2013 year review
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With 100% more pictures !!!!!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of interactions I’m having with you, my online friends, recently. I assume, that I have come to a point where the hour, that I allow myself online daily is not enough anymore XD But more would killed my productivity. I don’t have any solution instead maybe, having a better management of my time.
Anyway, it’s time for the end of the year review ! *insert random rant here, about how I can’t believe how fast time is running, feeling old, being scared, whatever,…* Here I’m just going to summarized some events of 2013, not my entire life XD

2013 Has been a pretty good year in general :) I think that after years of drawing I have FINALLY found my art style, and I have travelled, what could I expect better :)

The very beginning of the year was a little difficult though. I happened to have the less encouraging teachers ever, telling me that my art was so bad I could only improved, having wrong judgement on me, like I probably haven’t experienced anything in my life, and telling that I won’t stand a chance to work as an illustrator. No need to say that for a few weeks I litterally collapsed, I fall back into the state I was in 2010, I was conveiced I was a useless piece of s***, I had it all wrong, drawing was not my stuff, I should find a different passion. Hopefully, thanks to my friends I managed to go throught and today I even think that this little dark period is part of the process of the creation of my current art style. On an happier note, at this time, I get more involved in comics and story telling, my art has gain a more narrative feeling than it used to have :)

In june, I finally been graduate from « art » school. « Art » because, I’m still a little confused about what this school really was :confused: Anyway, I’m pretty proud about the essay I did, a long essay about architecture in comics in french. Let me know if you are willing to read it XD It’s only 80 pages :P School was over, forever ! And I, for the first time in years , had plenty of free time, I don’t know what to do with it. I started searching for a job, today, I still not have a job :( Ho, and I received my very first decent digital camera for my birthday :P

July was really exciting, it was my very first travel in America and I had the chance to made this travel with the love of my life <3, it was the best travel I had the chance to do so far. I used to say that I relearned how to take my time in one of the fastest city on earth.

August was the furry part of the year, lol. I went to my very first convention as an artist. My table was such a mess but it was great. I received so many encouraging comments from people there, it really cheered me up : ‘) thank you guys ^^ Also, I had great time in general there and met new great people <3 I hope to build strong friendship from now <3

October was time for travelling again. Went to Germany, Danemark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium. It was great. The car trunk was full of food and I think we managed to made a large tour for pretty cheap. I’m so looking forward for my next travel, maybe Finland :P

In November, I spend time working for a comic contest (I loose :(, but nevermind I’m still pretty proud of my pages ^^) and did my best to be ready for the children book fair. It was great there, so many professionals from edition was so positiv about my work. I didn’t find any contract but I have gain confidence in myself. I feel that I don’t have anything anymore to proove (even if there is always room for improvement ;)) and I feel even ready to find a job in something different than art. It’s funny but I have realised recently that if I wanted to work in the art industry it was also, because I wanted to proove I just could. Now that I have proove myself I’m capable, I’m ready to find a job in anything, and I’m pretty sure it won’t depress me, as long as it allows me enough of free time to draw :P

I know that in 2013 I didn’t made any online goals list for the year. But I started one anyway secretly :p In this list I planned to loose weight, well, I loose 1kg. This is not much but it’s already something, at least I didn’t gain weight, and this is not least to say :)

I wanted to see old friends that I haven’t seen in years, I saw some and the year is still not over, so who knows ;) and I wanted to be more involved as a citizen, but I’m not sure I’m am:/ other than that, I think that most of my goals has been fullfilled so 2013 was a good year. I’m really excited about making a new list of goals for 2014 :D

Ho and I forgot to mention, in 2013, I started belly dancing. I’m not planning to become the best dancer, but I feel better in my body since I started dancing. I seriously recommend you guys to dance, it’s perfect to reconcillate body with mind and gain confidence :)

Now it’s time to celebrate the end of the year with the ones I love. I hope you all had a wonderfull 2013 and that 2014 is going to be just as great for you :) Stay tuned for my brand new 2014 to-do list ;)

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ashkeyProfessional General Artist
I'm glad this year was good to you! I love your new style, too :la:
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labetenwarProfessional General Artist
Thank you!!!!! :iconexcitedlaplz:
Hope your year was good to :)