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Nine-Tenths of the Law
Written by: Shea M. Daily
Summary: Megatron gave up nothing he considered his willingly, not even when the possession in question was a psychotic seeker bent on his destruction.
Fandom: Transformers
Continuity: G1
Pairing: Established MxSS
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: The new HBO series, A Game of Thrones. I'm in love with Daenerys and Vaserys' situation, and started to model an AU after it, but got sidetracked almost immediately. This is the result of the sidetracking. XD


Starscream stood, silent and still as was his nature, looking out at the vast Terran sky that was so different from what he was used to. He was thinking of many things, not all of them related, but each train of thought was carefully processed and followed; again, as was his nature. Starscream was a seeker, a war-build capable of much in the way of destruction, but was also a scientist, an insanely intelligent scientist with an atypical way of viewing the world around him.

Starscream, thanks to his scientific training, had long ago learned the benefit of patience, and despite how others of his frame-kin laughed at the mere thought of a war-build practicing anything but the art of war and violence, his predatory nature, already uniquely dangerous, had only been enhanced. The best predator, after all, was the one who laid in wait, silent and sure that his prey would come and spring the trap.

He had not been such a predator as of late, and if he was perfectly honest with himself, he had only himself to blame for his current situation. What in the name of the Unmaker had led him to not only act the ambitious fool, but to actually continue to do so once he had been caught and properly disciplined? Starscream would have suspected tampering of some sort, perhaps a slight adjustment to his neurological processors. However, not only was there the fact that the only mech capable of doing so as subtly as it would have had to have been done to escape his own notice for so long was very dead, and had been so for more than several million years (and Soundwave, despite all his power, lacked the finesse needed), but there was also the fact that he had sudden "calm" moments in between the raging storms of his own insanity.

So, yes, he knew better. There was no tampering, no adjustments made by others. There was only the adaptive programming that he had known was entirely too strong but had refused to have removed and the crazed madness of a war without end, and, really, what had he expected? His adaptive programing had done the only thing it could do to keep him alive in such a war, and he had adapted to the very nature of it.


He turned his gaze from the Terran sky and focused it upon his Lord and Master. The hulking frame was scarred and scuffed, with fresher, newer, deeper rents that still bled sluggishly, some with sky-blue paint flecks around their edges. Starscream glanced down at his own hands and noted absently that, yes, they were stained with his Lord's energon. He settled his gaze on his Lord again and frowned. He did not understand his Lord's long-standing amusement towards the situation, nor did he understand why his Lord put up with his mania. He looked up once again met his Lord's optics. "Why?" he asked.

Megatron didn't say anything for a long moment. Eventually he walked closer to his second, stopping right beside him and turned his gaze to the sky as well.

Starscream watched him do so, but said nothing. Patience was key when it came to dealing with Megatron, something he often forgot when his mania took over. Megatron did everything in his own time, and no sooner.

Megatron smirked. "You're mine, Starscream," he finally said. "No matter what, you belong to me." There was a small pause and then Megatron's burning gaze settled on Starscream. "Do you really think the small matter of your behavior would make me relinquish what's mine?"

Part of Starscream wanted to protest that he was no one's, not even Megatron's. Part of Starscream wanted to cry out that Megatron could surely find another 'possession', one that wouldn't try to kill him in increasing frequency even as his lucid periods became smaller and farther apart. Most of him, however, was already practically purring under his Lord's burning gaze, proud under the assurance that even though his insanity had driven him to become a traitorous, back-stabbing, glitched coward, he was still worth keeping.
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

So, the idea behind this was that Starscream has gone completely bat-shit crazy, but has lucid periods during which he is his original loyal self. Megatron could care less. Starscream was his, had always been his, would always be his, regardless of how insane the seeker became. had the potential for some crazy awesome possessive!sex, but, well, I kinda gave up after a month of just sitting there trying to write it. XD
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