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Avalik - Tokota Handler

By Lachtaube
Name: Avalik Rupert
Also responds to: Avi (family only), Rupert
Age: 28
Personality: Wary of strangers and is quick to judge, however uninformed. Avalik relishes challenges and is something of a thrill-seeker. She lives on old slasher films and mystery novels for entertainment, despite her fear of blood (for which she is disgusted with and ashamed of herself.) She is a show-off who loves to (try to) prove others wrong; overall, not a terribly likable individual. Her attacks quickly turn callow and personal. Does not keep friends; bar-mates are the equivalent of business associates. She would sooner bend the rules than bend over for someone else.

Olive (dimmer than currently pictured)
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Build: Muscular, features are more square than rounded.
Hair: Brown, faded red ends. She keeps a single strand longer than the rest, brighter red at the tip.
Face: Prominent cheekbones, square chin, thick eyebrows, large/flat forehead, high number of moles/dark spots, her broad nose is always red from the cold. She has a scar leading from below her left eye to upper lip, skips lower lip, and continues on the chin -- a large shrapnel wound from a blown engine prior to her time with Tokotas, but everyone she meets assume it was made by a Tokota. Because let's be real, who doesn't carry gruesome Tokota scars?
Complexion: Light-Medium, orangey tone, some freckles (facial only,) reddens easily
Heritage: Mixed
Wardrobe: Typically wears high-waist sweatpants, outdoor slacks or yoga pants and form-fitting shirts. Prone to wearing suspenders when the elastic gives out. Boots, always. Forearms are sometimes wrapped for support when working. Winter coat is green cotton blend, insulated for warmth. Often wears an orange infinity scarf, even indoors--for comfort.

Orientation: Unknown/Aromantic
Gender ID: Female; she/her (doesn't mind they/them).
Previous Occupation:
 Mechanical Engineer aboard the Interstellar Variable Apogee Network's "System's Reliance" (an IGU.06 craft) of the QRA3.25 region (space.)
Voice: Deep for her size, youthful, occasionally raspy: [Kate Winslet]

Tokota Pack: "Fort IVAN"
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Your OC Avalik looks amazing!


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How do you do the background/size comparison thing? I want to do a reference sheet and I really like the way you did yours. :) I use ArtRage...since I'm too poor to afford Photoshop or PaintTool SAI.
Lachtaube's avatar
I colored a Toki import image a solid color and arranged it in a layer behind my character. I use both Photoshop and Sai, not familiar with ArtRage...sorry!
Lady-Miragon's avatar
Ah, okay. I believe ArtRage can download the imports...hopefully. It can do layers and other stuff, just hope the import works okay. The difference in ArtRage, compared to the other mainstream programs, is the brushes are geared towards creating real world media feeling/effects verses more digital or manga type stuff. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, thanks Lachatube!
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My toko is so much larger than your handler omg
Lachtaube's avatar
She is quite smol 'u'
DemoniczArt's avatar
My tokota is like 185 i die
Katakire's avatar
I totally used the old ref sheet, gotta throw some new clothes on your lady! crap! xD
Lady-Limule's avatar
She looks soo badass !
Calliopius's avatar
I LOVE her squarish build and her hair tied up and ALL SWEATS ALL THE TIME
sealle's avatar
NNNnnnnnnggggg this is just amazing! 

You capture such personality with her, and i just adore her design and how you draw her and Almost! These two are fast becoming one of my favourite duos in Tokotas! :heart:

Also i totally want to know how she gets that hair so neat when up..... my hair is the same length and curl but all it does is frizz and fluff all over the place!
Lachtaube's avatar
AHH wow I'm absolutely flattered! ;w; That means a lot, thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Haha I know what you mean re: hair. XD I'm more partial to topknots, and pieces tend to just fall out in chunks, hence the Martha Washington volume. |'D It's in the process of falling down. I'm convinced hair needs to be far longer than we think it does in order to do stuff with it... Mine's past my shoulders and I still can't get a nice braid that doesn't end in essentially a ponytail at the bottom hair tie. -.-
sealle's avatar
Pffft yep thats pretty much me atm. just long enough to kinda gather 80% of it, but crazy enough that its near impossible to keep it in any neat appearance. 
desertfloraa's avatar
I've loved your handler since seeing you do some of the taming images with her. I love seeing such attitude coming through in the ref as well as all of your art!
Lachtaube's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! ;u; She's my wee little grouch.
desertfloraa's avatar
I always have such a soft spot for grumps. Maybe the fact I love to watch them have a softer/gentler side every once in a while.
Lachtaube's avatar
>w> Blast, you've found out my motives!
nickel-bug's avatar
I love this handler! You always show her character in your drawings!
Lachtaube's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! She's a huge part of why I joined Tokotas, more of a 'main character' than an 'extra' for me ;u;
nickel-bug's avatar
Yeah I had a handler planned out and to revolve the story around her but it never happened XD much similar to my staff in HARPG.... 
babyknuckls's avatar
Very original, love her concept. Makes me wonder where her scar came from, too :D
Lachtaube's avatar
WELL SHOOT, I guess I'll have to include it in her info! (Was a machinery accident aboard the spacecraft she worked on, not from Toko-taming XD)
Thanks so much for your kind words, I'm really happy with how she turned out. :)
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