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Skull Island- Rigetops-2

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-this is meant to be from the same skull island as the 2005 movie, and it's book "World Of Kong"-

Today, we are going to take you out to the desolate "Spikes" off the coast of the island to see what other creatures once lived in this menagerie of wonders before it was destroyed. Around the island is a vast rocky sea where most people are unable to have explored due to the dangerous conditions of the fog, the waves, and of course, the spike-like rocks. There are many creatures that live here and in deeper water such as seals, manta rays, schools of fish, even giant crabs, but also some of the older representatives of a time gone by also live here. As Skull Island continued to sink into the ocean, the reefs and hunting zones of animals like Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs only got larger. As more and more of the island was underwater, the creatures that lived off the coast continued to thrive. One species in particular that thrived in these rocky seas was the Rigetops Phidi (Stripe Faced Serpent in Greek *Ree-hei-tops fee-dih*). It is theorized that this species is a direct descendant of the Tylosaurus: one of the larger mosasaur species. Mosasaurs are closely related to snakes, and as this creature evolved, it became more and more snake-like. It also adopted more snakelike attributes because of the harsh forbidding coasts. It became very slender so it could slip in through close passages between rocks. Its slender body also made it the perfect sneak attack opportunist. While packs of Peracerdon wade out into the rocky water to feed on fish, this creature would wait under the surface for one of them to turn a blind eye. Then, the creature would swiftly jump out of the water and catch the helpless prey in its jaws. This creature had a steady diet off of fish, sharks, Seals, crustaceans, seabirds, small dinosaurs, humans, dolphins, whales, and sometimes these animals aren't above cannibalism. When taking down larger prey "whales, or large dinosaurs" this creature has the ability to coil itself around its prey like a python, and squeeze the life out o its prey. However, this creature usually won't swallow its prey all in one gulp after it finishes them off like a python, but strips the creature of its fat, its muscle, skin, and other flesh until the prey is nothing short of a skeleton. While the majority of the astonishing discoveries of marine life had been discovered inland throughout the vast swamp, this creature remained an ocean predator, and was able to endure the harsh conditions, and became a predator of the continental sea shelves and undersea mountains that were once part of the island teaming with marine life.
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Excuse me, what's that creature what the Rigetops bit it in half?