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Source: Sevens Author: Wai Translator: yoraikun Synopsis: To be written later Compilation of volumes for ease of reading. Although, it's compiled in 5/10/2015 so any changes yoraikun made after that date wont get in.
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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? So I am a spider, what about it?Current English Translator: German Indonesian Although I can not vouch for the quality of German and Indo versions. Short Preview Author : Baba Okina The cruel world where the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other. The grand magic from the Hero and the Demon King cross over worlds and exploded in the classroom of a certain high school. The students who died in the expl
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- Bearing replica of Heroes' weapons, Pope of Three Heroes Church schemes, An unexpectedly hard enemy, he require all-out efforts from all heroes - The MT translator of these chapters, Bakahou, express interest in operating a blog page of his own to post chapter and edits. As such, in a gesture to support his decision, I will temporarily halt these edits of mine, so that there's no conflict between two efforts. I will offer my suggestions to Bakahou on his wordpress site, so that the edits will keep coming. We shall see what future bring. (Clarification: After 71, of course. From 72 onward, please check his site)  http://bakahou.wor
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Thanks! Got chapter 1, 2, 3 of Goodbye Dragonlife, Here come Humanlife. I am holding off on posting it because i am STILL trying to find a complete illustration set for it.
Well, apparently you know about TFS? So i guess maybe i was right. And the way you write it. It was like 9000 AH!!!!!
If you gain something thats it. That is bad. little or big is the same. 
Even if is not money is the same too. For example if you was proud or something you already gain that. But it was not your work. That is the problem. It is like stealing happiness.
But everyone make mistakes. I, you and everyone, so whatever.
...Your picture is really lame...only saying.
Boyo, I will have you know that Grampy Bones is extremely pissed with your disrespect. He grumble "Kid this days, need some spanking, before allow talking, chattering but know nothing" nonstop for a while now. I advise you to stop talking before Grampy Bones get mad. It aint pretty sight.
...I was not talking about your avatar. You are who dont know what are you saying. 
I was talking about the picture of the pope being killed up there and not because of the picture itself (is actually very cool), but because you made a spoiler there.
That picture is of the next chapter. not 71 or 70, or 69, only saying because you put that picture way before it happen. i saw it. Well, i know Shieldbro was going to win, but it was not that satisfaying. Happness killer.
Boyo, jajaajaja
Grampy Bones mutter about ungrateful kid insist on looking gift horse in the mouth. It's not as if there's any more illustrations associated with this fight. And it's not as if the fate of Pope is in any doubt.
I must say I agree with Gramp about this. Since I stop doing beyond 71, it make no sense to me save that picture until approriate scene... Not that I would change its location otherwise, since top of the page is headline, the place that grasp the essence of the whole content.
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And that is why you quit about donations, right?, because you know it was to much. But i saw how you get at least 13 dollars of the original 9000 dollars you wanted.
Its 9000 for Team Four Stars, right?, really funny.
You have those 13 dollars?
If you actually get them...this is a dangerous place, and without an administrator or at least a good one. I feel bad for this site.