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My current goal (inching closer and closer)

Let's try to get to 100 watchers by the end of the year !

Also, chat me the word Tomato to get a suprise.

Read this please

I question my true gender often


Stop Anti Trans Bills by SkeletonScarz, visual art




Everyone is valid!! by 13blackcrows, visual art

Do this

Please, lets get Kris to 2K by the end of the year.

One of the very few furry artists I love


eryjearyja by Larioh, visual art


Daily Music shout-out #2 by Laboreet, literature

Can't stop looking at this, lol, he cute


Oh Hi by MANIC-Yun, visual art

Personal Favorite

We Are Human, We Are Valid by Laboreet, visual art

You can only ask five times, choose wisely.

Blood Flavored Uranium

Seriously, I will.

Artist // Student // Varied
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My Bio

If you are against the Lgbtq+ community in any way, you are not welcome here, this is designed to be a safe place for everyone, of any race, religion, or orientation.

I'm not the devil, but I won't be your hero -Stone Sour

⬇Constantly updating below⬇

Hi, I'm Laboreet, (Labore et Honore) that that translates, in latin, to: to work hard with honour.

I had found that out after I had chosen that name, It just sounded cool, and hey, it kinda works, for me.

I am Agender, but you can use any pronouns you'd like.

If I overstep my boundaries, It's because I care.

Feel free to download my art, for a wallpaper, as there is not much else you can do with my art...

If I see you have stolen my art, I will hunt you down and stop you at all costs, hell, I'll bring your ass to (international) court if I have to.

I can't, read (nor respond to), a sentence if it has constant spelling errors, so please, do us both a favor, and use the correct words / grammar.

Shout-out to @Phracker for pixelating my banner a while back.

Go read my posts, it seems nobody does, If you could, that'd be cool :)

I like emoticons :)

I HATE it when some artists just number their art, like, are you that un-creative, just give it a name.

I don't watch just anyone on here, just people I find much interest in.

I like too many bands/Artists/genres of music.

Deceitful Ai 'art' is pure evil. (I.e. stolen art used for Ai)

I haven't learned how to get a full nights rest yet, oh well. :P

I have inexplicable trust issues...

pure demi extract

I'm Bi romantic & Demisexual, only to a real human (one day, once I crawl outta my hole and under my rock), not digitally. Meaning, if you want an "online relationship", you can leave my page rn. Possibly Pan-Curious.

Facts about myself:

  1. Room is generally littered with Cd's, yeah, he is old-school when it comes to music.

  2. Has brown hair.

  3. Favorite color is a deep purple, as you can tell by his page's theme.

  4. Also has brown eyes.

  5. Wouldn't mind moving to Japan (Hokkaido), Germany (He doesn't know where yet), or Austrailia (Broken Hill)

  6. Enjoys hard rock, classic rock, alliterative/indie, nearly anything with a guitar.

  7. He likes Boston Baked Beans

  8. He's getting back into hiking, but, this site has really warped his mentality, it's helped him and hurt him, it is oh so very hard to explain...

  9. Sometimes, he'll speak in a British accent, or, well, is it even British anymore? Might sound german.

  10. He is Hypoglycemic

  11. Likes pine needle tea ^-^

  12. Enjoys talking of himself in the third person (personality disorder?)

  13. Struggles with Gender Dysphoria.

  14. Wouldn't mind owning one of theses cars: Iso Rivolta GTZ Zagato(the New 2021 one), 1965 Ford Gelexie 500, 1959 Porsche 356A.

Not into Pokemon, I just find some fanart of it appealing.

Not into furries, (they almost creep me out) for the most part, I just like foxes.

Mentally abbreviates Fanart as "Fart"

Currently, I'm the only popular This Is Sand artist here on Da, cool right, the whole way I'm kinda being a pioneering artist ?

I'm a bit of a geology nerd (I like rocks / minerals with a passion)

I also have a _Whitefaced_ cockatiel ⬇ (that's not actually him, just an image for reference, if you've never heard of one before)

Ec1bf5b3ccd0b16a3ff3752b8deacd84 6f96f488205e9c214

Please don't ask to roleplay with me, I am not entirely sure what it is, so I'd rather just steer clear of it.

Cool people:

go look at who I watch

Awesome people:


















Where I download music from

Where I convert files (I do that alot, hehe)

How I play Blockpost (least amount of lag from a third party website like Poki / CrazyGames

Other links

This Is Sand by Miltos Manetas!

How I get the hex of a color:

This song is quite entancing

Favourite Visual Artist
All of the people I watch bascially. But to name some, 13blackcrows, Lagonish, Billycrawshrimp, Chiakiro, IwantaG-Wagon, and Larioh.
Favourite Movies
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Rain Man, Motherless Brooklyn, Public Enemies, Greenland, Castaway, almost anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favourite TV Shows
Fear The Walking Dead, The Office, Futurama, Almost anything on the Science Channel, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, The Amazon Original 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙏𝙤𝙪𝙧
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Led Zeppelin, Missy Higgins, Three Days Grace, Korn, James Supercave, Elvis, Joji, Two feet, Chaz Cardigan, UPSAHAL, Nbdy Nprtnt, Gabester, AViVA, Seether, grandson, Des Rocs, Tony K, Foo Fighters, Weathers, Kokonoku, Breaking Benjamin, Sub Urban
Favourite Books
Jake Bible's "Dead Mech'' I want to read Fahrenheit 451 A Novel by Ray Bradbury & Beyond That, the Sea by Laura Spence-Ash but im lazy
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, duh
Favourite Games
Bullet Force (used to play it, now I watch), Blockpost, (just watch)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Pc / Phone
Tools of the Trade
This Is Sand, by Miltos Manetas!
Other Interests
🌡Chemistry ⚗, Pro Lego Technic Mocs, Foxes (duh), Music (as you can tell), I've been known to listen to some lofi. Dr. John A. Zoidberg

I live in Mst

What time zone do you live in ?

  |  4 votes
  • Alaskan
  • Hawaiian
  • Pacific
  • Mountain
  • Central
  • Eastern

Obey Laggy

Do as he says, or else

Some traced cat meme shitpost

Make art with me !

Have you made any art with This Is Sand ?

  |  4 votes
  • Yep, I have (why haven't you joined my group then ?)
  • Nope, but I will
  • Nope ☹️

Fox run in a circle


Llama Farm

Number one dream car

Iso Rivolta GTZ Zagato by Laboreet, journal

Best car in the world. It's powered by a Corvette engine, and is handmade in Italy, what's not to love. Even the original version was powered by some American muscle. However, there where less than 20 made, and only one was sold to somebody in the USA. So my chances of owning this beauty is zilch...But a young lad such as myself can dream, right ?
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Ayo, yall random people, gimmie points, I wanna play this game.
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Oh, yeah, btw, block BugzSpray, she is against the lgbtq+ community. And is extremely rude.
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What the fuck are these mood swings ? Yesterday, I felt pretty ok, then since about 5:00 PM last evening, I've been so fucking depressed.
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It's all about presentation

I need points, you don't want my llama to arrive at the party without a bow-tie, do you ?

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Post Spotlight

I love this song, and all of his other songs too. His music fills me with love, His music fills me with hope, His music makes me feel warm, His music makes me feel welcomed.
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A thank you

For all of your support

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Thanks again for faving.

Flame of Enchantment

np, it is a rainbow


Thanks for the watch!!

Thank you for watching me !

Thanks for the fave on

Silverlode Mandala

thanks for the watch!!!

my commissions are open as well ^^

Thank you for the llama :meow: