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  • Feb 19, 1994
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Hey! I'm labbaART, I live in Italy and I'm a 24 year old aspiring comic book artist. I love drawing giantesses (bigger is better~), chatting with people and making new friends!

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Lockhart's Lament.
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Steven Strogatz.
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Pencil, pens and paper.
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Well, this looks like quite a fun universe if such a tech exists and people can use it to have some honest and genuine fun together! And she's a pretty good character in that regard: I love gentle giant girls, and... that's what she is, willing to play along here!

I think your experiment worked nicely, because all three pages read fine in my opinion. The art style is simple, but that will change as it evolves with time. Who's Billy, by the way? I mean, I assume he's your self-insert in these stories since it's the third time in a row he appears, right?

Either way, as you can tell, I can say I enjoyed this new comic. Great job, and keep up the good work!

Menia and Billy, Page 1/3

Hah, I came here as soon as RandomInterWeeb told me about it: really cool of you to draw Megumi and Rentaro—and you got the colors right, too! Awesome stuff~ :huggle:

It's okay, it's totally understandable: actually, since you like shrinking-out-of-clothes scenarios, check this out (link)! It's a pic I made for inksGirls, as a fan-art of one of his series. Hopefully this will be more in line with your interests!

Woah, that truly shows some dedication. I don't know if you like Half Inch High or if you're just someone who loves coloring inksGirls' drawings—but you're doing a very great job at the latter, so keep up the good work! :huggle:

Well, you're certainly correct in saying it's not within my rights to try and force you to change your mind: so I won't.

I just wrote here because I read your comments on the story you wrote for Larx (we've been chatting every now and then), and I read you felt sad because of the lack of attention from most people; then you posted a journal entry about asking people if they were interested in a certain server you wanted to start, and then you had to give up on that idea because only three people replied: it was already too late when I saw it today morning. So, really, I thought it would make you happy to receive some appreciation for what you write even if it comes from a person you don't like—and anyway, I linked it to Larx as well and told him to write a comment, which you'll probably like much more than mine.

I don't want to justify myself for my actions because I already recognized my mistakes and apologized for them, so I know I didn't act in the best possible way: however, it's kind of rude to put the word "friends" in quotes and imply they're not really my friends because they put up with me. Different people have different ways of dealing with their down moments: some close themselves into a shell and cry, others throw a tantrum, some threaten to harm themselves and others just go into apathy. I guess I belong to the second category, but my two best friends belong to two other categories, and dealing with this isn't easy for sure: but it happens rarely, and even then, we're always there for each other.

Now, I'm not saying this to shame you and imply you weren't really my friend because you couldn't put up with that side of my personality. In fact, you did the right thing in being harsh to me—just like I have to whenever that best friend of mine threatens to harm himself when he gets depressed, because it'd be terrible if he did and I have to try my best to change this part of his personality, even at the cost of being harsh. And if I met a person who absolutely couldn't stop harming themselves, then this would make me scared and uncomfortable and I'd go away without this meaning we hadn't really been friends all along until then.

Instead, this just means that... we don't necessarily have to be friends. All in all, you're one of the smartest people I know and I miss talking to you. But I understand this is one-sided only, because you're a top student who's surrounded by people whom you can talk about science, novels or giantesses to... but when it comes to me, I don't really have a person who can do all of that besides you.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Like I said, even if you don't want to see it as a comment from a friend, you can still see it as a comment from a dA watcher of yours who actually cares about what you post!