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The Animorphs - lineup



Did this a while ago, but I sort of forgot about uploading it here, woops. Deviantart is typically where I upload 'finished' stuff, or at least things I view as decent. This I still look at as a sketch. OH WELL, WHATEVER. PUTTING THIS HERE.

Animorphs lineup! Height differences! Idiot teenagers with a death wish! Obviously pre-fateful-encounter-with-an-Andalite. Oh and Cassie gets scuffed up arms because she is a farm/vet girl and even with the morphing healing she has /got/ to have new scratches on a daily basis. Just saying. I mean, I work in a petstore and I get scratched pretty good myself, even when doing general cleaning/maintenance. So I'm just applying that logic here.

I've been doing a bit of reading over fan stuff (scripts, show ideas, racebending) too, and honestly, I think I might do another line-up based on some of that. So maybe more soon, haha. I have more Animorphs-centric sketches on my tumblr. I'll get around to posting a big animorphs dump to DA once I've gathered enough stuff though.
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