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How to commish me?

Send me a note here or an e-mail at: 

Object: "commission"
Detailed descriptions + Picture references (please link if you have any especially realistic ones thanx!)
at the beginning &  HALF at finished job

:star: What I do :star:

-Video games/Anime/Manga/Movie characters/VIPs/Real People Portraits
-Original Characters

:star: What I don't do :star:

-No Full-body (photography/ 3D apart)
-No sexual scene (only soft sensual)
-No violent, gore, animal abuse and everyhing disrespectfully offensive subject matters.



Captain Barbossa by LaceWingedSabyDraco Malfoy [Hyper Realism Portrait] by LaceWingedSaby

Portraits: $60 - 50€

Waist up: $65 - 55€

Base-price for 1 chara (Additional character: $20 / 18€ - max 2 characters)



EndGame - Iron Man by LaceWingedSabyFall of the Spectrum (Book Cover Art) by LaceWingedSaby

Portraits: $75 - 70€
Waist up: $85 -  75€
Base-price for 1 chara (Additional character: $20 / 18€ - max 2 characters)

For any questions please note me.

Thanx for your support
© 2013 - 2023 LaceWingedSaby
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I actually have an Idea for a meshmod for a Post DmC Reboot Dante and I'd love to see it brought to life. The only problem is that I have ZERO experience with meshmodding and the's a bit confusing to me....all the parts and everything.
Would this be something you'd consider discussing with me or something, your art is amazing by the way.