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Bats! - The Other Finale

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Published: December 31, 2013
© 2013 - 2020 labba94
"Bats!"... I loved it! So this is why it inspired me a comic ;P

Also, I wanted to thank:
Rated PonyStar, a dear friend of mine - he grammar-checked this page;
doubleWbrothers, who gave me the strength to continue with useful suggestions and even hard scoldings;
NavitasErusSirus, who might have noticed... something in this comic =P

So... :iconrated-r-ponystar: :icondoublewbrothers: :iconnavitaserussirus:, you are indeed some fantastic guys! =) I mean, Twixie Genies :P
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First off, I doubt that Discord would change Fluttershy back. He might prefer FlutterBat. Second, where are Applejack and Rainbow Dash?
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MoonlightnoteHobbyist General Artist
I read the newspaperXD 
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Pony-from-EverfreeHobbyist General Artist
Been lying ill at home, so I decided to cheer myself with some pony comics... Apparently, there are still some of yours I still haven't read :P Please pardon the fav spam that will surely follow, I hope it won't be too annoying Sweating a little... 

As to this comic... simply hilarious! The details in newspaper, all the expressions and the last panel... Fluttersea looks so adorable with the tail poking above her head. And I see what you did here with Pinkie and Rarity ;P
Also, I'm sure no one even though what beauty and health caretakers would think about the bat transformation!
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
Did Discord turned applejack and raibow dash into invisiponies?
because the legend says nopony has ever seen an invisipony!!!
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
No Twilight, YOU shut up!! *locks her in the bottle*
bladra's avatar
what happen to applejack and rainbow dash??
Lealbatross's avatar
bwahaha poverette xD
comunque adoro il fatto che all'unanimità quella pony blu sia diventata la dentista solo per i suoi capelli colgate, è strano ma adorabile x,D
peccato per il cutie mark classidra, ci stava bene un dente o qualcos'altro xD
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Alastia-The-CatponyHobbyist General Artist
Twilight: FLUTTERSHY! KINDLY shut up!
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Vore-SeekerStudent Writer
Fluttershy; far more trouble than she is worth, which isn't much.
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Midnightsky4260Student General Artist
All My Yus
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FallendragonwolfStudent General Artist
Discord, you can do better.
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Alright, raise your hand if you read what was on Discord's newspaper...
AdventureTimAce's avatar
*Raises someone else's hands*
Alastia-The-Catpony's avatar
Alastia-The-CatponyHobbyist General Artist
:raises cat paw: what? Meow :3
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ZephBabyHobbyist General Artist
*Raises hoof*
PonyFNaFKittyPainter's avatar
PonyFNaFKittyPainterHobbyist Digital Artist
*raises hoof*
AskPonyPhilippines's avatar
AskPonyPhilippinesHobbyist Traditional Artist
*raises hoof*
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I feel like our profile pics contradict what we just did :/
AskPonyPhilippines's avatar
AskPonyPhilippinesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, we should probably change them...
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