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Possible Exhibit Concept: Brachiosaurus

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NAME: Brachiosaurus
LENGTH: 70+ feet
PERIOD: Jurassic

The great Brachiosaurus once grazed the plains of what is now Colorado. This titanic dinosaur towered over all competition of its time. Brachiosaurus has a distinct skull shape. Scientists have speculated that they were at the top of the head so the animal could keep the rest of its body submerged in water while it would still be able to breathe with its nostrils above the surface. In recent years, scientists have refuted this saying that sauropods like Brachiosaurus were primarily land dwellers who even had seasonal migratory patterns. in fact, the favored food of these sauropods were primarily tree-based such as conifer needles and ferns that grew on these trees. The interesting thing about Brachiosaurus, and many other sauropods of the time, is that they didn't have the right kind of teeth for chewing what they ate, so they would swallow whole rocks which would grind what they ate so their stomachs could digest it.

It was once speculated that Brachiosaurus had a trunk like that of a tapir or elephant so that it would be able to grab its food from branches. However, this is a more common trait of mammals, not reptiles.
This model's build in stature is almost identical to the Billings Brachiosaurus, but there are two distinct and rather important changes: The neck is straightened at the top, and the skull-shape is changed to look more accurate to the bones, and the teeth are more peg-like.
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Juliefan21Student Traditional Artist
Billings has already remade the Brachiosaurus models using new shaped heads.
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well yes, but in all fairness, this was made 2 years beforehand. Who knows? Maybe my concept was the inspiration for their reshape, for all I know. 
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Juliefan21Student Traditional Artist
Well, here is a pic of a newly-reshaped Brachiosaurus:…
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Yeah. It could very well be inspired by my concept... which would be awesome, if true.