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Fri Mar 30, 2018, 10:25 AM

how are ya

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: Lacebug

design suggesties

Tue Dec 5, 2017, 2:04 PM

things like
cute spider nurse, groovy ghost girl, pastel mummy lady
things like that please!

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: Lacebug


Mon Dec 4, 2017, 9:04 PM

how are you 

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: Lacebug


Sat Nov 4, 2017, 1:12 PM

Just stopping by to say I hope you all have a wonderful day!! : ))

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: Lacebug

mini raffle closed!

Tue Oct 24, 2017, 2:45 PM

(Edit, last call!!!!)

please comment that you would like to enter, watchers only.
one week from today, October 31, I will pick winner(s) randomly with a number generator. Each winner will receive a free sketch of a character of their choosing.

bless u, i love u, thank you for your support.

 if you wanna see more art also I use twitter a bunch  now

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: Lacebug


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 15, 2016, 8:59 PM

Commissions 2018
1. (maybe reserved for Beserk06 )
2. open 
3. open

FEEL FREE TO REQUEST AND UPDATE/WIP IF YOU HAVE COMMISSIONED ME! I'm fine with it so if I've been taking a long time, just ask and I will update you.

-Paypal is highly preferred although I may take points as well! You will have to provide an email for me to send the invoice to.
-Please have non-chibi refs. It is much easier to work with!
-I have the right to deny any commission!
-I will not start a commission until it is paid for in full. If I fail to complete the commission, I will refund you.
-After your commission is complete, you may not post in on other social media without a credit and preferably a link to the original. Toyhouse is alright

  -you may not edit the artwork/ remove my signature. 
  -you may not use commissioned artwork for commercial use.

You may use this form if you like:

Type of commission: (sketch, pixel, thigh up, full body)
Payment: (paypal, points)
Ref: (link to  a ref or a folder of them)
Details: (optional)
Username: (deviantart & twitter if you have it)

Certain characters may cost more depending on details and such.

Rhe by Lacebug Adore by Lacebug Princess Peach! by Lacebug

Kori No Robe by Lacebug

Mature Content

Bree by Lacebug

$10 / 1000:points:

Soft Paint
Watermelon by Lacebug Lucine by Lacebug Mango by Lacebug mushroom by Lacebug Mushy  by Lacebug Mercury by Lacebug

Pixel Doll (Singles)

Zentatta by LaceBugLana by LaceBugMaria by LaceBugAmilia by LaceBugElegant by LaceBug


MISC. Simple/Chibi



Mei by LaceBug


Thigh Ups

Kitties by LacebugCosmos by LaceBugaricomms1nao2.png

$50 (flexible)

-YOU MUST HAVE A FULL BODY, NON-CHIBI REFERENCE. (if you are unsure, please ask)


Froggy Baby by LacebugBynxie!!! by LacebugRobaby b by Lacebug

$60 (flexible)


Please note me or dm me on twitter!