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Welcome to the kitvoren species! Before asking questions, take a read through here to see if the answer is already listed! If not, feel free to comment here or on the group page, though the quickest reply would be to ask in the discord's ask channel! ^^

Latest Update: New TOS uploaded, old one deleted! Everything’s the same but adjusted for open species use instead of for closed species! This includes new rule additions, and some rule removals, which are outlined in more detail in the comments below!

What are Kitvoren?

Kitvoren are a species of vicious, radioactive dog-like monsters, created by humans for the purpose of war and global control. They are incredibly strong, resilient and intelligent, allowing them to live both in the wild as feral animals or in human society as productive members.

Can I make my own?

Yes you can! They used to be a closed species, but have now been opened up completely- all subtypes, seasonals, pet species, flora, and fauna are available. Feel free to make your own however you like! But please be aware that there are still some design restrictions within community spaces and for event entries, which are listed below!

Quick Index:

1. Admins & Guest Artists
2. Official Adopts & Customs
3. Events, Raffles & More
4. Sale Cooldowns
5. Designing a Kitvoren
6. General Adopts & Customs
7. Reselling, Trading & Gifting
8. Vouchers
9. Old Masterlist
10. Members & Behaviour
11. Discord Server
12. Stikes, Bans, Etc
13. Artwork Rules
14. Writing Backstories & Personalities
15. Stance Against NTFs


1. Admins & Guest Artists:

- The current admins are: LaBaskerville, JellyRamz and NightmareMantis
- The current permanent guest artists are: Mari-22
- Temporary guest artists will not be listed here since they rotate out much more frequently.
- When we are looking for admins or guest artists, we will make an announcement in both the group and discord.

2. Official Adopts & Customs:

- Adopts/customs from official artists (admins, guest artists) are available periodically, but not with any specific schedule.
- They are usually sold only for USD through PayPal, but can vary depending on the seller. Make sure to read the rules on the adopt/custom post to see which currencies are being accepted.
- Sales are typically done as set-price.
- Adopts/customs may also occasionally be available as OTA (offer to adopt), auction, free raffles (such as draw/write to adopt), as event prizes, or through other formats.
- Watching the group and joining the discord are the best ways to be notified of sale openings.
- While illegal traits are allowed to be used in general, they will never be seen on officially listed designs.
- Adopt tokens are leftover from the species currency compensation claims; these tokens can not be transferred to another user and are single-used only. They can only be used on LaBaskerville’s adoptable kitvoren designs (no customs). Some batches (such as charity sales) are not eligible for adopt token use.

3. Events, Raffles & More:

- Events are larger-scale, time-limited prompts that have prizes. They may be in a variety of different styles (themed prompts, lore-related, community goal, or boss battles, for example), and will be posted to the group with an announcement in the discord. Prizes may include premade designs, customs, or artwork. There is no set schedule for events.
- Kitvoren with illegal traits are not eligible for event use. You can see the illegal trait list here!
- Kitvoren must be registered before they’re able to be used in events (unless they are already on the masterlist).
- Raffles are timed and free-to-enter, though sometimes may require an entry to be made (such as a draw/write to adopt (DWTA)). We try to do a premade raffle every month in the discord, but there is no set schedule beyond that.
- Prompts have no time limit and can be done at your leisure. They don’t offer any prizes as they are meant to assist with the character development of your kitvoren (or other OCs). A new prompt is added every few weeks.
- Challenges are time-limited prompts focused on developing skills and trying new things. They are hosted almost monthly and may have small art prizes. 
- Specific rules and info may vary per event, so be sure to read the post’s information before participating.

4. Sale Cooldowns:

- For some official adopt batches, there may be a purchase cooldown implemented. If the cooldown is active, this means that purchasing from an official batch will forfeit your ability to purchase from the immediate next official batch.
- This rule has been used in the past to help give less active users a chance to purchase from an official batch, instead of designs always being bought by the same people.
- Some designers may not have this rule in place, so please make sure to read the rules and info for each adopt batch before purchasing.
- This cooldown may also be implemented for official customs.

5. Designing a Kitvoren:

- As an open species, anyone is free to make personal-use kitvoren at their leisure.
- All traits and types are open to be used; standard, unmasked, every seasonal type, every trait tier (including illegal traits), and all pet species are open to be used.
- Designs can be based on personal OCs (for example, a kitvoren based on your sona character would be allowed).
- However, designs can not be based on anyone else’s character, or from fandoms. They also can not imitate other existing species; closed, open or otherwise.
- Please also keep in mind that illegal-traited kitvoren are not eligible for event use. You can find links to all traits (including illegal traits) listed here: Lore Hub (slightly updated lol) + And click here for just the illegal traits!

6. General Adopts & Customs:

- As an open species, anyone is free to make kitvoren adopts/customs and sell them at their leisure.
- All traits and types are open to be used; standard, unmasked, every seasonal type, every trait tier (including illegal traits), and all pet species are open to be used.
- However, designs sold can not be based on any existing characters; whether personal OCs or from a fandom. They also can not imitate other existing species; closed, open or otherwise.
- When purchasing from an unofficial source, please be aware there is always the risk of being scammed (custom is paid for but not completed, the adopt purchased was a stolen design, etc).
- Please contact an admin if anything like this happens, and we will do what we can.
- Please also keep in mind that illegal-traited kitvoren are not eligible for event use. You can find links to all traits (including illegal traits) listed here: Lore Hub (slightly updated lol)

7. Reselling, Trading, & Gifting

- Resale, trade, swap and giveaway ads in the group and discord must follow the sale rules.
- If the kitvoren has a masterlist entry, it must be posted in the ad.
- When selling, you may only sell for the original price + commissioned work (things you personally paid for). Gift art, personal art, and art trades do not add to the monetary resale value.
- You may be asked for proof of payment on commissioned art in order for your resell ad to be accepted.
- When trading or gifting, be aware that the kitvoren will lose resale value.
- Trying to sell a design that is trade-only, or trying to sell a design for more than its monetary value without extra commissioned work, will result in a ban from advertising in community spaces.
- If you designed and sold a kitvoren, and later see it being sold for higher than its original value, please reach out to the admin team. For example, your $10 design being resold for $50 with no extra art to justify the price increase. Flipping designs for profit in this manner is not tolerated as long as the designer lets us know they are uncomfortable with it. We will not act on this unless the original designer requests it.
- As always, be wary of potential scams. If you have any doubts about the person you’re making the transaction with, feel free to reach out to an admin.

8. Vouchers:

- You may not voucher or ask for monetary compensation of any kind for a design that you did not personally purchase yourself. If you are going to buy or voucher for a design, it must be from someone who had originally purchased the design.
- Trading for real-world items is considered asking for a voucher and is not allowed unless you purchased the design yourself.
- If you did purchase the design, the value of the traded items may not exceed the amount that you paid for the design. For example, you can not ask for a $100 voucher for a design you only paid $40 for.
- Vouchers must be approved by staff before being allowed to post them to the group or discord; you can message any of the admins to have this done. However, you'll need proof of purchase for the amount you wish to voucher for.

9. Old Masterlist:

- When the species was closed, KitvorenMasterlist was used to track ownerships, updates to designs, etc.
- Although it’s no longer being updated, we recommend continuing to use the masterlist entry transfer comments to confirm ownership transfers if needed. Having the comment recorded there will help keep track of who owns the design and may offer peace of mind to the current owners.
- The masterlist account is also a great resource to see the visual variety of individual traits.

10. Members & Behaviour:

- There isn't much to say here; just be a nice person and you'll fit right in.
- However, certain behaviours that aren't tolerated include: racism, LGBTQphobias, harassment, spamming, blackmail, art/design theft, drama, etc.
- If you are being bothered by anyone in the species, please bring it to one of the admins and do not fuel the situation in a public setting. This means no passive aggressive jabs at those involved, continuously bringing it up in the discord, making callout posts in community spaces, etc.
- Please remember there is a difference between personal drama and species-related issues; we will not get involved in personal dramas unless it poses a threat to the community as a whole.

11. Discord Server:

- You can join the discord here: 
- When joining, filling out the introduction form is required to gain access to the full server. You will only be granted access once this is done.
- All the behaviour rules apply to discord as well.
- More detailed rules are found in the rules channel and pinned in various other channels where relevant.

12. Strikes, Bans, Etc:

- Warnings: Warnings will be given, sometimes multiple times, to users before a strike is given, depending on their behaviour. For example, warnings may be given for passive aggressive comments but the user may receive multiple before a strike is given, whereas targeted harassment of a user may result in a strike with no warnings.
- Strikes: These work on a 3-strike system, again depending on the situation. In most cases, a strike will be issued for more aggressive behaviours (like harassment, ignoring warnings, design theft, etc). After receiving 3 strikes, a user will be banned.
- Mutes: For discord only; mutes are a 'timeout' for users who ignore warnings/strikes and continue to behave disruptively. Strikes would still be in effect even when the mute is lifted. If a mute is evaded or if it results in dm spam to any user, a ban will be given instead.
- Bans: All bans are temporary, but their duration and scope varies depending on the situation. Some bans might only prevent the purchase of new adopts, while others might disqualify participation in events, others might be a block from the species group, and more extreme cases may include all of the above.
- Greylist: A non-public list of users and their current warning/strike/ban status (and when strikes/bans expire). Users may also be added to the greylist if there is evidence of them being a toxic or disruptive person within other groups, evidence of scamming, harassment, etc. This will allow us to keep an eye on people who might be more likely to cause trouble, and step in more quickly/strictly if needed.
- Blacklist: A non-public list of users who are permanently banned from the species, group and discord. Blacklisting is an absolute last resort for users who will not stop their behaviours even after multiple bans, or for users who immediately display non-tolerated behaviours (like outward racism or LBGTQphobias, death threats, doxxing, chargebacks on adopts, etc).

13. About Artwork:

- You can draw your own kitvoren however you like.
- If drawing someone else's kitvoren, keep it SFW unless you have explicit permission from the owner to draw NSFW or gore topics.
- Gore art and tasteful NSFW art is allowed in the group, but it must have a mature filter on it. It will be removed otherwise and a strike may be given for repeated offences. Posting in the discord must follow the channel and spoiler rules.

14. Writing Backstories & Personalities:

- Kitvoren are very versatile with the stories that can be made for them; however, please remember there is lore that is set in stone, and there are several roles in that lore that can't be used for your kitvoren's story, such as the first kitvoren ever created, or the one that triggered the Escape, for example.
- AUs are allowed- their stories do not have to abide by the official lore timeline.
- If you are unsure of anything to do with your kitvoren's story in relation to the official lore, feel free to message LaBaskerville!

15. Stance Against NFTs

- Myself, the admins, and the kitvoren species do not support the use of NFTs or other blockchain technology.
- Kitvoren will never be sold or used as NFTs or the like.

Updates to info/FAQ will be made as needed.

© 2018 - 2024 LaBaskerville
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Are inspirations from real animals ok? like I was designing my own and I took a lot of inspirations from different kinds of beetles would that be ok?

particularly the kinds of iridescent blues and greens that come with blue rhinoceros beetles, various species of stag beetles, and June beetles.