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5516 by lacefinchart 5516 by lacefinchart
Faces 2

This collage of digital abstract line drawings is part of my H.L. Freeda series. The series consists of digitally manipulated photographs of line drawings done with human hair on the shower wall. Crazy, right? I’m sure girls with long hair and maybe many who suffer from hair loss can relate. You wash your hair and, as you rinse, you come up with a few strands; then a few more. Soon there are several clumps on the wall.

Over my years of having long hair and mild to moderate hair loss, I have looked at, I don’t know, maybe nearly a hundred thousand hair clumps on the shower wall. Most of the time these clumps look like clumps but sometimes the lines and strands and wads begin to form images. Mostly the images have been abstract but sometimes they begin to look a bit like recognizable things. I’ve notices many an angel or ghostly shape and many a horse or perhaps a butterfly. Sometimes the entire pile will form into some sort of face-ish type shape.

I’ve often wondered things like “…if anyone else sees these things?” or ….if anyone else has thought they should do something with this?" Finally, I decided to photograph it. Photographs change the images just enough so that the hairy chaos looks a bit like a drawing. I then took the images and manipulated them in a simple photo editing program. As I manipulated the plain brownish and whitish images, colors began to come out. Soon the random strands of hair and color and light and shadow took one a kind of life of their own and the images naturally began to collect into similar groups. Out of the hundreds of manipulated images I created colleges of the images.
Only some of the manipulations of any piece ever turn into anything worth showing to anyone. After a series of random images, I began making deliberate images in the hair. Those presented here are the few I felt were worthy of being shown.  ♥
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May 16, 2016
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