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Possible exhibit concept: Megaraptor

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NAME: Megaraptor
CLASSIFICATION: Theropada/ Carnosaur
PERIOD: Early-mid Cretaceous.

Here is a Megaraptor preying on a dead Argentinosaurus juvenile. Megaraptor is a memorable creature not only because of its classification, but also its weaponry. It was once believed that Megaraptor was a species of raptor. If this were so, it would have been the largest raptor species ever discovered. It turned out that Megaraptor was in fact a species of Carnosaur. A huge fossilized claw discovered among the bones was once believed to have been a foot- claw, but it was in fact a scythe-like hand claw. This claw had enough dimension to it, that if Megaraptor were alive today, it could slice a human in half with ease. A pack of these dinosaurs would be lethal, even to a Giganotosaurus. With combined effort and patience, a pack of Megaraptors could likely even take down a full-sized Argentinosaurus. Megaraptor was built for speed. Its tail was designed to swiftly change direction when this animal were to have to make sudden turns. It is possible that Megaraptor was the most lethal predator ever to walk the face of the earth.

FUN FACTS: This model is in fact a refurbished model of the currently discontinued 'Super-Slasher' Utahraptor. On the Art And Seek television show, it was shown that Billings in fact has in their possession one of the remaining models of this creature. I am hoping that with enough support, I am able to convince Billings to re-continue the Utahraptor AND start making this Megaraptor idea. The Utahraptor super-slasher idea was one of my personal favorites as a kid, so I hope some day they bring it back.
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JokerCarnage5Hobbyist General Artist
...and all the children ran out of the museum:D
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lol, they probably did in real life, This is a re-design of an old dinamation model of Utahraptor, which was actually built & displayed in museums & zoos all over the world.
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JokerCarnage5Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I think I have seen picture of that one.