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Fourth Season

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Published: December 12, 2013
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Yay, collaboration with :iconepulson:! His guesses about the way Hasbro manages cartoons might be closer to reality than we think... ;P

• Written by: Epulson;
• Art by: labba94.
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SoulflutigressStudent Traditional Artist
Wth!? Omg the old pony models are SCARY D:
did AJ even look like that o.o I think she was red but I recognize the other two
and dexter what why are you here o_o ??
so many questions on the last panel!
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DreamCraftsmanHobbyist Writer
Dexter is a brony.... - I knew it...
NeonPartyRock12's avatar
Me there, seeing those pony monster, I be like:
That isn't the movie, get the hell out the here *kick all pony monster and human out* Winning : D xD
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231aaStudent Digital Artist
At "Saving Pvt. Pansy" I died.
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shadowangel33Student Artist
it's that Dexter O_O ? 
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
I wouldn't be all that surprised.
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ErknenHobbyist General Artist
Looks like they crossed the streams again.
SammyW28's avatar it bad that I can see Hasbro actually doing this sooner or later?
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princessprtHobbyist General Artist

Lion Tree: *is busy fighting one of tem*

Gray Stone: *is helping lion tree*

Wolfie: *is changing plaot

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Jerry35Hobbyist General Artist
ChaosDrgon's avatar
O_O I..... that..... *shudders* No.... just no.....
PyramidHead90's avatar
I think i may prefer your human Twilight since this one doesn't give me Higurashi flashbacks.
GJDS-7's avatar
GJDS-7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh is that so? Here maybe this would help you a bit.;)
PyramidHead90's avatar
My issue is more with the images of Rika haired Twilight with fake tits.  I never found Higurashi scary.  Once i figured out the rules of it's Groundhog Day time loop i instantly pointed out which one would remember everything and who would turn out to be the antagonist.  I was raised on Silent Hill.  Someone who looks like Lyn of the Locra as envisioned by Team Ninja pulling her fingernails out isn't going to scare me, and i overall found it kind of dull after they finally murdered the blond dipshit.
GJDS-7's avatar
GJDS-7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm interesting. Thanks for sharing that and sorry for that 'attempt' of mine.
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Oh so silly hasbro,No I don't like Hasbro's big silly idea. 
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bossbananas12321Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Daniel-SGHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, when did you upload this!? It seems to have vanished from inbox. Thank goodnes I swung by your gallery, lol.

Funny thing, it could be worse. Far worse. Just be glad it's Hasbro running things, because God knows the horror if Capcom or EA were running ponies. I can only imagine the horror.....

"If you want to see the second part of the two part Season 4 finale, you have to buy the true ending DLC for $10!" "You must install EA's brand new Origin system before you can view the newest episode of MLP".

 The horror.......The horror...... :o

Nice comic, lol! So happy to see you make another one Labba! :clap:

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it needs giant robots
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AlexanderConhangerHobbyist Digital Artist
Dexter, what are you doing?
SFaccountant's avatar
I am okay with this.
Zalleus's avatar
What's Dexter doing here?
Macbow333's avatar
What the actual f---
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