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Midnight Eclipse - Page 42

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Published: August 2, 2015
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Page 42 is here! Background ponies vs. villains, Twilight Sparkle vs. trains! :iconrainbowdashfsjalplz:

Special thanks to unassuminguser, who grammar-checked this page! :hug:
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just borrow few  flash sentry I betting he won't mind. 
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SeaSwirl2001Hobbyist Digital Artist
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahaha, good one Lyra XD.
What a silly pony ^^ <3.

Gee Twilight, that's exactly what Celly would have said:
rely on yourself, forget about your friends and anyone else who could help XD.

Even though Shining seems to be enjoying teasing his sister (and who wouldn't? ^^)
it doesn't seem like him to be responsible for this kind of thing. Just a guess Wink/Razz.
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For sure. :-P

Admitting one needs help and calling for help are one thing.
Being over-reliant on others is something else.

Teasing her? Not only that would be uselessly mean, but that would also be out of place.
A filly is being held hostage and one evil mare must be stopped.
Not to mention said unicorn mare has shrunk a fully-fledged alicorn. (On a side note, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Twi' was weakened so much by a mere unicorn.)
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have confidence in Twilight, and her friends.
I suppose I don't take the threat as seriously as you seem too.
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Well, this "Midnight" unicorn lady might look more mean than really evil, but she took a shrunken Scoots hostage.
Not really nice.

On another point, how could she put herself in position to double hind-kick Lyra, though, is a complete mystery to me.
Did Lyra stay completely immobile while Midnight turn around or what?

Ah well. Better not ask questions, sometimes, I guess.
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well if she was nice she wouldn't make an antagonist at all would she? XD
Nah, I didn't like how she treated Scoots either ^^.

Not sure what you mean about Lyra... we see Lyra jumping at them (from
behind), and then we hear a "thump" two panels later.
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Indeed. If she were nice, she would hardly make a good antagonist.

Sure, Lyra jumped at them from behind, but the next panel, her and Midnight were head to head, crossing horns like swords.
And then, the double hind leg thumping comes.

Ah well.
Ne'ermind. :-)
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I believe you are mistaking Midnight's assistant for Lyra XD.
Note the antennae and red pupils!
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Oh ... I can see clearly now.:iconjimmycliffplz:
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PurityiceStudent General Artist
I'm actually laughing about the worms reaction to the mini twilight sparkle
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, glad you liked that! =D And oh, look! I just uploaded the next page... literally a few minutes ago! :huggle:

Midnight Eclipse - Page 43 by labba94
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OH dang! Things is getting real intense here! Midnight is getting shrinky happy and the citizens are attempting to take back their town, and Shining Armor might possibly have connections with said pony...Dis gun be good!!
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, you wrote such a nice comment! *__* I didn't know you thought my series was so interesting! :iconrainbowdashwinksplz: Well, I'll do what I can in order not to disappoint you, and... really, thank you very much for having written these very, very kind words here! :huggle:
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Oh, Lyra! Where's BonBon in all this? Couldn't she have held Lyra back? I love the full price ticket line!
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, I'm glad you liked it, Valzed! :hug: And as for Bon Bon... eh, I guess she's doing one of these two things! ;P You know that seeing you here always makes me happy, my friend — and I love replying to your nice comments! :meow:
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I love this comic! Seeing a new page makes my day! I'm thinking Bon was ripping phone books. :blush: Thank you for your kind words!
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So, Shining, what are you hiding?
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
His uselessness... er, I meant, we'll know it soon! :la:
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Maybe they ought to have pretended to be Pinkie's dolls when they got on board
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that's true ;P Though I doubt Twilight would ever try to fool other ponies with such dirty tricks! :P
DaiGuard78's avatar
She would if Ponyville was at stake. Remember she gets really unpredictable when she feels the stakes are high. Remember the episode where she was obsessed with having not wrote a letter to Celestia and drove half the ponies in town nuts for an old doll?
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MultiTAZkerHobbyist General Artist
I was so surprised when I saw this on EQD today! Congrats! :D

It feels like forever since the last page, but now that it's back the whole slew of background characters in the scenery is just amazing!I am a dummy!  Twilight and friends seem to have been "stopped in their tracks". :icontwilightfacehoofplz:Other than that things in Ponyville are looking to get quite heated. I'm curious about how this will turn out seeing as Lyra just butchered everyone's plans with her "sneak attack".

Silly Lyra... :iconlyraexcitedplz:

I have a couple of ideas on how this will go from here, but I'll save the off the wall guesses of mine until I see more unfold.
My bets on Midnight minimizing the entire population of Ponyville! Complete with a Berry Punch that can hold even less liquor than before! I think I've fainted. If anything the next pages are sure to be interesting! :)

Welcome Back To Ponyville, Friend! :icontwilight-rapefaceplz:
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