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Chapter  46  Exit by a Kick, Again                                     : pastebin.com/RV2qA2Td
Chapter  47  Being Welcomed                                           : pastebin.com/jp48XpM8
Chapter  48 Foiling Another False Accusation            : pastebin.com/MhnD62cv
Chapter  49 Applicants                                                          : pastebin.com/q8MK24Z5

Chapter  50 Before the Storm                                            : pastebin.com/GXMvWepL

Chapter 46: Exit by a Kick, Again

We arrive at the Hourglass of the Dragon's era.
As usual the facilities give off a solemn atmosphere.

"Hero of the Shield-sama right?"

Just like before the sister stares at me with a suspicious expression.

"What do you want this time?"
"I want to Class up"
"Then...... 15 gold per person."

15 gold!? No matter how you look at it that's too expensive!
The sister's expression doesn't change but her eyes are smiling.
You want to make me look like a fool for not being able to pay?

"Just 15 gold"

I reluctantly reach for my bag of money and produce 30 gold coins.
The sister's expression changes and produces a document.

"......It is prohibited for the Hero of the shield-sama"
"What did you say? What does that mean!"
"By the king's direct order, the Hero of the Shield is prohibited from getting a Class up"

That fucking king! I honestly want to kill him!
I especially need stats, and to top it off that ridiculous Class up cost, being turned down without even knowing about it.
At this rate it will be impossible to Level up!
Controlling any job changes without permission is just player control!

"Don't joke around!"
"That's the rules. Above all, in the first place it is impossible for the Hero of the Shield-sama......"
"Say that first!"

I burst into a fit of rage, and knights start appearing from behind the reception.

"Tch! Fine I get it!"

I stomp towards the Hourglass of the Dragon's era noisily.

Seriously, everything about this is unpleasant, especially this country!

"But, what now?"

Raphtalia was troubled and muttered, this is certainly a big problem.

"Hey hey, what is that hour glass? Firo wants to see more!"
"Hold it"

While feeling unpleasant, I go take a look at the help section.
......Class up was found.
Class up is a ceremony that expands the possibilities of members who become Hero companions.
Let's check the Hourglass of the Dragon's era.
It is recommended that I do it after a ★ appears.
There is no growth limit for a Hero.

Heroes have no growth limit?.....
Does that mean, I can get past level 40?
But, this is still very unpleasant!
If Raphtalia cannot Class up, there will become problems with our attack power.

"What should we do?......"
"Can't be helped, we'll do this later."

Fortunately, raising our levels was not scheduled until after this wave has passed, I'll think about it afterwards.
There is also the trump card of having Raphtalia become an adventurer and acquire a class up recommendation that way.
It can probably be done with more money.
But, there is no time now.
Searching for that would also be especially difficult.
That reminds me, the slave trader had slaves over Level 40. Wasn't I going to go there anyway to get a weapon for Firo?


Whats that?
I turn around and see Motoyasu pointing at me.

"You! What are you doing!"
"What? Don't apply some strange connection to me."
"Are you trying to play dumb? I know. The owner of that fat bird is you."

Fat bird...... is he talking about Firo?

"Come to think of it, How's your crotch?"
"It was almost crushed, Thanks to this fucking guy!"

It wasn't destroyed!?  Don't joke around!
To be kicked by such power and still not lose it's function?

"You haven't lived up to my expectations."
"You bastard-"
"It's not me who did it! Why would your crotch be destroyed?"

Raphtalia asked with an amazed look.
Oh right, Raphtalia was not there to witness this guy getting blown away.

"Why are you looking at me with pity?"
"Because you missed a really refreshing moment?"
"I don't need to know such a thing!"
"Fine, hand over the fat bird! I'll kill him!"
"You want my bird. What even happened? You are the one who approached carelessly."
"Are you feigning ignorance? I was kicked whenever that bird spotted me!"

Hm? What did he say?
Is it fate?

"What do you mean?"
"I said, whenever we meet with your fat bird, it chases me to kick!"

I look at Firo.
Then Firo says.

"Yup. I kick him every time I see him"
"I see I see, that's great"
"Why are you praising it!?"

I pat Firo's head.
I notice that on Motoyasu's nice equipment there is a crotch protector in the groin area.
That is hilarious! This guy has a trauma!
I burst out laughing.

"That's enough you bastard!"
"That's right! Motoyasu-sama don't concern yourself with that unpleasant Shield.!"

What are you saying, you follower.
That fucking woman's face is red while denouncing me.
This is refreshing.

"What a refreshing smile, I haven't seen Naofumi-sama smile like that before."

Motoyasu clenches his fist and grabs my coat.

"Master~ Firo is hungry!"

The bird that cannot read the atmosphere asserted itself.
Motoyasu's gaze turns to her.
Motoyasu stiffens when he makes eye contact with Firo.
......What's the matter?


He takes a second look at me, and throws a Telephone Punch to my face, but I catch it.
<ref>Tl note:  テレフォンパンチ <- what is that......-ed- You dont know? Obvious movement and muscle position make a coming punch quite easy to see. Such are called Telephone Punch, or Telegraph Punch. Hajime no Ippo. </ref>

"What was that?  if you want to have a fight use your spear"
"Miss! Hurry up and run away! This guy is very dangerous"

Motoyasu shouts in the direction of Firo, trying to look like a good person.
That's the fat bird you wanted to kill not long ago.
Oh right, she's in her human form now.
Is it because she's pretty? That does seem like Motoyasu.

"Eh? Master is not dangerous right~?"
"That is your master!?"

Motoyasu's face is dyed with anger.

"You have another slave again!"
"What's with you...... do you have a problem because she's a woman?"

I talk big.

"Amazing...... This is the first time I saw such an ideal woman......"
" I did not think a girl so similar to Flonne-chan would exist in the world!"

Who is that.
...... It's a game character.
That reminds me, Firo's appearance is that of a certain pure daughter angel who is from a game in my world.
<re>Tl note: i.imgur.com/9wNrM5N.jpg <- Flonne from Disgaea</ref>

"I, What a moe angel....."
"Shut up! I do not want to know your sexual preferences!"
"Different worlds are the best!"

Motoyasu's tension reaches it's climax.
The mood of his followers are the opposite.
I don't see the human being that flew into a rage a while ago.
However, I see Firo with a well-defined expression.

"Miss, What is your name?"
"Uhmm It's Firo"
"Don't just answer honestly!"

Motoyasu takes Firo's hand affectionately.

"This guy is probably working you like a coach horse. I will save you."
"Well, I don't pull the carriage like a horse."

You should just accept it. That's the kind of race she is.

"I pulled a heavy carriage everyday for more than a month!"

Annoying, I don't see this ending well.

"You bastard-----!"

Motoyasu is being noisy.
I don't have a lot of time. I want to leave already.

"Release Firo-chan!"
"This again!?"

It didn't work for Raphtalia, so it's Firo this time?
Do you want to take away my subordinates so much?
Motoyasu shouts with blood-thirst and turns his spear to me.
At that time.

"What are you doing to master!"

Firo knits her eyebrows and asks.

"Don't worry Firo-chan. I will save you!"

You're not listening!
Completely in his own world.

"Anyway, that fat bird you were looking for. That's Firo."
"Naofumi! You basatard, to say such a thing to a girl!"
"It's you. You're the one who has been calling Firo that. Even said you wanted to kill her."

This guy looks at me like I'm stupid.
Though I do call her a fat bird.

"Anyway, stop complai-"
"Firo will protect Master~!"

With a Bofun, Firo returns to her true from.

"Eh? What?"

Firo raises her foot and kicks Motoyasu in the ground while he is dumbfounded.


I was able to see it. With a perplexed expression Motoyasu flies over 10 meters while spinning.
Furthermore, the crotch protector was shattered.


Were they destroyed this time?
No, they were probably okay. There was a crotch protector.

"Now then, let's ignore the fool and move on."

Raphtalia's face is blue and is muttering awawawa.
Still his entourage is not trying to help him.
Well...... a lot of unpleasant feelings were blown away.
I must give Firo a reward.

"Alright, shall we go to the slave trader's now?"

Firo returns to her human form with a frightened expression.

"Firo is going to be sold?"
"Don't worry I'm not going to sell you, I'm going to buy you a reward."

It seems she has been faithfully following orders, and whenever we come across Motoyasu he is kicked, not to mention that blow just now.
This good behaviour must be rewarded.

"I shall buy the equipment you wanted."
"Yay! I also want food too!"
"Yeah, definitely."
"Then, I want food cooked by Master~"
"Very well. This will be special."

Firo begins skipping happily

Chapter 47: Being Welcomed

"My my, if it isn't Hero-sama. Welcome."
"I certainly was not expecting this."

We show up at the Slave trader's after the run-in with Motoyasu.

"What business do you have today?"
"Putting that aside......"

I am quite concerned with how the slave trader is dressed.
Even his subordinates...... They are all wearing luxurious accessories that are shaped like wings.

"That wing design looks good"
"Thanks to Hero-sama. Yup"
"These profits were due to the Hero-sama peddling."
"What do you mean?"

I can think of several reasons, but none of them are too significant.

"First of all is the infamous Philo Rial Queen. Many nobles with demon collections are trying to obtain one. Yup"

Ah, so the reason his reputation rose is because Firo was pulling the carriage. Well she is certainly a rare demon, if someone wanted one they would of course come to the slave trader and check.
and whenever a noble comes he just points them to my direction.
I will not sell Firo because of her rampage.

"So when they give up, they purchase various other demons. Yup"
"That's just like you"

At the moment the condition to become a Philo Rial Queen is uncertain.
Otherwise there would be a lot more sold.
Will it become a queen if it's raised by a hero?
Two is not a good idea..... Firo alone is troublesome enough.

"Next, because Hero-sama's slaves are seen, there is a rumour that my shop's slaves are high quality, so I get some extra profits. Yup"

It's Raphtalia this time huh......
Raphtalia is certainly a beauty with a great figure.
Once people know where she came from they would give them credit.
Will everything i do raise the slave trader's reputation?

"So, what do you need this time? Another slave? Maybe your co-operation on Philo Rial experiments?"

The slave trader rubs his hands together happily.

"No, I came for monster dealer business this time."
"Then Philo Rial experiments it is."
"That's not it"

Are there only 2 options in this guy's head?

"So, what do you need?"
"Ah, I was wondering whether or not I could purchase equipment for Firo here."
"Equipment?..... That can be done"

The slave trader turns to observe Firo.
The salve trader hummed cheerfully as Firo ran and hid behind my back.
As expected, she is bad with him.

"Would a horseshoe shaped weapon suffice? There is also armour made for Philo Rials......"

Armour is probably impossible, it is unreasonable to tailor-make something considering Firo's body size.

"Do you have anything for charging?"
"You could equip a helmet. To use when tackling"

The horseshoes might work since she is not a horse.

"What about the claws?"
"Firo, what do you want?"

Were you too scared of the slave trader to listen?

"You can get a helmet or have shoes attached to your feet."
"Umm..... When Firo transforms it will dig into my skin, No~"

Ah, is the threat from the dressmaker's still working?
It would be no problem in her monster form, but It would be very heavy for her in human form.
The horseshoe would dig into the foot too, and the size of the armour might not be correct.
We head to the magic shop, it seems to be possible to add the string to metal plates, but it would be very expensive.
The defence would not increase that much either.

"How about detachable claws, yup."
"Firo, is that fine?"
"We need to measure the size so release her monster form please. Yup"
"Oh right"

With a Bofun, Firo returns to her demon form and sticks her foot out.
A subordinate of the slave trader measured the size of Firo's foot.

"Hmm..... It is considerably larger than an average Philo Rial"
"Is there any you can prepare immediately?"
"I think we have one just barely her size. Are you all right with iron?"

I wonder what kind of offensive power I can expect.
Should I be looking for hardness? If it's sharp......

"That's fine, I can afford to get this fellow something good."
"I understand. Iron with magical properties is the best I can prepare for now."
"By the way, how much is it?"
"Because of the help from Hero-sama, I will sell it to you for half the market price, that will be 5 gold coins."
"May I haggle further?"
"Hero-sama's greed is giving me the shivers. Fine I'll compromise for 4 gold."
"Done. Also, throw in a good bridle."

The slave trader's tension is high. Though he feels easy to deal with, I feel like i'm being used.
What scary business sense. This guy.
A big claw is brought out from the back of the tent.
The size of the metal claw seems to fit Firo's foot just right. That's good.

"This thing is huge"
"It's a claw meant for Wyvenrs. There is a bigger size too."

You're not even a Philo Rial anymore?

"I will wear this?"
"yeah, it is your weapon."

Firo picks up the claw and equips it.

"It fits perfectly"
"Seems like it."

All that's left is to connect the claw to the foot with a cord.
Firo raises her foot to confirm if the claw is actually attached.

"Feels strange~"
"This will make your offensive power even stronger than before, you'll get used to it."

Firo's attack power with her leg is still ridiculous. Having it increase even more......
The scene where Firo kicks Motoyasu is replayed in my mind.
This time it seems Firo's kick will rip it apart.

"Firo, next time you kick that spear guy, do not use the claw."
"Why not~?"
"Because the balls will be completely crushed."

Though imperfect he is a Hero. I do not know what consequences there will be if I murder him. I feel it's a little late now.
For Motoyasu being kicked in the groin by my subordinate would be very mortifying.
That guy's reason to live to become popular with woman.
If that happened who would be the one to inform that trash king?


Firo concentrates really hard on the claw that we just bought.
Am I hearing properly?
Oh well...... Whatever happens to Motoyasu doesn't concern me.
I give the slave trader 4 gold coins.

"I don't need the armour after all~"

Do the nails not fit?Firo seems to think that the armour is unnecessary.
Well, if you don't want it then that's fine.

"Now then, next......"

Hmm, I'm sure there was other business.
I can't remember after watching Motoyasu get blown off.
Certainly Raphtalia and Firo..... Ah I remember.

"Hey, slave trader. Is it possible for you to provide Class up here?"
"Class up you say?"
"Yeah because the trash king won't let my subordinates who reached level 40 class up, I am having a little trouble. I remember seeing some slaves here above level 40."

I tell the slave trader my request, and he puts his hand on his chin to think.

"Hero-sama I regret to inform you that I cannot help with that. I do not have a letter of introduction."
"I see......"

Did this guy Class up from the power of a slave trader?

"If you obtain enough trust with neighboring countries, you can use their Hourglass of the Dragon's era to perform Class Up."

Wait a minute, this isn't the only country with a Hourglass of the Dragon's era?

"They are also in other countries?"
"Yes, though it might take you time to gain trust there......"

Time is very precious right now and I cannot waste it.
will the Hero of the Shield have a bad reputation in the neighbouring countries?
This might be difficult.

"You can do it at the mercenary's country ZerutoBuru, the Demi-human country Silt Welt, and ShirudoFuriden is also available. Yup"
<ref>Tl note: 出来そうな所というと傭兵の国ゼルトブル、亜人の国シルトヴェルト、シルドフリーデン辺りですかね If anyone has better names for these countries please let me know.-ed- must wait till later</ref>
"There's that many?"
"Yes, for Hero-sama I would reccomend Silt Welt or ShirudoFuriden. You have a free pass there."
"Hmm...... How long would it take me to get there?"
"Let's see, by carriage it would be one month, and two weeks by boat."

The slave trader brought out a map and taught me the road.
Certainly it is quite far from Merlot Mark country.
It would take Firo a little over two weeks to arrive.
Though if we don't push it 3 weeks would be the case.
Two weeks on a ship sounds good, but I would not be able to do anything during that.

"If there was a wyvern around here Hero-sama would be able to get there very quickly."
"It is far......"

However, it would be important to Power Up because of our situation.
It shouldn't be that bad if I get new materials and monsters for my shield to absorb.
There is no meaning to stay here any longer as Raphtalia and Firo cannot improve.
Should we just go to the country of Demi-humans?

"I suppose we'll go when the wave is over."

Seriously, that trash king is devoting so much passion into annoying me.

"I am indebted to you."
"If that's what you think then by all means-"
"I refuse. oh right. Do you sell humans here?"

I was wondering if it would be better to sell thieves here instead of killing them.

"Humans are impossible in this country. If you look deeper there are people who will buy, but there is risk and quality to watch for."

Indeed, so demi-humans are fine in this country. I guess this is a country of human supremacy.

"Well then. See you."

Thus, we left the slave trader's tent. Firo returns to her human form and ties her claws with a cord to carry.
However, Raphtalia was quiet during the conversation with the slave trader.
Well, it is admirable that she didn't intervene in a business talk and make it awkward.

"It's your turn Raphtalia."
"Holy water. I'm sure it's sold at a church"
"Ah, yeah"
"You're a girl Raphtalia, these black bruises would be bad."
"Well..... If Naofumi-sama is worried."

Raphtalia mutters bashfully.

"No, I don't mind them. It's because i caused them."
"So that's what you mean...... It's nothing"

I don't understand Raphtalia sometimes.
Well, either way it's decided.

Chapter 48: Foiling Another False Accusation

We arrived at an outstanding church within the castle town.

"He-Hero of the Shield!?"

I was greeted by an extremely bitter face.
Just how much do you reject me to show such a face.
As I expected, due to the rape accusation scandal will I be refused entry to the church?

"Do not be alarmed."

The priest from the church came and scolded the sister scowled at us.
......Something feels off, but there is nothing I can do about it.

"What do you need from our church?"
"Ah, my companion received a strong curse so I would like to purchase strong holy water."

This guy did not openly antagonize me so let's stay neutral.
A price list is hanging from the wall.

"Then, please give an offering."

Are you asking for an offering because I am supposed to know the price from the price tag?

"How much is it?"
"The effects from the cheapest to strongest holy water is 5 silver, 10 silver, 50 silver, and 1 gold coin."

Hmm...... It seems that they are not overcharging.
I was expecting them to add sanctions but......

"It doesn't seem like a good idea to negotiate for discounts in front of god, so I'll take the strongest holy water you have for 1 gold."
"Naofumi-sama you shouldn't get such an expensive thing just for me."
"It's fine. I already said so before. I cherish you. Compared to Raphtalia, one gold coin is nothing."
<ref>TL note: Smooth as fuck -ed- Also note his qualifier. If it's not in a church with a hostile sister standing there he would haggle in  heartbeat. </ref>
"T-thank you very much!"

I give the gold coin to the priest while Raphtalia is thanking him.


The priest instructed the sister to bring a bottle of holy water.
......I check the quality of it with the Judge Skill.

Low grade holy water
Quality : Bad

I glare at the priest who makes a bitter face.
The priest then checks the holy water and his expression changes.

"Why did you bring something so low quality?"
"But he is......"
"God is merciful. Repent for you barbaric act of satisfying your own sense of justice right now."
"I-I am sorry!"
"I apologize. Our church has been rude"
"I won't complain if you give me my money's worth"
"I appreciate your benevolence."

The priest personally goes to get the holy water.
I check the holy water again.

Holy water of curse removal.
Quality: High Quality

"Well, this is what we came for."

I receive the bottle of holy water.

"Is that water delicious? Give Firo some too!"
"This is not for drinking. This is Raphtalia's medicine. Is there something wrong with you that requires it too?"
"Yes. Firo is always energetic!"
"Then it is not necessary."

I turn to the priest while Firo has a question mark floating above her head.

"I am grateful. Later, please say the same to that sister at the Hourglass of the Dragon's era. That person is trying to make a fool of me."
"I understand. They are shameful displays unworthy of a person of faith."
".....I see. Well, Good-bye"
"Thank the guidance of God."

I feel that the priest is a pretty good person.
This country would be a better place if there are more people like him.
I leave the church with thankful kind of impression.

"Ah! There you are!"

For some reason Itsuki, Ren, and their followers run up to us after we leave the church.
What do these guys want.
Everyone is gathering in the castle town, what kind of situation is this.
This time Itsuki isn't wearing low quality equipment, he is wearing all high quality equipment.
Itsuki is looking at me with displeasure and speaks first.

"You thief! You stole the achievements and rewards of my work"

Why would I steal Itsuki's reward?

"Me too. The request that was meant for me was taken by you."

Ren is also denouncing me.
I don't know what they are talking about. That village with the plague that I helped may have requested help from them.

"I may have taken Ren's job, but I don't know about Itsuki."
"Are you playing dumb?"
"I just said I didn't know."
"Wait wait. Even if Naofumi does not confess, I want to talk first."
"Don't talk as if i am a criminal."
"Did master do something?"
"I did not do anything! At least nothing that I remember!"

While soothing Raphtalia and Firo, I glare at Itsuki and Ren.

"Anyway, explain the situation."
"Then I'll start"

Itsuki started explaining his circumstances to me.
It seems Itsuki received a request to investigate and if necessary exterminate feudal lords causing problems in the northern area. The fellow dressed in armour that stood out was his companion and went to receive the reward from the guild that requested his help.
However, it was said that the reward of the request that the Hero of the Bow was already paid, and Itsuki concluded that the only person to do something like that was me.

"You know, Shogun-sama...... While you are hiding in the shadows and defeating evil, never revealing your true nature people won't know who did what. I know revealing you are a hero is your hobby but there are many rumours going around."
"Sho-Shogun!? Wh-What are you talking about!?"
"Placing a sword on your waist and pretending to be an adventurer. Shogun-sama."

Itsuki seems to remember and starts shouting at me. Yup, that's the attitude toward requests that is giving Itsuki a problem in the first place.
No one will identify you as the Hero of the Bow with that kind of appearance.
Because of that, your achievements by the country has become either the Hero of the sword's or Hero of the spear's.

Why the hell am I actually evaluating something like this, it's meaningless.
Being a secretive hero judging evil is cool, but it is not recognized by the world.
While I am still an university student, I understand that appearances are necessary for society to acknowledge you.
If somebody wants to take Itsuki's recognition for his job all he has to do is announce he is the one who did it.
I mean that kind of hero will exterminate evil because he wants to, not for money or fame.
......It's a painful topic. In the sense of being a Saint.

"Did you resolve the request as the Hero of the Bow? It is only in the town where the tax is high did I hear it was you. And at that time it was because I was there."
"Because I was keeping it a secret."
"Then, to confirm. Is the Adventurer with the bow in the Resistance of the north country you?"
"Yes that was me! I subjugated the tyrant king with the Resistance."
"..... do you know what happened to the country after that?"
"The bad king was overthrown, it should be prospering."
"No it's not! They have become so starved they have bartering for food to smuggle in!"
"No way! Why!?"
"You know, the king may have been bad, but the whole country was originally going through a famine. As for the country, all that changed was it's head."
"That has nothing to do with me. Please do not shift the problem!"

Sigh......Irresponsible......Worry about it a little.

"Then let's reset the story. Did your subordinate go get the reward? Can your subordinate explain the situation?"
"Yes he did! Explain! Explain it!"
"The guild? Is there anything that proves your subordinate isn't the one that accepted the reward?"
"That.....There's a deed. I showed a deed with the king's direct seal stamped on it."

Itsuki declares with a face full of conviction.
What are you saying?

"It is a deed made with special techniques! It is impossible to counterfeit easily."
"Then there is no way for me to get it."
(Tl note: Shocking truth!)

It seems something clicked in Itsuki's head.

"Th-Then the weapon!"

Are you that desperate for an excuse?...... It seems you want to pin it on me no matter what.

"It is a Hero-only privilege to be able to change the form of your weapon. You changed your shield to look similar to a bow, and somehow forged another deed."
"Is that so? Well all that is possible in this world."
"Yes that's it, do you have any evidence to prove otherwise?"
"What's up?"
"Return to your true form"

Firo changed to her true form.
At that time, Firo's one piece disappears and what's left of it becomes the collar. I point at the collar.

"Do you understand? This is a world where something like that can be made. There may be a tool which changes shape into a bow.
So it is possible for other heroes besides me."
"Give it up Itsuki, with the present conditions and lack of evidence we cannot conclude that Naofumi was the criminal."

Ren stepped in-front of Itsuki before he tried to accuse me again.

"In the first place, did you ask the appearance of the fellow who took your achievement?"

Itsuki ambiguously tries to answer Ren's question.

"Then give it up. Make yourself known as a hero more. Next is me."
"Is this the matter of the epidemic in the east?"
"If you understand then this will be quick. Why did you steal it?"
"It was because I was in the area. Did you not know? The corpse of the dragon you defeated was causing a plague."

Ren was at a loss for words and just stood there.
He didn't know? I thought he was a more cold hearted person.

"A lot of people were dying. There was a bran-new graveyard behind the storage facility. There would have been even more if I wasn't there."
"No way......"

With tottering steps Ren tries to head east.

"Wait you don't have time to go now. The wave is soon"
"But, this is my responsibility-"
"I already removed the corpse of the dragon. The locals and the Treatment master took care of the plague. I did steal your request though."
"Is that so......Well it can't be helped."

Ren's complexion is pale.

"You believe that!?"

Itsuki calls out to Ren with a perplexed expression.

"He has no reason to lie. Besides, the request was cancelled because it was solved. That means it is not wrong."
"I was surprised when the dragon's corpse became a Zombie Dragon. Raphtalia received the curse at that time when fighting it."

I did not lie. But, it was my fault.

"Oh, is that why you came out of the church?"

Ren looks at Raphtalia and sees the bandages as his answer.

"I hope it heals quickly."

......This is unexpected. I thought Ren was a cold-blooded guy, but he seems to be weak to problems he caused himself.
They say that weakness is evil though.

"Why did you leave the dragon's corpse there?"
"Because...... my companion wanted to give the materials to the other adventurers."

Come to think of it, the village did say they were raking it in.

"I left it to the adventurers and the village. but......"
"Next time make sure to dispose of the corpse neatly. Corpses will rot. There is danger of causing sickness when rotting. Disposing of entrails and meat are the highest priority."

This is somewhat anti-climactic.
Still I said nothing about the village.
To think that it was their own fault.....well this was the consequence of their own deeds.

"I do not believe it."

Itsuki is more persistent than Ren.

"I will absolutely bring evidence."
"Sure, bring it. However, do not fabricate it. Were you saying that you found the criminal as the Hero of the Shield? Don't interrogate too closely. You know my rumours"
"......What do you mean?"
"Because after a thief attacked me and I retaliated, he went to a town and declared that I robbed him."
"It's the same for you. Shogun-sama. I hope you think about it carefully."

Itsuki seems to feel pity for me from that rumour, his glance makes me feel sick.
Why are you looking at me with such eyes.

"For now let's put this matter on hold."
"I am fine with that, I am not a criminal."

Seriously, I hate false accusations!
Don't just attribute anything bad to me!
Itsuki left in an irritating manner, and Ren seemed to be unsettled as he left.

"Oh well, should we go?"

Today was an unlucky day. There were various experiences.
After all, this is castle town under the jurisdiction of that trash king, so there is no way they won't be biased.
Let's quickly return to the hotel.

Chapter 49: Applicants

The day was over so we decided to go to a hotel and give Raphtalia treatment.
We re-dressed Raphtalia's wounds by soaking the bandages in the holy water I bought.
After the bandages have been applied, black smoke starts to rise from the wound.

"Are you okay?"
"Y-yes. There's a feeling of stiffness leaving the body, and it's also quite itchy."
"I see......"

I want to heal her as fast as possible. Because I injured her.
The black bruise seems to have gotten lighter.

"The place Naofumi-sama wounded is healing quickly."
"That's good"

I want you to recover as soon as possible.  
Shield Hero Wa Oneechan Is So Sly Lovey Dovey With by laclongquan

"Ah, Raphtalia onee-chan is sly, stop flirting with master."

Although Firo says that, she was clinging to me throughout the treatment.

"I am not flirting!"
"That's right, all I'm doing is treating Raphtalia's wounds."

Raphtalia and I flirting...... A dead concept? Oh well. Where did you learn something like that, Raphtalia and I aren't in that kind of relationship.
<ref>Tl note: dead language 俺とラフタリアがイチャイチャ……死語か? A little confused on dead language...... Google just gives me a bunch of old dudes.-ed- Temporary change to dead concept</ref>

"Raphtalia Onee-chan's back is black."
"Please don't say such things"

These two get along quite well.

"Well, the wave is coming soon so just relax"
"That's right. We have been quite busy recently, relaxing occasionally is not bad."
"Master, when are you going to make food?"
"Let's see...... How about tomorrow?"

In this way, while giving Raphtalia treatment, we slept at the inn.

The next day.
The equipment I asked the old man to make hasn't been finished yet.
There's nothing particularly important to do, it might be a good idea to show up at the magic shop or the pharmacy.
Or should I go to the dressmaking shop and look?

"Now then, what should we do today?"
"Let's see......"
"Yes Yes. I know."

As for recovery medicine I have already prepared a lot in between the waves......
Because Raphtalia and Firo have already hit their Level limit only I need to get levels.
It might be a waste, but it would be fine to take a rest for a while.
Raphtalia's wounds aren't completely healed either.

"Should I go get more holy water?"
"Eh? There's still some left"
"Is this enough for a complete recovery?"

Although the blackness has faded a bit, it is still far from a comeplete recovery. What is left leaves me uneasy.
The effect won't be as potent if holy water is not changed every day, at this rate there will still be some damage left when the wave hit.

"I sincerely apologize."
"It is a wound I gave myself. Don't worry about it."
"Then, let's go to the pharmacy shop, we can get food after."

Raphtalia and Firo nodded, we left our baggage at the inn and headed out.

When we got to the pharmacy, the storekeeper's attitude did not change as he welcomed me.

"It's been a while"

I answer the storekeeper's first question.

"Ah, the intermediate recipe book was received and put to good use."
"I see......"

Looking at the medicine handled, I am not up to par yet.

"That reminds me, my old friend the accessory merchant seems to be your acquaintance."

I was surprised at the connection with an unexpected person.

"How did you get so friendly with that miser? He praised you highly."
"You two are acquainted?"
"We knew each other since the old days. That guy, he had an aptitude for using partial medical herbs to make treatment medicine."

Back then, that guy knew I was making middle class treatment medicine from smell alone!?
Accessory merchant. What kind of person are you?  I cannot fathom what else he might be hiding......

"Hm...... Are you still peddling?"

The storekeeper seems to have heard about me peddling from an acquaintance in Forest village.

"That guy was riding with us in the carriage when a thief group that was after him appeared."
"I don't think that guy would have been very happy about it."

I don't understand. Accessory merchant, are you some kind of celebrity?

"Ah, where was I? Oh right, after we captured the whole group, I stripped them of all possessions, and confiscated everything from their hideout."

The store keep was silent, put a his hand on his forehead and nodded. <ref> Imagine a facepalm here. </ref>

"That certainly does seem like you. Indeed, that fellow is also capable of something like that."
"Afterwards he taught me a lot of things."
"Oh, he was praising you  as a quick learner, and said you were his successor in commercial spirit."
"Please leave me alone"

I went peddling for equipment fee. The true purpose was not for money.

"So, what did you need today?"
"Ah, do you have any High Class Recipes to sell?"

The storekeeper stops mixing.

"......That's fast, although I think you are not ready yet"
"Yeah, there is also medicine that is not on a recipe that I can make too."

Strong Acid water, Magical power water, and Soul Medicine water, can't be made yet.
There has been no need for these yet, but it is possible to acquire the rare materials through a distribution route learnt from the accessory merchant.

"But...... I was not able to save people with the medicine I made. Fortunately, the healer at the village made Higher Class medicine. I felt inadequate in terms of ability."

The store keeper is convinced with my reply and nods.

"I see...... But it is still too early for a High Class recipe."
"Is it that difficult.....?"
"There are a lot of applications to medicine in Middle class recipes. Besides, there are other things you can make without a recipe."

Is it the materials necessary for compounding? Certainly it can't be that bad......

"I can still sell a High Recipe book though, but it will be expensive."
"How much."
"It's 500 silver coins. It cannot be lowered any further."

I understand that I am getting a good deal.
Learning about medicine, I'm sure there are organizations and companies that are willing to teach, I can also imagine guilds trading information.
But if I learn from somewhere there will be pressure to help them, but a recipe book will save me the trouble.

"I'll take it."

I obediently hand over 500 silver.

"Hmm......next is this"

I received a book called [Poisonous plants and Poison recipes].
I am slow but I am able to read the letters of this world, to some extent.

"Recipes for poison?"
"It is impossible to avoid it when trying to be familiar with medicine. Those, are intermediate recipes."

I skim through it. It contains a simple anaesthesia and other such drugs.
This looks difficult. It won't hurt to learn it though, and learning the High Class recipes are out of my reach at the moment

"Thanks. Do you have beginner class recipes such as the heal pill and regular medicine?"

The storekeeper of the pharmacy almost did a splendid fall.

"......You were making middle class medicine without even knowing the fundamentals?"
"I saw what you were making and remembered."
"Are you a boy from a temple who can't read.....?"

Those words are a proverb from Japan. The shield is probably translating the corresponding phrase from this world.
The shop keeper sighs and fluently writes something onto parchment.

"I wrote the basics of the beginner's class on this. Remember it."

When we left Firo was already outside because she disliked the smell from the medicine, and Raphtalia was looking at medical herbs.

"Hero of the Shield-sama!"

I hear an unfamiliar voice after leaving the pharmacy.
There were 5, 14-year-old kids dressed as soldiers who were out of breath.
I start escaping at once. Raphtalia and Firo also start running. There are too many scenarios in my mind.

"Please wait! We are not here to capture you! Please Wait!"
"Then what do you want!"
"I only want to talk for a little!"

......Doubtful.....Let's stop for now.
If it is a lie, should I let Firo rampage?

"Haa.....Haa..... At last I can finally meet you"

The boy's shoulders are heaving while he gasps for breath.

"What do you want with me?"
"Umm. Can you please let me go along with you during the waves......?
"Come again?"

What are you saying? I look at the boy with a puzzled expression.

"We are junior soldiers who are impressed with the fighting method of the Hero of the Shield-sama during the earlier wave."

The boy's story is like this.
During the previous wave, the low rank soldiers were impressed by the appearance of Raphtalia and I who were the only ones to stay behind and protect Forest Village.
It seems the Knight's Order was complimenting me after the wave, and my stories seems to have spread quietly behind the scenes with gossip.
<ref>tl note: 水面下での輪が広がったそうだ Is under the water something whispers of his deeds? -ed- Tempo change until I can find better expression. </ref>

"During town patrol I heard that the Hero of the shield was here in town so I came over to have this conversation"
"Our duty is to fight against the wave, but our top priority is to prevent damage done to the people."

That's a noble thought. Though you should be telling the other heroes that.

"Therefore, please..... Let us participate together with Hero-sama during the wave."
"I do not particularly want to fight against the wave, can't we just fight separately?"

There is a backside to this proposal.
Perhaps,with soldiers and knights more active in fighting the wave security would be better.
Their position will also rise due to actively participating as a companion of a hero.
However, the Hero would also have to fight in the wave. I replied with sarcasm.
There is status magic that requires companions. Perhaps, I can test this during one of the waves.
Using this and establishing a party to fight the wave, it should probably be correct.

If anything, it may be something like offensive and defensive battles with guilds in a net game.
The enemies are not human, but mistakes can be made.
It would be extremely rash to fight alone against such a large amount of demons.
A Hero is probably carrying the duty of defeating the boss class demons because they are the aces...... but the small fries should be able to be dealt with by the inhabitants of this world.

The last wave proves it.
Because the wave spawned near the Forest village which was close to the castle town, the knight were able to rush there, but what about this time.
This country is big. It would be catastrophic if the wave appeared somewhere far-off.
Once that happens, the damage could not be suppressed with such a small group of people.
Well, a standard strategy in fighting against the wave is the proposal I gave the boy, I want to hear his answer.
Did he come to me because there would be little competition compared to the other heroes?

"We want to protect the nation along with Hero of the Shield-sama."

On the surface I can say anything.

"Are you aiming for promotions?"
"No this is different."

The boy shakes his head and answers immediately. I beckon another boy who looks like a magician to me.
The robes he was wearing wasn't purple like the magic shop, but a cheap yellow colour.
They lined up in-front of me and bowed.

"I.....am a native from Forest Village. My family was helped by Hero of the Shield-sama before.....Therefore I want to help, even if only a little."
"Aah, I see."

This fellow wants to repay the kindness of helping his family?

"As Hero-sama says there are certainly people who want promotions. But, I want to help Hero of the Shield-sama"
"I see, well I was just curious......hm?"

The boy in the wizard clothes looks up, pulls up his robe, and gives me a quill pen.

".....Please sign"

There might be a catch. Do I write Motoyasu in Japanese?
When I look closely, this child is a Demi-human.
Even in this country of human supremacy, when it comes to soldiers there was room for demi-humans.
Comparing his age and the cheap costume with the wizards and knights, he should be at a low level.

I silently write my signature on his robe according to the wish of the boy, while preparing for any magic. There is no strange feelings or magic effects after I signed.
Well it does not mean that nothing will happen later.  You can disregard what I said later.
<ref>Tl note: Breaking the fourth wall? 後から何を言われようと無視を決め込めば良い。</ref>
The boy with the wizard clothes smiles happily with a slightly red face.
What is this? It is itchy. <ref> For readers who dont know, that good feeling, or anything of that sort, is described as itchy. From love to friendship. As expected of Japanese, neh?</ref>

"This fellow, is a fan of Hero of the Shield-sama. From a long time ago, he heard traditions of heroes from different countries and wanted to meet the Hero of the Shield."

This party seems to extremely trust us and want to help.
This boy is not talking, but people from the village of Toka who was saved during peddling gathered with the same thought.
Well, should I try it?
I turn to the boy captain in front and muttered the party formation magic.
As for the conditions of the party, party leader is me followed by Raphtalia and then Firo.
Under that, the captain of the squad was given authority.
As for this party, my authority takes precedence. In other words, it is possible to steal all the experience points.

"This is......"
"You don't know?"  
"If you are not in the party, go ask that fellow, and go gather any other people who want to participate. However, do not misunderstand. If you try to use me, or something impolite is done, I am dismissing you all immediately."
"Yes! Thank you very much!"

The two saluted me and left together.
I think that even in this country i can trust a little.
It was only a moment where I felt that.
Of course, I will not forgive (them) if anything happens, as said before.
<ref>Tl note: Allais? 無論、言った通り何かアレば容赦はしないが。-ed- pray like hell I do it right. </ref>

Chapter 50: Before the Storm

"Lad. Your armour is not ready yet. If you are here to use the kitchen, I would like to ask you to refrain."
"Why? I thought you gave me permission a while ago."
"If you want to use my kitchen, some compensation is required."

After separating from the child soldiers, we stopped by the market to purchase large quantities of food.
Then we proceed to impose on our handy equipment store acquaintance, and start cooking up a storm.
Is this food not my sincerity and gratitude to equipment store for providing cheap weapon and armour?

"Food! Food!"

For a while now Firo has been consuming the roast meat and skewers that I have been making.

"This smells great! Everyone who entered the shop was tempted by the smell, I went and checked when they left, and they all went to the market to buy food."

Raphtalia brings the old man some food while he is making my armour at the counter.

"Furthermore, some idiot stole some food from the dish the missy brought me, how did you produce such a taste! There is a crazy commotion since a while ago."
"Just kick the guy who stole food out."
"The guy who stole food was generous and bought a weapon. Lad, with you here my sales record for the month is going through the roof."
"That's good. Take it as my thanks to you."
"Alright. Not!  This isn't some restaurant, it's an equipment store!"

For an equipment shop, you sure have a lot of additional pots and quite a big pan.
Thanks to that I am borrowing a cauldron to make this world's unique curry.


An aunt from the neighbourhood peeks through the ventilation window. Along with several other adventurer like guys.
I close the ventilation window with a bang.
The smell drifts to the front of the equipment shop.


I hear the old man's shout.
After the curry was completed, we were evicted from the old man's kitchen, and thus end our cooking session for Firo.
Firo still seems dissatisfied and wants to eat more. There is only half of the contents in the pot left.
Due to the pot left behind , the equipment shop later had a rumour about it having absurdly delicious food, but that is a story for later.

"Master, Firo wants to eat more food~"

I bought some skewers for Firo who puffed her cheeks with a dissatisfied expression, while wandering the town looking for cheap food.

"Hmm, should we just go make something by the riverside?"
"Meat again?"
"Yeah, you're getting tired of it?"
"I will not get tired of anything Master makes~"
"Sure sure"

We head back to the equipment shop to borrow an iron plate, which Firo carried.
Well, we will probably become familiar with this place since we will barbecue here in the future too.
I buy the proper materials and start barbecuing by the riverbank.
Firo is concerned about insufficient meat so she went to the forest to horde Usapirus
<ref>tl note: RIP poor Usapiru population. -ED NOTE- If the trio doesnt base in another place soon this region is sooooo going out of Usapiru.</ref>
We had to barbecue for a while until Firo was satisfied, and started discussing about what to do next.

"This is the first time we took it easy"
"Now that you bring it up, yeah it is"

Everyday in this abnormal world has been a battle, so now looking up to the blue sky gives off a very peaceful feeling.
Makes one forget about the wave of disaster that is only a few days away.
Unexpectedly, Raphtalia plays with the ball that I purchased for her a while go

"Isn't that...... the ball that I bought for you?"

Raphtalia smiles when I point at the ball.

"So you remember!"

I thought she lost it a while ago, to think she still had it.

"This is the first thing that Naofumi-sama gave me."
"You were looking at it so wistfully that anyone would have bought it."
"I don't think so."

After Firo cleaned up the rest of the barbecue she turned around.

"Onee-chan what are you talking about?"
"It's just something that happened before Firo was born."

I watch the ball bouncing around.
It looks worn out and some parts are torn. Perhaps, Raphtalia was playing with the ball while I wasn't looking.

"Do you want me to buy you a new one?"

It's not an expensive item. If playing with balls is Raphtalia's hobby, then for the sake of her relaxation I would buy more.
<ref>Tl note:PFT anyone got a better translation? because this is too lewd.ボールで遊ぶのが趣味ならラフタリアの息抜きの為に買っても良いとは思う。-ED- IF any reader complain about dirty joke in Japanese Light Novel I will tsukkomi their head. JLN without dirty jokes is useless JLN.</ref>

"No, that is not necessary because this is my memento."
"I don't get it, but......"

If she wants to treat it as a cherished memory then I will not question it.

"Do you want to play together?"

Raphtalia looks at me in shock.

"What's wrong?"
"No......I just didn't think Naofumi-sama is someone who wants to play with balls."
"Well...... It was unavoidable I would seem someone who looks like that. Though today would be a good day to take it easy and play."

Can we play volleyball with only the two of us? Well, there is always passing the ball back and forth without dropping it.
The ball is thrown at me and I raise my hands to return it to Raphtalia.
This is unexpectedly difficult...... Back then I barely ever played beach volleyball.
shield hero firo raphtalia I wont give master to y by laclongquan

"Master and Raphtalia onee-chan are playing! Firo wants to play too!"

The bird finished her meal and started making a commotion while we were tossing the ball back and forth.

"If you want to play make sure to control your power and not destroy the ball."

Raphtalia tosses the ball very happily.
Even though her body is grown up she is still a child.

"When the wave is over I'm thinking of going to another country to Class up"
"Okay. I will follow you everywhere."
"Firo too~"

The ball flies from Raphtalia to Firo and then finally me.


The ball flew behind Raphtalia and is about to fall to the ground.


The ball was skilfully hit towards Firo with her tail. <ref> I will use this opportunity to remind readers that Raphtalia has dog-like features, complete with ears and tail. Thus we call her Tanuki.</ref>

"Wa...... Firo too"

Firo hits the ball with the wings on her back.
You guys...... Don't use parts that common human beings don't have.


I wonder what. This game is becoming one with strange conditions.
It can't be helped.

"Air Strike Shield!"

The ball is bounced back by a shield that appears in the air.

"Ah that's dirty!"
"It's not!"

Seriously......This is child's play.
As a result of the cool down time I lost. Afterwards we just played volleyball normally.

"Well, what should we do now?"

It will be essential for Raphtalia to become stronger from Class up.
Additionally, whenever a wave appears I am summoned. In the meantime, I should work on leveling up and earning money in a different country.

"We still have time. Raphtalia, Firo. Are there any accessories that you want?"
"Ah I can craft some so I was wondering if you two wanted any."

From a while ago I already decided to reward Raphtalia and Firo because of their hard work.

"Raphtalia, you're at the age where you want something like that right?"
"Firo too!"
"I understand. Now tell me what you two want."

Raphtalia seems to be dumbfounded.
Is this such a rare occurrence?

"Uhmm Firo wants a hairpin"

Firo wants a hairpin huh...... That's surprising since I expected her to want a saddle or some reins.

"Hairpin? why?"
"Because it won't dig into my skin after I transform."

You still mind that? Well perhaps something to stick on her head would be good.
I guess it is appropriate considering how old Firo looks.

"Raphtalia what do you want?"
"Me? Let's see......"

Raphtalia thinks for a while before answering.

"I want a bracelet. Granting an effect is important. It will be useless if there is no meaning."
"Naofumi-sama an item that can raise my abilities would be preferable."

I wonder what. My mind seems to have trouble understanding Raphtalia's answer.
A bracelet that gives an effect. I thought she would have wanted rings,  earrings, or a necklace.
Is my brain just bad?

"O-okay. I'll make it properly"
"Firo too~"
"Yeah yeah"

We played at the grassy plain till the end of the day, and then returned to the hotel to prepare for the wave.
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