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Robin - Winter Medallion by Lachtaube
[Dec 1 - April 30: Winter - Silver] | [May 1 - Nov 30: Summer  - Red ... Still waiting, though.]

-- I'm giving everything I got,
-- God knows I know it's not a lot,
-- I'm headed somewhere but I don't - know - where - just yet.
-- I've still got something left to prove,
-- Prove that there's nothing I won't do,
-- Do what it takes so I can bring - you - back - again.

WILD, Back To You

A L L . M Y . L I F E , . Y O U ' R E . T H E . O N E . T H I N G . T H A T ' S . A L W A Y S . B E E N . R E A L

» Name: Robin
» Nicknames: Cheeks, Red
» Age: Adult (6 Years) | Birthday: October 27 '15
» Gender: Female
» Height: 31"
» Weight: 74 lbs
» Build: Very small and compact, not particularly muscular, dense bones. Appears pudgy due to excess skin and dense fur. Built for climbing, not running or fighting. Rounded and triangular features with very soft, dense fur; wide-set ears, stout shoulders and heavy paws.
» Accessories: 
       || x1 Hawk Feather -- Stolen from Riverfell
       || x1 Magpie Feather -- Stolen from Riverfell
           (Feathers should not be worn on her head. Neck is ok, not behind ear.)
 Territory: None
» Family: Mother - Bronwyn || Father - Deceased - Thallo
       || No Littermates. Many Highvallian cousins on Father's side.
» Rank: None

» Voice: Stagnant and crackling, almost shrunken-sounding, befitting of her small stature, with the slight drawl of wealth and upper-class.
       || Speaking Voice Actress: Christina Ricci [🔊]
       || Singing Voice Actress: Sophia Anne Caruso [♫♪]
» Scent: Mountain meadow with a faint undertone of damp earth.
» Hobbies/Habits: Running away
» Moodboard: "Mistakes were made"
» Soundtrack: "Robin II"

I ' M . G O N N A . F O L L O W . M Y . H E A R T . R I G H T . B A C K . T O . Y O U

Personality: ENTP-T ;; "The Debater" || DiSC: DC ;; Dominance/Conscientiousness

» Socially Devious & Internally Self-Loathing |> Robin often reverts to her puphood antics to try and claw for dominance and the center of attention, despite not actually wanting to be the center of attention any more. The shame of her own personal history hangs from her like a burden, and she copes by living up to what she assumes is everyone else's extremely low expectations of her. She feels out of her skin and out of her element among pack wolves. She often flounders, but keeps her head above water, and does not let anyone else in on how she's actually feeling.

» Conformist |> Robin's main agenda in a pack setting is to be accepted by the highest-ranking wolf around, or the greatest majority of a pack if she does not respect a superior's status. She fears disappointing those around her and will often act immediately to appease someone she respects, without much forethought. Although she generally does not like to try new things, she gives in easily to peer pressure, including believing in superstitions. She was always encouraged by her puphood friends to step out of her comfort zone, which trended toward a lot of rule-breaking. However, Robin's group often got away with trespassing, staying out after curfew, or skipping lessons due to their statuses as 'dominant' pups, and generally poor parenting.

» Judgmental |> Robin has a novella of opinions and assumptions about you even before you open your mouth. She will, however, reserve judgment if a wolf is particularly difficult to read. Whatever they have to hide must be really juicy.

» Impressionable |> In spite of her often unforgiving assessments, Robin is weak to the opinions and tastes of others. She is not consciously aware of it, but she has much to learn from the wolves around her.

» Reserved |> As a juvenile, her developing physical appearance--the reddening of her fur--had made her begin to second-guess both herself and the wolves of her birth-pack. The stigma of her coat color within the pack and her father's accompanying uncertainty about her had sparked a sense of ugly-duckling humility in this young wolf. She does not take to new wolves quickly, projecting her own degree of judgment on them. She is quick to defend herself, but not physically.

» Independent |> Having been alone for so long now, Robin has found comfort in herself and the open world around her. Realizing that she can make it on her own has made her increasingly more cautious around other wolves; she is convinced she needs nothing from others and will reserve what she has to offer from them unless they make the first move. Even then she remains withdrawn and skeptical.

» Imaginative |> As an individual, Robin is easy to fall prey to her own imagination. Enthralled by her own fantasies, she is often caught unawares or with her guard down and is frequently perceived to be dimwitted or slow. She does not believe she is intelligent because no one else around her does. No one ever expected more from her because she was already destined from birth to inherit success. As a result, she spends much of her spare time wrapped up in daydreams and ghost stories. She is in love with the idea of the supernatural and will often fabricate ghost stories to liven up almost any situation. Robin does not truly believe in ghosts or spirits but her insistence of their existence is a hill she's willing to die on. Her so-called 'ghosts' often serve as scapegoats for her to try and weasel out of trouble--even if whoever she's trying to fool doesn't believe her woven ghost stories, they believe that she believes in them, which is often good enough to get off easy.

» Manipulative |> Whether her attempts to steer a wolf's emotions are intentional or not, Robin will play up and milk a situation for all it's worth. She is particularly scheming around youngsters and takes advantage of their newness to the world. It is the best consolation she can manage amidst self-doubts about her own intellect.

» Moral |> At the end of the day, Robin has deep and loving conscience for all living creatures. Her judgment is often clouded by immediate happenstances and the thrill of coming out on top, but she will ruminate on her mistakes. Robin will often feel badly towards another wolf she may have taken advantage of or put down, but she's far too proud to admit it to herself, let alone their face.

Y O U ' R E . T H E . O N E . T H I N G . I . C A N ' T . S T A N D . T O . L O S E

Pre-Group History:

    Robin was born in an undisclosed territory to her mother Bronwyn and father Thallo, a proud high-ranking couple, but the product of an all-but-arranged marriage. When she was born, she was the spitting image of her black and silver mother, with the same light-colored stripes and accents on her legs and around her shoulders. However, as she grew, the patches began to fill in with a reddish-brown color. This recent physical development raised questions from Thallo, as neither parent had red fur in their families as far back as they could remember. However, Robin still emulated her father in every way from speech to habits and interests. Of course Bronwyn denied any allegations of cuckolding her husband. Since there was simply no way for Thallo to know for sure if Robin was truly his daughter or the product of an extramarital affair, the point was moot: he continued to love and raise Robin as his own.

    Robin lived in the lap of luxury as the daughter of well-off wolves, near the apex of a huge pack where skill and talent were scarce, save for the art of the tongue. A high-status wolf could talk his way out of nearly anything. As in any such society, gossip became a favorite past-time. When Robin was old enough to start leaving the den, she was the subject of speculation regarding Bronwyn's loyalty to her mate. Still, Bronwyn insisted that Thallo was Robin's father; eventually the other wolves changed their tunes to instead sing old wives tales about black or white parents whelping red pups. To Thallo and Bronwyn, the pack's superstition was at least a marginal improvement from publicly bastardizing their only pup. Robin was oblivious to the adults' suspicions and rumors--until the other pups began to call her "Red Robin". Thallo, who did not share the pack's superstitions, became very reserved around his daughter when she started asking about the significance of her coloration.

    Robin has little to no knowledge of breeding or heredity, so there is absolutely no question in her mind that the all-white Thallo is her father. But the subject of her coat color continued to weigh heavily on her as it clearly caused tension between her parents and some of the other wolves of the pack. She's sure that if she can only wash out or mask the color, the pressure on her parents might subside. She began to spend a lot of time in and around water, just soaking in it or gently rubbing up against the rocks in the river. She would come home with a meek smile, her fur completely caked in black mud, and her father would drag her back to the river to wash it off. On the last of these trips, Robin finally snapped at his disapproval for her attempts to cover up her reddening fur, to look more like her mother. Bewildered and humbled by her true intentions, Thallo could find no words to respond in the heat of the moment.

Robin ran from his silence until she came across an old loner wolf at the edge of the territory. The wolf told the mud-coated juvenile of a place in the mountains, where the water was magic and could cure any ailment or disability. His stories of grandeur fostered a seed for an idea and a ray of hope for the young wolf, and so she set out alone to cultivate a cure, to find the place he called 'Heyl.'

    When the earthquake that shook the Domain reached Heyl, Robin was in the midst of climbing the western sides of the White Hills in search of the main den site. She was only half a day into her trek through Heyl's territory when the stones began to move beneath her feet. Deftly she clamored to the top of the peak as the marble boulders slid beneath her paws; she threw herself on what she could only hope was solid ground. The tremors finally subsided. It took much longer for the dust to clear, and with tired lungs full of hot air from her sudden burst up the ridge, the winded wolf settled down to rest for the night. Fearful of more earthquakes, she lay out in the open, curled up with only her own tail for shelter. Robin did not get much sleep that night, which left her feeling ever more exhausted and vulnerable than the previous nights on her journey alone across the Domain. More things seem to go bump in the night when your faculties are strained and you can't trust your surroundings...


I ' M . G O N N A . F O L L O W . M Y . H E A R T . B A C K . T O . Y O U

    Shortly before Highvalley disbanded, Robin's mother Bronwyn saw only misery in her daughter now that she was home. They decided it was time to take "home" elsewhere and returned to Bronwyn's birthpack, known only as The Hird. It was here Robin thrived, making friends, enjoying her time as a young wolf and needing to hide nothing about herself. ... So why did she still have this nagging feeling that she was missing something? She decided she needed to further explore her options and set out on her own to return to Highvalley's territory, only to find it completely abandoned. Officially a loner, Robin decided to continue her travels instead of turning back.

I F . I T ' S . T H E . L A S T . T H I N G . I . D O

Group History:
Robin's Group History Tracker (2016 to present)
I S . T H E R E . A . W A Y . B A C K . H O M E ?

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