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I was quite shocked to see how little drawings and paintings I have finished over the years, while many remain unfinished, so I decided to challenge myself in 2014. The challenge I like to call the 12-Months-of-Art-Challenge is no official challenge whatsoever, but is made by me, to challenge myself. To make sure I don’t give up after one month, I’m sharing this challenge here and on some forum, so people can see what I’m doing, force me to go on, cheer for me or laugh at me when I decide to give up, or whatever they like to do. Also I would love to see people join this challenge and set a goal for themselves, so I’m asking you, reader: what would you like to have achieved, artwise, at the end of 2014?


My own goal is to make at least one traditional painting or drawing each month, and one digital artwork each month. That’s why I like to call it the 12 Months of Art Challenge. :P My drawings and paintings have to be completely finished and will contain both fan art and original art, though I try to do fan art as little as possible, because I really want to try and do more original art, create my own characters, et cetera, however, to me that’s much more time consuming than making fan art, so in some months I’ll probably choose to do fan art, for school’s sake.


Well then, all that’s left for me to do now is go and work on my stuff for January and wishing you a creative and inspiring 2014! If you like to challenge yourself this year as well, be sure to leave a message here and share your challenge on your own deviantArt page, so your friends can support you during your challenge as well.



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Daaaah! That's a great idea. I'm joining you, since I hardly really do anything art-wise - and it's really bugging me. So I'd like to do just one artwork every month, whether traditional or digital (will probably be mostly digital since that's what I do most). I've also been toying with the idea of sketching everyday; just drawing something to keep practicing. I'll have to go out and by a good sketchbook for that soon :)