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Otakon 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 6:34 AM

So, anyone else going? It's kinda a last-minute decision for me, but I'm going. Mostly to track down this artist I paid $100 for an original piece and lost his contact details to claim it. XD He usually haunts the artist alleys at both Otakon and Katsukon, so if I find him I'mm be exceptionally happy. ^^

Might be entering the Artist Auction too. Not sure yet. Still trying to decide which of my pieces I want to sell the originals of. >.>

Anyway, hope to see you there!

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2012, 7:21 AM


You know, I didn't believe people when they said Skyrim was ...addictive. I thought they were just a bunch of social rejects like a lot of WoW players are (not all of them, mind you - I know that there are quite a few that actually know how to balance a life and their MMORPG), and that I would be fine. I've played Oblivion, after all, and quite frankly, didn't really like it. Too convoluted, and the controls were...messy.

So, I bought Skyrim on a whim, really. And...well. Addictive doesn't quite cover it, does it? >.> Here I am three months later, completely finished with the game, and I'm still contemplating just running through and killing off everyone. Why? Just because I can. I'm the biggest, baddest mofo on the block, and I really like killing poor, defenseless people. Setting them on fire is hilarious. there something wrong with that? :ninja:

Anyway, I'm also contemplating starting a new character. I was a Khajiit, and now I want to be a wood elf, if only because of the bad-ass mohawk/tribal tattoo combo they have going for them. Lol.

On other news, finally starting to sit down and draw again, after my inadvertent three-month hiatus. Sorry about that, by the way. I have a lot of half-finished pieces of works floating around that were once entries into events and contests, and are now simply going to be gifts. :bounce:

Also, I picked up this new set of markers - Spectrum Noir - which, from what I read on the package, was supposed to be an affordable version of Copics. Archival quality, alcohol-based ink, non-bleed-through, capable of blending well, and they came with a colorless blender that works on copics as well. Well, I'm here to tell you: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! They bleed like a crazy mofo, they don't blend well AT ALL, and their color variation sucks ass. Thankfully, I'm only out $12 for 6 markers, but still. I guess it's true what they say: You buy cheap, you get cheap.

I did manage to make it to Katsucon this year, and I even managed to drive down there without my parents going all freaky on me. Interestingly enough, I learned one, big, valuable lesson while doing so: Don't speed in DC. I ended up with a $200 speeding ticket, and that amount was considerably lowered because it was my first driving offense, ever. The cop that pulled me over told be he usually writes amounts around $450. So, valuable lesson earned. Yes.

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Dark Moon Serenity Verse

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 8:05 PM

This is a journal for my Dark Moon Serenity Verse - all the children, how they came to be, who their daddy's are, etc. etc.

Currently, :iconchildren-of-serenity: is doing an event featuring all of Peridot's children (there are twelve total...XD). This is totally awesome and I'm so excited. I can't wait to see all the pretty art. *does happy dance* But any way, here it goes.

In the Dark Moon Serenity verse, Tuxedo Mask never managed to save Sailor Moon from Prince Diamond. Diamond succeeded in brainwashing Usagi, forcing her to forget her old life and centering her entire plane of existence on loving him. Unable to remember Mamoru or Endymion or anything to tell her otherwise, she allows Diamond to seduce her later that night. Wiseman steps in the next day, and offers to make the brainwashing more permanent than what Diamond had already done. Diamond agrees. But Wiseman has his own agenda, and instead of simply reinforcing Diamond's control, creates a being bent on domination.

Unfortunately for them both, they both underestimated Usagi's own innate power, and what would happen if the bearer of the Imperial Silver Crystal suddenly became infected with evil power. Wiseman had used the power of the Black Crystal, infused her with it just as he had Black Lady once so long ago, giving her the power of not one crystal of power, but two.

The newly named Peridot Serenity played possum for several weeks, looking around her and finding she did not like the current power structure. So she decided to take over. Diamond had eyes for no one but her, so it was easy enough to turn the tables on him and get him to willingly hand over control to her. She played on Sapphire's sense of honor and eventually seduced him as well. By the time Tuxedo Mask finally managed to show up, Peridot was already pretty much in control of the Black Moon family, much to Esmeraude's and Wiseman's ire. Peridot brainwashes Mamoru and renames him Azure and adds him to her little 'harem' of Prince-Consorts.

Esmeraude dies in a tragic "accident" after one-too-many attempts at seducing Diamond away from her.

Soon after, Peridot begins the systematic take-over of the universe. Several times she ends up pregnant from one consort or the other. She usually has the child and then leaves to continue conquering. As a result, all the children from Topaz to Amber didn't really see much of their mother until they were fully grown and trained to be able to assist her in the expansion of the Black Moon. Topaz ends up falling prey to Wiseman's manipulations, and resenting her absent mother to the point that she despises her mother's very name. (Peridot eventually finds out about this and kills Wiseman. Topaz, free of his lies, begins to recover, but never grows  close to Peridot). Garnet sees her mother for the first time and gets a little... obsessive. Amethyst simply adores her mother, and wants to be just like her. Citrine is a total Daddy's girl and could care less that her mother wasn't around. Lapis and Lazuli are simply too lazy to care. Amber cares, but didn't develope any psychological issues like some of the other girls did. She resented her mother at first, but eventually realized that a battlefield isn't exactly the best place for a child to be raised, so understands why her mother left them in the care of their father's and the servants.

Everything changes when Peridot gets pregnant with the twins Ivory and Ebony. The universe is pretty much conquered, though a small rebellion on her home planet results in the deaths of both Diamond and Sapphire. Azure, who was with her at the time of the rebellion, failed at controlling his suddenly psychotic queen, and bears the brunt of her wrath when he tries to step in and prevent her from killing the messenger. Pregnant, filled with hormones, mourning the loss of two of her consorts, both of whom she cherished more than she ever had Azure (and one of which she could almost say she loved), and more than slightly off-balanced to begin with, she goes on a wrath-filled killing spree that costs two planets, Azure, the messenger, and every last member of the rebellion - including their neighbors, their friends, and random people they had simply exchanged a greeting with.

By the time Ivory and Ebony are born, Peridot is completely alone - even the servants fear to go near her. Her daughters rally together and begin to help the unstable queen get back on her feet. Consequently, Ivory and Ebony are the start of a new trend - Peridot is pretty much the only one raising the two of them, ocassionally helped out by her other daughters. She likes the act of being a mother almost as much as she likes the act of killing, and spoils both of them rotten.

Several hundred years later, Ivory almost bankrupts the kindom/empire, and Peridot goes apeshit. It takes the combined might of Topaz, Garnet, and Amethyst to pull their mother off Ivory and get her calmed down. Ivory, once she recovers, begins to plan her spending a bit more carefully, ever mindful that Peridot wasn't as sane as she had thought she was. A couple hundred years after that, all of Peridot's children are full grown and living lives of their own - Amethyst, Amber, and Topaz even having a husband and children of their own. Peridot is reaching nearly 2,000 years of age and has started to mellow out, though she still tends to go off the deep end every now and then. She goes on an extended tour of her empire, visiting her children, spoiling the grandkids, making sure various governments aren't trying to start rebelling, etc., when on her travels, she meets a very pretty man.

Adrastos is no one special, just a pretty young man whose been living on his own for pretty much all his life. Peridot takes a liking to him, and sets about trying to honestly earn Adrastos' affections, acting on some inner impulse that she doesn't quite understand.  Eventually, she succeeds. Adrastos has no special powers, and refused to be infused with the Black Crystal's powers, so ages normally. Nearing his 40th year of life, Peridot finally bears him twins, Onyx and Pearl.  Onyx is the first male to be born to her line since the first White Moon Queen.  The twins are in their late 20's when Adrastos dies from a form of radiation poisoning he had contracted from exposure to Peridot's powers, though he had never told her of the illness.

As for Opal....well....she's the Crack!Baby of this series. As far as the other eleven children are concerned, they are completely canon to this verse and are to be treated as such. However, Opal is a special case, and is only to be considered canon iby fellow demented fangirls who don't mind far-fetched crossovers. Still with me? Cool beans. About 200 years after Adrastos dies, and on another universal tour of her empire, Peridot comes across this bright ball of sentient power floating about in the middle of nowhere. Starscream's spark, which in G1/G2/Beastwars canon is immortal and can cross the barriers between realities, found itself stuck in the SM dimension without a body. Peridot, alone and not liking it one bit, as well as desiring another child, makes him a deal: he gets a body if he agrees to become her new consort. Starscream hems and haws about it for awhile, but eventually agrees. And thus Opal came into being.

In order of appearance/birth:

(All thumbs are clickable.)
DMS: Peridot Chibi by Labtrinthine 7 Deadly Sins: Pride by Labtrinthine Vanity's Queen by Labtrinthine Dark Moon Ladies WIP by Labtrinthine
Name: Peridot Serenity
Official Title: Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Peridot Serenity of the Black Moon, Immortal Ruler of the Galactic Empire.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 2,657.
Eye Color: dark blue
Hair Color: yellow/gold
Hair Style: round odango with extra long pigtails that have only a slight curl to them
Skin Tone: pale
Prefers to wear: long dresses with a lot of ornamentation, preferably in some shade of green. Other colors can include: black, cream, and burgundy.

DMS: Topaz Chibi by Labtrinthine Dark Moon Ladies WIP by Labtrinthine
Name: Topaz Pandia
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Topaz Pandia of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Diamond.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 2,248.
Eye Color: gold
Hair Color: golden-brown
Hair Style: double round odango, sometimes has twin pigtails, sometimes chooses to simply stuff all her hair in the odango.
Skin Tone: light tan
Prefers to wear: Hates formal gowns with a passion and refuses to wear them. Wears very little in jewelry or ornamentation. Think plain and think short. Usually only wears white, gold, black, and cream.

7 Deadly Sins: Lust by Labtrinthine DMS: Garnet Chibi by Labtrinthine Dark Moon Ladies WIP by Labtrinthine
Name: Garnet Tanit
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Garnet Tanit of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Azure (brainwashed Endymion)
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 1,980.
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: dark pink
Hair Style: cone-shaped odango, extra long pigs tails that have a slight curl to them
Skin Tone: peach
Prefers to wear: slinky, sexy dresses. Only wears shades of red and some black.

DMS: Amethyst Chibi by Labtrinthine Dark Moon Ladies WIP by Labtrinthine DMS: Amethyst Speed Draw by Labtrinthine
Name: Amethyst Napir
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Amethyst Napir of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Sapphire
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 1,726.
Eye Color: dark violet
Hair Color: blue-purple
Hair Style: double cone-shaped odango with two medium-length curly pigtails
Skin Tone: peach
Prefers to wear: Will wear pretty much anything and everything, as long as it's cute and has no sleeves. Prefers the colors purple, pink, black, and blue.

DMS: Citrine Chibi by Labtrinthine
Name: Citrine Selardi
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Citrine Selardi of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Diamond.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 1,417.
Eye Color: orange-yellow
Hair Color: gold with a very slight orange tint. (or very, very pale orange)
Hair Style: double-round odango with a single curly pigtail. Bangs are wildly curly and refuse to go in any one direction.
Skin Tone: peach
Prefers to wear:  slinky stuff that shows off skin. Hardly ever wears anything with sleeves. Pastel colors only.

DMS: Lapis and Lazuli Chibis by Labtrinthine
Name: Lapis Sirona
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Lapis Sirona of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Sapphire.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 1,167.
Eye Color: pale green-blue
Hair Color: pale blue
Hair Style: single round odango on the right side of her head (viewer's left). medium-length straight pigtail with a slight curl at the end.
Skin Tone: very pale
Prefers to wear: prefers simple dresses in natural tones. Any coloration is to be kept to ornamentation and accessories only, and is limited to blues and greens.

DMS: Lapis and Lazuli Chibis by Labtrinthine
Name: Lazuli Kuu
Official Title: Her Royal Mejesty, Princess Lazuli Kuu of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Sapphire.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 1,167.
Eye Color: pale green-blue
Hair Color: pale blue
Hair Style:single round odango on the left side of her head (viewer's right). medium-length straight pigtail with a slight curl at the end.
Skin Tone: very pale
Prefers to wear: prefers simple dresses in natural tones. Any coloration is to be kept to ornamentation and accessories only, and is limited to blues and greens.

DMS: Amber Chibi by Labtrinthine
Name: Amber Hanwi
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Amber Hanwi of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Diamond
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 867.
Eye Color: red-orange
Hair Color: orange-red
Hair Style: heart-shaped odango, with thin, curly pigtails.
Skin Tone: peach
Prefers to wear: Hates to bear skin. Full length gowns are the way to go. Loves the colors black, all shades of red, and the darker shades of orange. Will not be caught dead in anything light, or anything that bares her arms and/or legs.

7 Deadly Sins: Greed+Gluttony by Labtrinthine Princess Ivory Rhea by Labtrinthine
Name: Ivory Rhea
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Ivory Rhea of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Azure (brainwashed Endymion)
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 662.
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: ivory/off-white
Hair Style:double round odango with no pigtails
Skin Tone: very pale
Prefers to wear: slips and corsets in pastels. No dark colors whatsoever unless used as accents. Likes beadwork and jewelery. Has a nose piercing in her left nostril. Studs only.

7 Deadly Sins: Greed+Gluttony by Labtrinthine
Name: Ebony Mantu
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Ebony Mantu of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Prince-Consort Azure (brainwashed Endymion)
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 662.
Eye Color: gold
Hair Color: blue-black
Hair Style: double round odango with no pigtails
Skin Tone: dark tan
Prefers to wear: slips and corsets and long gowns - anything that hides her gently expanding waistline. She prefers darker colors. Has an eyebrow piercing on her right eyebrow. Studs only.

DMS: Onyx Chibi by Labtrinthine DMS: Children of Adrastos by Labtrinthine
Name: Onyx Khonsu
Official Title:  His Royal Highness, Prince Onyx Khonsu of the Black Moon.
Daddy: (OC) Prince-Consort Adrastos.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 232.
Eye Color: silver
Hair Color: grey-black
Hair Style: long bangs that frame his face and falls into his eyes. His left eye (viewer's right) is hardly ever seen. Hair is kept short in the back.
Skin Tone: light tan
Prefers to wear: black, dark green, dark purple, and pale blue.

DMS: Children of Adrastos by Labtrinthine
Name: Pearl Avatea
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Pearl Avatea of the Black Moon.
Daddy: (OC) Prince-Consort Adrastos.
Age: At the time of Opal's birth, 232.
Eye Color: pale lavender
Hair Color: grey-black
Hair Style: round odango with no pigtails. Long bangs that frame her face, though her eyes are clearly seen.
Skin Tone: light
Prefers to wear: grays, earth tones, greens, purples, and black.


DMS: Opal Chibi by Labtrinthine DMS: Opal Mayari Noveau by Labtrinthine
Name: Opal Mayari
Official Title: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Opal Mayari of the Black Moon.
Daddy: Starscream (I'mma let that blow your mind for a bit)
Age: currently 14.
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: round odango, with short, fat pigtails. Bangs are thick and frame her eyes.
Skin Tone: pale
Prefers to wear: oriental-style clothing in some combination of red, white, gold, and blue. Will occasionally be talked into wearing pink, green, and/or black.

Art by others:
Black Moon Queen and Children by CrystalSetsuna Holiday Dark Moon Twins by CrystalSetsuna Amethyst by GreenInkling Peridot and Amethyst by SuzakuTrip Topaz EVENT FUN by SuzakuTrip My dark sister by elila

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I'm not dead.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 25, 2011, 9:37 PM

....though according to my doctor, it was a very near thing.

Seriously, because I had the bad sense to ignore an infection in my tooth (though I honestly didn't know it was infected), I almost died. Toxins are serious business peeps. But anyway, that's why I haven't been on in, like, 4-5 months. Two severe inner ear infections, strep throat, 2 sinus infections, 101.7 degree fever, intense migraines, and a ruptured ear drum over the course of 2 months all because I had an infection in my tooth. My dentist told me if I had waited any longer (not by choice, mind you - I'm flat broke and unable to afford having a tooth surgically extracted from my skull), I'd have been brought in on a stretcher.

And that's not where my sad, woeful tale ends, unfortunately. Shortly after that went down, I got in a major car accident. All I suffered, thankfully, was a bad concussion and a sprained wrist, but my car needed almost $5k in repairs. And then, as if things needed to get any worse, on my birthday (July 24th), I was having a party with some friends, and I brought the alcohol. Tripped over a curb, the concrete shattering my liquor, and I put my hand out to both catch myself and to try and prevent my face from collecting shards of glass. Instead, my hand did. So I'm currently missing a chunk out of my palm. It's actually pretty neat to look at.

Months August-November were basically spent working insane hours trying to afford all the additional bills this string of bad luck brought me. Any time I wasn't working, I was in a state of medicated-euphoria. Codine is a wonderful thing. It doesn't take the pain away, so much as disconnect you from, well, everything. >.>

Consequently, I haven't gotten a lot done as far as art/stories goes. What I do have is precious little, though I will be uploading it slowly over the course of the next couple of weeks. And yes, there is quite a few pieces in that upload pile that certain people are waiting very patiently for. >.>

In other news, I am bitterly disappointed with both PotC4: On Stranger Tides, and TF3: Dark of the Moon. Seriously, why? Just slap the fans of both series and call it quits. It certainly would have saved them a lot of money. On a happier note: YAY Sailor Moon/V. I'm finally going to have a chance to sit down and read the series, instead of piecing together this section and infering what happened based on the next section two chapters ahead of where I wanted to be.

Also on the YAY!times channel, Stephen King continues to be my favorite author of all time. His newest novella collection, Full Dark, No Stars is something I deeply recommend people pick up. It's worth every single penny. YourFavoriteMartian on YouTube also put out this awesome song called "Nerd Rage" that makes me go *squee* every time I hear it. It's awesome. Check it out. Copics continue to be love. They are awesome as well, and I just put in an order for more, simply because I'm starting to get bored with my current color range.

And lastly, my message box has apparently imploded while I was away. Jesus. Almost 50k in messages. Almost all them older than a month old. Sorry to whomever, but I don't have the time to go through them piece by piece, so I deleted all of them.

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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 16, 2011, 5:44 PM

So, I'm almost done that tutorial, though it turned out to be more of a guide than a tutorial. XD Just working on the format of it now.

Got about a half dozen unfinished linearts just sitting around that I keep meaning to get to, but I keep getting distracted by chibis. XD I was sitting around designing the "official" outfits for my Dark Moon Serenity cast (in chibi form) and decided that Peridot needed more children running around. So I have the twins, Lapis and Lazuli. And then, when I was sketching out the design for baby Opal, my mind began to wander, and that is a dangerous thing.

In my wandering mind, I wondered what a child between Humanized/Holoform!Starscream and Peridot would look like. So I drew her. :ninja: (I can feel your brains leaking out of your ears, but she's such a cute baby.) I'll be uploading her and the rest of the cast later. And I've decided that, yes, she is going to be canon for that AU!verse. I just gotta figure out how to bring it about.

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Son of a ***************!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 2, 2011, 7:44 PM

God damn do I hate my parents right now.

I am 22 years old, going on 23 this year, and the whole point behind me getting my damn driver's license was so that I could drive to Katsucon and Otakon on my own. They've known for 3 whole months that I was planning on driving down to D.C., and now, less than two weeks away from Katsu, they're going to pull the "I expressly told you no!" card? :shakefist: So not happy right now.

To further complicate matters, they are trying to forbid me to go period. Something about how "it's so dangerous!" Bullshit. They just don't trust their only daughter to know the difference between having a good time and going overboard. Which I find fucking hilarious, 'cause they were allowing me to go last year. >.>

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On again, on again, jiggity jigg

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 3:48 PM

So, apparently we missed the new kiriban. That's okay though, 'cause I'm still in the process of getting the last one done. XD That reminds me. If I owe you art or anything, please send me a pm ASAP. I'm asking this because I'm making a list of things I owe people, and if you aren't on that list, you aren't getting it. That list is going to be done on a "I WANT IT YESTERDAY!!!" basis, so get your pm to me quickly. 'Kay?

New piece getting uploaded later tonight. Nowhere near as good as Winged Prayer, but I like it and it's something new for me, so that's a plus. That is to say, I'm happy with how the character came out, kinda happy with how the foreground and all came out, but not-so-happy with the background. XD Also uploading a few new sketches, a few photos, and some more chibis. I like chibis. They're nice and quick. ^^

I'm starting to think about doing a creation-process tutorial, but I'll wait and see about what ya'll want. I may end up doing two or three anyway, regardless. XD

Also, I just started school again, so I'll really only be available on the weekends and on Tuesday-Thursday.

Starting to get bored with the 'net again. All the good sites are either A) shutting down, B) getting flooded with n0obs, C)everyone I know is leaving, or D) some combination of all above. I'm back down to, dA, and gaia, and I'm starting to get REAL bored with gaia. *sighs*

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Sailor Moon Fanart Auction!!! --CLOSED--

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 1:35 PM

Hi all! I'm totally broke, and completely impossible to tie down when it comes to commissions, so I figured I'd auction off the originals of my art - of which I have a lot, 'cause I NEVER throw anything away. :XD: I'll be doing 1-2 auctions a month.

And much, much love to :iconsarahsplushnstuff: for coaching me through setting up an auction and dealing with my multitude of questions. :iconloveloveplz:

First up:
Title: Winged Prayer
Image (lineart): Winged Prayer -lines- by Labtrinthine
Image (finished, scanned, and stamped): Winged Prayer by Labtrinthine
Various photos of what you're actually getting:
Auction Photo No.6 by Labtrinthine Auction Photo No.5 by Labtrinthine Auction Photo No.3 by Labtrinthine Auction Photo No.2 by Labtrinthine Auction Photo No.1 by Labtrinthine

Artwork is approximately 9x12 inches and was done on Bristol Smooth, and has a decent thickness to it. A variety of tools were used, but the vast majority was completed with Copic Sketch Markers. The original work has a black border, as opposed to the scanned version's pink border. The arm on the viewer's right has what looks like two blue-black lines on it - which are also in the scanned copy - where some jackass at work wasn't being careful when moving my things. The gold framework is done with metallic gold paint, and reflects like real gold. THERE IS NO STAMP ON THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Though, if you want me to, I will sign it for you.

How the auction will work:
The auction officially starts the second this journal is posted. Please make sure that all bids are posted as a reply to this journal. I WILL NOT be taking bids over pms - this is to keep the auction fair and bids visible to all players. This is also to insure that you all know I'm being totally honest about the high bid, and not just jacking the price because I'm broke. :XD: Also, please don't reply to other's bids. The only reply to a bid should be mine - if you are re-bidding, please start a new comment instead of building off your old one. This will hopefully help me keep track of any and all bids. At the end of each day, I will update this journal with the current high bid in the header/title. Exactly 12 hours from the end of the auction, I will begin calling for final bids.

The auction will end January 22, 2011 at 12pm (noon) Eastern Standard time. 5pm GMT

At the end of auction, I will ask the winner to pm me with an address to ship the original to and an e-mail so that I can send the invoice. Anyone with a bank account/credit card can offer a bid, as I'm the only one that needs to have paypal. At this time, I am not accepting cash/checks/moneyorders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Once I receive confirmation on the payment, I will immediately send out the original in a cardboard-lined envelope using standard shipping, and it should arrive within 3-5 business days if in the U.S. or Canada. (Outside of the US or Canada I have no clue how long it'll take. I'm sorry for that.) In addition, the art will be inside a protective clear sleeve to prevent any scratching or other damage.

Additional Notes:
Whoever wins this auction will own the only copy of this drawing, as I am NOT releasing prints.

Any questions? Want a specific close-up of the image that I didn't post? Please don't hesitate to ask. ^^

Starting Bid: $10
High Bid: none at the moment.

EDIT Jan. 22, 2011:
I'm not extending the auction. No one won it, as no one bid on it. If you're interested in purchasing the original piece, just send me a note.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 13, 2011, 6:48 PM

I am so totally in love with Copics. <3 They are the end-all, be-all of my universe right now. Must. Go. Buy/Beg. More. can stop looking at me like I'm crazy.

You don't understand. I'm a traditional artist. I like taking the time to sit down and watch my hands create the things I see in my head. I love choosing the colors I use; I love wielding my chosen tools to use. For the longest time it was colored pencils - but then the arthritis kicked in. 22 years old, and it just about kills me to sit for hours on end sketching, inking, and then coloring. And because of how difficult I find it to be to get the exact richness of the particular hues and shades I'm after with colored pencils, I'm often coloring for days at a time. It gets to the point where I literally get sick to my stomach at the very thought of coloring something, because I know just how bad the pain will be once I get out of my "creation zone".

Let me put it to you this way: the last time I was on a coloring spree, my doctor prescribed me valium. A lot of valium. I couldn't work for a week.

So then a friend suggested markers. And, experience with them hasn't been the best. Eventually I caved and bought Prismacolors, and I've used them ...three times. I can't stand them - they're just as streaky as the el cheapo brands, and last just long enough for me to decide I like a specific color. And once the ink runs out, you're fucked, because no two markers with the same color name are exactly the same color.

So, then I tried digital coloring. >.> And while I kinda like it, I also kinda don't, because, quite frankly, I kinda view it as cheating. (Please don't kill me.) The most I use digital stuff for anymore is textures, backgrounds, and adding special effects like glows and fog and text - and I'm working on the background issue.

And then, one day I had a few extra dollars in my pocket, and thought to myself, 'I need skin-tone markers, and the prismacolor selection down at A.C.Moore's sucks balls. Let's try Copics'. Got my Copics in the mail, and I've been having a ball ever since. My hands don't hurt as bad from 6-7 hours of coloring vs. 6-7 days, and getting shit done is one hell of a motivator to go out and get more shit done.

But enough of that. More news and updates, yes?

I've set a goal for myself this year, though I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a resolution (I don't make them, 'cause I end up breaking them by the end of January). I'm going to be absolutely serious about my art for once, and am going to do my damnedest to make sure there is a background that is NOT pre-maid or a stock image, even if that means slapping some abstract bull-shit behind the main picture on Photoshop. (I'm good at that.) I'm also going to do my damnedest to improve my shading and coloring, and fix my remaining anatomy issues (of which there are many).

You may be seeing a lot of chibis this year - I've opened up a chibi-art shop on gaia. May eventually start posting them 6-9 to a page, depending on how many orders I get. XD You may also be seeing an influx of contest entries. The best way I can think of to grow as an artist is to put my work out there for absolute strangers to pick through. I'm certain they'll point out (sometimes rather joyfully) what I need to improve upon. Lolz.

Writing-muses are dead again, so there will be no new fanfiction for awhile. (Sorry to all my TF and/or HP and or SM-crossover peeps out there.) I'm working on resuscitating them, but they are being rather uncooperative and are at this point in time, still very much dead.

Oh! And I have two new cats! Peeps who watch me occasionally see photos of my orange tabby, Pumpkin. Well, my two new kittens are named Myra (pronounced: Mere-ah) and Fluffins. They're brothers, and Myra looks just like Pumpkin, just smaller. :XD: I'm so happy right now - they're adorable, and Pumkin actually likes them, which is amazing because Pumpkin likes no one (except for me). Lolz.

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Greetings from your local procrastinator!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 1, 2010, 2:37 PM

Hectic life is hectic. :ninja: Classes at college are finally starting to wind down, so I actually have some free time. I'm so sorry if I haven't gotten to your messages within the past month and a half - my message center is ...scary in it's epic porportions, and I'm seriously not looking forward to going through everything.

So, I guess you could say I'm back. Again. XD Not sure how long it'll last this time, but here I am. I'm kinda on a semi-permanent hiatus on serious art projects at the moment, as my family has "invested" rather heavilly in Copic Sketch markers for me for Christmas, and I really, really, really can't wait. XD I did a test run, and bought three colors for a quick-and-easy skin-tone, and fell in love. Want more. Now. Rawr.

Also, been going rather heavilly on the gaia chibis lately (as you'll learn later tonight). On one hand, I've gotten much better at drawing chibis. On the other, I've apparently forgotten how to draw regualrly-porportions. So, I'll be practicing that for the next several weeks, 'cause I have some very interesting projects I want to start, and to do them I need to be able to draw right.

Writing has gotten completely outta control. Starscream, apparently, has stolen my soul and made off with it.  And he's a total attention whore, so it's not a good combo. I've just finished Shattered (though I still have yet to finish uploading it here, the entire thing can be found on my account -…) and am working to finish the other three un-finished TF fanfics I have before I start on the list of 15-20 other TF fanfics I have in the works.

Interestingly enough, I'm doing my active best to finish all my current projects before Christmas (which'll be my Christmas present to everyone - all the shit I owe you. XD)

30k kiriban is almost here - not sure what it'll be yet. Probably another chibi set, or an exclusively-yours-to-color lineart of the character of your choice (preferably female).

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I'm back. (Again.)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 2, 2010, 6:51 PM

Sorry about not being on for the past week or two, but my hard drive physically melted, which was a pain to deal with, believe me. I'm still kinda baffled on how, exactly, it happened. You would think that if my laptop was overheating that badly that I would have felt it - you know, 'cause it's on my lap.

But anyway, found out it was cheaper to simply buy a new/refurbished laptop then it was to buy the replacement hard drive because I had to custom order the new one because apparently the hard drive was configured differently for my laptop model, and my laptop model is no longer being produced. Serves me right for buying from a weird brand I never heard of before. (Run-on's anyone? Lol.) So, I did. Buy a new computer, that is. Got a Dell Latitude D620, which was the only model I could find with similar specs and Windows XP that fit in my price range. (Still can't stand Windows 7 or Vista.)

I'm also drawing again, which is probably a mistake, considering that every time I start to draw, I end up not writing for however long it takes me to get bored with drawing. The last time it happened that time period was two years. Can you imagine? Two whole years of being able to write nothing but really short pms/e-mails. Even my school essays sucked, and don't get me started on the poetry. (Every last inch of my poetry during those two years would have made a grown man/woman beg to be shot.)

Started college again this week - I'm taking Principles of Supervising (MNGT 110) and Micro-Economics (ECON 202), and I can already tell I'm going to have some serious issues in these classes. I can't stand teachers that treat their students like they're worthless, brain-dead babies. Yeah, they got a PHD from some big-name 4-year college. So what? Does it not occur to them that we are trying to get an education to better our lives and there-by deserve some kind of respect? I'm not asking for much, just stop treating me like I have the IQ of a rock, and teach the class. (Seriously, I don't need a 2-hour presentation on how to open Internet Explorer - I've been doing it on my own quite successfully since I was eight.)

Although, to be fair, if I had to deal with teaching the same exact thing over and over and over again, dealing with what passes as "intellectuals" nowadays, I'd probably be the same way. Some people shouldn't be allowed to graduate High School, that's all I'm saying.

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Well, there it goes again.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 25, 2010, 11:12 AM

Sorry, but I'm not going to be on very much for the next 2-3 weeks - my harddrive blew again, and it's going to take me at least another week to get the money for a new one, plus however long the damn thing takes to get here. So, there will more than likely be a massive update whenever I get back, and I apologize in advance to anyone who leaves me messages or feedback on any of my art. I promise I'll respond when I have a reliable computer again.

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25k Kiriban is REALLY CLOSE and other news

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 12, 2010, 11:07 AM

Current pageview counter is at: 24,919. The next kiriban is 25k pageviews. The first person to send me a link to the screenshot of catching my 25,000th pageview will get a chibi set (as seen here: of the character(s) of your choice. You can have up to 6 chibis.

And in other news: massive uploads are massive. XD I've been forcing myself to finish all these half-way done pics in my portfolio (some of which have been sitting around gathering dust for 6 months to a year). So the next week should be pretty hectic. Sorry 'bout flooding your inboxes, but I really need to get this stuff done. (Especially considering most of it's for other people...^^;)

Also, I need creepy-couple stock! I can't find anything I like on dA, so I was wondering if anyone knew of some other sites that host stock images I can use as reference? Please?

And finally, school ends this week, so I'll have a 2-week break before I have to go back to college. >> Will be doing my best to make the most of it and get some work done. :)

EDIT 08/12/10:
Really massive upload is going to happen later on tonight. Most of it's photography, but there will be some drawings as well. Just figured I'd warn you all - it's probably going to be around 30-50 pics and about 5-6 fics.

And, yes, those song-polls I've been doing DO have a point. :ninja: Although what that point is, will be revealed later. :evillaugh:

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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 28, 2010, 8:07 PM

I should probably just stop setting deadlines for myself - I never seem to keep them. Sorry 'bout the long absence. Had an inpromptu vacation that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped it would. Incidentally enough, I'm about ready to throw my sketchbook in the fire and cackle merrilly as it burns. and my art are having some disagreements right now.

Ever start a series and then realize half-way through it that your entire style of drawing has changed, so you're going to have to re-do everything? That just happened to me, and I'm NOT HAPPY. :shakefist: Also, coloring = massive headache. And writing isn't much better, as my plot-bunnies keep dying or mutating half-way through a story. Which isn't fun.

I start college again tomorrow on top of my 50+hour work week, so I'll probably be crashing a lot during the next couple of weeks. *sighs*

Why is it that when things start to go wrong, everything goes wrong?



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Journal Entry: Sat May 8, 2010, 8:23 AM

Sorry about the hiatus. XD It wasn't exactly intentional. Tomorrow I'll be uploading everything I didn't get to upload ...was it 2 weeks ago, or 3?

Anyway, I got smacked upside the head by reality however many weeks ago, and have been super busy since then. Getting in the last of my driving hours so I can get my damn liscence, preparing for finals, working a shitload of overtime so I can have the money to attend Summer semester in college, schedualing several doctor/dentist/OBGYN appointments.... I've had enough time to sleep and dream about giant alien robot pornz. Lol.

I'm currently working on trying to finish my SM Chinese Empress set - although I think I'm re-designing both Mercury's and Venus' dress. Currently in the process of inking Moon's completed design. (And, yes, I think I did raid pretty heavilly off of Gaia - especially considering that it was originally suppposed to be avi art of my avi. XD)

Also half-way done inking my first ever giant alien robot - it is, of course, Starscream. I very much hate Hasbro and anyone else that had a hand in designing G1/IDW-style Starscream. The few screen shots I found were terribly blurry, so then I went looking at IDW-style Starscream, and now I really feel like strangling someone. None of them match! In All Hail Megation vol. 1, Starscream was designed one way, in vol. 2, he had slight design changes. In vol. 2, there was an art gallery sketch that was the most complete version I've seen, but also disagreed with the version actually used. So my Screamer is an odd collection of details belonging to at least 3 different designs of him, plus my own where I just said fuck it.

That being said, I'm probably going to be doing a lot of headshots of Screamer, 'cause I found drawing the head to be ridiculously easy. XD Although, looking at the picture now, I can see where I really need practice. Lol.

As to people waiting patiently for art they paid, next week I'm going to be sending out refunds. You will still get your art, but considering both the length of time it has been already, and the absolute lack of time I'm seeing in the future, I feel that the only option is to offer the refund. I've been feeling exceptionally guilty for the past month or so, when I started taking the "Better Business" class offered at my college.

So that's been what's up lately. Talk to you tomorrow!



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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 16, 2010, 10:28 PM

Yet another little mini-fan!rant. If you want to skip to the important stuff, go ahead, it's marked in bold. Lol.

So, I went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up two books: one is IDW's grahic novelization of Clive Barker's The Theif of Always (one of the few books of his I actually liked) 'cause I heard the artwork was to die for. The other was a book/CD-ROM combo offering posing between two people.

Got the book, but the graphic novel wasn't carried by Barnes and Nobles (damn them!). So, I went hunting around to see what else IDW had that I haven't purchased yet.

And hark! There, before my eyes was a glorious shelf of IDW Transformers graphic novels, ashamedly surrounded by the inferior blasphemy that is Terminators and Starwars.

So, naturally, I raided the shelf. XD

Picked up the movie prequel, the 2007 movie adaptation, the 2007 movie sequel (The Reign of Starscream), the 2009 movie adaptaion, Revenge of the Fallen: Alliance, Revenge of the Fallen: Deception, and the 1st book in the Energon series.

Totally lost my check, but hey, as long as I can squeal in happiness over it, yes?

(*cue extra long squeal*)

And I supposed it's now been confirmed: Starscream is my favorite character in every continuity. Lol. I was surprised to find out that Bayverse Starscream is actually loyal and hates traitors, but yet he still disagrees with Megatron over basically everything. Go figure. Bay managed to successfully merge Shattered Glass!Starscream with G1!Starscream. Huh.

Also, I've finally gotten around to reading the much acclaimed Hunted Species (find it here:…), and I've got to say, crazy!Galvatron is crazy. XD

"'Kill! Smash! Destroy! Mangle! DISTORT! Ngaaaah!'

Optimus Prime glared at Galvatron who was frantically shooting at all the robots that had the bad call to move, shrieking hysterically. Caught in the blind shooting, Cybertronians and Salonian warriors alike fled away for cover."

And...I couldn't stop laughing! I totally recommend this fic, if only for Galvatron. *snickers* Of course, I'd choose Megatron over Galvatron any day, but, well... in this fic... I think I'm rooting for Galvatron. :w00t!:

So now, because I'm such a fan, I'm going to attempt to draw the one thing I never can: robots. And not just any robots, oh no. I'm going to draw non-gendered-but-still-possessing-male-attributes alien robots that can transform into cars/jets/pretty-much-anything-with-or-without-a-pulse.


And I've even started creating my own OC's - like my seekers. (And oh, how many seekers I have created already...) I've got Soundbreaker, Stormsong, Moonsinger, Skycutter, Windracer, Firecracker, Solartwist, Divebomb, and Offswtich. ^^ Three complete trines. If I ever learn how to draw robots, I'll upload their stories and stuff, if not, well... they'll be in my head, and that's all that matters. ^^ (Just a hint though - Stormsong has some connection with Starscream, though he/she/it/haven't-decided is NOT Screamer's sparking.)

Yeah. So I'm in the process of fangasming pretty hard, as you can probably tell. ^^

Fangasm is over now, back to your regular news:

The next kiriban is 25k pageviews. The first person to send me a link to the screenshot of catching my 25,000th pageview will get a chibi set (as seen here:…) of the character(s) of your choice. You can have up to 6 chibis.

Also, massive upload coming on Sunday, so be prepared! It includes about 3-4 more Lunar Legacy characters, a new monochrome chibi set of my Black Moon Clan crack!babies, 3 more of the chibis I owe :iconsailortitan: (and I really feel awful on how long it's taking me to get those done), and two of the many, many, many pieces of art I own :iconpadfootspuppy:. Thank you both for putting up with me for so long - I've really been bad about this. And while I could give out a hundred excuses about work and college and depression, etc. etc., I feel that the less time I spend talking about it, and the more time I spend fixing the issue, the better off all of us will be.

I'm actually getting my life back together again.

Started dieting (correctly, mind you - none of this "fad" shit for me!) and taking the massive intake of vitamins my doctor told me I needed (get this list for a completely out-of-control-OMG-am-I-about-to-keel-over-dead?!?!? combo: Vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E; Calcium, Iron, and Potassium supplements; and the all-natural sleep aid, Melatonin). Still leery about doing the exercising - I'm extremely against pain to begin with, and my lungs seizing up on me isn't exactly my idea of fun or health - but I have been doing some stretches and moving around a lot more.

Been watching my money, too - which means that those little "blow my checks on Transformers merchandise" trips are going to have to stop, but oh well. Such is life. The pay-freeze at work has also been lifted, so I can finally start working reliable hours, get overtime, and get a raise. ^^

All in all, I'm doing better now. My attention span is still that of a ferret on crack (and those who own ferrets know just how short that is - <3), but I've been working on that too, and hopefully might learn to deal with it.



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Random, Thy Name is...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 8, 2010, 6:17 PM, give me a sec. I have to get something out of my system.


*clears throat*

Sorry, but I'm still tripping over TF:A. Dude, Starscream got killed seven times, and six of those times popped back up like it was a mere scratch! I understand that his character in all the continuities has a mutated immortal spark, but seriously, how kick ass is that? And he totally kicks the Autobots' collective afts for the most part - just every now and again gives into the dreaded cliche monologue-ing and ends up loosing. And besides, his design in TF:A is just....*nosebleed*

I need help. XD

On a more serious note: the creative bug has bitten, and the work-ethic-muse has died a horrible, horrible death. What does this mean? This means I have exactly 9 million random ideas for some really good shit floating around in my head, and absolutely no desire to draw/write them. XD I'd rather go read Transformers fanfiction. XD



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Bah Humbug.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 9:06 AM

Like, I am totally being a grump right now.

Of all the new icons they could have given me, they gave me EDWARD?!?!?!?!?! I hate that fucking emo disco ball. *sniffles* I want a GaGa icon. Hell, even a Jacob one would be alright - I really dislike the Twilight series, but anything is better than "team Edward". Kill. It. Now.



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More Randomness

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 28, 2010, 8:01 AM

Just got back from grocery shopping. I'm so tired. Every idiot and their mother is out today, and every one of them insist on getting in my way. *sighs* I know what I'm going to the store for - I just want to get my shit and get out, is that too much to ask? Why do these idiots have to jump right in front of me in a crowded aisle, and then just sit there and debate over this brand vs that brand? And then in the lines, do people just suddenly forget how to read? Why do people insist on dragging two whole carts of shit in a line that clearly reads "10 items or less"? Is it just me, or does this happen to everyone else?

I have finally admitted it to myself: I'm officially addicted to Transformers. Went on Amazon and got the DVD box sets of all three seasons of G1, both seasons of TF:A, and bought every volume of All Hail Megatron that I could find (4). I have only one thing to say about G1: thank god I watched the movies first - I can only handle so much bullshit in one day, and I'm sorry for fanatics, G1 was horrible. The acting, the plot, the voices....holy hell. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoy the absolute patheticness of Starscream, and Prime's voice. (Interesting factoid: did you know that the person who voiced Optimus Prime in the G1 series voices Prime in both TF:A and the Michael Bay movies?)

I have also admitted to my recent addiction to Lady GaGa. I have no idea what it is about her music, but god do I love it. ^^

I've also been thinking about signing up for some real art classes - especially those devoted to figure drawing. I love some of the stock accounts I've found here on dA, but when it comes to two or more people, the posing gets really limited.

As for other news, have some really intersting ideas for new works of art that'll probably never get done. Lol. So many ideas, not enough time - especially considering that I'm concentrating on getting everything that I already owe done.

That's all for now folks. Just letting you all know I'm still alive and kicking.



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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 23, 2010, 9:28 PM



Found my install disks for both my scanner and Jasc. Now if only I could find the one for Adobe.... Will be uploading quite a few deviations over the next week. So be prepared for serious floodage. :nod:



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