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Gareth's-tones by Lace-Sylph Gareth's-tones :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 2 0 White-horse-under-sky by Lace-Sylph White-horse-under-sky :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 2 0 Blooming Roses Afghan by Lace-Sylph Blooming Roses Afghan :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 6 10
Crafting Time
She wakes, she sleeps
She knows not day or date or hour
The clock that ticks and tocks
Does not measure out her days
Measured by the yard are they
The hook her minute hand
The stitch and row her hours
With them she captures what others call time
Time can be pain, and pain is hers
So she catches it up into stitches
And binds it down with rows
And it becomes a thing called beautiful
Time can be tedious, and that emptiness is hers
So she marks out the patterns
And binds off the ends
And it becomes a thing called useful
Time can be joy, and that too can be hers
So she uses the joy to drive her
Her fingers and thoughts speed in tandem
And it becomes thing new under the sun
Later, when these things are offered to others
Her pain, her tedium, her joy
They hold it in their hands  
They see the beauty, utility, and newness.
But the other things
They will never know, could never know
The mystery of her time and timelessness
Only she and her Gods mark on the tapestry that is her life
:iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 3 1
Triskel Dance
Three Worlds
Three Paths
Three lives
Tred the spirals; make a whole.
Sea ever beginning
Earth ever forming
Sky over reaching
Tred the spirals; make a whole
Hand's tasks
Heart's risk
Head's trips
Tred the spiral; make a whole
Dance everlasting
Through the worlds
Through the lives
Tred the spirals; make a whole
Loose the step
Loose all life
Loose all self
Tred the spirals, spirals three
Tred the spirals; make a whole.
:iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 2
The Swan's Blessings
Swimming silver graces
Mist made manifest
Of linage long past lost
They call without calling
I climb without ascending
Carrying the cares I have created alone
Blood from the words that wounded
Slither o'er the stones beneath me
Penitent I pace to the place appointed
Water ways I wend
Slipping, sliding, falling, failing
Still they slide within sight then out again
A great cry within my mind
Wings westwards from my inner wasteland
I scream to the cosmos their names
Children of Lir!
Eight brothers fair!
Angus Og and thy bonny bride!
Hush harkens
And the fight slips from me
I stand still and let peace surround me
Then they approach
And I see, sweet Sight of the soul!
What needs to be
Silence through strife
Silence for love's sting
At last I hear how eloquent silence can be
So wind my words away from me
And let me slip softly
Into the wide embrace of their wings
So see me stand
Close as a breath
At need, worlds away
A slim soaring neck arches o'er me
And bids me remember
To guard the garden
:iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 1 4
Water Lily pond WIP 5 by Lace-Sylph Water Lily pond WIP 5 :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 0 Water Lily pond WIP 4 by Lace-Sylph Water Lily pond WIP 4 :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 2 0 Water Lily pond WIP 3 by Lace-Sylph Water Lily pond WIP 3 :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 0 Water Lily pond WIP 2 by Lace-Sylph Water Lily pond WIP 2 :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 0 Water Lily pond WIP 1 by Lace-Sylph Water Lily pond WIP 1 :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 4 2 Four Elements Robe detail by Lace-Sylph Four Elements Robe detail :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 0 Four elements ritual Robe WIP by Lace-Sylph Four elements ritual Robe WIP :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 1 2
I Stand....
I stand….
I stand with my feet touching the ever flowing waters
The waters that are the source of all life
I stand…
I stand supported by the all-embracing earth
The Earth that gives life form.
I stand…
My face turned to the over-reaching cover of the skies
The sky that holds the breath of life
I stand…
before the Gods, Beside the Gods, With the Gods
In the service of life and lives
As I honor them, they honor me
Submission would demean us both
So I stand…
:iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 1 2
Pulsar Shawl Commission WIP by Lace-Sylph Pulsar Shawl Commission WIP :iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 0 2
Long Drought Done
The Simple is Rare
Long Drought
Shame, sickness, sorrow
And I was long away from the green
With each sip I return to myself
My body tingling with life
My spirit leaping to hope
My soul leaving confinement
A simple thing
A time apart
Water warm in the bowl
Tea verdant on the scoop
The smell of hay bales from my youth on the whisk
The taste on my tongue whispers of new beginnings
It is good
It is fine
It is rare
To awaken after so long
And still hear the secret song of my soul
:iconlace-sylph:Lace-Sylph 2 4


As artists I guess that almost everything that happens in our lives has impact on our various arts. Sometimes they inspire us, sometimes they can stop anything we have going in its tracks, sometimes it makes us move from one media to another. In the end I guess that all we can do is hang on and try to enjoy what parts of the ride that we can. As for the rest I guess we just need to dig in our heels and not let anything be taken from us that we do not wish to give.

Over the course of 2011 my own sources of creativity were run through the black hole that stress can become. At the beginning of the year I was an online student of Web design and I wanted to go onto Game design. My GPA was a 3.15 and I was making it better with every class. Then in April I found out that I had reached the limit of funds to pay for tuition and I was not able to keep going for my degree. So I started on the first rethink of my path. After all I've always been good with low tech crafts as well as high tech. I started crocheting more because I've always loved it and in a fit of "I won't let them beat me!" bravado I registered for a costume design class at a local community college.

It was quite good at first. It was nice if nerve racking (I'm agoraphobic) to get out of the house. I was learning things I didn't know and being able to share things I did know; especially since I've always loved reading ancient histories and had to insights the professor didn't have. But as the semester continued I started to get more and more behind. I started to have panic attacks about my assignments and it was a battle to make myself do them. Also I've always done my best creative work at night but the class was during the day. It was pretty heavy going as you might imagine.

Then towards the end of the semester my ex-husband and my daughter were evicted from their apartment and I wave to say first that it was NOT his fault. The place he was working at closed and the jobs moved to either Georgia or North Dakota. He could have moved but it would have meant that I would probably not have seen my daughter again. Still, living with this man is not a bed of roses, except for perhaps the thorns, and my daughter wasn't happy so sometimes I'm a very convenient target. At the end however the most sobering fact was that I was not able to complete the work for the class. I got an incomplete and it made me realize a couple of things that I'm still trying to deal with. First was that even if I had gotten my bachelor's I would never have been able to go on to graduate studies, my physical (I have a sometimes debilitating joint disease) and my mental health would just not stand up to a regular semester's work. Neither would I have been able to get a job outside of the house for much the same reasons. So it was time to rethink again.

I can still crochet; I've learned how to work through the pain in my hands so much that I don't even notice them unless it starts to spread to other parts in my body. The disease I have is chronic and can involve every part of my body, even my spine, depending on various factors. And when it gets that far I usually spend a day or two sleeping on pain meds and recovering. So I'm expanding my crochet skills, working with lace weight yarn, which has its own complications, designing an original wall hanging for which I thank taking the design courses that were part of the degree I didn't get, and expanding into different types of crochet such as Tunisian crochet.

Along the way though I've had to put some dreams into the back of my mind for now. The game I wanted to make may never be made now although I am still thinking about a table top version. I may never now be able to make enough money to get off disability which was one of my major goals. I find I have to be very careful now, working when I can on what I can and how I can. And I still sometimes work too much, straining parts of my body that won't really stand up to the strain. Staying awake too long trying to revitalize the parts of myself that were damaged through various means. I still want to write, to create a world that people want to play in and I think about it a lot but I have not been able to make myself write anything down. I guess it didn't help that I was in the middle of an intensive writing for digital media class when the rug was pulled out from under me.

Still I'm doing things with yarn or thread and hook that I have never done before and I'm hard to survive. I have to believe that what is hard now will come easier someday as long as I'm creating *something* and hopefully there are still ways that I can learn things that really draw out my soul. I find satisfaction now in making real things instead of virtual. It's nice to hold a project in my hand and know it exists apart from the virtual world. I try to make that enough, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't but I pray to the Gods and Goddesses that this path I am walking now will lead to something good, perhaps even something better than I had planned. I trust in their guidance even when it hurts and keep moving forward. You can't make a river flow backwards after all, you can only try to work with the current instead of against it and hope that it will soothe away what wounds you bear in the end.

Good sailing all and I pray for all artists that when life puts them and their art under the hammer they may use the firm anvil of their art to create beauty because there is never enough beauty in this world.



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