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I has been working on this childs story, it is the big good :3 
(The green coat is in fact a rain coat)

His name is Conley Doran in this story I have that still has no name, he is about 17 in this picture, but as the story goes on, he will age!
In this world, there are 8 elements, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Earth, Light and Dark, then some people don't have any or just what I call a sub element, there isnt just these 8 elements, but everyone has two, one main element and one sub element! (There is also the element if sound, but that one is only a Sub element!

Each sub gives the user one ability that a main user could use, like...

Water - Mist or Rain
Ice - Cooling the air OR never being cold
Wind - Light breezes OR Gliding (Not Flying, you just go down (Like the elitra in Minecraft))
Lightning - Flash of light OR Shock
Fire - Heat OR minor flames
Earth - Small Rocks OR small earthquakes 
Light - See in the dark OR ball of light (A small ball of pure light follows you around)
Dark - Dark Portals (A little picket room) OR Fade (Fade into the shadows)
Sound - Throw sound (you are hiding, and you talk, oh look their leaving you alone because your voice was over there) OR making your voice louder!

The "OR" in this basically means you would only get one, not both, and you could basically have any combination! and each one has some kind of combination to another! ^u^

(I went too far on this Magic system...)


Conley here's main element is Fire and his sub is wind (glide)
My Small Kingdom Hearts Child
Yup, that keyblade is wonderful, and I an so proud of it XD it was so hard to do....
I'm wanting to make a comic on the keyblade war, and this is what my child in it will look like!

PS, I am apart of Leopardos, and I have a friend who is apart of Anguis, so it will mostly be on them, trying to survive, because again, Vulpaus and Unicornis are really big unions, and considering I think the fighting would be on other unions, then after they are all gone, and only one union is left, it becomes every man for themselves...

(I still think Ursus and Anguis would be killed off first, followed by Leopardos, then after Unicornis, becuase this weeks union X union rankings, Vulpaus had 3 times more lux then Unicornis who was twice as much as Leopardos... (Ursus and Anguis had not as much, like if they add their lux together, it would be half of leopardos... wtf happened?)
Quinnlyan North
here is a little character I haven't drawn in a long time, Quinnlyan (or Quinn) is a character ive been wanting to use to dnd or something, she is slowly turning to Ice, seeing her bones through her frozen fingers, she has lost color in her hair leaving it blue and white, her eyes shifted to cold blue and she trys to stay warm with her hat and everything, but it doesn't help much...

BUT! what will help her is hunting down the witch who did this to her!
Another Snufkin
I have done two, why? Because I did this one a few days ago, and days....

Still fav character... GO WATCH MOOMINS!!!!! (Any version, but i want to find the 69 and 72, as well as the second half of the 90s version, as well as the NEW 2019 one that is still coming out! ^u^)
*Snaps hands on table* I MADE A SNUFKIN!

he is my fav character in a show called "Moomins" (I draw the 90s Snufkin)


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