Draw my OC contest [LAST DAY!!!]

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Ok last time we had fun with "Draw YOUR OC contest"
Lot of you enjoyed and joined!
I saw many great designs and it was a really good experience!
That's why this time I wanted to repeat it with my OCs. However I chosen only one of them.
The one I'm more attached with this period of time.

Draw MY Original Character contest
Contest deadline WAS 30th November 2014
BUT is extend now since lot of u are having troubles^^ so it will end on 8th December 2014

A little explanation of the subject:

The subject of this contest is about my Original Character.
 So I'll introduce you my Titanic OC Luj. I'd like to see her draw by you! In your different styles!
If you wish to add also others Attack on Titan characters is perfectly ok!
Just remember: she loves Levi, and she likes to spend time ONLY with Scouting Legion members (Of course with Rivaille Heichou, Erwin Dancho, Elad, Petra, Orlo, Gunther, Hanji and Mike. If you don't know them it's ok).
She hates to death Annie's titan form (epic battles between them LOL!)

 Luj Titan

For big images you may check here and here other images as u may see are just sketches or WIPs

Main story

Luj is a "Fire and Fury" Titan.
Why? Because her element is fire of course!
Her nature is really rough. She is irascible, stubborn, sullen and suspicious.
Luj doesn't like to be around normal people nor titans, but she is weirdly in love with Levi (Rivaille Heichou) :XD:
That's why one of my artwork is called "Forbidden Love".
She took part of the Scouting Legion as a normal girl, discovering meanwhile to be a full weapon of attack.
even though her nature is not the best she is able to give her life to save members of the Scouting Legion, who welcomed her as a daughter. She's loyal and sometimes likes to play with her titanic abilities.

Body info
Her forearms and part of her legs are burned, her body emits constantly fire from her hands and feet, from medium to high intensity, depending on how angry she is.

Her eyes are always fire glowing. She doesn't have any pupils. Her jaw is exposed and so are her teeth, she has no lips.
She doesn't have a big breast, instead, she has a small one.
The right ribs are fully exposed, she hasn't skin in that place.
She has long black hair, which uses as blades.
During her "level up" she may harden the tips of her hair, making razor-sharp.
Also about the LEVEL UP concept is something when she is able to give up on her human mind and release only the titanic instinct (it often happens when she is totally pissed off!)
I still have to draw the concept. But I'd like to make her with full burned body crossed by tongues of fire..

This contest allows media such as:
Digital paintings and 3D
(preferible if possible)
Traditional and Crafts
(however not being a traditional or craft artist I will not be able to fully jugde your work in the best manner as possible)


How to participate?

In order to participate +fav this journal.
If you wish to follow updates also Added to my devWatch!  me
Post your entry to deviantart, link back to this journal in the artists comment and leave below your comment with the link of your submission.

I will put your entry in the contest folder.
All entries can be found here:

(1 entry per deviant)


You submission must be all yours and if you use brushes etc. the resources should be credited in the artists comments.
I will accept only deviations that are made for this contest. Older deviations will be disqualified.

LaceWingedSaby will judge the entries on different levels:

Capacity to capture OC's nature/temper
Concept art creativity/idea
and execution
About the last one I want to add that I take it seriously in consideration.
You have so much time to make a great piece, so please, show me all your talent + efforts.

:star: Prizes: :star:
(NB. Each entry will receive a Feature on Facebook Official Page per day with my thanks and comment! So everyone will have a prize for joining!)

1st place:

By LaceWingedSaby
50:points: + :bademoticon:  + Free 3D render with your OC (in case you have the xnalara model)
Free digital painting portrait with your OC (in case you don't have the model) + Feature on Facebook Official Page

By vaniaelee
15:points: + :bademoticon:

By FluffySloth-Adopts
:bademoticon:  + A free custom adoptable

By FlaminiaKennedy

:bademoticon:  + A free Full Colored OC Chibi version

By Thalliumfire
A free simple artwork

2nd place:

By FlaminiaKennedy
30:points: + :bademoticon:  + A free Chibi without background

By vaniaelee
10:points: + :bademoticon:

By LaceWingedSaby
:bademoticon:   +Feature on Facebook Official Page

By FluffySloth-Adopts

:new: 3rd place:

By FluffySloth-Adopts
 20:points:+ :bademoticon: 

By vaniaelee
5:points: + :bademoticon:

By LaceWingedSaby
:bademoticon:   + Feature on Facebook Official Page

By FlaminiaKennedy



We are open for donations, so your name can be on this list. Just let me know if you can donate points, journal features, llamas or anything else.
It would be greatly appreciated. The prize list will be updating.

Have fun and good luck!



Anyway I want again to thank you all, more than 800 watchers members of Legion of Souls!
Makes me proud to be here!

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Pyroxene-Kids's avatar
:icondesperateplz: I missed this!!! *sad cry face* Are you going to do another one soon?

Would it be possible to make a custom figure or sculpt, instead of just drawings? I make custom OOAK 12" kitbash figures.

The Red Rock Raven: Custom 1/6 Scale OOAK Figur221 by Pyroxene-Kids

I think it would be so cool to make an Attack on Titan character! :)