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The featured Kitvoren for March belongs to... SoulSweets !

Until March 31st at 10PM EST, drawing/writing/crafting this Kitvo will earn you +5 hearts! You can earn hearts for this feature twice, for a total of 10 hearts!

To qualify:

Artwork must be full coloured and at least a halfbody

Writing must be at least 200 words

Crafts can be discussed if unsure!

# 165


Beginning on the 1st of each month, a Kitvoren will be randomly selected from the KitvorenMasterlist to be featured! During the entire month, drawing/writing/crafting that Kitvoren will earn you hearts!

You don't need to own a Kitvoren to participate

Kitvoren chosen as the monthly feature at any point gain access to the following badge!

Featured Creature

'Cooldowns' will be implemented by owner rather than by the Kitvo itself; if you own multiple designs and have one rolled to be the month's feature, any other Kitvoren you own will not be eligible until two months afterwards. This is to make sure everyone has a chance to be featured.

Please submit your work to the group gallery 'Monthly Feature' >Click here<

Keep all submissions SFW!!

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March feature: SoulSweets

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February feature: Foskysniwa

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January feature: ArcanePursuit

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December feature: everyone!

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November feature: Seawaii

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October feature: Maribean1

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September feature: Zoey-hoshi

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beep boop? this is where this goes? ovo;;

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