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Being a god was one thing. Being an immortal god was another.
I just thought of it and shivered. Everything okay with being all-mighty and stuff. But everything okay if that was for a while. Three, four thousand years… Good. But not forever.
Right in my three thousand and five hundred years of life, I was already kind of tired. When you live centuries, you get a lot of deja vu’s. You’ve seen everything at least once. You’ve seen empires rise and fall, people being born, people dying, all kind of diseases, all kind of love stories, every type of person that exists. You’ve seen animal species disappearing and new ones developing. You’ve seen the progress and modernity.
And at the end, you are not surprised by anything anymore, and that is not fun. And I love having fun. So, given that fun wouldn’t come from others, I invented my own.
I went to extremes, to be honest. Few, if not only me, would consider murder as fun. And I didn’t murder som
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 2
I will teach you great things
“Who will be the Godparents?” Mary asked, curious.
Linda shrugged, leaning back on her chair.
“To be honest, neither Max nor I have any idea of whom to choose as Godfather. For Godmother, we have my best friend Carol, but for Godfather…” She snorted. "We don’t have any good candidate. Maybe we won’t choose anyone.”
“He can’t not have a Godfather!” Mary exclaimed, trying not to shout on the office. “He needs a Godfather, he’s the one who gives you presents and looks after you if your father is not there.”
“Well, I don’t know,” Linda snorted again. “We don’t know anyone who’s suitable for the place. Max has no friends to whom he would want to trust the child.”
“But he needs a Godfather.”
“I know, you just told me! But no one is suitable. Okay, we’ll name Loki as Erik’s Godfather. He can’t be worse than Max’s friends.
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 2
Try not to fall by LaChicaRara Try not to fall :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 4 Sleeping couple by LaChicaRara Sleeping couple :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 7 1


Self-Publishing for You
Publishing Week
I think nearly every writer has started out hoping to have their name printed on the cover of a book, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  There's also nothing wrong with not doing that the traditional way.  You're allowed to self-publish for yourself and not worry about selling books or creating a following.  I know, because I did it.  And it's not as hard as you might think.
A Quick Intro

A couple years ago, I was really itching to publish a book.  But I knew I didn't want to go through a publisher.  I also didn't want to deal with all the hassle of marketing and trying to sell it.  I really just wanted a book that had my name on the cover and my stories on the inside.  Simple.  Getting it at the lowest cost possible was also a concern, because two teenagers and a couple dogs doesn't exactly make my checkbook overflow.  I started searching the internet for a way to accomplish this and have
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 45 17
Theophilia - Meet the Artist Meme by Theophilia Theophilia - Meet the Artist Meme :icontheophilia:Theophilia 203 154
My Submission Story
So, this is for a competition that was made by colorgirl58
I hope this applies to your rules, colorgirl. I took some liberties, and wrote about my view on the competition. Im sorry if its too long.
Lil opened the lid to her blue hp laptop. She was on there constantly, and loved to browse around her favorite sites. Wattpad, Deviant Art, Play Buzz, you know the drill. She was on a normal internet cruise when she got a notification from Deviant Art. She went onto the website and saw that one of her best friends on the site had created a contest. Lil was so excited. She was second to respond. The contest was easy, and she had all the talent needed to exceed in it. All she had to do was stretch her brain, and write....
Never mind. Lil just realized. She couldn't write. She could draw OK, but have you read her writing? She knew it sucked, her friends knew it sucked, everyone tasted the sour stories, and didn't want that sucker anymore. They would put it back in the wrapper and throw
:iconlil-pencil:Lil-Pencil 2 0
Water wolf Nerina by MaguiGibert Water wolf Nerina :iconmaguigibert:MaguiGibert 4 0
July 9
I have thought about suicide since I’m thirteen years old.  Maybe even before that.  I’ve never attempted suicide but at times not a day went by that I didn’t fantasize about it.  As the years have passed, the ideas have subsided.  It’s not that I never think about it, but it’s less.  Maybe only once a week instead of multiple times a day.
I’m writing this not as a survivor or expert or even advocate.  I write this as a statement that not everyone needs to be seeing a shrink in order to be suicidal.  Not everyone needs to be depressed, or in a horrible life moment.  Some people just have these thoughts.
But it’s what we do with them that matters.  Overcoming the urges is not easy. Succumbing to them is not either.  It is often said that a person that commits suicide is selfish because they don’t think about the aftermath of their actions.  They don’t think about the people they&
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 7 4
Benedict Cumberbatch by EruannieCaline Benedict Cumberbatch :iconeruanniecaline:EruannieCaline 5 2 Tom Hiddleston by EruannieCaline Tom Hiddleston :iconeruanniecaline:EruannieCaline 2 3 request for QT-Peony by Poerle11622 request for QT-Peony :iconpoerle11622:Poerle11622 180 50 Lescure | La Rochejaquelein by MByak Lescure | La Rochejaquelein :iconmbyak:MByak 7 3 La Rochejaquelein by IrisGrass La Rochejaquelein :iconirisgrass:IrisGrass 11 0 CM: La Rochejaquelein by Professor-R CM: La Rochejaquelein :iconprofessor-r:Professor-R 19 9 Henri de La Rochejaquelein | Nicolas Stofflet by MByak Henri de La Rochejaquelein | Nicolas Stofflet :iconmbyak:MByak 20 11 Xmas gift by MByak Xmas gift :iconmbyak:MByak 25 6
Hidden Light
Light peeks out from over branches,
dappling the skies a myriad of
greens, and blues, and whites.
Laughter floats on the breeze,
swept up like scattered seeds to
find rich ground elsewhere.
Bittersweet memories assail the senses.
shadows of time creep into the field of vision
obscured by unshed tears, lips curved
in wide smiles too irresistible to refuse.
Old traditions were taught here,
even as memories were instilled
deeply in hearts not ready for the future’s heartache.
Winter gripped hard after
Autumn’s colors faded.
Sorrow dripped snow on
flower beds once tenderly nourished.
Sunlight weakly shines through bare branches,
causing bleak shadows to dance
where leaves once held sway.
Desperation creeps close to mourners
as tears tumble down cheeks once
rosy with summer heat and laughter.
Spring bursts forth with a riot of colors.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 14 4
Hidden Light by ChaosFay Hidden Light :iconchaosfay:ChaosFay 14 9
All Immortal Things Must Die (And Survive)
     ‘Almost there,’ Amiya whispered. The pendant around her neck grew brighter with every step. As Keshua set camp that night, the battered land having given way to endless sand, she held onto it, and prayed.
    ‘We’re almost there!’ she laughed, even as the rivers swelled with rain and the ocean waves crashed against the Aelmount shore. In the night, when the skies were dark, and the pendant grew too bright, she covered it with her hands, held her breath, and prayed.
    ‘There,’ she breathed, tired to the bone and bleeding, having thrown herself against the stone again, and again, until the ancient walls finally gave way against the onslaught of spells.
    Keshua held her back at the now open mouth of the cave. ‘Wait,’ he said, as the light which had guided them through the cities and storms, and the underground maze designed by Zaranie himself, went out
:iconwriters-dreamed:Writers-Dreamed 9 2


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By the way, commissions are open. Just send me a note and I will answer as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

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Priscila Gibert
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Hey there!

Well, let's introduce myself. My name is Priscila Gibert, currently I'm 20 years old and I live in Argentina. I speak Spanish in my everyday life, but I'm also learning English and I love it.

I started reading books when I was five years old and I haven't stopped since then. Reading is my life. In my house, all the walls are covered with shelves full of books. We have like, I don't know, four or five encyclopedias, each one made of more than a dozen of volumes. We have complete collections of children's and young adults' literature, books about philosophy, about Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology (one of my favourite subjects), about grammar and orthography, the complete works of famous authors like Shakespeare, Dickens, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie, and, of course, J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter marked my childhood), Rick Riordan (I'm kind of obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians), C. S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia marked my childhood too), J. R. R. Tolkien (I wish I could write books like The Lord of the Rings... and I know that's impossible), James Dashner (Maze Runner is so gripping!), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games are really cool, and the movie adaptation is great), Kiera Cass (when I found out about The Selection, I read all the books in a row) and... Well, I'd want to keep talking, but I cannot write an entire book about the books I like. Let's skip to the movies.
I love movies. I don't miss any of the new releases of movies based in books. Of course, when I'm sitting there and I realize that the movie director changed something from the book, I nearly start shouting: "It's not like that!". I love spoilers. It's weird, I know, but I like them.

Other things I love are TV series, music, dancing ballet, drawing, writing and playing piano. I'm also kind of obsessed with Norse Mythology (kind of... haha, yes, sure), especially about...guess who? yes, Loki. And the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston.
I draw portraits of people I like, such as actors or friends of mine, and sometimes I draw fanarts too, of books or movies I love. Here on DeviantArt I'm trying to get the best of me regarding drawings. Let's see how it works!
I like listening to music while I write or read, to get inspired or emotional. Epic music lists on YouTube are cool! Or sometimes I write something based on the lyrics of a song. The most I wrote about was fanfiction, especially about Loki, my favourite character ever. I like him both from Marvel Movies and from Norse Mythology. Now I'm just writing original stuff. Working on a novel! Or many novels, I should say.
Playing piano? Absolutely. I love playing, although I don't have piano classes and I learn everything from Internet, mostly YouTube.
And dancing ballet is one of my main loves. I just... love it. I love dancing.

Well, I think that's all for now.

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My birthday badge
Hi, my beautiful watchers!
I wanted to tell you that I have created a Patreon creator page for everyone who wants to support my writing works and art. The link is:…
Go look it up. You can earn rewards such as unpublished first drafts, character developing, personal interviews or Q&A with me or my characters, unpublished texts (such as a character’s backstory or deleted scenes), free translations of your own texts from English to Spanish (yes, I’m a translator as well) and even requested short stories of my characters making crossover with other books/movies. You can also get free drawings requests, have a voice in deciding something on a drawing (colors, clothing, pose...), getting your story illustrated, getting a collaboration with me, and many other things.
If you decide to pay to earn one of those rewards, just click on the big red button labelled "Become a patron". For $1.00 you can read the synopsis of the novel I'm writing with my best friend! For $3, you get to see all the sketches of the drawings I do from now on, before they get finished and published. And more rewards will appear with time.
Thank you all!

Journal History


It's been literally months since a question about the plot of my own novel has been bugging me like a mosquito buzzing around my head 24/7.
Some minutes ago I was washing the dishes and then it suddenly came to my mind so clear, THE answer.
It's like I just killed the mosquito and oh beautiful and glorious silence.

I was told by Amarantheans in one of her journals, which linked to another journal, that there's a pedophile going around DA and Discord, as well as Skype. He starts chatting with you, as a normal conversation, then asks you for your Discord or Skype, and when he's there, he starts to flirt and then asks for nudes, strange questions... I've read the original journal, with screenshots of the actual conversation with this creep, and holy shit, is creepy indeed. Please share to keep our girls safe.
Here you have the original journal with screenshots:
Thank you all and thanks, Zytah 
You gave me the 1000th Llama, and now I have a Fancy Llama! :)
If I mysteriously disappear for ages, don't worry. I just saw Avengers: Infinity War and can't deal with my own life right now. Thanks.


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