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Eastern Dragon Lines

When we were in Egypt, Lady and Glow were talking about digital art. It ended in a competition, who of the two would be the best at using photoshop. And guess who was appointed to be the lineart slave? Yes, that was me. So here it is, an eastern dragon lineart :iconlabradeathstareplz:
I feel so abused...

When they finished their pieces, I'll put them in this comment.
:iconladyhorse:'s part:
:iconglowingart:'s part:

Dragon design, art © :iconlabradoritewolf:
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Aug 6, 2011, 12:28:56 PM
© 2011 - 2021 LabradoriteWolf
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Haha... welcome to TECHNOLOGY!! :la:
Saves PAPER + TIME!! xD

Did you actually use Photoshop yourself? ;)
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... I drew this traditionally, so I haven't saved any paper XD
fail... ;P
MunchyPaws's avatar
On your side xD

Damn!! XD
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nice lineart. gonna color it?
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Thanks croc :> nah, I'm gonna let it getting colored by :iconladyhorse: and :iconglowingart: ;3
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:) cool. you're welcome
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'Lineart slave', lollollol xD

I like it ;3
LabradoriteWolf's avatar
yes XD

Thanks Naaer :3 btw, you don't live close to london, right? :O I saw what's going on in there at the moment, and I was astonished....
wild-n-wintery's avatar
D: Thankfully, no. The riots are all a bit of a misunderstanding really...but all the same scary and shocking. I may be two hours from the city centre, but that doesn't mean the country is safe..
LabradoriteWolf's avatar
phew, you got me worried there
yea, I don't understand anything about it... I heard something about an policeman shooting a person... and then this happened O.o do you know the exact reason for all this?
I know, it must be horrible to live that close to your main city which is colapsing... :C
wild-n-wintery's avatar
Yeh, it is pretty scary...
but uproar and tumult is happening everywhere, sadly :c
LabradoriteWolf's avatar
yeah... :C but it's so close this time...
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