactly the same as them.”

So Raphtalia says as she follows my orders and quickly strips the equipment off of the bandit.

“Now give the guys that are poisoned some antidote and load them onto the carriage.  Quickly now, we’ll be bringing these guys to the hideout as well.”

After confirming that the bandit’s base is really there, I proceed to strip the guards who were on lookout of their valuables in the same manner.
We then crammed the considerably abundant stockpile of treasure onto the carriage, and got all the bandits and tied them up in their base.
The various treasures were quite bountiful.
Things like plain money, food, liquor, weapons and armor, precious metals, healing pills and other cheap medicine.
It’s far more bounty than I imagined and an unexpected bonus income.
These guys might be the bandits that are raiding people all over the region.

“Such… Boldness.”

The accessory merchant, who has been following my actions in a confounded manner, looks deeply at me.

“So, how much of an annoyance fee do I charge you?”

The accessory merchant comes to his senses at my question.

“Maybe a few Silver Coins…”

I proceed to threaten him.
Thanks to you, this whole predicament happened.  I didn’t put in all this effort just for that much.
[After negotiations] we agreed to one accessory as proper recompense.

“… That mindset to not just take an attack without getting something back… I’m deeply moved.”

Something seems to have sparked inside of him.  The accessory merchant has been looking at me with a fire in his eyes.  Yeah he’s probably telling the truth.

“Okay then.  I will tell you my secrets in Crafting and Enchanting as well as  the trading routes.”
“… Isn’t that a bit much?”

That is way too much compensation, to the point it’s making me a suspicious.
There’s a good chance that he’s trying to trick me somehow since I took an accessory off of him.

“Not at all.  Greedy merchants such as yourself who wouldn’t take a single hit without some sort of  recompense are becoming a rarity.”
“I’m sure there are countless people who are greedy out there.”
“That’s not what I meant.  It’s how you squeeze every last drop of profit out of someone.  Not just using them then disposing of them, but to keep them going in order to wring out everything they have is what I’m saying is necessary.”
“Using then disposing huh…”
I look over to the bandits whom I’ve wrung out everything from.
They seemed to be pretty well off judging by how good their clothing were, so I just snatched all the equipment they had.
They’re just getting their just desserts.  Having all of their goods taken away from them feels like a fair curtain call.

“By doing that?”
“These guys tried to take our money and our lives.  However, you negotiated and compromised to let them live so long as they gave you all of their possessions.  They were after your life, so it would’ve only been natural for you to kill them.  From your standing, [who had their lives in your hands], this is the best possible outcome for them.”

Well I do have a terrible reputation, so even if I tried to turn them in, there’s a good chance the officials would believe their testimony over mine. Though there was also the chance they would believe me.

“They bought from you their lives by giving all of their possessions.”
“I guess you can look at it that way…”
“And then, when you could have had your just revenge, you used that as leverage to increase your own profits and wrung every last drop out of them!”

The accessory merchant let out a heinous smile.
What’s with this guy?! I can see that he’s absolutely atrocious!

“W, Well, let’s I’ll let you off at the next town.”
“No way, I have so much I must teach you.  I won’t get off until I’m done.”

Just what is this accessory merchant aiming to teach me!
I’m a bit worried about how fired up this guy is getting...
But with that we carry on with the goods we snatched away from the bandits and this merchant who seems to have warmed up to us.
This bit might not be of any worth, but the one who sold out the accessory merchant to the bandits was apparently a merchant union member.  It seems that after that act he was excommunicated from the union.
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