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If Twilight Were Immortal...

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Published: August 22, 2013
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:iconmolestiaplz: :iconsaysplz: Also, don't worry about Luna, we can always send her to the moon if she gets between us... Why are you looking at me this way???

The fact it isn't canon... Maybe it's for the best.


Written by SzafaLesiaka (:iconszafalesiaka:), art by... me. It is our fourth collaboration! ^^ Here are the previous ones:
"Trixie's Best Spell"
"The Last Magic Duel"
"Lyra's Great Adventure"

While for the crab... well, there's one person who will enjoy the fact I used his character, Tom =P Right, Pony-Berserker? =D Plus, referring to you, inb4... "Seaponies!", for Twilight from the last panel... ;P
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This is now canon thanks to "The Last Problem".

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Is the text on Rarity's tombstone a reference to something?

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Immortality BITES  Cheers fella (party) Vampire.. again 
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made me cry, made me laugh.
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i think a immortal Twilight would be a good choice for the franchise, since it is all about different forms of friendship & being immortal will be the friendship of letting it go
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LisaWolfHobbyist Photographer
Well, so long as there is an upside?
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Oh and btw Spike is immortal too! ....soooooo company I guess?
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so miss princess, do you want to occupy this adorable, intelligent little girl?... I just kidding, don't send me to the moon.
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"You will linger on, in darkness and in shadow."
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and so Twi's the Princess's immortal sex slave? this comic is REALLY dark, but funny!  well done!
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think u got rarity and rainbow dashes stones turned around.XD 
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LofisuniverseHobbyist Digital Artist
Molestia confirmed 
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DWestmooreHobbyist General Artist
... :I
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Twilight Sparkle: I DON'T WANT ANY OF THAT!
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that thing with the giant crab that's from the book or movie the time machine
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ah, princess molestia, che nostalgia! x,D
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
JohnJoseco ci sarà rimasto male, quando gli hanno chiuso il tumblr: fortuna che ha continuato a produrre robe con gamer Luna, visto che quell'idea era pure sua! :P
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è lui che ha inventato princess molestia? :,D
scusa non sono su tumblr e chi a creato chi certe cose per me è un mistero di internet tipo come mai è pieno di gatti xD
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labba94Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, ti capisco! ;P Sì, come anche quella roba con Rarity che combatte un granchio gigante: migliaia di immagini disegnate da centinaia di persone diverse... e solo alla fine ho scoperto che è tutta colpa di Whatsapokemon, un altro tizio di deviantART :meow: Roba che un giorno si è svegliato pensando che fosse un'idea simpatica, l'ha commissionata a quanta più gente poteva e la cosa si è sparsa fino a diventare un meme inarrestabile.. :XD:
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è così che nascono le cose migliori x,D
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Martiross99Hobbyist General Artist
fantasticioso XD
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