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By Lachtaube
New *Two new tokos!
I finished these designs quite some time ago. I want to use the lilac for the Machine but I spent so long on his design I can't bring myself to trash it ;;
What you are offering on here are both the tokota geno and the design provided for it. You are not required to use the design, but you are still paying for it along with the geno!
You may make any changes you wish to the designs provided -- they're yours once you pay for them!
These tokotas have not yet gone through DC, and I cannot guarantee their approval on the first try.
I can provide any necessary corrections if needed, just note me with a link to your stash file with the admin's correction comment.
Full genotype and proof can be found in each stash file. I even took the liberty of filling out the form for you ;D
(You cannot submit these stash files to DC, they simply won't be accepted!)

If you bid, bid with the intent to follow through! You must be able to provide payment within 24 hours of winning notice.
Arrow leftIn the case of auctions, you absolutely may not edit or hide your bids because it is extremely unfair to the other bidders D; Arrow right
(Everyone can see that they are hidden and I also periodically check the threads through the day, which means I can see who bids what/when and also who hides them!)
If you are caught hiding or editing bids, you will be blacklisted. I'm sorry to be so harsh but I am so tired of people doing this, it fumbles the auction for everyone involved.

Soft Purple Aurora

Genotype: ee/Aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/nG/nCr/nPng/SblSbl/nFl/nWl/LL
Phenotype: Marked collared greying cream sable lilac brown with accents, pangare, flecking and wolverine


Not an auction. Looking at all offers except OC trades!
Offer anything but be specific, or I may disregard your offer, please. (e.g. If offering AR, please specify how many.)


Drogo red Bloodmarked 50%

Genotype: ee/AA/TT/MM/nC/AA/nPng
Phenotype: Bloodmark marked collared tawny with accents and pangare


This is a USD Auction.
SB: $10
MI: $2
AB: $75
Ends 24 hours after last bid

© 2016 - 2021 Lachtaube
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she came out so nice T^T your designs are always so beautiful
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You are very kind, thank you qwq
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Bid here for:
BloodmarkDire by Lachtaube
SB: $10
MI: $2
AB: $75
Closes 24 hours after last bid

Dunrosiel, rylanbean -- Due to extraneous circumstances, this auction needed to be reset out of fairness to you guys! I apologize for the inconvenience. Please note: of course neither of you are at all obligated to bid again, I just thought I would let you two know directly as you both had bids in on the previous thread <3 (Also this auction is open to everyone.)
Do not hide or edit your bid(s).
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Offer here for:
Purplelilacbrownwolv by Lachtaube
Looking at all offers except OC trades!
Offer anything but be specific, or I may disregard your offer, please. (e.g. If offering AR, please specify how many.)
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2 RoD sets and 6 AR
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Hey there! Thank you so much for your offer, but I've decided to go for another !;u;
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$15 and

x90 HP token
x2 Trait tokens
x1 Soul Pool Water
x3 Fertility Supplements
x2 Inukshuk Talisman
x1 Lovebird
x1 Reindeer
x2 Sikrinerk Stones
x2 Small Item
x1 Crafted Lantern

And anything else you may put your eye on, but I tried to list out the "valuable stuff":…
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I'd like to accept this offer as-is! I won't go cleaning out your bank, don't sweat about anything extra ;v;
My paypal is, I'll go ahead and transfer the geno over and upload the psd and note it to you when that comes through! <3
ellusively's avatar
ellusively's avatar
Sounds great! I'm sending it now, and will need a min to get over to tokotna, but when I'm done - can you send the geno and the design to SeaCrest-Star :D
Lachtaube's avatar
:heart: Would love you. You're a great friend! ;u;
Geno proof:…
And design has been sent to SC ;D
ellusively's avatar
<3 <3

Thank you so much!! :D
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Comment here to offer anything for:
GreyingBrownPangare by Lachtaube
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I don't know much about pricing, I would suggest 5 USD. Please let me know if that is wayy off :) 
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Hey, sorry for the long wait! If you're still interested, I'll accept that offer ^^ Just wanted to check and make sure as it's been a while~
VampireMessageNinja's avatar
Oh absolutely, thank you!
Let me know where to send the money to <3
VampireMessageNinja's avatar
Money sent <3
Please give me 1-2 days to download the PSD, I will let you know when I have done so :) 
Lachtaube's avatar
Got it, thank you kindly! Here's your geno:…
And I'll send you a note to the design, and will def leave it up for a few days <3
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