Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari chapter 28-32
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Character Spread 1 by laclongquan

Character spread: right to left: Firo, Raphtalia and Naofumi. Right page: Mein, Motoyasu, Uncle of Weapon shop, Slave Trader.

What, why, and how am I doing this: laclongquan.deviantart.com/jou…

I want to do straight to 46 but the content is too long. Might have to cut down to three or four posts.


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Chapter 28: Exit by a Kick

The next morning.
Raphtalia got up early today so we went to the barn together.


Firo rushed up to us happily when we arrived.

“Mou, her body is already grown up?”

Somehow…… compared to yesterday her head is bigger. It’s strange.

“Her body is almost balanced now.”
“If you say so.”

Her appearance is similar to the other Philo Rials we saw in the castle town and on the highway.
Her color now is white, with some light pink mixed in.
It’s a beautiful color.
That slave trader doing quite a good job.

“Are you hungry today?”

Firo chirps while tilting her neck.
Yup. It seems the growing phase is over.
A strange sound is echoing.
Is this ok?
We finish breakfast and think of our plans. Meanwhile.


Firo stares at the wooden carts that enter the village enviously.

“So you want to pull one too?”
“I guess so.”
“How’re you doing Hero of the Shield-sama”

The villager sees me pointing at the cart and comes chat with Raphtalia.
“Ah because my Philo Rial wanted to pull a cart, I’m wondering what to do.”
“Ma….. It’s second nature to Philo Rials to pull carts.”

The man nods as if convinced and starts inspecting Firo.

“Right now the village is in the middle of reconstruction so we have insufficient manpower. Hero-sama, can you help with distributing supplies in exchange for a cart?”

That’s not a bad idea. After all I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a monster capable of such.
I could also do other activities as the cart is being pulled.

“What do you need?”
“I cut lumber in the nearby forest; can you bring it to the village for me?”
“Forest huh……”

That reminds me, I didn't check out that forest yet.

“It’ll take a while to return.”
“Understood. Let’s talk.”

On the goodwill of the villagers, one cart was given to me.
Everything from the wheel to the stands were made of wood. It can’t be helped that it’s low quality, because it’s free.
It’s slightly old.


After the cart was prepared, Firo pulls it happily.
The villagers prepare reins for the carriage, but it’s only for looks.

“Yosh! Let’s get to the forest today!”

Firo cheerfully pulls the cart in the direction I point.
Goton Goton!<ref> Sound of wooden wheel on ground-packed road</ref>
So relaxing……
Goton Goton Goton! Garagaragaragaragara! <ref> Sound of wooden wheel on ground-packed road when the cart change to high speed </ref>
Wheels turn noisily as the scenery passes at high speeds.
“Faster! Faster! Slow down!”

After slowing down Firo walks with a Tokotoko sound <ref> Sound of heavy footstep on earth. I love Japanese SFX.</ref>while seeming dissatisfied.

“Ugh…… I feel sick.”

Raphtalia seems to have motion sickness and is lying down in the cart.

“Are you okay?”
“Eeh……Don’t sway so much...”
“I see, Raphtalia you have motion sickness?”
“It seems so. Are you okay Naofumi-Sama?’
“I’m fine unless I get drunk...”

It seems for me liquor is related to motion sickness. I remember back in grade school, during a field trip on the bus I was reading manga and light novels while the person next to me got sick, in the end I had to ask for a seating change.
Additionally, I remember on a family trip to meet relatives on boat, and I was playing games while my family got seasickness .

“Mah... just relax, Firo will go slowly there.”
“Please let me accept that kind offer.”

Raphtalia replies lifelessly as she lay on the cart.

On the way... I encountered someone I didn't want to.

“Buaha! What’s with that! Haha. Fuahahahahahah!”

This fellow holds his sides while he laughs out loud and the fucking woman behind him starts laughing too.
I feel disgusted while being laughed at.

“What do you want Motoyasu?”

Motoyasu and the women who follow him all burst into laughter.

“Come on! You look ridiculous!
“How so?”
“You’re so poor you began peddling? And that bird-----!”

Mu……Peddling! That’s not a bad idea.
It seems Firo’s ability is more dependable. Let’s actually consider it.

“That's so stupid! That’s not a bird or a horse, and what’s with that colour, it’s not even pure white, there’s pink in there. And furthermore-!”

“What the hell is your problem?”

I don’t understand why this bastard is laughing.
This is a waste of time. I should just ignore these guys and move on.
Motoyasu approached Firo when suddenly.


Firo strongly kicks Motoyasu right between the legs.
I saw it.
Motoyasu's face that was laughing become distorted while his body's flying back about 5 meters, rotating backwards by the impact. <ref> Definitely can imagine that scene </ref>

“Ky-Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Motoyasu-sama!”

Haha, I think his balls are crushed.
That was refreshing. It was totally worth buying Firo to see that.
As expected of my monster<ref> change from demon to monster </ref>. It seems to have avenged me.
I’ll buy you some good food tonight Firo.


While flapping her wings Firo runs around noisily.
I stopped caring about Motoyasu immediately.
Iyaaa……That was great. I didn't even have to dream of that scene.

“Wh-what’s going on?”

Raphtalia gets up and asks.

“Huh?? Ah it’s nothing.”
“...There is a cheerful expression I have never seen before on your face.”

Oh. It was reflected on my face?
But that’s some great leg strength, to blow off the hero of the spear.
<ref>Tl note: literally BTFO</ref>

“Umm….. Please run slower.”

I don’t hear Raphtalia’s voice from the back. I let Firo run with a great feeling.

After we reached the forest Raphtalia hit her limit.


I reflect on going too far while looking at Raphtalia groan with a pale face.
Motoyasu is to blame. Because that fellow let me feel so refreshed.

“I’m sorry.”

A disheartened Firo agrees apologetically.

“I’m, I’m alright……”
“You don’t look alright at all. You should be able to rest around here.”
“Ah, it’s Hero of the Shield-Sama”

There is a hut near the forest, and a woodcutting villager comes out.

“Ah, so you came to get wood for the village.”
“Umm…… is that person ok?”
“I think so. Is there a good place we can rest?”
“There’s a bed here, let’s put her there.”

The lumberjack guides us to the hut while I carry Raphtalia to the bed. <ref> ED: you know how serious his psyche is injured by him not feeling a thing while doing that. </ref>

“Firo and I are going to fight enemies we can beat easily, while you guys pack the stuffs.”

Raphtalia is vulnerable to vehicles, let’s not use the cart for a while.

“Excuse me, I’m going to go put the wood into the cart. Come back in a while.”
“Ah ok.”

Firo drop off the cart and looked inside the cabin.

“Well then, let’s go.”

With a kick that blew Motoyasu away, I expect great offensive power.
We go in forest.
When we enter the forest we did not encounter any demons.
I go around walking in a quiet forest with Firo.
The air is clear and relaxing among the trees.
That reminds me…… there are many sights that I have never seen before in this world.
I wonder why I never noticed it.
It seems everything was blown off when I saw Motoyasu’s face warped in pain.

...No it's something else.

I think it’s because Raphtalia believed in me.
Although Raphtalia isn't here because of motion sickness.
It’s somewhat lonely.
Although we have only been together for about half a month and 3 weeks.

“I should create some pills for motion sickness.”

I look around and gather medical herbs.

“However...A demon may come out”

Though we have been walking for a while I haven’t seen any signs of demons.


The voice of Firo is heard in the distance.
I turn around and see Firo with something in her mouth.
……Is it my imagination? No that’s an Usapiru.
It was swallowed after I saw it.


Firo runs here as if nothing happened.

EXP 34 Acquired.

...I’ll stop worrying about demons.
After about an hour we return to the hut our cart has been fully loaded by the lumberjack.
Raphtalia is still asleep in the hut.
This is an evil idea. Raphtalia can’t last when Firo runs at full speed. But it is necessary to train Raphtalia who is not accustomed to the vehicle.

“It’s necessary to train with a cart for a while.”

Raphtalia groans at my words. Did she hear it?

“Umm…… I have finished placing the wood.”
“Ahh. Then can you watch over her while I go to village immediately?”
“ Yes! If it’s a companion of Hero of the Shield-sama I’ll guard her with my life.”

Though I am slightly uneasy, I can’t just sit here and wait.

“Then I’ll be back soon.”

I prepare the cart and depart with Firo.


Firo dashed energetically.

Chapter 29: Tsubasa Those with Wings

[ED note: I vaguely remember some terms like this in Japanese manga (tsubasa soccer manga series, actually). So, does that reference any obscured manga/anime that you guys know of]

On the way back I did not encounter Motoyasu.
Though, it's just a groundless fear of him angrily looking for me.
Raphtalia was energetic again after I returned from unloading the baggage in the village.

"Are you okay?"
"Ha......that was fast"

The lumberjack was surprised that i returned so soon.

"This fellow has great legs"

Was the answer i gave to the lumberjack as I pet Firo.


Firo also energetically answered. That's right. You're very fast.

"Did you search the forest?"
"We must go slowly when we return."

What's that? This sound. Growth should have ended.<ref> some SFx of muscle burst open. See Claymore manga for its use. </ref>
I hear something from Firo.
I hope it's not some strange disease.
Today's harvest was quite good.
Raphtalia moves naturally while Firo's offensive power and speed is eye catching.
To be honest, the strength of her blows may already surpass Raphtalia.

Me Lv 26
Raphtalia Lv 29
Firo Lv 19

Requirement for White Usapiru Shield has been revealed.
Requirement for Dark Porcupine Shield has been revealed.
Requirement for Usapiru Bone Shield has been revealed.
Requirement for Porcupine Bone Shield has been revealed.

White Usapiru Shield
Unsealing complete... Equipment Bonus: Defense +2

Dark Porcupine Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Agility +2

Usapiru Bone Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Stamina Up (Small)

Porcupine Bone Shield
Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: SP Up (Small)

My stats is improving wonderfully.
I should equip a shield that is efficient and has a high performance, but I still haven't found a place where farming gold and experience is efficient.
How many abilities have I already unsealed...... there are too many to keep track of.
In the first place, after unsealing lower class equipment such as the Orange Balloon Shield I have never used the ability.
The most efficient shield I have is the Whetstone Shield, and that is a necessity.
Though i can use all my shields.
Today I unsealed 4 shields which I probably won't use today.

We were walking slowly back to Forest Village when evening arrived.
It seems cart training for Raphtalia is necessary.
We advanced leisurely a few times before she felt sick and had to stop.
As a result we arrived after the day was over.
"I am very sorry"
"It's fine, you'll gradually get used to it."

I am pretty strange too, I can't get drunk. I'm not saying she doesn't have spirit, it's just in her nature.
Motion sickness is hard to get accustomed to.
Therefore I want Raphtalia to quickly get used to the carts.
Well, I think Firo's explosive running is also part of the problem.


At this point, the change has already begun.
For a while we didn't notice. No, I noticed but i chose to ignore it.

The next morning.
Raphtalia notices the change and is lost in thought.


When I arrived at the barn the change was already over.
Firo..... In every aspect has greatly deviated from the average Philo Rial and has become gigantic
<ref>Tl note: SHE GOT FAT TOO</ref>
The average height for a Philo Rial is 2m 30cm. It's about as big as an ostrich.
However, the Phiro Rial have a bigger head and neck.
Firo is now 2m80cm......
Her head reaches the ceiling when she stands up.

Big fat bird by laclongquan

Firo's design - Official Novel Illustration

"Did we really get the egg of a Philo Rial? I'm beginning to think we bought something else entirely."
"Eh...... I think so too."

Firo swallows something with gusto.
There is no more Chimera meat in the stables.
2 cows worth of meat just disappeared.
Was that the last piece?

"I thought her appetite stabilized but......"
"She ate everything-!"
"This isn't a laughing matter!"

Well then, what should I do about her huge appearance......
The sound of growth is heard again.

"Something is happening to cause that sound!"
"Ummm Perhaps the cause of this growth is due to Naufumi-sama's shield?"
"That's possible. Maybe it's due to Monster Trainer Shield 3's ability: Growth Correcting (Intermediate)"
"Uh.....Naufumi-sama, what about the effects of Slave Trainer Shield?"

Raphtalia cried and ran from the barn so Ifollowed.

"Recently, I thought my body was light. But that's because of Naofumi-sama!"
"Calm down!"
"Wi-Will I become big like Firo!? I'm scared!"
"I don't hear any growth sounds from you"
"Well if you say so. Phew, that's good!"

That still doesn't change the fact that this is an unpredictable situation.
I look at Firo while imagining Raphtalia growing to be like that.

"Are you thinking something rude?"
"......What are you talking about?"

Raphtalia looks at me with doubt.

"One moment, should we go back to the slave trader tent and confirm the situation?"
"Yes i think we should."

It can't be helped. I don't want to return to the castle town because it's unpleasant...... but we might have no choice.


We left Forest Village with Raphtalia fighting against motion sickness and Firo attracting attention.
On the way Firo got hungry so we took a break and fought some monsters to feed her. We got back to the castle town in the afternoon.


Firo's appearance changed again when i wasn't looking.
The feet and neck shortened gradually, now she looks like she has the torso of an owl.
Though it changes the way the cart is being pulled.
The front of the cart was pulled by rope around her body, similar to a leash.
Now she uses her wings as hands and skillfully pulls the cart along.


Her chirp and color have changed again, now she is pure white.


I get off the cart slowly and measure Firo's height again.
She shrank?
Her height is back down to 2m30cm. But her width has increased and now feels somewhat oppressive.
She resembles a certain mascot from an amusement park who gains weight unnaturally.
<ref>Tl note: I don't get this reference.Can someone explain? </ref>

"No, this is fine."

Does Firo herself notice the change?
I don't understand this creature anymore.

"Well......no matter how i think about it it's surprising. Yup."

The slave trader continuously wipes cold sweat while observing Firo.


Firo became huge width-wise and now resembles an Owl-like monster.
Where did the figure of a friendly ostrich go to?

"Well, I want an honest answer. What was the monster that was inside the egg you sold me?"

In some case......
When i point a finger threateningly Firo prepares to attack.


The slave trader hastily checks a bunch of documents.

"This is strange. It says here that the egg Hero-sama purchased was a Phiro Rial egg."

I throw some food to Firo, who skillfully swallows it all in one go.


That reminds me, i haven't heard the growth sound from Firo for a while now.
Is this the final adult form?
<ref>tl note: Mega Evolution = Loli form</ref>

"However, Hero-sama. It's only been a few days since you have purchased the egg, I take off my cap to you."
"Don't deceive me with compliments. What kind of egg was that?"
"Umm... Is this the appearance the monster had in the beginning?"

I explained about Firo's growth to the slave trader.

"It was a normal Philo Rial for half the time?"
"Ah, I stopped trying to understand this monster."

I feel a little irritation at Firo who looks at me with a cute pose and tilted head.
Whose fault do you think it is that we're here.


*SuriSuri*She snuggles her entire body on me. Then I'm embraced by her huge wing, It's hot Firo.


Raphtalia raises her eyebrows and takes my hand.


Firo and Raphtalia stare at each other

"What's your problem?"
"Uh, Nothing"

I say nothing. I wonder what's going on.

"So? How about it?"

It is pretty awkward in front of the slave trader.
Don't you know all kinds of monsters? aren't you supposed to breed and sell monster?

"Anyways for the time being let me call an expert so she can be inspected, is that ok? Yup"
"I understand, it might take a while before the expert comes though.Yup"
"Well that's fine. If anything goes wrong I demand consolation money."

It seems Firo objects my answer by flapping.
However a subordinate of the slave trader attached a collar to Firo and brought her to a cage.
Partially due to the fact that we are here Firo enters obediently.

"Well then, i'll come pick her up tomorrow. Have an answer by then."

Raphtalia and I leave the tent.


I was surprised at the loud voice from the tent.
That evening......The barkeeper of the Inn suddenly calls me.

"Umm Hero-sama"
"Hm? What do you need?"
"A visitor has come to see you."

Who is it? While i was thinking that the barkeeper points to the counter. A man who I don't recognize is sitting there.

"Do you have some business with me?"
"Um..... I am on an errand from the Monster dealer."

Monster dealer.....Ahh, that slave trader. Certainly you can't introduce yourself in public as such.

"So is there something wrong?"
"Ummm, we want to return the monster that is being held there."

It's only been a few hours since then...... what could have happened?
Firo's cry is still heard when Raphtalia and I return to the tent.

"Iya, Iya, I'm sorry for the disturbance at this time of night."

The slave trader has a tired face while he meets us.

"So what went wrong? We had a promise to meet tomorrow."
"Yes that was my intention too, but Hero-sama's monster is slightly troublesome." <ref> Note the Japanese/East Asian mode of understatement here. </ref>

Firo behaves violently inside the cage until she spots us.

"She destroyed 3 iron cages, injured 5 of my subordinates, and 3 other monsters have suffered serious wounds. Yup"
"I'm not compensating you."
"I take my hat off to the Hero-sama who thinks of money at such a time.Yup"

Is this slave trader a masochist?

"So, what is it? Did you find anything?"
"Well...... It seems there's a witness report that says this one is similar to a King of Philo Rial."
"The king?"
"It's a lord of a group of Phiro Rial actually, it's a story that is famous among adventurers."

This slave trader seems to have quite an extensive information network.
Well there is a big group of wild Philo Rial and there are stories that they have a king who manages them.
The master of Philo Rial which rarely appear...... And it seems Firo is one of them.


Is this information reliable?
Maybe removing the slave crest, killing Firo, and letting the shield absorb the body.
Even though I can absorb blood and feathers, it is still my monster. Only the Monster trainer shield will appear.
Or the level I have is insufficient.
I stare at Firo.


Though the race does not appear on the shield she is not hostile.

"So, what now?"
"She is called the Philo Rial King, or Queen."
"Is it because Firo is female?"
"Yup, it is awkward for me to do business with Hero-sama under these conditions......"

I observe the destruction caused by Firo around the tent.
Everything is broken!
I have no plans to sell her.

"N? what was an unfamiliar voice i just heard?"

Raphtilia holds her mouth and points to the cage where Firo was held. The slave trader is also speechless.
I look back at the slave trader and we trade puzzled looks.


A naked girl with wings extends her hand towards me.Firo by laclongquan

Chapter 30: Transformation Ability

"Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle"
<ref> Changed the rest of Oyaji to Uncle, Because East Asians like to relativiize people </ref>

I constantly knock on the door of the closed weapon shop.
The uncle of the weapons shop opens the door with a slightly annoyed expression.

"What does the lad of the shield want now. I closed the shop long ago."
"This situation is special!"

I show Firo who is wrapped in a mantle to him.

"Lad. Did you come here to boast about buying a good slave?"
"Of course not!"

What does this uncle think of me.
Though when I met uncle I would kill without hesitation.

"Master~? What's wrong?"
"You be quiet."

Shit! What the hell is going on!
After that affair the noise never stopped.
I'm surprised that slave trader wanted to buy her off me. Not listening to the complaints of his subordinates.
Even Raphtalia was speechless.
I tell Firo if she wants to stick to me she needs to be in human form.
Thus I carried Firo here to the weapons shop.


Bofun! Biriiiiii!
She transforms, and all I hear is the sound of the mantle ripping.
In the blink of an eye Firo reverts back to her Queen of the Philo Rial (Temporary) form.
This bird! That mantle wasn't free.


Even the old man is at a loss for words. I look up at Firo.
Firo returned to her human form and holds my hand.
All that's left of the mantle rests on top of her head.

"Do you understand the circumstances now?"

The old man guided us inside the store with a really complicated face.

"So. The reason you came to see me is to get equipment for this child?"
"Is there any clothes that transform with the user?"

I ask the old man with an unreasonable requirement.

"Please make it transformable!"
"Lad. Calm down a little."

Right. Now that I think about it, why does Firo have a humanoid form?
She has wings growing from her back,  blond hair, and fair blue eyes. Very angel-like.
Furthermore her face is cute enough to be a lovely picture.
Her age is around 10. About the same height as old Raphtalia.
Very classic sound.

"Master~ I'm hungry"
"Endure it"

Ku! What am I supposed to do.

"Well let's have some dinner first."

The old man brings us to the back of the shop and brings out a pot. It's soup.

"Waaa, Itadakimasu~"

Firo takes the pot from the old man and pours the whole thing into her mouth.

"N-.....It tastes ok I guess~"

I return the pot to Uncle.
The old man was dumbfounded and just stared at me.

"Ummm, sorry."
"Lad, treat me to a meal later."

I'll learn from this mistake.

"Hmmm well, I know there are clothes for Demi-humans that transform...... but this is a weapon shop, what you are looking for is  in a clothing shop.
"I am with a naked girl in the middle of the night, where am I supposed to find a clothing shop that won't reject me?"
"......That's true, wait here a little."

The old man goes to the back of the shop and all I hear is rustling.

"Don't expect too much since I don't have anything in her size."
"I understand"

After a while the old man comes back.

"Damn. I don't have any clothes that will fit her transformed size."

This is already my last resort, what am I supposed to do. How am I supposed to answer when people ask me why there is a naked little girl without parents in my care.
My reputation is already bad enough, but this will make it take another nose dive.

"Don't you dare transform!"

There is no item that keeps a monster in her human form. As expected, humanoid monsters are extremely rare.


Ku......What the hell is wrong with this child!
She's refusing everything I tell her to do.
Is this the rebellious phase? No, that's impossible, she was born a few days go.

"Then how about...... Firo if you will stay in your human form we can sleep together."

After hearing that Firo has a big smile on her face and tightly holds my hand.

"Sigh...... why do we have to sleep together."
"Because I'm lonely"
"Lad...... are you serious?"

I did not come to this world to baby-sit......

"Anyway, where is Raphtalia?"
"I finally caught up"

Raphtalia enters the shop building while panting.

"Because you suddenly ran off I looked everywhere......"
"Ah, my bad."
"Ah Raphtalia onee-chan"

Firo energetically waves.

"I'm not giving Master to you~"
"What is this child saying!"
"No you're not, I'm not yours. In fact you two belong to me."

As slaves.

"Well, there's no suitable clothes for you today, just return later."
"Ah sorry for the disturbance"
"Thanks for the meal."
"I'm always surprised with you lad."

We left the weapons shop and walk towards the inn when Raphtalia says.

"Ah, the slave.....Monster dealer called."
"Hm? Understood."

We return to the tent to be welcomed by the slave trader.

"Well. That was certainly a uprising development. Yup."
"Well as it turns out, because of eye witness testimony that is actually a Philo Rial King"
"Oh? You know about her?"
"Yup. I think I understand, Hero of the Shield-sama."

What's with this slave trader's overly formal speak.

"You don't understand?"
"...... Hurry and say it"

The slave trader pointed at Firo who in her humanoid form and is wearing nothing but a tattered mantle.

"The Philo Rial King has advanced transformation abilities. Therefore it changed itself into a normal Philo Rial to escape attention. At least that's our hypothesis."

No wonder...... If I was in a similar circumstance I'm sure I would decide to disguise myself too.
That's reasonable.

"Iyahaha, As expected of the Hero of the Shield-sama, to be able to raise a Philo Rial King in such a short time. Yup."
"Did you raise a Philo Rial Queen, is it a Philo Rial Queen because you raised it?"

......I understood what the slave trader is saying. This fellow, trying to learn a method on how to produce Philo Rial Kings from me, and then mass producing.
It is classified as a considerably rare demon due to its transformation abilities. Although it stinks, the profits would be massive.

"Maybe that's just the power of the legendary shield hero."

I believe this is due to the power of Growth Correction. I can't explain how to do this naturally.

"Then, can you tell me how you do it? For a price of course."
"That's not what i mean."
"How about raising another Philo Rial, for free of course-"
"No thanks!"

My wallet won't last if there is another mouth to feed. The clothes for Firo won't be free either, if the expenses increase any more it will be dangerous.

"Ha~a...... Well if you change you mind please come find me."
"We'll see."

Uah......This slave trader's eyes are sparkling
I feel sick.

"This fellow ate meat from the boss of the last wave. I think the possibility of influence from that can't be ignored."

Well this feels a little forced anyway.
But it is the truth that Firo are Chimera meat. So I'm not lying.

"Fumu.....Well that's too bad then."

The slave trader withdraws reluctantly.

"Well I'll buy your Philo Rial any time. Yup"
"I'll decline if I can."
"You can accumulate money easily."
"Well, if the need arises."

I am aware of the fact that i have become a miser.

"Is your conversation over?"
"Let's go over there."

Firo enters the conversation with a question mark over her head.

"This is your treat."
"Masher~ let's go together~"
"I forbid it!"
"Not Fair! Raphtalia onee-chan monopolizes Master."
"I do not!"

You guys are noisy.

"Well then Firo, go to the barn and sleep."

I was refused by this bird easily.

"I want to sleep with Master~"

......I am reminded of a child who wants to sleep with their parents.

"Well, it can't be helped."
"It's fine to be selfish to this degree, it's just sleeping together."
"Well......me too"

Raphtalia mutters words I couldn't hear.

"But, you must not be naked in public!"

Do you really understand? Oh well, it's fine. I hope that the old man from the weapon shop has something tomorrow.
I head back to the inn and pay the innkeeper for another night.
Hmm should I study or continue compounding, well at least Firo is in human form.

"Waa! A soft bed!"

I decided to sleep early today while watching Firo bounce around on the bed.

......It's hot.
Why is it so hot!?


My body can't move.
What is going on?
When I open my eyes fearfully all I can see is white.
I seem to be wrapped in feathers.


The bed breathes!
When I lift my face slowly, it seems the bed I was sleeping on is Firo's true form.
Firo seems to have returned to her original form after falling asleep, and without her knowing she started holding me as a hugging pillow.

"Get up you fat bird!"

I told you not to return to your true form!


It seems this fellow's true form is able to speak now.

"Wh-What's going on!"

Raphtalia who is half asleep shouts at me.

"Oh, Raphtalia, Help!"

This fellow isn't even getting up after I hit her. It is my fault for lacking any offensive abilities.

"Get up Firo!"


Firo rolls and flops onto the floor.
I hear an unpleasant sound from the wooden floor. It seems to be at its limit.

"Get up!"

But there is no sign of Firo stirring while hugging me.

"Get up!"

Raphtalia wrenches open Firo's arm which was hugging me
I was somehow able to escape through the gap.

"Fu...... What a terrible morning!"

It seems when the sensation of hugging me was gone Firo woke up.
Firo notices Raphtalia and I glaring at her and tilts her neck.

"What happened?"
"First of all change back to your human form"
"Eh? When did I change?"

Ku! I didn't want to do this but it can't  be helped!
I choose the monster icon from the status magic and change the settings to whatever I say becoming absolute.
Any order cannot be disobeyed if I do this.

"Become a humanoid!"

I commanded Firo

"Eh......I want to sleep with Master more~"


The monster crest appears on Firo's abdomen because she went against my orders.

"If you don't listen it'll hurt."

The monster crest on Firo's body glows red.


A Geometric pattern appears on Firo's wing and moves towards the monster crest.
with a Sutsu sound the monster crest became silent again.


I check the monster icon. It seems the command for absolute obedience was removed.
I try to apply it again but nothing happens.
This monster won't listen to a thing I say?
Shit! I bought a monster because I expect it to follow my orders.
Slave trader...... Wash your neck because I'm coming for you.

Chapter 31: Carrot and Stick

“Slave Trader!”
I marched straight to the Slave Trader’s tent first thing in the morning.
“What are you doing here so early in the morning Hero-sama?”
“Your Monster Seal was a sham! Depending on your response I might have my dangerous slave and monster here to go on a bit of a rampage, you see?”
“Firo is hungry. Can I do that later?”
“….. If you keep up that behavior I’ll turn you into breakfast instead.”

The Monster Seal that was placed on Firo didn’t work as intended.  Not only that, the option couldn’t even be checked.

“Hm? Now what do you mean about that?”

I then explained to the Slave Trader about what happened this morning.  It sure was rough.  We somehow got Firo to calm down and had her change to her human form and from there headed to the tent.
Raphtalia was hard enough, but Firo on top of that.  Having to constantly stay on watch to make sure they don’t do anything out of the ordinary was stressing indeed.

“It seems the Philo Rial Queen can undo a normal Demon Seal, yes.”
“You can’t restrain a higher order demon with a normal Demon Seal.  The grand prize of the lottery, the Kiryuu, must have a special Demon Seal engraved.”
“So you’re saying a normal Demon Seal won’t work on this thing?”

This bastard Slave Trader is happily jotting down this new discovery into some pocket notebook.

“So, will you be giving me this special Demon Seal?”
“Goodness gracious! That is outside the realm of our free services, yes.”
“What did you say?”
“As you would expect, this is not a cheap process and doing so for free would place me in a rather difficult position.  The costs are starting to weigh down too much on my end you see.”

Damn, it looks like getting any more free services from him would be pretty hard from now on.  Well I guess it can’t be helped considering all the damage I did…

“How much is it?”
“As I look forward to Hero-sama’s future prospects, I will be taking a huge loss and price it at 200 silver coins.  How does that sound?”

Shieeeet that’s expensive.

“Could you please---“
“By the way, the market price for this kind of service is 800 silver coins at the cheapest.  I would not lie about this as I have much hopes placed on Hero-sama.”
That was a heavy blow to my consciousness.
I accept my defeat and so very reluctantly hand over 200 silver coins to the Slave Trader.

“……If I find that you’re lying I’ll have my dangerous subordinates start a bloodbath you hear.”
“I understand indeed.”

Firo, who was in the form of the Philo Rial Queen and looking around restlessly, was taken in by Raphtalia who was holding Firo’s enormous wings.

“Stay right there, Firo”
“If you do I’ll let you eat something real tasty.”

With her eyes gleaming, I had Firo stand still at the place that the Slave Trader indicated.
Alright, if you’re going to do your magic now is the time.
I gave the Slave Trader the signal.  The Slave Trader nods his head as well, and 12 of his robed subordinates with their faces covered and invisible, surround Firo.
Then they poured some kind of medicine or other substance onto the floor, faced towards Firo and began chanting their spell.
The floor began to shine, and a magic circle started to unfold with Firo at the center.

“Eh, W-What’s going on?”

Bam, Bam. Firo tried to put up a resistance, but was unable to do so as the magic circle enclosed in on her further.

“I, It huuuuurts! Stop-!”

Firo rampages about as she bears the pain from the Demon Seal’s renewal, and each time she slams against it, the magic circle shakes.
Slave Trader’s subordinates let out a gasp of shock.

“Just in case, I had extra followers restraining her with magic but… for her to be able to move under such pressure, I fear what she will eventually become, yes.”

Now that I think about it, she’s still only level 19.  If she’s already like this, how strong will she be when she’s around Level 70? I nod to the Slave Traders words.

Finally, the magic circle is fully engraved onto Firo’s abdomen and it becomes quiet.

“It’s over, yes.”

In my view there’s a Demon icon that looks like it has higher level commands than the one before.  I promptly check the option labeled with listen to everything I say.

“Hah…. Hah….”

She heaves as she walks towards me.

“Master that was mean.  It hurt so much-.”

As I wonder if there was a wicked smile was plastered on my face, I command Firo.

“First of all, turn to your human form.”
“Whaat? That hurt so much I don’t wanna-.  Give me something yummy to eat!”

Taking little heed to my command and demanding food as if she was taking me lightly, the Demon Seal on Firo began to glow [in response].

“Eh, no-! Wha, stopitstopit!”

Firo fired some kind of spell at the Demon Seal, but this time the seal repelled it and the curse activated.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

Firo crumbles to the floor in pain from the Demon Seal.

“If you don’t listen to what I say, it’ll hurt even more.”
“It hurts, it hurts! Uuu…”

She reluctantly turns to her human form.  When she does so the Demon Seal stops glowing.

“Yup… looks like it worked properly this time.  Good work Slave Trader.”
“Indeed, it is quite a powerful seal, so it won’t be so easily tampered with, yes.”

I walk stand in front of the fallen Firo and announce:

“You yourself costed 100 silver coins, and following that your Monster Seal costed 200 silver coins.  That’s a total loss of 300 silver coins.  You’re going to have to pay me back that much by listening to what I say.”
“M, Master-.”

As Firo was having trouble getting up, I extend my hand.
It sends pangs to my consciousness having to say these kinds of things to a child who is so pure, but I want to at least [have the funds to] keep a roof over this self-indulgent kid.

“Listen to what I say.”
“I see, I see.  If you really don’t want to listen to what I say, then I’ll just sell you off to this scary man over there”

Firo seems to have finally understood her position as her face warped in fear.
That Slave Trader, he’s looking at me with some expression that’s both troubled yet happy…

“How much would she sell for?”
“Let me see.  She’s rare, so dealing with her will be a bit difficult, but 30 gold coins sounds like a price I would buy her for if I include that cost.  Since she has a powerful Demon Seal engraved on her, she won’t be able to rebel anymore.  I can see quite a few ways to use her, yes.”

Damn Slave Trader, he deliberately lays down the price the moment after he says it’ll be difficult to sell her.
I don’t actually know for sure, but if I hand Firo over to him, her life will probably be over.
And now Firo is looking at me with upturned eyes looking absolutely terrified.
This is tough… My good conscious that I thought had vanished is rolling back in full force here.
However, depending on Firo’s attitude, such a choice may really have to be made in the future.
If I can’t be a nice onii-chan [in regards to Raph], then I can’t be a doting pet owner either.

“And so he says.  So the next time you go on a tantrum, I won’t be there to pick you up anymore…  You’ll probably be forced to drink some biiitter medicine, then they’ll poke around all- over your body, until finally… you die.”

“N, Noooo----!”

Firo screams out in dissent.

“Master, please don’t hate Firo- …”

Firo earnestly begs as she clings to my leg.
Shit! This is hard…
But I can’t back down now.

“If you listen to me obediently then I won’t hate you.  Make sure you listen, got that?”
“Y, Yeah!”
“Good.  Then when we’re staying at the inn, absolutely do not turn back to your original form.  That will be our first promise.”

At Firo’s beaming smile, whatever remnants left of my good consciousness aches in pain.
Well then, I also have to head over to the Armorer today…
When I look away from Firo, I catch a glance at the Slave Trader who now has the most jubilant smile I’ve seen him have on to date.

“I’m getting a shiver down my spine at your magnificent display of fiendishness.  You are most definitely the legendary shield hero!”

I have a feeling there’s something wrong about what he’s extoling me for… But I’m not sure if I should voice a complaint here.
And beside me, Raphtalia had on a rather complicated expression.

“Naofumi-sama… That might have been a bit much…”
“If I don’t do this, then she won’t listen to what I say.  It was the same for you in the beginning right.”

Raphtalia nodded at my answer.

“Now that you mention it, that was the case wasn’t it.”
“There are some things we can let her indulge in, and some things that we can’t.”

I won’t mention my true intents behind this [statement] though.

“Carrot and the stick I see, yes.”
“Slave Trader, I wasn’t talking to you.”

And quit understanding my motives.

“I sure gave you quite a hard time.”
“If that’s how you feel, then please, I will prepare for you an easy to handle Philo Rial chick to raise and-“
“Well then, I have places I need to be today.  So if you can let me go then.”
“Being able to not get swallowed up by my pace, I have the utmost respect for Hero-sama’s strong will, yes.”

With the conversation ending on that note, we left the tent.

Chapter 32: Reward (aka Riverside BBQ)

Firo is wearing my mantle as we head to the weapon shop.

"Hey lad."

The old man waves as we approach.

"Did something happen?"
"Yea. Wait a moment."

The old man closes the weapon shop and guides us.
We arrive at the magic shop where I received the magic book.

"Oh my."

The aunt from the magic shop beams when she sees the old man.

"Why don't you guys come in?"
"Right, Firo. don't change into your true form until I permit you to."

At the back of the magic shop there was a workplace that smelled of nature.
<ref>Tl note: no idea what 生活臭 is, all i get is "Living Odor". So i just used nature.</ref>
We were guided to the workplace.
The ceiling was quite high, about 3m.
In the middle of the floor was a magic square with a crytal.

"I'm sorry it's a little crowded because i'm working."
"No it's fine. Anyways, is there any clothing for children here?"
"This aunty from the magic shop is an acquaintance that could help you."
"That's right~"

She removes the crystal and puts an old design sewing machine on a pedestal.
Remember the bobbin machine? The one from sleeping beauty.
(Tl note: i.imgur.com/fsS6plV.png )

"Is that child really a monster?"
"Yeah, let me take off the mantle first before she changes. Firo return to your original form."

There should be enough room in here for her original form.


When I give the command Firo removes the mantle and returns to her original form.

"Oh my, Oh dear"

The magic shop aunty looks up at Firo who returns to her Phiro Rial Queen form in suprise.

"Is this all right?"

The scene is very strange to do Firo's voice contrasting with her body.
Even though this is a fantasy world it's still weird......
I look towards Raphtalia

"What is it?"

That reminds me, Raphtalia is also a Demi-human.
Now that I think about it, in the past when I could feel something like romance, I might have been be very excited.
It seems Motoyasu is the same. Though that's in the past.

"So what clothes do you need."
"Can you make something that won't break when it transforms?"
"Strictly speaking, I'm not sure I can make clothes."
"Hero-sama what do you see?"
"Magic shop...... and a witch."
"That's right. I only have some knowledge on transformation."

Though i don't really understand the common sense of this world...... I know that witches can transform into animals.

"Oh my, it takes a great amount of magical power and a very troublesome procedure to transform yourself into an animal. Wouldn't it be bothersome to put on clothes every time you transformed?"

Hm? So it seems it is possible for witches to transform.
The aunty answers while working on the bobbin.
By appearances alone it resembles a sewing machine from my world.

"Staying in her true form at home is fine, but if she transforms in a crowded place it would be pretty serious."
"Yeah, that's right."

Clothes are my main concern. Walking around naked would stand out.

"Therefore it would be best if the clothes could be stored safely when transformed and re-equiped when reverting"
"I see."

True. If the clothes just disappear after transforming the problem would be solved.

"It's a technique passed down by demon category of Demi-humans.A famous one is a vampire's mantle."

Yeah...... like when they transform into bats or wolves. That is in this world too?

"Well, this bobbin machine makes the materials for those clothes."
"Interesting...... what do the clothes transform to?"
"Strictly speaking, what are clothes? Something visible to others correct?"

I tilt my neck and give the aunty of the magic shop a puzzled look.
What does that mean?

"What i mean is, the item can transform thread to magical power and magical power to threads, therefore the user can change a thread to magical power at any time."
"To put it simply, the user can change the thread to magical power and vice-versa"
"Oh, I understand."

Now I understand why the old man from the weapon shop brought us here.
It'll certainly be weird to call these clothes. When not in human form the magical power circulates the body, and takes shape once back to human form.

"This is Firo-chan right? Turn the wheel on this slowly."

Firo begins to slowly turn the wheel on the bobbin machine.
A thread comes out immediately and the aunty wraps it around a spool.
Then, thread starts to gather on the spool.

"Hmm? I feels weaker."
"This changes magical power to threads. It should be tiring. But I just need a little more to make clothes."
"Hmm...... Interesting."

......Firo is still a child. Barely one week old.
Firo looks tired while spinning the machine.

"Endure it, I'll promise you something."
"Food? Delicious food?"

I am a man who keeps his promises. I'll let you eat you fill of delicious food later Firo.

"I'll do my best!"

Firo begins to energetically turn the bobbin machine.

"Yay, I'll do my best!"

The aunty seemed suprised at the speed.

"Old man, I owe you a meal. Are you free after this?"
"I left a note at the shop explaining i'll be closed till early afternoon. What're you going to treat me to lad?"
"How about this. Can you prepare a big iron plate?
"What're you gonna use that for?"
"I'm going to cook."
"The lad's home cooking? I was expecting something different."
"What was that?"

I am slightly offended my the old man's disapointed expression.

"Oh well what did I expect."
"Raphtalia, go to the market to get meat, vegetables, and charcoal. Firo can eat enough for 5 people."

I hand some silver coins to Raphtalia to go shopping.

"Food~ Food~"

Firo is in high spirits while spinning the bobbin machine.

"That's enough. You can stop spinning now."

After a while aunty told her to stop.

"Will there be more food if i turn it more?"
"No. You can stop."

Firo returns to her original form.

"Master~ food~"
"Hold on a bit."

Firo sounded very disappointed. Raphtalia hasn't returned yet. So there is no food.

"When we leave the shop return to your humanoid form."

Do you really understand?

"I'll use this to make your clothes."

The magic shop aunty shows up the thread.

"I'll go ask someone who knows how to weave this."
"I have high hopes for that fellow. Firo let's go."
"What should I tell the young lady who went shopping?"
"Tell her we'll be waiting at the gate that leaves castle town."

Following the old man from the weapon shop we left the magic shop.

"As for the fee i'll be sending it to the weapon shop~"
"...... How much would that be?"

I ask a little anxiously.

"Making the magic string? Because the crystal is expensive I'll charge Hero-sama 50 silver."

Damn! Firo is expensive.
In the future we need to be careful with clothes, it's like wearing money.
We head to the weaver with the thread.

"This is some unusual material,  I could do a lot with this. Go to the dressing room and measure your size. I should be able to complete the dress tonight.You can pick it up later."

We go straight to the dressing room.
Although there is only a mantle it still takes a while.

"Wow...... that's a very cute child."

the sales clerk is a girl with glasses and a scarf.
She seems a little plain. By that I mean, she looks like the kind of girl from my world who would write doujinshis.

"Her wings are just like an angel. She seems similar to a demi-human......I'll work on your order now."
"Is that so."

The old man puts a hand on my shoulder.

"There are demi-humans who have hands or feet that resemble birds. But this child only seems to have wings, so it's pretty great."

Firo tilts her neck while looking up at the sales clerk.

"Yeah..... This fellow is a demon that can transform into a humanoid. When she reverts to her true form her clothes break."
"Interesting...... So that's why you need clothes made from magical power."

Her glasses give off a dangerous light.
As I thought, this girl reminds me of an Otaku.
<ref>Tl note: Otaku is fine right? if there's any complaints i'll just change it to Geek or something else. ED Note: readers of this series should already know that term </ref>
I feel a little nostalgic because I had an aquantance selling doujinshis within a circle.
She would often give me admission tickets for the circle and was quite friendly.
Sigh..... There's no such thing in a different world.

"This material is perfect for a one-piece dress, It will be unaffected as well since it'll just turn to magic."
"Eh? uh sure?"

Firo is measured again after she puts on her mantle and then the clerk starts designing something.

" I want to see her true form!"

Firo looks at me with a troubled face. I gulp and look around.

"It seems to just barely fit here."

Firo's changed form will just barely fits under the ceiling less than 2m.

"Can you sit down?"
"Yea that's good."

Firo changes back to her demon form while paying attention to the ceiling, and stares at the girl.

"Oh-...... This gap is good!" <ref> This sentence actually have another meaning, that a visual gap between the image of a loli angel and a fluffy Owl is good. A bit too otaku-ish term, actually. </ref>

Not even being shaken by Firo's true form...... This dressmaker can do it!
As expected of a character who sells doujins. I'm glad this is a different world.

"I'll bet a ribbon suit her."

Firo's neck size is measured by the dressmaker, and she begins to design clothes again.

"Well I'm going to wait for materials to arrive!"

She seems excited while answering.

"This fellow is a good craftsman."
"I guess"

She is the type to be absorbed in her work, and will accomplish it by all means.

"Well, it will be completed tomorrow."
"That's fast. How much is this going to cost in total?"
"Well I recomended you to this place so...... it should be around 100 silver pieces."

Ugh...... I received a shock.

"Firo, do you understand? I spent a large sum of 400 silver on you. I expect you to work diligently."

Do you really understand? We leave the shop with Firo in her human form.
We join up with Raphtalia waiting at the gate of the castle town.

"Naofumi-sama, I bought the ingredients you asked for.
"Firo costs 400 pieces of silver. Raphtalia was cheaper."
"Please don't say it like I'm a cheap woman."

Sigh...... Is this going to be okay?

"Alright, old man bring the iron plate. Firo, get a cart and carry it from the weapon shop."

Firo leaves with the old man for the weapon shop and comes back pulling a cart.
Why is she pulling it in her human form?
an iron plate within the size i was imagining is within the cart.

"Alright, let's leave the castle town and go to the riverbank near the grassy plains."

We arrive at the riverbank.
I take out the iron plate, put it on a griddle, and immediately put charcoal under it.

"Raphtalia and Uncle take care of the fire."
"Yeah yeah.

As expected of the old man of a weapon shop. It seems managing fire is his forte.

"What about Firo?"
"Stand watch so that balloons don't approach us......"

I told Firo to do something else because she would likely fail doing anything here.
I cut the meat and vegetables that Raphtalia brought into appropriate sizes, and put it near the grill.

"Lad the charcoal is ready."

Raphtalia and the old man heated the plate as per my instructions, so i put the fatty meat onto the grill for the oil.
Then I spread out the vegetables and meat so they aren't directly on top of the fire.

"You sure are skillfull"

I use a stick and a knife to turn the meat and vegetables so they don't burn.

"Well, this should be fine."

Yup. Today's lunch is a barbecue by the riverbank. Firo's reward.

"Firo, It's ready."

Firo was already drooling from the smell when she took the fork I handed her.

"Yaay~! This is delicious!"

Firo starts throwing meat and vegetables that were just cooked into her mouth.

"Hey don't eat everything, this is for everyone."

Firo nods while stuffing her mouth.
Do you really understand?

"Let's eat I guess."

I distribute the meat and vegetables onto some leaves and hand it to Raphtalia and the old man.

"Oh this is delicious. I'm suprised grilled meat tastes so good."
"For some reason this dish that Naofumi-sama makes is strangely delicious."
"I'll take that as a compliment"
"I'm not flattering you. Why does it taste so good?"

The old man looks at his plate with a puzzled expression.

"It's probably the result of the cooking skill from my shield."
"The power of the shield?"
"Well at least i think so."

From the corner of my sight I see: Barbeque is now available. Quality, Good -> Great quality.
To think that such a strange icon would exist.

"That's such a mysterious shield. I'm quite envious."
"I can't take it off so it's quite inconvenient."

Not to mention the nonexistent offensive power.
Oh right there was the special effect from the Bee Needle Shield that i can counter attack enemies with called [Shield of the Needle].
Although the enemy would have escaped before I beat it, unless it's slow like a balloon.
As expected even if the demon runs away I'm at a disadvantage.
Sometimes a smart monster would ignore me and aim for Raphtalia.

"Haven't you become quite strong?"
"I don't know compared to the other heroes."
"Is that so, are the legendary weapons that powerful?"
"That's right, I learned from experience.
"I see"

Because skills can be acquired in various ways the power of a legendary weapon is way above average.
Morover, accumulating status improvements whenever a shield is unsealed is good.
There's a bunch of conditions that unseal new shields such as, absorbing monsters and other materials, levelling up, and the skill tree.
Besides any exclusive effects any shield that is released gives permanent bonuses.
Even a weak shield can be helpful if I unseal it.
Due to the Equipment bonuses carrying over, the more shields I unseal the stronger the skills I use.
I can see how many bonus stats I got. My stats in general are higher than Raphtalia's.  Maybe it's because I'm a hero.

Especially in the aspect of defence. I have 3 times more, and that's not including the permanent bonuses from unsealing other shields.
Because I originally never attack all the gear went to Raphtalia. After all, the potential ability as a Hero of the shield is in defence. The price for that is ATK is down to 1/10th.

The difference between a resident of this world and a hero would be from any effects granted by this shield.
Otherwise I can never beat a monster with just defence.
Afterall the only reason a hero is different from a normal person is because of the legendary weapon, it can be considered that you are only a hero because you have the legendary weapon.
I hate it, but I am only a hero because of this shield.

It seems there is an influence from being the companion of a hero.
Raphtalia is superior to normal Demi-humans because of the ability from Slave trainer Shield, and Firo's abilities are on par with her despite the level difference.
I don't know how much effect Growth Correction had, but it seems to be quite large.
The effects of Slave Trainer Shield and Monster Trainer Shield are good. I wonder what effects Friend Shield would have, if that even exists.
It seems the existences called companions are essential for a hero.

Friend huh...... an existance i don't have.

"I see..... It seems heroes really are different from us commoners."
"That seems to be the case."

Travelling the world, abosrving various demons and materials to grow strong.
Honestly, theres just so much more to examine.
I don't understand how much I can improve the shield.
But if I don't do anything the wave of disaster will strike.
I don't know how many times it will come either.
It's been twice alrready. maybe 5 times, 10 times, or even 100 times, I don't understand.
whatever it is I can't just sit around and do nothing.
That reminds me......There seems to be a worrisome shield called Curse Series.
At that time when I almost lost Raphtalia the Curse series was released and started eroding the shield.
I've looked for that skill tree many times.
However, I can't find it no matter how hard I look.
I'll try asking for help.

Curse Series
I hesitate to ask.

I only type in that sentence. Besides, I checked many times. I feel a shock as the letters change.

Curse Series
Armour that grants power and consumes the user. Hero! Do not use it.

Therefore I decided to stay away from this topic.
When I need it the power will appear. This shield seems to have many limitations.

"Master~ there's no more meat"

When i look there is no more meat. Everyone has already finished eating the stuff I prepared.
All that's left are vegetables.

"Is it already over? Firo still wants to eat more"
"Uhmm well...... go to the forest and catch 5 Usapiru. I'll cook those too."

Firo rushes to the forest at full speed.

"Oh man that was delicious. Totally worth it."
"If you think that then discount the price of clothes"
"Lad, there's already a heavy discount, it'll be a large loss if I discount anymore."

Oh well, we barbequed next to the riverbank till evening and then called it a day.
By the way, Firo caught 10 Usapiru.
I barely had time to eat, mostly managing the barbeque and dismantling Usapiru to roast.
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