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Midnight Eclipse - Page 36

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Special thanks to Kyrehx (:iconkyrehx:) and AeonOfDreams (:iconaeonofdreams:), who grammar-checked the page.

Thirty-sixth page of the comic! I hope you'll like it! =) Also, you may be one of those who commissioned me... :icontwilightorlyplz: If yes, read the description here ^o^
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Ethan-Avail's avatar
What a jerk, picking on a handicapped child.


Seriously though, she wants to claim she's 'not evil' whilst taking over a town and terrorizing children? Okidokie ya sociopath! 
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Honestly, I think she displays more traits of a psychopath.

Sociopathy is learnt, and sociopaths tend to be more impulsive in their actions, as well as being prone to sudden outbursts of rage (Sunset Shimmer EQG1).

Psychopathy, on the other hand, is a physical problem, meaning the brain works differently than it should. Psychopaths are more likely to plan in advance, manipulate others and reach high positions in a hierarchy (The Shaman).

So while both Psychopaths and Sociopaths are ruthless, un-empathatic jerks, you can´t really blame Psychopaths, because they were born this way. Sociopaths, however, have learnt this behaviour and chose to stick with it.
labba94's avatar
Well, they say the true madman is the one who's totally unaware of being insane! :iconliarjackplz:
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
If anything happens to Scutes, I will personally turn myself into a giant cartoon character, jump in the comic and squash that bitch like a bug!!!!
FRA32's avatar
Well now scoot's wing's ARE tiny
Maldrete's avatar
Insert picture of Bulk Biceps saying "YEAH!"
BronyHeartU's avatar
Awww poor Scootaloo, but to be honest now she looks 20% more cuter ^^
Starlight-Dazzle's avatar
Yet another wonderful masterpiece, little darling! You never cease to amaze. :heart:
karkovice1's avatar
Behold: ScootaBUG. =P
I have so many questions , such as , who is "this pony" , who is Midnight Ecplipse(White see is from) , why he is hiding her cutie mark...and what is going. To happen with crystal empire...? I hope all questions will be answered soon :)
Small edits : "where is she from"
"Why She is hiding..."
Sweetie Belle is acting like her younger self. Spike Is likely  to end up just like Scootaloo if he does not grab her and run. Also I fell bad for Scootaloo as she is my all time favorite with in the cutie mark crusaders I also wonder were Apple Boom is at this time. Awesome as always by the way.
Chimcharlover13's avatar
Oh wow, that isn't good at all. Spike is very funny, Sweetie Belle is Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom is apparently too useless to even bother including, and poor Scootaloo once again gets in a big mess. You can't go wrong with any of that.
labba94's avatar
You did say everything that could be said... and I don't think I can add anything else ;P Well, apart from saying that I'm always very happy to read your comments here! :hug:
brownPegasy's avatar
I just dont know what to say....
I love your Work, and I love this Comic. So happy that you are back :D (Big Grin) 
labba94's avatar
Oh, you are so kind! :huggle: And I'm glad you like it =) Plus, a new page will be uploaded in a few hours! ;)
Ajax94's avatar
I do have a question:
Can Spike teleport a living being thank's to his fire magic breath?
labba94's avatar
This is a very interesting question :meow: I doubt he can, though I'm pretty sure he can teleport other kinds of objects that are not letters; my friend Pony-Berserker is very careful about what's canon and what's not as well, and I think he did use this gag in the past, where Spike sends some objects to Celestia by mistake. And I trust him on the fact this might be canon.

But on the other hand, I think he cannot teleport ponies. Why did you ask that? Did you want him to teleport himself where Twilight is? =P
Ajax94's avatar
Something like that, maybe teleport an army or something? =P
(as we have been proven in season 4, Spike fire breathing's range is quite... huge!) :D
naan21's avatar
I feel Spike's choice of hiding spot was cute XD
labba94's avatar
MaleticAnimeWatcher's avatar
whats with all the shrinking?
labba94's avatar
Well, if that spell works and works well, why not using it? :P
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