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On steampunk wings

Oil on Board, 18"x24"

My first foray, if you will, into the wondrous world of steampunk. I adore the aesthetic, and really like it when it's not all goggles and air ships.

Even though I did the sketch for this painting sometime back during the summer, I only just recently got around to working on it. It felt amazing to be painting again, but I know I have SO much I need to work on after a couple years of slacking. Backgrounds especially. ;) They should, you know, exist.
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loe the unique design
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Journal feature here : [link]
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This is soooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!, the drawing and painting is amazing, should be in a gallery, honestly she should be!!!!!
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this is amazing!!!!!!!, gorgeous painting and drawing, should be in a gallery!, honestly
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I really like this.
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Lovely choice of colours for this!
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Love that angel wing.
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Your picture is wonferful! I was wondering, I'm bulding a forum on steam punk, and we're looking for avatars who can fit the style, and this picture this would be perfect for that. So i'm asking if we can use this picture for our website for an avatar? We gonna say that you are the creator of this picture, and put a like to your deviantart page. But we are poor and we can't pay you X) So, give me your opinion, and I hope you'll say yes!


N.B. I,m french, so my english is not wonderful X) And the forum is : . It's all in french, so probably you wont understand.
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Thank you for your appreciation and interest in my painting. While I'm very glad you asked for my permission instead of simply taking my art, I'm afraid I must say no. I too am poor, and can't give away what I sell to others. I hope you are not too disappointed and understand why I have to tell you no! Good luck with your forum!

(aussi, mon francais est tres mauvaise, mais je peux le lire pas mal.) ;)
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It's okay! We understand! No problem and good luck! BONNE CHANCE XD
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Those are the coolest steampunk wings I have ever seen. Ever.
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Hello, you have been featured here:[link]
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Such a beautiful design :] And practical
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I really like the design - very well done!
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I like the blue shade -my fav color-, but besides this, those strange wings make this piece different; original.
Great work, i like those wings a lot
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