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The above link is the new traits as of the hiatus update! Please refer to it when designing or redesigning Kitvoren from now on ^^

For visual examples, go to KitvorenMasterlist's gallery and search by the trait you're looking for, or browse the 'All' folder

If you're confused about anything, feel free to ask LaBaskerville to explain trait guidelines further!

Non-Trait Variations

The features listed here can be changed on any kitvoren, so long as it does not affect the design or traits.

- Size or body type [link to visual guide]
- Injuries / scars / prosthetics
- Hair / fur styling (braids, mohawk, etc.)
- Jewelry
- Accessories
- Clothing
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I'm still confuse.What's the uncommon traits?Should I add common and uncommon?
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It says what’s uncommon ;w; it goes in order of common, uncommon, rare and legendary, categorized by what the body part is
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What should I put on my Kitvoren then?Because I was thinking to put this on it:

Prancer feet:
Two sets of eyes
Deer horns
Fur on the wrist
Keeping the tail the same.
Giving a fork tounge.
Leaving the ears the same.

I use MS Paint.
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You’re allowed 1 rare trait and 3 uncommon traits, and any amount of common.. I’m not sure how you keep ending up with legendary traits on your list, it says right next to each trait what the rarity is ^^ ;

What you listed there includes 2 legendary (prancer feet and deer horns). The rest is okay and the max you’re allowed to use
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I'll just cut of the deer horns but I'll keep the prancer feet because I call them dancing shoes.
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Uhh.. you can't ^^ ; you're not allowed to use legendary traits for this event
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When your'll have the species opened again?
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Like an open species? It's never been one and I have no plans to make it open ;w; There's lots of ways to get MYO slots though, this event isn't the only chance to get one

Right now I have slots for sale here: Kitvoren MYO Lab - OPEN
Then here's the Kitvoren Heart Shop, where drawing earns 'currency' that can be exchanged for MYOs, customs, etc.
There's also a lot of undesigned MYOs that might end up for trade- the owners will make a post about it if that happens
I did a MYO design contest a while back too, and though I don't have plans right now to host another one, it's still a possibility
Future events may have MYOs as prizes as well!
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can the skulls be cracked in any way?
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Yes! They can have cracks and scratches but shouldn't be missing large pieces ^^
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If we want to color the skull like it was a "prehistoric" one (I'd put a slightly yellow instead of a pure white bone color), would it still count as a common trait? I know it's still a bone color but I wanted to make sure since I didn't see many with that color!
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Yeah that’s fine!
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Okay, thank you!
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it says the rares for hands/feets/legs is standard, does that mean there just aren't any rare traits for legs, hands, and feet or is it a typo? ':0
just curious ^-^
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Yeah there’s no rare traits for hands/legs/feet yet!
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Are there examples of the raptor claw/toe traits?
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This one's got examples for both! They don't have to look exactly like this though ^^
# 354 by KitvorenMasterlist
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I have a question about the tails and uncommon traits? I am brand new to making a species creature of my own like this due to the MYO, and I was just wondering that since I have three uncommon traits that I could use for my kitvoren, and when it comes to tails they could have uncommon traits, would the tails of horses count as an uncommon tail I could use for my kitvoren?

I just thought I would ask and make sure to double-check before continuing with that part.
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Horse tails would fall under uncommon, yeah ^^
XxDisaster-PeacexX's avatar
Yay! Okay! Thank you!
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What do llama badges do?

and when we draw a already existing kitvoren same exact one in our style and post it and tag you in it we then get currency To get slots and stuff? And also with your permission can we make like fursuits/ costume of ours (when we get it) with your permission?

sorry for bothering you so much😔

LaBaskerville's avatar
Llama badges are just for show I think! They get upgraded the more you get, like Ninja Llama or Super Llama but don't really do much as far as I know ;w;

Sometimes artwork slips past my radar so yeah, it's best to tag me when you post it to make sure it gets seen as quick as possible ^^ it's also preferable that you add up the earned points on the post somewhere, and then comment on the shop to 'buy' a slot when you have enough! The point earning guide and point storage list are both linked on the heart shop so you'll be able to see how many points you have/what items you have!

And once you've got the design approved you can totally make a fursuit for it!
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Do you combine points like if I drew a head that would be about five then colored it about four I think and nice line art with shading it would be maybe seven so in total 16 pts

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