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Welcome to the Kitvoren species! Before asking questions, take a read through here to see if the answer is already listed! If not, feel free to comment here or on the group page, though the quickest reply would be to ask in the discord's ask channel! ^^

Latest Update: In comments. Please reply to these comments if wanting more info on the listed changes

What are Kitvoren?

Kitvoren are a species of vicious, radioactive dog-like monsters, created by humans for the purpose of war and global control. They are incredibly strong, resilient and intelligent, allowing them to live both in the wild as feral animals or in human society as productive members.

Can I make my own?

No! They are a closed species, which means you can only get one by buying an adopt, a make-your-own slot (MYO), a custom, or participating in a free event/raffle.

Quick Index:
0. Owner Eligibility
1. About Adopts & Customs
2. About MYOs
3. About Events & Raffles
4. Guest Artists & Admins
5. Selling, Trading & Gifting
6. Transfer Cooldowns
7. Redesigning
8. Co-Owning
9. Voiding Designs
10. Pet Species Basic Info
11. Members & Behaviour
12. Stikes, Bans, Etc
13. Discord
14. About Artwork
15. About Writing Backstories & Personalities

0. Owner Eligibility

- [NEW] You must own a deviantART account to own a Kitvoren.
- Kitvoren are no longer able to be sold off-site.
- Kitvoren already sold off-site at the time of this rule being added (Feb 15 2020) will be considered frozen until proof is given of the design passing from the off-site account to a dA account.

1. About Adopts & Customs:

- Adopts/customs are available periodically, but not with any specific schedule.
- They are usually sold with options for both USD through PayPal, or dA points.
- Watching the group and joining the discord are the best ways to be notified of sale openings.
- Both adopts and customs may be done by guest artists occasionally.
- Customs are available through the Heart Shop as well as the normal USD/point payment options, though it's much more rare.
- Premade designs or customs may be offered as raffle or event prizes.

2. About MYOs:

- MYOs are available periodically, but not with any specific schedule.
- They are most easily bought through the Heart Shop, but may also be sold for USD/points, or offered as raffle or event prizes.
- MYOs can be designed by the owner, or by someone else as a commission. If someone else is designing a MYO for you, make sure they know the species rules and are aware they may be asked to make changes to the design for the sake of approval. I am not responsible if an artist creates an 'illegal' design and refuses to edit it.
- [NEW] Designs can not be based on or resemble other characters, OCs or otherwise. This is to prevent duplicate designs occurring from either the Kitvoren and OC design being separated, or from two Kitvoren being too similar as a result of being based on the same fandom character.
- Once designed, send your finished design to LaBaskerville (note or dm) or KitvorenMasterlist for approval; you might be asked to make changes.
- Once approved, go here: MYO and Redesign Registry to have the MYO uploaded.
- Do not post your design publicly until after approval to avoid confusion.

3. About Events & Raffles:

- Events are held once in a while, mainly around holidays or the Kitvoren anniversary in September.
- Events will be announced in both the group and the discord, so it's recommended to follow both to see news quickly.
- Event styles will vary- in the past, there have been design contests, raffles, prompts, and advents.
- Raffles for premade designs are held occasionally in the discord raffle channel as well.

4. Guest Artists & Admins:

- When there are positions open for guest designers (either temporary or permanent), or for admins, an announcement will be made to both the group and the discord. It's recommended to keep an eye out for those announcements if you're interested in one of these positions.

5. Selling, Trading, & Gifting

- All Kitvoren are added to the masterlist (KitvorenMasterlist) along with their current owner. If you want to sell, trade, or gift your Kitvoren, please go to the proper masterlist entry and reply to the comment there stating if it was sold (and for how much), traded, or gifted.
- You can not sell/trade/gift your Kitvoren until the ownership is updated. There is no 'cooldown' on designs currently, all I ask is that you wait until your name is on the masterlist entry before you make the transfer comment.
- When selling, you may only sell for the original price + commissioned artwork (artwork you paid for). Gift art, personal art, and art trades do not add to the monetary resell value.
- Only one price will be listed on the masterlist entry; USD or points. These currencies are interchangeable when reselling. (You can resell for other currencies too, but the masterlist will only list the USD or point conversion of that resale).
- You may be asked for proof of payment on commissioned art.
- When trading or gifting, be aware that the Kitvoren will no longer be allowed to resell unless the new owner commissions artwork. Trading or gifting forfeits all previous monetary value, even additional commissioned art, and reselling a trade-only Kitvoren will result in a strike.
- Designs or MYOs won in raffles or events are only able to be resold for the price of commissioned artwork, since they were originally received for free. Selling a raffle or event prize will result in a strike.

6. Transfer Cooldowns:

- The end date of the cooldown will be listed on the masterlist entry! It will be listed in EST time, since that's my timezone and it'll be easier for me to verify how long is left til the cooldown ends. I know this might cause some confusion for those in other timezones so don't hesitate to dm or note me if you aren't sure how long is left ^^
- Adopt cooldowns will start when full payment is received
- Raffle cooldowns will start when the winner is rolled/confirmed eligible to win
- Purchased MYO cooldowns will start once full payment is received
- Heart Shop MYO cooldowns will start when you comment on the shop journal
- Customs will have two cooldowns; the first starts on purchase (payment or via Heart Shop), the second starts after the design is finished. Customs will not be transferrable if the designer has already started working on them; you'll have to check with the designer before putting a custom slot up for offers

7. Redesigning:

- Redesigns must stay recognizable to the original design.
- You can swap traits out of equal or lower rarity, but cannot add additional traits, unless you have +1 traits from the Heart Shop.
- When redesigning, you must create new artwork (editing original art is only allowed with proof of the original artist's permission).
- Redesigns are sent to LaBaskerville (note or dm) or KitvorenMasterlist for approval
- Once approved, go here: MYO and Redesign Registry to have the redesign uploaded.
- Do not post your redesign publicly until after approval to avoid confusion.

8. Co-Owning:

- Co-owning is allowed, but limited to 2 people.
- You are only able to sell/trade/gift your half of ownership to the other owner. This is to avoid owners getting 'stuck' co-owning with someone they don't know or have had past issues with.
- When reselling ownership, you may only sell for the amount you paid + commissioned artwork. You may be asked for proof of payment on commissioned art.

9. Voiding Designs

- When voiding a design, please remember that it is irreversible. Once voiding, the design can never be used as a Kitvoren again.
- Continuing to use a voided design as a Kitvoren will be the same as if it were an illegal or unapproved design: it will not be allowed in the group or events, and will likely result in more severe action than just a strike.
- The masterlist entry and image will remain untouched other than a notice that the design has been voided. This is for archive purposes.

10. Pet Species Basic Info:

- Pet species (both designs and premades) can only be purchased with the species currency, Hearts.
- They can be traded for other species characters, items, or things outside the species.
- All the same rules about MYOs & designing, redesigning, co-owning, and voiding designs, apply to pet species.

11. Members & Behaviour:

- There isn't much to say here; just be a nice person and you'll fit right in.
- However, certain behaviours that aren't tolerated include: racism, LGBTQphobias, harassment, spamming, blackmail, art/design theft, drama
- If you are being bothered by anyone in the species, please bring it to LaBaskerville and do not fuel the situation in a public setting. This means no passive aggressive jabs at those involved, continuously bringing it up in the discord, making callout posts, etc.
- Please remember there is a difference between a personal attack and species-related issues; I will not get involved in personal dramas.

12. Strikes, Bans, Etc:

- Warnings: Warnings will be given, sometimes multiple times, to users before a strike is given, depending on their behaviour. For example, warnings may be given for passive aggressive comments but the user may receive multiple before a strike is given, whereas targeted harassment of a user may result in a strike with no warnings.
- Strikes: These work on a 3-strike system, again depending on the situation. In most cases, a strike will be issued for more aggressive behaviours (like harassment, ignoring warnings, design theft, etc). After receiving 3 strikes, a user will be banned.
- Mutes: For discord only; mutes are a 'timeout' for users who ignore warnings and strikes and continue to behave disruptively. Strikes would still be in effect even when the mute is lifted. If a mute is evaded or if it results in dm spam to any user, a ban will be given instead.
- Bans: All bans are temporary, but their duration and scope varies depending on the situation. Some bans might only prevent the purchase of new adopts, while others might disqualify participation in events, others might be a block from the species group, and more extreme cases may include all of the above.
- Greylist: A non-public list of users and their current warning/strike/ban status (and when strikes/bans expire). Users may also be added to the greylist if there is evidence of them being a toxic person within other groups, evidence of scamming, harassment, etc. This will allow admin to keep an eye on people who might be more likely to cause trouble, and step in more quickly/strictly if needed.
- Blacklist: A non-public list of users who are permanently banned from the species, group and discord. Blacklisting is an absolute last resort for users who will not stop their behaviours even after multiple bans, or for users who immediately display non-tolerated behaviours (like outward racism or LBGTQphobias, death threats, doxxing, chargebacks on adopts, etc).
- IN ALL SITUATIONS, users are still able to access the masterlist account. A user will ONLY be blocked on the masterlist account if their offence involved abuse of the masterlist entries in some way (such as scamming trades). This is to allow users to trade/sell their Kitvoren in case they wish to leave the species after drama.

13. Discord:

- You can join the discord here: 
- When joining, add your deviantART name to your nickname. This makes everyone's life a lot easier when chatting with others.
- All the behaviour rules apply to discord as well.
- Further rules are found in the welcome channel's pins.

14. About Artwork:

- You can draw your own Kitvoren however you like.
- If drawing someone else's Kitvoren, keep it SFW unless you have explicit permission from the owner to draw NSFW or gore topics.
- NSFW and gore art is allowed in the group, but it must have a mature filter on it. It will be removed otherwise and a strike may be given for repeated offences.

15. About Writing Backstories & Personalities:

- Kitvoren are very versatile with the stories that can be made for them; however, please remember there is lore that is set in stone, and there are several roles in that lore that can't be used for your Kitvoren's story, such as the first Kitvoren ever created, or the one that triggered the Escape, for example.
- If you are unsure of anything to do with your Kitvoren's story, feel free to ask LaBaskerville in note or on the discord!

Updates to info/FAQ will be made as needed.
© 2018 - 2021 LaBaskerville
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Change log: Feb. 15 2020
Added new section '0. Owner Eligibility'
Added in '2. About MYOs' that you can no longer create designs based on existing characters, whether a self-made one or one from a fandom
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Would it be okay if you take inspiration of excisting characters, but not say, copy them exactly?

Edit: mainly asking this because at least 3 of my Kits were inspired by/based on OCs of my own and I'd rather change them if this is an issue.
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It would depend on how close the designs are ;w; but since they were created before I added this rule it's not mandatory for you to change them- I'd just say maybe if you trade/sell them away the new owner would likely have to (again, depending on how close the designs match)
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I can send comparisons in Duscord, if that is okay?
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Change log: Jan. 12 2020
Created the revised TOS during the hiatus
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